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Chapter 12

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(((Nov. 1st 2009 Saturday)))
It was almost 1am when you got back to the hotel. You all gathered into your hotel for a while. “Im bored!” Megan said loudly.
“Well… I don’t know what to tell you, Im tired as fuck,” Marshall said yawing. “So Im not in much of a mood to do anything,” he mumbled almost drifting off to sleep.
“But the concert was fuckin awesome!” Meleah yelled jumping from her seat. Marshall slightly smiled as she appeared right in front of him, forcing him to keep his eyes open.
“Theres nothing to do, Im going to bed,” Megan said getting up and leaving the room, Meleah followed…
“Imma take a shower than go to bed,” Marshall said as he headed to the shower.
“Ok, Im gonna go to sleep then,” you tell him. You go into the room; you undress and put on one of Marshall’s shirts. You get in bed, you don’t fall asleep until Marshall is done and in bed with you.
“Damn, I think Im getting to old to be jumpin around stage,” he yawned and he pulled you closer to him.
“No, I think its just cause we drove down here and not flew,” you tell him.
“I guess that could make sense,” he whispered you could hardly hear him. You were about to say something but he was asleep, you fell asleep soon after.

(((Dec. 25th 2009)))
You wake up and look at the clock. Its Christmas morning. Marshall is still asleep, its only 6am. You knew the kids would be up within the next 2 - 3 hours. You stare at Marshall for awhile until he moves. “Hmm,” he mutters slowly opening his eyes.
“Nothing, I just woke up,” you whisper, he glances at the clock.
“Its only 6 go back to sleep,” he demands pulling you closer to him and holding on to you.
“I gotta pee, let me go,” you whine. He sakes his head no. “I will bite you,” you threat. He lets go and you get up and go to the bathroom. Then you go back and cuddle with Marshall falling asleep soon after…
You just finished up opening presents, now you’re watching Marley and Me. You and the girls were sobbing at the end. Marshall and Jake just stared at the screen, they didn’t cry, Marshall did a bit though, he didn’t want you to see though but you did. You just thought it was cute that he was being sensitive. “That was sad,” Hailie muttered pointing at the TV. You nod. “Daddy cried I saw him,” she points at Marshall while smiling.
“I did not cry,” he lies.
“I saw you to honey,” you say with a smile. He smirks…
“Fine…I did, cant a man be sensitive?” he questions.
“Yes, it was cute,” you say while patting him on the shoulder.
“Oh…uhh wait here,” he says standing up and motion you all so stay seated. He comes back seconds later with his hands behind his back. “Abby, I have something else for you,” he says, he already got you an expensive diamond necklace with matching bracelet and earrings. You give him a funny look. He gets down on one knee. You look at the kids they are all shocked but smiling.
“Abby, I know it’s only been 3 months, but I’ve fallen in-love with you,” he says. You nod. “So Im asking you this, Abby, will you marry me?” he continues popping the question along with it. You stare at him. You don’t know what to say. It’s only been 3 months, and yes you do love him, you love him very much, and you are having a baby with him. You stand there as a tear roles down your face. “Well?” he asks you can hear worry in his voice. You don’t know what to say at this point. You don’t want to rush into things and then end up being disappointed later on. You sigh. “Are you gonna answer?” he asks he seams sad as he just sits there on one knee. You look around at the kids they are staring very intense.
“Oh Marshall…I…I don’t know what to say,” you whisper while crying.
“Say yes,” he whispers. You stare at him silenced.
“Can we talk in the other room a second,” you say getting up from the couch and going into his office. He turns around on his knees. “Are you coming?” you ask him. He slowly gets up.
“What the hell?” he questions.
“Don’t be like that,” you tell him. “You know what I went though with my last ex, I just don’t want that to happen again,” you mumble hoping he wouldn’t hear you but you still wanted him to hear you.
“What? To be walked out on?” he questions. “Damnit Abby I would never to that to you!” he almost yells.
“Im not saying that you would,” you say. “I just don’t want to rush into things,” you say. He lets out a loud crying like sigh. He looks down at the floor, never looking up at you.
“Why are you doing this to me?” he mumbles.
“What am I doing wrong?” you question him. “All I wanna know is if this is the right thing to do, it’s only been 3 months,” you tell him.
“You’re being stubborn,” he growls though his teeth.
“I am not being stubborn, I just want to know if Im actually ready for this,” you say pacing around his office. He doesn’t say anything. “You know I love you Marshall, I do, but I just don’t want to rush into things,” you say. “That’s why it took me so long to admit that I liked you,” you continue. He barely sits on the edge of the desk and sighs again, he stares down at the floor as if he was about to cry. “You’re mad at me not?” you ask softly. He sakes his head.
“No, I understand,” he mumbles. You walk closer to him.
“I do love you Marshall,” you whisper lifting his chin up. He just stares at you. “Just give me some time to think this over,” you plead. He sighs.
“Fine,” he says sadly.
“Im not trying to make this a bad Christmas,” you say softly.
“I know, I probably should have waited,” he says softly.
“You know Im gonna give you that answer when Im good and ready,” you say moving closer to him. You place your arms around his neck. He places his hands on your hips. He slightly smiles. You lean in and kiss him, he kisses back. He pulls away and pulls you into a hug.
“I will always love you, no matter what your answer is,” he whispers.
You walk back into the living room. “So what she say?” Hailie asks.
“Nothing yet, we decided to wait,” Marshall tells her.
“Oh,” Hailie said. “Ok,” she added. You continued to watch movies cuddling with Marshall on the couch. You ordered pizza and now you are all full. It’s almost time for just you and Marshall time. Finally it’s that time, the kids all go to their rooms. Jake goes to the downstairs guest room, which will be his if you move in with Marshall. You and Marshall head upstairs to his bedroom.
“I don’t care when you tell me yes,” he says as you shut the door of the bedroom. “Come here,” he says pulling you closer to him, he kisses you, you kiss back. He pushes you on to the bed. Clothes go flying off very quickly, quicker than they ever have had before. “We’re not moving to fast are we?” he checks. You smile and shake your head no. “Sure now you say that we’re not moving fast,” he smirks.
“Just shut up and kiss me,” you say pulling him closer to you; you spread your legs at the same time causing him to side into you, you let out a moan. He pushes deeper, you let out a moan digging your nails into his back causing him to moan himself. He kisses you passionately; you kiss back, he pulls away staring at you.
“I love you so much,” he says almost breathless.
“I love you too,” you say breathless. “And I wanna answer your question,” you say as he kisses your neck. He suddenly pushes into you harder causing you to moan even louder and pull him closer to you.
“Really,” he whispers in your ear sending chills down your whole body. You nod and kiss him, he kisses back using tongue.
“The answer is yes,” you moan as he goes deeper, harder and faster inside you. You feel him smile as you kiss him which causes you to smile too. “Don’t stop,” you tell him as you feel the climax coming on. He slows down at bit. He begins kissing your neck sending chills down your body, he keeps moving inside you slowly making this moment last. He starts to move faster, you feel your muscles tighten.
“Baby I love you,” Marshall whispers again in your ear.
“I love you more,” you say pushing your hips up causing him to go as deep as he can inside you. He begins to move faster and faster, causing both of you to almost lose breath, your sweating like crazy like you’ve ran 2 miles straight. You reach your climax, he cums inside you. He collapse on top of you kissing you lightly, you kiss back and end up giving each other breathy kisses. Once he goes fully limp, he pulls out and lays next you to, you both lay there trying to catch your breaths. “It’s hot,” you say almost breathless.
“I know I am,” he smiles. You smirk, after a while you cuddle up with him for awhile.
“Ok, I need some water,” Marshall said after a while. “What some?” he asked.
“Yes please,” you say with a smile, he slips on some boxers and a pair of sweat pants from the closet, he hands you one of his bigger shits, you up it on as he walks out of the room. You look at the clock its 11pm. “Damn,” you whisper to yourself. Marshall comes back within about 10 minutes.
“Checked on the kids, they are all asleep,” he said. “I had to bring the girls out of Jakes room, they were all watching TV in there,” he mentions. You give him a funny look. He laughs slightly and hands you a glass of ice water, you take a long drink. He gets into bed as you set your empty glass on the nightstand. “Damn you was thirsty,” he says.
“Its you’re fault,” you laugh. He smirks. He drinks a little more than half his water, and then sets it down.
“So did you mean what you said when you said yes?” he questions. You nod. He smiles then grabs the ring off the nightstand. He opens the box, pulls out the ring and slides it on your finger.
“Its beautiful Marshall I love it,” you say softly giving him a peck on the lips. He smiles.
“Im glad you said yes, don’t worry I will never hurt you, I promise,” he said, he looked very serious and you knew that he was telling the truth. “Let’s get some sleep,” he says.
“Ok,” you say as he shuts the light off, you cuddle up together. You ended up talking about things….
“So its official, you’ll move in with me this weekend?” he asks.
“Yes,” you tell him, you cuddle up together even more and fall asleep.
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