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Pneumonia Weather

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Izzy thinks about Axl. Forgot to post this here, wrote it a while back. Short and not very good.

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The last of Monday’s snow had melted yesterday. Shoving the window open, Izzy closed his eyes for a moment as a warm spring breeze blew into the room and across his face, ruffling his short hair.

In less than a week, the weather had changed dramatically. Monday, there had been more than half a foot of snow on the ground and now, on Saturday, it was nearly 70 degrees.

Opening his eyes again, Izzy left the window, plopping down in a chair, grabbing his glass of tea from the table and taking a sip before pushing his sleeves up. It almost felt hot, even with the breeze blowing in the open window.

‘Pneumonia weather…’ He mused to himself, taking another sip of his drink. When he was a young boy, his grandmother would always say that when the weather would not make up its mind about what season it was and would swing back and forth between hot and cold. The drastic, frequent changes in weather would often weaken the body’s defenses, making it much easier for people to get quite sick.

Pneumonia weather always reminded him of his relationship with Axl. The redhead would be sweet as could be one moment, crawling up on the couch with him to cuddle and give him a kiss on the cheek and mere hours later, Izzy would be hiding somewhere, trying to avoid the dangerous rampage Axl would go on, often over something small and insignificant.

Over time, Axl’s unpredictable moods and violent temper wore Izzy down, making him weak and tired, driving him to drugs, alcohol and near insanity.

Izzy broke his thoughts to take another drink, looking out the window at the clouds, watching the wind blow them along. A weather report had told him that within another week, it would be cold again.

Setting his drink down, he shut his eyes again.

“Pneumonia weather…” The words fell from his lips as his mind returned to thoughts of Axl.
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