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Chapter 18

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“What? What is it?” you ask confused.
“He…died,” he says looking down at the ground.
“What?!” you yell.
“He shot himself in the head,” Proof says still looking at the ground.
“Oh my God, why?” you ask getting all concerned.
“His girlfriend broke up with him, and he was all depressed so…” Proof says.
“Poor guy. Poor Marshall… is he ok?” you ask.
“Yeah, its been almost a year,” he says. “He’s doin better,” he adds. “Damn he was a mess for a long time, he didn’t even go to the funeral,” Proof says.
“Why?” you ask confused.
“Cause, it was an open casket, and Ronnie… didn’t necessarily have a head,” he said still finally looking at you.
“Oh God…,” you start. “Can we change the subject,” you say sadly.
“Sure,” Proof says.
“Anyway, its nice to meet you, but I gotta go,” you say holding out your hand expecting Proof to sake it. He sakes it with a smile. You turn to Nick.
“Uh, we cant leave, I have a date,” Nick says.
“Ugh, why?” you complain.
“Cause,” he says. “I gotta go,” he says running off down the street.
“Great!” you say angrily throwing your hands up in the air then throwing them down hitting your thighs.
“Hey, calm down, you can chill with me,” Proof says placing his hand on your shoulder. You look down at his hand out the corner of your eyes.
“I..uhh…” you say taking his hand off your shoulder. “I don’t know,” you say nervous.
“What do you have to do tonight? Sit by yourself in a hotel room?” he asks, he seemed a bet frustrated.
“Well..” you start.
“Come on, come chill at my place, Imma have this little party, and some friends over. Come on it will be fun,” he says trying to encourage you to go.
“Ok fine, I’ll come,” you say with a smile. Proof smiles also, and takes you into The Hip Hop Shop with him.
You watch some guys do whatever rap battles, that’s what Proof called them. It was really loud in there, people screaming for this guy called Lil Cam. You really don’t understand what the hell is going on. You start to get annoyed with standing there watching Proof host this so called rap battle. You back against the wall, and slide down. You sit there, and let out a sigh. “You getting bored or somethin?” Proof asks turning around, and looking down at you, like hes very interested.
“Just a bit,” you say looking up at him.
“It’ll be over in a bit,” he assured.
“Sure,” you sigh. A few seconds later Proof announces that, that Lil Cam person won. You stand up, and are glad the damn battle is over. After a few minutes of cheering, you head over to Proofs place…
Once you arrive at Proof’s, he takes you to the living room, you sit down on one of the couches. People start to arrive. You sort of feel a bit uncomfortable. You let out a sigh as a bunch of girls get all up in Proof’s face. “Girls, calm down,” another kid says. “Im here to you know,” he adds. Then they run over to that kid, which you thought was strange, but whatever. Proof comes over, and sits by you.
“You ok?” he asks. You nod. “Sorry about all that,” he says. “You look a bit bored,” he adds. He keeps staring at you. You wonder if he likes you, you do think hes cute.
“Yeah well I don’t know anyone,” you say stating the obvious.
“I know. Uh would you like somethin to drink?” he asks about to stand up.
“Uh sure,” you say not really sure if you want anything. Proof told you earlier that they have alcohol, and nothing else really.
“Ok, I’ll bring you a drink,” he says with a smile standing up and walking away into the kitchen. He comes back with a drink. You smell it first. “Its Fruit Punch, and Raspberry Smirnoff.
“Uh sure,” you say.
“Its good, drink it,” he says. You take a sip, it is good. You sit there and watch people dance, you told yourself you’re not gonna get drunk…
A few hours later you start to feel a bit tipsy. You really liked that drink. A skinny drunk blonde walks up to you, and Proof interrupting your conversation. “Hey!” she yells. Cause when you’re drunk you talk louder than normal, and it sounds like your just talking cause you’re drunk.
“Hello Kim,” Proof says as if he annoyed.
“Is this your new girl?” Kim questions Proof while staring down at you.
“No, shes a friend,” Proof says.
“Sure she is,” Kim slurs out. You find her annoying. “You know, if Marshall was here I wouldn’t be able to do anything,” she says. You look at her funny. “What’s that look for? Do you know Marshall?” she asks.
“No! She don’t!” Proof yells. You look at him funny. Kim looks confused. Some good looking guy walks by, Kim walks away without saying anything, she follows the guy.
“What the hell?” you ask Proof irritated with him.
“You cant tell her that you know Marshall, trust me, it wont be pretty in the end,” Proof tells you. You sigh.
“I don’t like her,” you say, you really hate Kim, she seems like she would be a bitch.
“Well she is a bitch, she beats on Em all the time,” Proof says.
“And he just takes it?” you question, getting even madder at Kim.
Randomly you get off topic. Its gotten late, most of the people have left. You start talking to Proof, he is being really sweet, and adorable, you are sort of draw to him. By now you are pretty much drunk, you’ve never been drunk before. You feel like your floating, but you don’t care. You both start leaning towards each other, his lips touch yours, and yours to his, you start to make out. You feel no wrong in this, you like it. You start to feel this sensation like you want to do more than just kiss. He pushes you back on the couch, and continues to kiss you. “Can we not do this here, theres people,” you whisper, looking around the living room a bit.
“Bedroom?” he asks. You nod. He grabs your hand, and pulls you to his room. You enter he quickly shuts the door, and pulls you on the bed. He gets on top of you kissing you, you kiss back. You move your hands to the edge of his pants, and attempt to unhook his belt. Once you get it unhooked you quickly pull the belt out, and toss it on the floor. He reaches up your shirt and unhooks your bra. You sit up slightly as he pulls off your shirt, along with your bra. He quickly rips off his shirt, you touch his body, then quickly try to pull off his pants he helps, then pulls off yours. He places his hands on the bed to support himself, his penis slightly touches your vagina. Grab him pulling him closer to your body. His penis enters your vagina, and you let out a loud moan. He pushes in deeper, you both breath heavily as he goes harder, you dig your nails into his back. He starts to kiss your breasts, you moan. He reaches down, and plays with you clit causing you to let out a loud moan. He slowly starts to move up to your lips. He kisses you, you kiss back pulling him closer to your body. “Oh my God,” you moan as he goes deeper, and harder. Your both continue to kiss, and breath heavily. You’re about to reach your climax, he pushes harder, you dig your nails deeper into his back, he gives one last push as he cums inside you, you let out one last moan. He pulls out, and kisses you once more then lays next to you. You both lay there trying to catch your breath.
“Wow,” you whisper after a few minutes. He looks at you and smiles, he kisses you once more then he pulls the blanket out from underneath you two, pulls it on top of you. You cuddle up with him.
“That was great,” he says, and kisses you. You cuddle up to him, then shortly after you both fall asleep.
You wake up the next morning feeling like shit. You have a migraine, you feel sick like you wanna throw up. You sit up realizing that you are naked. You look down, Proof is asleep next to you. “Oh shit,” you whisper. “Proof,” you say softly poking him.
“Mmm,” he moans opening his eyes slightly.
“What happened?” he asks sitting up holding his head.
“Take a guess,” you tell him.
“We had sex didn’t we?” he asks.
“Makes sense, we’re both naked,” you say stating the obvious.
“Shit, uh…,” he says like he don’t know what to say.
“Why don’t we uh…,” you start.
“Pretend this didn’t happen?” he asks.
“Yeah,” you say looking down at the blanket.
“Ok,” he says getting off the bed. He puts on his boxers, and pants. He goes out he room. Then comes back in a few seconds later. “No one is here, uh get dressed. I’ll dive you to your hotel,” he tells you. He puts on his shirt then walks out the room. You get dressed then go to the bathroom, and do your thing. Then you go look for Proof. He’s in the kitchen. “What something to eat first?” he asks. You shake your head. You just want to get out of there, you fell so awkward. “Ok, then lets go,” he says. You walk out to the car, he drives you back to the hotel. Im sorry things turned out so odd.
“Its ok. Uh.. Otherwise it was nice t meet you,” you say.
“Nice to meet you too,” he smiles. You sake his hand.
“Thanks for the ride,” you say. “Bye,” you add.
“No problem,” he says. “Bye,” he adds as you get out the car. He drives away once you shut the door.
You walk into the hotel. “Nick!” you call as you open the door.
“Where were you?” he asks as you shut the door.
“Uh… I stayed the night?” you say like your guessing.
“Did you…. You know.” he asks. You nod.
“Lily!” he yells.
“I … I was drunk, shhh please don’t tell anybody,” you beg.
“I wont,” he says with a smile.
“Thank you,” you say hugging him. You the decide to head back home, you just wanna go home, and sleep. You still feel like shit, your head hurts still, you take a pill then head out the door. You fall asleep on the car ride home.
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