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Chapter 1

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Meleah and Marshall had a relationship, a child but he didnt know, 5 years later he comes back...This is their story...

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I was on break at work, when my friend Becky came running into the room jumping up and down, waving her arms about with three strips of paper in her hand. I work at Ladybug Child Care in Minnesota. “MELEAH!” she screamed. I stared at her annoyed. “I won, I won, I won!!” she screamed causing our coworkers to stare at her like shes nuts. Which was pretty funny, because she is nuts. Haha.
“Won what?” I asked annoyed at her freakishly hyperness.
“Tickets!” she said with a huge smile, he handed me a ticket. I stared at it.
“Oh, uh… oh,” I said. I didn’t know what to think. She had tickets to Eminem, my ex boyfriend. We dated five years ago and we have a son Keith, but Marshall don’t know of him. “So, who you goin with?” I asked.
“You!,” she said pointing at me. I sat there puzzled not knowing what to say to her.
“NO!” I randomly yelled out. “I am not going to an Eminem concert with you! I don’t want to see him!” I objected.
“Oh come on, maybe something good will come from it,” she begged.
“No, I don’t wanna see him, I don’t wanna get mixed up with him,” I snapped.
“Its not like you’ll have to talk to him, my god. Just come with all you have to do is keep me company,” she noted.
“Fine, I’ll go but for you, not for him, but what about Keith?” I asked. “Im not going to leave him with Megan, she don’t like that,” I said.
“Bring him with its in Wisconsin, I got him a ticket, and we’re going to the house on the rock after that,” she claimed then left the room before I could rebuttal.
Great, I gotta go see my ex, then walk around a house that I saw three times already. Yeah they made some changes but woo who cares. I guess its fine though Keith hasn’t been there yet and I think he may enjoy it.
I suppose its time to introduce myself. My name is Meleah, Im 24, I live in Chaska Minnesota in a house, with my best friend Megan. I have short brown hair too my shoulders, with highlights, green eyes, white and Im average size. You already know where I work. Now you’re probably wondering how I got with Marshall. Well we met at a concert back in 2000... I was completely obsessed with him, at the time. I loved his music and I thought he was so sexy. His music helped me get though many things. Now, Im over him, my fantasy was sort of a childish thing. Anyway, back to how we met, I got some backstage passes to his Up In Smoke Tour. I hung out met D12 and Eminem. Marshall and I got to talking, and we connected very well. We started dating around June, but broke up the same year in December, we had a son together his name is Keith but Marshall don’t know Keith was born. We broke up before I even knew I was pregnant, and if we knew I was pregnant we would probably still be together.
I just hope I don’t run into him at the suite or something. No, I don’t make enough money to go to a suite, but Becky does, she owns the day care center that I work at so everything has to be high up for her. So staying at this suite is a bit scary to me because Marshall may be there. The suite is for famous and rich people only, but like it matters that’s the only people who can afford it anyway, so why do they have to state that?
“Mommy?” Keith interrupted me. Keith my son, he had brown hair like his father, but a bit longer, blue eyes, ears like Marshalls, my nose and Marshalls lips, he looked like an mini Eminem but with brown hair. Keith is average size.
“Yes?” I asked calmly.
“What was Ms. Donaldson talking about?” he asked.
“Oh, next week we’re going to Wisconsin, too this this guy Eminem,” I feared, I didn’t wanna tell him that Eminem was his father, even though he doesn’t know who Eminem is.
“Who’s Eminem?” he asked.
“A rapper,” I stated. “We’re gonna stay in Wisconsin for awhile, while we’re there we’re gonna go to The House on the Rock,” I added with a smile.
“What’s that?” he asked. He asks so many questions, but who can blame him his only four.
“It’s a house, but its like a museum,” I told him.
“Ok sounds cool!” he said all excided like.
“Yep,” I said smiling at him, but deep inside I didn’t wanna go, and by didn’t wanna go I mean to the Eminem concert.

(((December 9th 2000)))
Its been 6 months sense Marshall and I started dating. Problem is we haven’t seen each other very often. He’s got his thing in Michigan and I got mine in Minnesota. He came by to visit me today, and by the look on his face I can tell this is not going to be good. I sighed as he walked into the kitchen.
“Can we talk?” he asked softly.
“Yeah,” I muttered.
“This is not working,” he mumbled, but I still understood him.
“I know,” I said. “What should we do?” I asked. He sighed looking down at the floor, he shook his head then looked back at me.
“Either you come to Detroit with me, or we…” he started.
“Break up?” I asked interrupting him.
“Yeah,” he sighed.
“Marshall you know I cant move, I have my family, my friends and my job,” I said.
“I know, same with me,” he said. “Why don’t we just call it off for now, and if we meet again in the future…” he said. I stared at him trying to hold back my tears as best as I could, it was so hard trying not to cry. I didn’t want to cry, not in front of him. We said our goodbyes and he left. Right when that front door shut I bawled my eyes out. I never hurt so much in my life. I ran to my room shut the door and just cried on my bed.

It took me about I don’t even know how long it took for me to get over him. It was really hard to carry his baby, knowing it was his hurt, what hurt even more was knowing I cant ever find him, and the baby would never know his father. After I had Keith, it was easier to forget about Marshall because I was so busy taking care of Keith. Stupidly I named him Keith Marshall Allford. Stupid part? His middle name is Marshall. So every time I have to use his middle name I think of Marshall and how Keith will never know him. I stared across the room for a few minutes.
“Meleah?” Cole said in his childish voice as he shook my shoulder. Cole was gay, but he was a very nice guy, and we got along well. He had short blond hair, he had green eyes and he was very skinny and he always dressed nice.
“Hi!” I said jumping out of my zoning out skills. He laughed.
“Your break is over,” he remind me.
“Oh, ha it is, I zoned out,” I claimed. He laughed again.
“So Becky told me you get to go see Eminem,” he said.
“Yeah, woo,” I said sarcastically. He smiled.
“Not a huge fan?” he asked.
“Not really anymore,” I said.
“Im not fond of him either, but he’s ok,” he noted.
“You don’t know the half of it,” I pointed out.
“What?” he asked as we walked back to the children’s room with Keith trailing behind.
“I don’t wanna talk about it,” I mumbled.
“Ok,” he said as we walked back into the room.
I went home that night around 3:30pm. I got home Keith went straight to his room, Megan wasn’t home yet so I went upstairs too my room. After a few hours I was woken to knock on my door. “Come in,” I called. Megan walked in. Megan is just like me, brown hair but longer, brown eyes and average size.
“Hi!” she said with a smile.
“Hello,” I said not even smiling I just stared at her.
“What’s your problem?” she demanded.
“Nothing, I just got to go to a fucking Eminem concert,” I said annoyed.
“Im sorry,” she said.
“You should be,” I replied.
“Maybe you can get back with him and Keith will have a father. And you can stop worrying about him not having a Dad,” she said. I rolled my eyes at her.
“I don’t want him! All he causes is sadness and I don’t want that!” I yelled.
“You don’t need to yell,” she said calmly.
“Who cares, people just don’t seem to understand that I don’t want him,” I mumbled.
“Theres a reason why you named your son Keith MARSHALL Allford,” she reminded me saying the name Marshall louder... I didn’t say anything, I gave her the look that she is right without even noticing it. “See Im right,” she assured. I didn’t say anything I just stared at her. She smiled then left the doorway. I let out a loud sigh.
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