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Shinra Moon: More Turks of Midgar City

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Final Fantasy VII in the style of Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.

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Not all the characters represent a specific character from the game, but some of them are pretty close and others are a combination of several characters. It's written walkthrough style.

Shinra Moon: More Turks of Midgar City

When you start the game you are chosen to join the Turks and as the seasons go, you are given a series of missions.


Rufus: He's always at his office. He likes gil, positive news articles about him, mirrors and juggling tricks. You meet him on day 1 of Spring of the first year. Visit his office every day with a gift, do not enter his office without gift and give him gifts every day or his heart level will go down.

Tseng: You meet him on day 1 of Spring of the first year, at the Turks office. He likes successful missions, detailed reports that are turned in on time and coffee. His heart level will go down if you fail a mission or turn in reports late or not at all.

Rude: You meet him on day 2 of Spring of the first year when you are assigned your first mission. He likes sunglasses, silence and wine. Talk to him once every day, but only once or his heart level might go down. If he drops his sunglasses during a mission make sure to pick them up, his heart level will go down if you step on them.

Reno: You also meet him on day 2 of Spring of the first year when you are assigned your first mission. He likes gil, helicopters and cake. He doesn't like having his vacation interrupted or wearing a tie.

Cloud: He comes to Shinra looking for work only during the summer when the delivery boy competition goes up. You meet him on day 1 of Summer of the first year. The rest of the year he is said to live at the Seventh Heaven but he's always out on deliveries. He likes packages to deliver, kiwi fruits, receiving messages on his PHS and tips.

Cid: The pilot who loves airplanes, airships and flying. You'll find him at Rocket Town. Give him cigars, tea and airship parts. The time when you first meet him depends on when you visit Rocket Town.

Secret Bachelors

Zack: A ghost found at old Midgar. Throw materia into the hole on the floor of the old soldier office. Zack will come up and ask if you threw that. Tell the truth or his heart level will go down. Though you can't really see it, all the secret bachelors have invisible heart meters. Give him Cloud's flier and he'll be happy to know his friend is doing well.

Vincent: The sleeping man found in the Shinra Mansion basement.

Sephiroth: The legendary SOLDIER, read the Sephiroth Quest section for more details.


Elena is the rival for Tseng. She is usually at the Turks office. Unless you're trying to win over Tseng, Reno or Rude, choose Elena as your Turk partner so you don't make the other guys jealous.

Tifa is the rival for Cloud. She works at the Seventh Heaven. She can also become a rival for Rude after you raise Cloud's heart level to yellow or higher.

Aeris is the rival for Zack, but she's also the life stream goddess, enemy of the meteor goddess. Offer her flowers every day at the healing water pond in the church and she will eventually offer to raise one of the bachelor's affection for you. However, this does not include the secret bachelors.

Shera is the rival for Cid. She's usually at Cid's house making tea.

Other Characters

Cait Sith: A fortune telling machine found at the WRO office. He predicts the weather, which you can use to decide the best form of transportation for your next mission and what supplies you will need.

Jenova: The meteor goddess. If you offer her Materia she will eventually offer to raise one of the bachelor's affection for you, this does include the secret bachelors. However, unlike Zack who returns your materia after you use it to bring him out, Jenova will keep it.

Yuffie: she hangs around Wutai saying she thinks someone is stealing her materia, but has no idea it's you.

Barret: He'll be at Corel working at the mines.

Denzel: Hangs out at the Seventh Heaven playing waiter.

Marlene: Hangs out at the Seventh Heaven playing waitress.

Item List

Gil: The main currency, you receive gil when you successfully complete a Turk mission.

Wine: For sale at the Seventh Heaven.

Grape Juice: For sale at the Seventh Heaven.

Flowers: Found at the church during Spring, Summer and Fall.

Cloud's Flier: Found at the font counter of the Seventh Heaven.

Materia: Found at Yuffie's secret hideout at Wutai. You have to dig it out.

Newspaper: For sale at the store at the Shinra HQ first floor.

Mirror: For sale at the Wutai souvenir shop.

Rifle: Used to perform juggling tricks. You can obtain it by passing the training at Junon.

Mission Report: You will type one after each mission. Alternate between pressing the X, square, triangle and circle buttons as fast as you can in front of the computer to type it. The power bar on the left shows the quality of the report. Turn it in on the same day if you want to make Tseng's heart level go up.

Coffee: For sale at the Shinra cafeteria.

Cake: For sale at the Seventh Heaven from 8am to 5pm only.

Chocolate: For sale at the Shinra cafeteria.

Cookies: For sale at the Shinra cafeteria. Note: this is something that can be given as a gift to any character and they will always like it.

Sunglasses: For sale at the Costa del Sol gift shop.

Tie: Find it at the locker room at Shinra HQ.

Kiwi: For sale at the Costa del Sol super market.

Packages: You can wrap almost any item as a package at the Seventh Heaven and have Cloud deliver it. He delivers all year long, but you will be told he's currently out on a delivery every season except for summer when he goes to Shinra, so you won't see him in person until then.

ID Card: Used to open doors at Shinra HQ you receive this from Rufus on day 1 of Spring of the first year.

PHS: You receive this from Tseng on day 1 of Spring of the first year.

Gun: You receive this from Tseng on day 1 of Spring of the first year.

Electrorod: You receive this from Reno on day 2 of Spring of the first year.

Chocobo feed: For sale at the Chocobo Ranch.

Cigars: For sale at the Wall Market.

Tea leafs: found at the Lost City of Ancients. Use them to make tea in your apartment.

Kitchen: Composed of an oven, pot, pan, spice set, knife, rolling pin, whisk and mixer. Each item is purchased separately on the Shinra TV shopping network, but they are, for some unknown reason, delivered by Cloud, which is your chance to see him outside of the Summer season and give him a big tip.

Blue Feather: After you have purchased all the products from the Shinra TV shopping network, collected at least one of each materia, successfully completed at least fifty Turks missions and at least one of the bachelors has a heart level of red; you will get a special mission to defeat a summon that mysteriously appeared at the Gold Saucer. The summon is a blue bird called Articuno, beat it to obtain the Blue Feather. From that point on Blue Feathers will be for sale at the Gold Saucer.


Helicopter: Piloted by Reno. It's the fastest mode of transportation unless you're going for a sneak attack.

Buggy: Use it if it's too windy for the chopper.

Motorcycle: Good if you need to take the highway.

Golden Chocobo: An all terrain giant bird.

Cait Sith's Predictions

"Tomorrow is a bright new day!" (It will be sunny.)

"The life stream goddess forgives you!" (It will be rainy.)

"Feel the fury of the meteor goddess!" (There will be a storm.)

"The skies are with you, Cloud!" (It will be cloudy.)

"Victory lies in the element of surprise!" (Use a sneak attack on your next mission.)

"Show them what you have and they'll stand no chance!" (Make it obvious that the Turks are coming on your next mission and if your luck level is high enough the enemy might surrender.)

"Your lucky color is blue." (You can trigger a blue heart event.)

Note: You can also play the dice mini game with Cait Sith to raise your luck. Throw the dice and if your number is higher than his, your luck will go up.

Chocobo Racing

On day 25 of Spring of year one, Chocobo Bill will give you a baby chocobo for you to take care of for a year. Feed it and pet it everyday. On the 25 of Spring of year two, Chocobo Bill will return and if you took good care of your chocobo, you can keep it and ride it. If not, he will take it away. The chocobo races are held at the Gold Saucer every Saturday during Spring and Fall. You can win tickets and exchange them for Materia.

Heart Events

Black: You can trigger this very easily, there are no special requirements.

Purple: Aside from raising the bachelor's heart level to purple, you also need to finish at least ten Turk missions.

Blue: For this event you need to have the bachelor's heart level at blue and raise your luck level until Cait Sith predicts that your lucky color is blue.

Green: Once again you need to have the bachelor's heart level at green and you need at least twenty successful Turks missions.

Yellow: Same as the others, heart level must be at yellow and thirty victorious Turk missions.

Orange: The same plus forty winning Turk missions.

Red: Heart level at red and fifty successful Turk missions.

Note: If you choose the wrong answer in any of these events, the heart level will return to the previous color and you'll have to repeat the event. The only events that can't be repeated are the black heart events, if you 'fail' them, you'll have to give him extra gifts to make up for it.


Black: Day 1 of Spring of year one. He welcomes you to Shinra, gives you your ID and asks what you think of Shinra reforming. Your options are "You're doing great!" (choose this to make his heart level go up) and "I don't think you can do it..."

Purple: Finish at least ten missions successfully. He says you're being profitable to Shinra and that's good. Your options are, "I'll do anything for Shinra!" or "Give me a raise!" Choose the first to make his hear level go up.

Blue: If his heart level is high enough and you got the lucky color prediction from Cait Sith, this event will happen when you enter Rufus office in the morning. He says he has a lot of work to do. You can choose to tell him "it's your own fault for getting in over your head," which will cause him to yell at you to leave the office, or you can support him and say, "you're doing a great job, I'll be working hard on my missions too," which will make his heart level go up.

Green: At his office, Rufus is not at the desk; instead he's looking out the window. He asks if you're done with your work. Say "yes" then stand next to him at the window until he starts ranting about the city and the future. Listen to the entire rant and that will make him happy. This event can only be triggered after 5pm on a weekday that doesn't have overtime missions, so if you choose to say you're not done with work that would be a lie and Rufus will think you just want to get away, thus his heart level will go down.

Yellow: Rufus mentions visiting Junon and asks if you signed up to go with his personal team. You must accept this mission as soon as you get it and before going to Rufus' office for the event. Tell him you signed up; if you're lying he'll know so make sure you actually sign up first. The mission title is "Escort Rufus to Junon".

Orange: The WRO's funding is expensive but Rufus thinks he should continue doing it. He asks your opinion, which will be "you're doing the right thing" or "you need to learn to take better care of your finances." Choose the first to make his heart level go up.

Red: Rufus asks you what you think of his public image and what he needs to do to improve it. The options are "get married, it will project a nice family image" or "try to be nicer". If you tell him to be nice he'll say that's too general and not helpful, tell him to get married to keep him at red level and unlock the blue feather event.

Blue Feather: Make sure you've saved at least a million gil before showing Rufus the blue feather and he'll accept and make you vice-president.


Black: Day 1 of Spring of year one. He welcomes you to the Turks and gives you a PHS and gun. He asks if you're willing to work hard for the Turks, say "yes" if you want his heart level to go up.

Purple: Choose Tseng as your partner for seven missions in a row and he'll say it was good working with you. Your choices are: "I enjoy working with you too" or "I have more fun with Reno and Rude." It should be obvious which you need to choose to get his heart level up.

Blue: Go to the Turks office after 5pm on a weekday. Tseng will be doing paper work and will ask you to help out. Agree to make his heart level go up. You will automatically go back to your apartment at 10pm with no energy left so make sure you've done everything you need to do during the day.

Green: Tseng is doing paper work again and saying something about being hungry. Your options are "let's go eat together now" or "I'll help you finish this, then we can go eat" if you tell him to eat now he'll refuse and tell you to leave because he's busy, so stay to help then have dinner with him.

Yellow: When you're ready for this event a mission will show up where you cannot choose your partner. Your partner will automatically be Tseng. He'll ask if he can count on you. Simple "yes" or "no", pretty obvious what you should reply. Make sure you win the mission.

Orange: Similar to the yellow event except this time the mission is harder.

Red: Similar to the yellow and orange events. but not only is the mission harder, you also need to complete it before Elena.

Blue Feather: Tseng will say "it seems Turks can get married after all..." Reply with "maybe" or "I think they can" choose the second. If you say maybe, Tseng will tell you that you must be completely sure before asking something like that.


Black: Day 2 of Spring of year one. He says "..." and you get the option to say "hello" and "..." reply with "..." to make his heart level go up.

Purple: After completing the tenth mission Rude says "..." your possible replies are "I don't understand" and "I agree." Agree with him to make his heart level go up.

Blue: At the Seventh Heaven on a Friday from 8pm to 11 pm. Rude actually talks this time and makes a toast, "To the Turks and to..." you have to finish it and your options are "Reno" or "Rude." Choose Rude to make his heart level go up.

Green: You'll have to rely on the changing music to identify the Rude events because he says "..." all the time. The other difference is that when it's an event you'll get options to reply: "I wouldn't have done that" or "I would have done the same thing," choose the latter.

Yellow: Surprise, surprise, he talks again. "Do you think I'm boring?" Simple "yes" or "no". Rude has the easiest to figure out events.

Orange: Another "..." from Rude, you can choose to ignore him and run or smile and nod, pretty obvious what it should be. You'll spend a lot of time and energy smiling and nodding so make sure you do everything you have planned for the day in the morning. This event can only be triggered from 12pm to 3pm at Shinra HQ.

Red: Rude will say "I like you," straight to the point, the man doesn't waste any words. Obviously you should tell him you like him back. He's a pretty easy bachelor to win over.

Blue Feather: Show him the blue feather and he'll say "..." this answer can be interpreted as yes or no; you have to give it the meaning with your reply of "I'm happy..." or "I'm sad..." say you're happy and you're good to go.


Black: Day 2 of Spring of year one. He gives you an electrorod and asks if you like it. Your options are "It rocks!" (choose this to make his heart level go up) or "guns are better" (this will make his heart level go down, yes it's possible for any bachelor to have a heart level in the negative numbers).

Purple: A kid sticks his fingers in Reno's nose while he's trying to save said child. Choose to laugh or say "at least you saved the kid..." Let's just say that even if he has a sense of humor, Reno doesn't like being laughed at.

Blue: From 5pm to 7pm at the Shinra building roof on a weekday when it's sunny, you'll find Reno about to take off in a helicopter. He invites you to come along. Accept to make his heart level go up.

Green: Reno will ask "who do you like?" You get a choice of Rude, Rufus, Tseng or Reno. Pick Reno, that's pretty easy to figure out.

Yellow: Reno will ask if you want to skip work and go bet on the chocobo races, it's a weekday from 8am to 10am. You'll miss any gil and prices from your missions that day and Tseng won't be happy, if your mission for the day included working directly for Rufus he'll be mad at you too. When this event happens depends on how fast you fill the requirements. After you have the appropriate number of successful missions, you can wait a little to raise Reno's heart level. Time it right and you can trigger this on a day when you won't miss out on anything too important on the missions. Agree to skip work to make Reno's heart level go up.

Orange: At the end of the yellow event, Reno says that next time he wants to see you race. For this event you go back to the Gold Saucer this time on a weekend. If you failed to raise your chocobo well enough, or if you're trying again and it's still too small, you can rent a chocobo from the ranch. However your best chance of winning is with your own chocobo if you took good enough care of it. Reno will bet on you and take you out to celebrate if you win. He'll be mad if you make him lose the bet so make sure to win the chocobo race!

Red: At the cafeteria at Shinra HQ from 11am to 1pm on a weekday Reno randomly yells "(name) you're hot!" (The name you entered for your character at the start of the game.) Choose to pretend he's not talking to you or answer "you're hot too, Reno!" Answer him, Reno doesn't like being ignored.

Blue Feather: He'll ask what you're trying to say by giving him a blue feather. You can choose between "Marry me!" and "Move in with me!" If you choose the first you'll scare him away and his heart level will go down. Ask him to move in with you and he'll accept.


Black: When you first go to Rocket Town, Cid tells you to sit down and have some tea. You can stay or leave. Just drink the "d* tea".

Purple: Go see Cid again, he'll ask if you like flying. Tell him you do.

Blue: Listen to Cid's rant about airships and agree with him, pretty easy to figure out.

Green: Cid asks you who you rather fly with. Your options are "by myself", "with Reno" and "with you". Tell him you would rather fly with him, he'll brag about being the best pilot and his heart level will go up.

Yellow: Cid is thirsty and tells you he wants some tea. You have until the end of the day to rush to your apartment and make the tea if you don't have it with you. I suggest taking some tea along when you plan to see Cid. If you don't have the tea leafs you won't have enough time to obtain them so make sure you have tea before you go to Cid's house, it's a good present to give him anyway.

Orange: Cid's airship needs repairs, he asks you to stay and help him fix it. You can accept or decline, obviously accepting will get his heart level up. You'll have to fix it faster than Shera and for that you need the tool kit, so make sure you obtain it before she figures out what you're up to.

Red: Cid rants about space and how cool it is. Listen to his entire rant agreeing with everything whenever the option is given. He asks if you would go to space with him. Tell him you would.

Blue Feather: During the weekends you'll find Cid on his airship. You can usually pay for a ride, though when he's ready for the blue feather he'll offer you a free ride. You don't need to use the feather the first time this happens if you would rather wait for whatever reason. Take a ride on the airship then show Cid the blue feather. Even if you fill all the requirements to give Cid the blue feather, if you give it to him at any other time he won't accept it. You have to catch him in a really good mood when he's flying so he accepts.


Black: Day 1 of Summer of year one. He tells you about Strife Delivery Service. Choose "I will call you when I have a package" to make his heart level go up. The other option is "Shinra delivery service is better."

Purple: Cloud delivers something for you. It's just like a regular delivery except the background music is different. Give him a big tip, 1,000 gil will do. He'll thank you and say you're very generous. If you don't give him a tip or give him less he'll thank you as usual or won't say anything butt his heart level will go down.

Blue: Cloud comes by during the Summer and asks if you have a package for him to deliver. Even if you don't, spare a random item and sent it to someone to get his heart level up.

Green: Cloud has misplaced his PHS and thinks he dropped it at Shinra. This can only be triggered during the Summer from 8am to 5pm at Shinra. He asks you to help him search. You have until 7pm to find the PHS so it's good to try to get this event early by talking to Cloud at the lobby in the morning. Cloud's heart level will go up if you find the PHS. The PHS location changes at random around the Shinra building. The trick to it is to call Cloud and take the elevator. As it goes up you'll reach a point where you'll start hearing the PHS, stop at the loudest floor and follow the sound.

Yellow: Cloud asks what your favorite fruit is. You get a choice of Apple, Banana, Orange or Kiwi. Say Kiwi and he'll be happy.

Orange: Cloud is hungry; you'll have to compete with Tifa for the best dish. Cloud will say that he ate Tifa's cooking but he's still hungry and asks if you would share your food. Let's face it, the boy is broke. Make sure you have all the kitchen items so that Cloud is impressed with your kitchen and use a Cake and seven Kiwis as the ingredients and a knife as the utensil. The cake is something you must can buy from Tifa and keep in the refrigerator (which one of the basic pieces of furniture your apartment has) or bake it yourself. Decorate it with kiwis and Cloud will like your idea so much he'll give you all the credit even if you use Tifa's cake, he won't know.

Red: Cloud invites you to come along with him to make deliveries. He asks if you rather ride a chocobo or ride with him on Fenrir, the third option is to refuse to go. He will ask you about the chocobo even if you don't have a chocobo of your own since you could still rent one. Choose to ride with him and help on his deliveries. The boxes are identified by colors. He'll tell you who gets what box after you agree to ride with him. If you choose to ride a chocobo he'll say "I changed my mind you're probably busy anyway..." since the entire purpose was obviously to get you to ride Fenrir with him. The deliveries are like a game of memory that changes at random. If you don't trust yourself to remember, write down what Cloud says and choose the right name when Cloud later asks you who was supposed to receive each box.

Blue Feather: "Can you really live with someone like me?" Choose between "I love you!" or "I think so..." Just tell him you love him and he'll agree. Of course, as usual you would need to fill out all the other requirements, successful missions and heart level. If you show the blue feather to a bachelor who doesn't have a proper heart level he'll assume you're just kidding.

Cloud's Deliveries

These are things Cloud will deliver to you if you make friends with the other characters. It is possible to be friends with your rival as long as she doesn't find out you're after her guy.

Cake Baking Kit: Recipe and ingredients to bake a cake. Once you obtain it you'll never run out. In that sense it's like the spice set, you never run out of spices either. You get this if you become Tifa's friend.

Turks Guide Book: It has hints about all the missions, since you can obtain a basic walkthrough of the missions from this item in the game I won't include a mission walkthrough here. You can choose to not read it if you want the missions to be more challenging, just put it away in your apartment if you still want to collect it. This is sent by Tseng regardless of his heart level.

Tool kit: Useful to take on missions. Obtain it by becoming friends with Shera.

Materia radar: Self explanatory. Obtain it by becoming friends with Yuffie. It's good to take it along on missions.

Secret Heart Events


Black: Zack asks if you would still be friends with a ghost. Say yes.

Purple: Another easy event, Zack asks if you like working for Shinra, simple "yes" or "no". If you pick no then he'll say he doesn't understand why you're doing something you don't like, so pick yes and he'll tell you a little about when he was a soldier and his heart level will go up as it always happens when you finish an event right.

Blue: Keep talking to Zack until he asks what you think a true hero is. "Someone who saves people" or "someone famous" choose the first. Don't forget you need to have Cait Sith predict your lucky color is blue for any of the blue heart events of any bachelor.

Green: Zack says he's happy to see you again and asks you to visit him more often, this is a two part event. You can leave after he says this. Come back three to five hours later and that's the event's second part, Zack is happy that you returned to see him again. Not all the events are about answering a question after all.

Yellow: Zack has some stories to tell of when he was alive and asks if you'll listen. You'll miss any missions you have later that day, so make sure to time this event well. You can trigger it at the end of the day so you don't miss out on anything. Wait until Zack is done with his story and he'll thank you for listening to him and ask what you thought. "It was boring" or "it was interesting" are your possible replies. It goes without saying that you should pick interesting.

Orange: Keep visiting Zack often until he asks you who your hero is. Your options are "Sephiroth", "Zack", "Cloud" and "Rufus." Choose Zack to make his heart level go up.

Red: To trigger this event you need to throw in fifty materia at once into the hole in the soldier office of old Midgar, where usually only one is needed to make Zack come out. You will get the option to take back the materia or tell Zack to keep it. Tell him to keep it. The power of the materia you have thrown into the life stream will revive Zack.

Blue Feather: After Zack is revived he hangs around the usual place so he's not hard to find. Give him gifts until you enter the area and the music changes, talk to him to activate the event. Don't go back out without talking or you'll have to raise his heart level again. Zack tells you he wanted to give you something blue but couldn't find it. This is your cue to give him the blue feather.


Black: Find Vincent in the Shinra Mansion basement, your choices are to wake him up or let him sleep. It may sound nicer to let him rest, but the way to make his heart level go up is to wake him up. He'll still ask you to let him sleep. Keep waking him up and giving him gifts; he likes practically any type of gift even if he complains about being woken up.

Purple: When you try to wake Vincent he won't wake up. You'll be asked if you want to try again several times before it actually works. Keep trying and he'll eventually stop pretending he's asleep.

Blue: Vincent is thinking about going outside, but he's unsure and thinks he might be better off going back to sleep in his coffin. This is one of those few events with more than two options from the best to the worse, "come take a walk with me", "go take a walk by yourself" or "go back to sleep". Tell him to take a walk with you.

Green: Vincent isn't in the basement anymore. He can be found in the cave behind the waterfall where Lucrecia is. He's surprised you found that place and you can reply with "I was looking for you!" or "how did you get here in broad day light?" If you choose the second he'll clarify that he's not a vampire, kind of funny but you have to choose the first option to make his heart level go up.

Yellow: This time Vincent is outside in front of the waterfall. If you talk to him, he'll greet you normally, but notice that the music is different so you know it's an event. Just stay with him for a while until he says that it's nice to have some company sometimes, then you'll finally get the event options "No problem, I had nothing better to do anyway" or "I want to spend more time with you." Choose the second to make his heart level go up.

Orange: Vincent has returned home to the Shinra Mansion, but he's not in the basement this time. He'll ask if you came to see him. Simple "yes" or "no", if you choose yes, you'll spend the rest of the day there and miss any missions you might have. This can be triggered from 9am to 2pm any day. I suggest trying to get it on a weekend.

Red: Be prepared for a battle. You'll have to fight Vincent in his limit break forms, though he's trying to get them under control so you won't really be fighting him at his strongest. However, you still need to handle four battles in a row. Occasionally, Vincent will come to and tell you to run, don't run, stay until you beat all four and make him change back to normal. Vincent explains he's had a lot on his mind. Looks like the stress made the beasts go crazy. Choose to reply "try to be more careful" or "you can always count on me." Pick the second to make his heart level go up. How well you do in the battles will also determine how much his heart level will go up. Lose and it's game over.

Blue Feather: Go to the Shinra Mansion and show Vincent the blue feather. He'll ask if you're sure about this, say that you are and he'll give you another blue feather. I guess that's what he was thinking about so much. Just don't expect him to make up his mind; he'll only give you the blue feather after you trigger this event, in this game you always have to make the first moves so don't try waiting for him. I guess that's because you are the main character after all.

Sephiroth Quest

There are three holes all over the world with bits of life stream coming out of them. Find the black materia in the Northern Crater using the Materia Radar. Once you have it visit the three life stream holes located in Wutai, Rocket Town and Corel.

Throw the black materia in and Loz, Yazoo or Kadaj will come out rubbing his head because you hit him with the black materia. Kadaj will be the last one to come out. You need to fight each one and win. After you beat Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz will fuse with him and Sephiroth appears. He says he'll never be a memory and disappears again. Congratulations, you have unlocked Sephiroth.

After each battle with the silver haired trio you recover the black materia. To make Sephiroth come back, return to Zack and throw in the black materia. Zack will come out and give it back saying "if you're looking for him, he's at..." and he gives you a location that randomly changes. Go there to find Sephiroth and give him gifts. Sephiroth likes materia.

The next time you want to find Sephiroth if you ask Zack he'll tell you he doesn't know. Go ask Aeris instead by throwing the black materia in. She'll return it to you so you won't lose it. You need to alternate between asking Aeris and Zack for Sephiroth's location to make him appear. It'll take a lot of Materia to get his heart level up.


Black: Locate Sephiroth, he'll ask if you were looking for him. If you say "no" he tells you to leave and that's it. Say "yes" and he'll ask why, your options are "I have my reasons" or "you're insane". It goes without saying that you should not call Sephy insane.

Purple: This is another easy event. You'll find Sephiroth waving his sword around. Stay and watch until he's done. Don't get too close or he'll stop and say you're in the way. When he's done, choose between, "that was okay" or "that was great!" choose the second, pretty easy to figure that out.

Blue: This event can only be triggered at night from 7pm to 4am. Sephiroth says he likes the full moon. It probably reminds him of a falling meteor or something but let's not go there. You don't have to do much, just stay and eventually the sun will rise. You won't recover your stamina since you won't get any sleep. Sephiroth's heart level will go up accordingly to how long you stay, so getting this event at 7pm is good.

Green: Sephiroth asks what you think of Jenova. You may reply "who cares, she's weird" or "she would make a great mother in law". If you choose the first Sephy will think you're calling him weird because he has Jenova cells. Pick the second and he'll completely miss the hint, telling you that if Jenova had a son he would be an alien and long since dead by now. At least you know he's not kaasan obsessed since you revived him, and you did somewhat amuse him with that reply so it's good.

Yellow: The last three events all have battles. First you'll find Loz where Sephiroth would have been, you have to beat him and Sephiroth will appear. He asks when you got there; apparently he knows nothing about the battle. "I just arrived" or "I was fighting your brother," are your possible replies, choose the first one, he doesn't need to know everything.

Orange: This is similar to the yellow event but you have to fight Yazoo now. After the battle Sephiroth will tell you that "you keep appearing where ever I go". You can reply that "it's a coincidence" or "I wanted to see you again," choose the second.

Red: This is the last battle, and it's against Kadaj. After winning Sephiroth will once again return and ask you straight you if you keep finding him because you like him, say "yes".

Blue Feather: After three battles the final event really isn't so hard. If Sephy's ready to accept the feather he'll say "you're brave" when you show it to him. That's his way of agreeing.


Remember you can still continue playing the game even after the blue feather event. You can replay all the missions and will get a chance to retry any missions you didn't successfully complete the first time. You can also make friends with the girls, save for the one whose guy you stole if you had a rival for him. After the blue feather event, wait until the credits are done and continue playing to unlock new missions.

One game year after the blue feather event, if you kept your guy's heart level high, he'll give you a "puppy" as a present. He's actually giving you Red XIII, aka Nanaki, who will live with the two of you from that point on. You can take Nanaki on missions to help you out, so take good care of him too.


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