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Frank’s POV

“Uncle Frankie ” Melody jumped on my back, waking me up.

“Melody... what?” I asked, pain shooting up my back.

“Uncle Gee is on the phone ”

I laughed, “Did you answer the phone?”

She nodded and I smiled. I put my hand out and she put the phone in my hand. I put it up to my ear, “Gerard?”

“Hey, Frank. I see Melody is staying over.”

I laughed, “Yea, Mikey and Alicia needed a babysitter because there’s got pregnant and they wanted to go out last night.”

“Wow, really?” he asked, monotone. He seemed very uninterested in the conversation.

“Really.” I nodded. There was then a few minutes of silence.

“God... This headache is killing me... It’s been pretty much constant for the past three days...” Gerard interrupted to the silence.

“Oh... Gee. I’m sorry.”

He sighed, “It’s not just that either, I’ve been nauseous too.”

I could hardly understand the last part. It sounded like he was slurring his speech too. If I was worried before, I was definitely worried now, “Mel, go play, honey.”

She nodded and left the room.

“Gee? Are they going to let you come back early?” I asked, worried and hopeful at the same time.

“No... They said it’s probably something I ate, you know, food poisoning.”

I nodded, “I understand...”

“Well... I’m going to go. I need to get something for this headache.” Again, he was monotone.

“Okay... I guess I’ll talk to you again later.”

“Bye, Frank.”

“I love you.” I sighed as I heard the click of the phone as he hung up. That was the first conversation that we had ever had where he hadn’t said ‘I love you.’ A lot of things about him were different. He had been speaking monotone for the past few days, and he seemed to have extreme mood swings. Like today, first he was monotone, then whining, and then monotone again. I was definitely scared that the Gerard that left wasn’t going to be the one coming back...
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