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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15
FFW>>>> (3 Months later….. You’re now 6 months Prego, and Marshall is now 15, you’ll be 14 in about a month. Its February now. 1988)
“Marshalls lost it!” Ronnie yells as you jump on top of a table. You throw your shirt off, it hits Ronnie in the face. You watch Ronnie pull it off angrily. You laugh slightly. You start to dance on the table.
“Man what the fuck is you doin!?” Goofy Gary yells laughing his ass off.
“Dancin what it look like?” you ask stopping, as you look over at him sittin on the couch next to Ronnie and Bizarre. (idk when they met, but hes gonna be there cuz I said so) He sakes his head. You ignore it and continue to dance to whatever the song was. The door opens and in walks 3 girls. All really pretty, you know one of them, Ronnie’s girlfriend Cara. The other two you’ve never seen them before in school, so you assume that they are about a year or two younger than you, the one blonde girl keeps staring at you, you jump off the table. Ronnie hands you your shirt, you put it on. The one girl who’s staring at you whispers something to Cara.
“Marshall,” she says out loud like you cant hear her. You stare over at the girls, the one other girl who you don’t know goes over to Goofy Gary and they disappear down the hall into a bedroom. Without taking notice of what everyone else is doing you go into the kitchen and grab a bottle of water out the fridge. As your closing the door and about to walk away, you turn and that blonde is standing in front of you. You jump slightly.
“Shit,” you say pissed.
“Sorry,” she says softly.
“Ya whatever, can I help you with something?” you ask.
“Yeah, you’re cute,” she says smiling at you.
“Um……thanks?” you ask not really knowing what to say, this is the first girl whos really came on to you.
“My names Kim,” she says.
“Uh, Marshall,” you say staring at her. She is pretty…
“I like you,” she says as you sit down on a chair at the table in the corner of the kitchen, she sits across from you.
“Uh…ok?” you say confused. You don’t really care at this point, she seems kinda stupid.
“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asks.
“No, if I did she’d be here,” you say starting to get annoyed with all her questions, you feel like she’s playing 20 questions with you then you’re just supposed to fall in love, have sex, get married, have a child, then grow old together….
“Oh, so have you ever had a one?” she asks, you sigh remembering Lily. You look down at the table then back up at Kim then take a drink of water.
“I did, but we had to break up cause she moved back to South Dakota,” you explain hoping she stops asking you questions.
“Why she move?” she asks. You feel like you’re talking to a child. You let out a sigh.
“Her brother got into drugs, killed a guy then when crazy. So she didn’t want Lily to get into any trouble,” you say sadly.
“Aww did you love her?” she asks.
“Yes…. But can we be done with the 20 fucking questions?” you asked annoyed.
“Yeah sorry,” she says….
“Now its my turn,” you say with a smirk on your face. She smiles. this chick is strange you think to yourself….. You ask her the same questions as she asked you. Shes total opposite, shes always been single, never loved anybody, never even liked anybody… she seems annoying, and too childish. But, for some odd reason you don’t know, you’re staring to like her. And it scares you. Its been over 6 months sense you’ve seen Lily, you pretty much guess that she is over you, and you believe that you are over her. But you do still love her, like you said you would, but its time to move on, its been 6 months…..
After about 3 weeks you know Kim well. Shes 13, lives with her drunk Mom, she ask a twin sister Dawn, but she is kinda ugly, and she does drugs, and her Mom don’t really give a shit what her girls do. And you and Kim decided to give going out a try, so you’ve been dating for only 2 days.
LILY POV>>>> (FFW 3 weeks after the baby is born. You named your daughter Brandy Reginae Mathers. She took his last name just because she can. You’re 14 now. it’s the first week in May, May 3rd ….. Life is such a damn struggle sense the baby has been born, you’re school let you take a 6 month leave, that is if you take the baby classes. But waking up at like 3am to feed Brandy is a pain. Plus you have a part time job at KFC so you can make some money to support you’re baby, but you wont start again till after 6 months, cuz your mom is stupid and says she will only help a bit, and you have to pay for what you did……)
You’re out at the store picking up some baby formula for Brandy. When you run into Chev. “Lily? Is that you?” Chev asks.
“Oh Chev! Hi!” you say and give him a hug.
“Hey, been a while, I see you had the baby,” he says. “Boy, girl?” he asks.
“Girl, her name is Brandy,” you say with a smile. “She has Marshall’s eyes, and smile. And the rest of her I think she got from me,” you say smiling.
“She sounds cute,” he says. “Are you shopping by yourself?” he asks.
“Yeah, I gotta watch what I spend, I don’t have much, when I go back to work in 6 months it will be better,” you say.
“Wow…” he says. “Hey, I can help you, if you want me to that is,” he says.
“Really? Are you sure, shes not even your baby,” you say.
“Yeah I know, but I don’t wanna see you struggle like this, here let me get it,” he says taking the formula and some food away from you.
“Ok,” you say confused but hand him your things and let him pay for all of it.
He walks you home, and he told you that he’s going to help you with the baby and he don’t care if you like it or not hes going to help. So you let him cause you can use some help when your parents aren’t around to help. Your Mom helps more than your Dad, hes to busy with work and dealing with Nick.
“Thanks for walking me home, and for the whole paying thing…” you say as you walk up to the front door of your house.
“No problem,” he says with a smile. “Im going to stop by every once and a while to help,” he says.
“Um… Ok if you insist,” you say.
“Ha, well I gotta get back home,” he says pointing back.
“Don’t you wanna meet Brandy?” you ask looking at him funny.
“Oh, ok,” he says, you open the door, walk in and take Chev to Brandy’s room. “Aww she’s adorable,” he says smiling looking down at Brandy who is sleeping. Mya walk into the bedroom…
“Hey, mister who are you?” she asks. Chev turns around and stares down at Mya for a second.
“Lily’s friend Chev,” he says kindly.
“Oh, why are you in my room?” she asks.
“Mya be nice,” you say to your sister.
“Its fine, Lil,” Chev says. “Im saying hi to your niece,” Chev says.
“Oh… Im Mya,” she says with a smile.
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