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Chapter 10

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(((Oct. 24th Sat. 2:30pm)))
“Aww,” you say puttin on a sad face.
“Huh?” Marshall asks confused. “You’re not pregnant are you?” he asks he looks pretty disappointed. You smile a confessed smile at him.
“No, I am pregnant,” you say smiling. He grabs the stick out your hand. There is the smiley face. He grins.
“This is great!” he shouts throwing his arms around you and pulling you into a hug. He kisses you on the cheek, you move your head and kiss him on the lips, you kiss for awhile…“When can we find out the sex?” he asks pushing away from you and placing his hands on your shoulders.
“I want it to be a surprise,” you tell him.
“Aww fine,” he pouts. You giggle.
“Cute,” you say. He smiles and goes over to the couch. You go sit next to him. He puts his arm around you… You start to kiss again. You hear foot steps coming into the room. You look up Dre is standing there, he looks a bit disgusted.
“Marshall, I know you got this new girl, but we got work to do, if you want to get ready for that fuckin… whatever fest it is,” Dre says waving his arms around.
“VooDoo Fest,” Marshall says to him as if he were a child. Dre glares at him. “Oh, that reminds me!” Marshall says jumping to his feet and going over to a table where is phone sits…. He calls somebody. “Hey!, do you and Megan wanna come to the VooDoo Fest?” he asks. “Great! Ok, well we are leaving on the 25th… yes it is… is that fine?… good. Ok so I’ll come get you guys around noon… ok …. Yep…. Your welcome… bye bye,” he said then hung up the phone soon after.
“Meleah?” you ask already knowing the answer.
“Yep, I asked them to come to the concert, she’s never been to one of my concerts,” he explained.
“Oh cool,” you say with a smile. “Do I get to go to this place?” you ask already knowing the answer again.
“Well of course!” he says with a huge smile. Which is very cute, you smile. He gives you a quick peck on the lips. “I gotta get some work done,” he tells you.
“Well, ok, then Imma go pack,” you say standing up.
“Ok, bye bye,” he says then gives you a long kiss, you kiss back. “I’ll come get you and Jake at like 11,” he says.
“Ok, bye,” you say.
“Bye sweetie,” he says as you walk out of the studio…
You go right home once you leave the studio. You arrive home. “Hey Jake!” you yell. Its 3:25pm.
“What!?” he yells from his room.
“Get packed, we’re going to New Orleans!” you yell while walking upstairs.
“Why?” he asks confused as you approach him, hes standing in the hall.
“Cause, Marshall wants us to come. Meleah and Megan are coming too, you can bring a friend if you want, you and him would have your own room,” you tell him.
“Sweet!” Peter yells coming out of Jakes room.
“Ok, sure you can come,” Jake says.
“Well I have to ask my mom, I’ll text you the answer,” he says leaving the room and going downstairs. “Hey, Abby, what time will we be leaving?” Peter asks.
“Noon,” you reply. He smiles then leaves the house. “Ok, Jake, get packed,” you say. He goes into his room… you go into your room and pack your things. After you finish packing… Jake walks into your room with his cell.
“Peter wants to know when we be back?” he says.
“Sometime Monday,” you tell him. He texts Peter… “Peter says he cant come cuz he’d miss school,” he says.
“Oh yeah, I kinda forgot about the school thing,” you say laughing to yourself.
“Does that mean I have to say at grandmas?” he asks.
“Its up to you,” you say.
“Really?” he asks. He thinks for a second. “I think you should just go,” he says. You look at him shocked for a second.
“Why?” you ask.
“Cause, then you can have alone time with Marshall, and I cant miss school Tuesday,” he explains. “I have a test in math, and the teacher said we cant miss it cause its midterms,” he explains some more.
“Oh,” you say shocked. This is very weird. you think to yourself. “Oh, well ok, then go call grandma, and tell her you’re coming,” you tell him. He leaves your room and goes away… you text Marshall and tell him that Jake is staying here. He just says ‘ok’ back.

(((Oct. 25th Sun. 1:00pm)))
You and Marshall decided to drive to New Orleans… “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Megan yelled in the back seat, you and Meleah stared at here like ‘what’. “Can we look around New Orleans, I wanna look around cause Wayne is form New Orleans,” she said with a huge smile on her face.
“Yes, we can look around,” Marshall said you came to a stop light. Is gonna take a while to drive to New Orleans, its 939.30 miles so it will be a while. Marshall wants to drive all the way though.
(((Oct. 26th Monday)))
Its getting late, its about 2am. (You stopped to get food, and gas and potty and other things…lol) You just got to Kentucky, Marshall looks a bit tired.
“Babe, why don’t you let me drive?” you ask him.
“No, Im fine,” he said staring out in front of him. There was no cars on the road. You’d see a car every 1 to 2 hours though.
“Are you sure?” you ask just incase.
“Im fine,” he said looking at you with a half smile.
“Ok,” you said sort of not believing him.
“Shit, I have to pee,” Marshall blurted out.
“Hey me too,” Meleah said.
“Ok,” Marshall said pulling into a gas station nearby. You all get out of the car.
“I want a bawls!” Megan said going over to where the drinks are.
“What the fuck?” Marshall asked. Meleah started laughing. The guy at the counter stared at us like we were nuts.
“Its an energy drink,” Meleah said as her and Marshall walked towards the bathrooms.
“Hmm,” you say staring into the fridge.
“Bawls!” Megan said grabbing a can out the fridge.
“I like Coke,” you say grabbing a coke out of the fridge a few rows down.
“I want chips,” Megan mumbled going over to the chips. Marshall came out of the bathroom, he came over to you.
“How much longer?” you whisper.
“Im not sure,” he said softly. He gives you soft kiss on your lips, you kiss back.
“Stop with the PDA,” Megan told you. Meleah came out of the bathroom, and went to the fridge and grabbed a Monster. “What kind of chips do you want, nigga?” Megan asked with a giggle, while staring at Meleah. Marshall turned to her.
“Hey, what the hell?” he asked.
“What?” Megan asked like she didn’t know what she was talking about.
“You said nigga,” he said softly. Meleah gigged.
“Yeah?” she asked. Marshall smirked then walked away. Megan looked him like what the fuck. You just follow Marshall. A few seconds later, Meleah and Megan come up with some Dill Pickle chips.
“Hey, you’re Eminem,” the kid said pointing to Marshall.
“Where?” Marshall asked looking around. The kid looked confused. “Im kiddin,” he said.
“I knew that. If you don’t mind could I get your autograph?” he asked.
“Sure, why not,” Marshall said as the kid slid him a piece of paper and a pen. Marshall sighed his name then handed the paper back to the kid.
“Thanks!” he said putting the paper into his pocket.
“It cool,” Marshall said as the kid rang up your food. Marshall pays for it then you get into the car.
It was almost 5am when you were almost out of Kentucky. The fell asleep. You were trying to say away, to keep an eye on Marshall. “Babe, I think we should get a couple motel rooms,” Marshall said. You looked at him confused.
“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea,” you agree. He smiles. There was a motel room not far away. You pulled into the driveway. You rented two rooms, you all grabbed some clean clothes quick out of the car. Marshall locked the doors and you gave Meleah the room key to her and Megan’s room.
Marshall took off his shirt and jeans, he was left in his boxers. You took off your jeans. “Gimme your shirt,” you say reaching at him. He tossed you his shirt. You took off your shirt and bra and put on his shirt. You’re room was connected with Megan and Meleah’s. Marshall walked over and knocked on the door. Meleah opened it.
“Hey, we gonna leave around 1pm, so be up, if you need anything just knock,” Marshall told her.
“Ok, good night,” Meleah said. Marshall gave her a hug, you could tell she was happy. She went back into the room.
“Good night girls,” Marshall said. Marshall locked that door. Then got into bed with you. “Good night babe,” Marshall said giving you a kiss, you kissed back for awhile. Once finished you pulled away then cuddled up with him and fell asleep soon after. You woke up to a scream outside. You sat up quickly, so did Marshall. You look at the clock only 45 minutes passed by…. Marshall slowly got up and walked towards the door, he opened it and…….
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