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just a little note

by dark_venom 1 review

little intro to myself and stuff... all explained inside

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I know what you guys are thinking 'why is this under my chem?', the easy explanation is that the only fics that I will post will invovle MCR so it kinda makes sense.

I've been a member know for about 3 weeks and havn't posted anything and for that I apologize, i've been busy with alot of GCSE revision and a 10hr art exam in under 4 weeks!YES I live in the UK! BUT I must say that I am working on about 5 fics at the same time so be warned when I do eventually get time I will bombared you with what my messed up mind comes up with!

Hopefully some of you lovely people will read some of my fics and give me some lovely R&R's!!!

xoxo Sam
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