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Wish 2: Royal Ball

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Wish 2: Royal Ball

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Grant my Wish

Wish 2: Royal Ball

Royal parties, role playing game style battles, luxurious vacations, you couldn't wait! "Remedy... I want to host a royal ball, can I?"

"Of course, you can do anything you want, you are the princess. It has been a long time since Ivalice had a royal ball, it sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm sure many would love to attend and perhaps you'll find your prince." Remedy wanted to distract you and it worked. She wanted you to forget your past Ivalice and think of nothing more than the one you had now.

"A ball, like in the movies and my prince..." However, Remedy's plan backfired at the mention of finding your prince. "Mewt... I thought I finally found something to look forward to back there, my time with Mewt. He was always different in my eyes, special. Do you think he's here in this world? Could you find him and invite him to the ball? Ritz, Marche and all our friends are invited too."

Remedy was angered upon hearing Mewt's name but she hid it well. She had posed as his mother long ago, when he was only a child. Back then he was the main wisher, the one to decide the fate of Ivalice and in the end, he opposed Remedy. "Princess, there is someone I would like to introduce, Rabea, come in now."

A viera woman entered your room; her hair was silvery white, her eyes a clear blue and her features flawless. "It is an honor to meet you, your highness." Rabea vowed, her voice rung out clear and gentle, melodious. This viera was quite a beauty.

"Rabea is the best stylist in the land. She can help you prepare for the ball!" Remedy feigned excitement, she was an excellent actress.

For a brief time, you were whisked away to the land of fabric and jewels, as Rabea tried to make conversation about the ball, the nobles, the kingdom, your dress, jewelry, hair, make-up, anything except the topic of possibly finding Mewt.

Rabea had talked you into hosting the ball that very evening. Many people of all the different races attended, including a handsome human around your age who kept you company for most of the evening, while you waited for Mewt to arrive, Remedy assured you he was found and invited.

Then, another girl boldly asked the noble to dance, taking his hand and leading him away before you, or he, could say anything. You recognized her; a white haired human at such a young age was not common. "Ritz?" Why didn't she even try to talk to you before? It was as if she had been hiding.

"Princess, may I have this dance?" You were even more surprised now than a moment ago, for it was Mewt asking you to dance. You accepted as the orchestra continued playing, their music slowing down and at the same time becoming louder, as if trying to get as many people to dance as possible.

Mewt held you close, as the music evolved, the timing was too perfect, and you were sure you saw his eyes meet the conductor's eyes, a nu mou. "Mewt?"

"I had to talk to you. Marche wasn't happy when I asked Ritz to distract that guy." You had been right about the white haired girl being Ritz. "Who was he anyway?" Mewt asked.

You felt as though Mewt had much more to say than inquire about your new friend, but he chose to start with that question anyway. Somehow it made you happy. "Fidan, I just met him, he's the son of a noble," though you weren't sure which one.

"Oh... About this world..." After catching an angry glance from Marche, who had picked a random dance partner and made his way into the crowd, Mewt knew he better get down to main topic. Marche really didn't want Ritz to have to distract Fidan for too long.

"I know, it's it great?" Now that Mewt was here, it was perfect. "But how did you get here? I mean, I'm glad you're here, but how? Ritz and Marche are here too."

"Ritz, Marche, Doned and I came here years ago," Mewt explained.

"Doned? Marche's bother is here as well?" You wondered how many people that you knew were taken to the new Ivalice.

You caught sight of Doned, just outside the dancing area, mingling in the crowds. He almost appeared to be acting as a look out rather than simply socializing, and he didn't look very pleased with his assigned task. Furthermore, he was actually walking around, and you've never seen him move without a wheel chair before.

"What do you mean you came here years ago?" You asked. Since you had seen the magical book in Mewt's house, though Remedy said it was yours, it would make sense if it was truly Mewt's.

"This world is made of wishes. Those exposed to the book are taken here if they deep down wish to come, admittedly or not. The one who wants this the most will obtain the book, and power over the laws of Ivalice becoming the prince or princess, just like it happened to you and me." Mewt's tone became serious, he glanced around slightly nervous, as he saw a couple of bangaas dancing near by. Armor could be considered elegant if not overdone, jeweled and polished, but he doubted that bangaa was wearing it as a mere decoration.

You listened to Mewt's narration in surprise. "You were the prince of Ivalice? But then..." You were not sure where to start; there were too many things to ask.

"I don't have much time," Mewt searched among the growing crowd of dancers for Marche and Ritz, while trying to explain things as quickly as possible. "When I was brought here all my wishes were granted, I even brought my dad along somehow, even if he wasn't there when we wished on the book. I was the prince and my word was law. But all of this is granted by a strange magic, it's like an illusion, you can't move forward here. Don't fool yourself, you have to undo this and bring the real Ivalice back. Only you can do it."

"Mewt what are you talking about? Why would I want to go back? I can't imagine why you would give this up if you were the prince in the past, but this is everything I could ever want!" How could he ask you that? How could he have been so foolish in the past to throw all of this away? "Stay here, I'll give you a royal title and a nice place to live, you could stay in the palace. I'll you invite you and all our friends to live in the palace. We can even go on adventures together!"

"It's a fantasy, you need to realize that. I thought I would be happy if I had all this, but then I realized I wasn't earning it, just making it happen with magic, it shouldn't be that way," Mewt insisted.

"Why not?" Before he could answer, you noticed a moogle and a viera dancing near by.

"We have to go, kupo!" The moogle and his viera dancing partner disappeared into the crowed as quickly as they came.

"Sorry, but I'm pretty sure Remedy wants us in jail or dead, we didn't wish for this world this time around, but we were already exposed to it so we know its secrets. We'll work on the crystals; you need to make up your mind about going back. Don't forget you'll still have us in the old Ivalice." Mewt didn't give you a chance to reply, or ask about those crystals he spoke of. He left you on the dance floor and took his leave being followed by the armored bangaa from before.

Shortly after Mewt left, you disappeared from the ball, for some reason the orchestra's conductor left as well, but he was quickly replaced. You saw Fidan searching for you, but eluded him in the crowds. His golden hair, emerald green eyes, handsome face and prince-like atmosphere, were far from your mind after seeing Mewt again looking even more like a prince. He had been a prince after all, but why did that change?

As soon as you reached your chambers, ignoring anyone who called out to you, you summoned your advisor. "Remedy!"

As quick as always, Remedy teleported to you. "Why are you not at the ball, your highness? Was it not your liking? Changes can be made, a disco ball perhaps, or electric guitars?"

You couldn't help it but to blink picturing what Remedy spoke of. "No, it's not about the ball, it's about Mewt."

You thought you saw Remedy's expression darken, but her face quickly became gentle again. "Mewt? Did he upset you? Princess, you shouldn't let past heartbreaks bother you. I'm sure Fidan would love to help your heart heal." Remedy smiled, as if trying to be true to her name, as if silently saying with her expression, that she could solve everything for you.

"I'm not heartbroken; Mewt is here, in this world. He told me he used to be the prince. He said I had to change Ivalice back and he mentioned some crystals. What was that all about?" It bothered you greatly. Mewt was always gentle and a little shy; you had never seen him insist on something so strongly.

"I do not know what that is about. You are our one and only princess and I, am your loyal advisor. I must warn you my lady, here in Ivalice, appearances can be deceiving. Perhaps the boy you though was Mewt, was actually someone else. There is no telling what some would say to become close to the princess. The real Mewt might have declined the invitation and not been at the ball at all. But fear not, your highness, you are safe here, and I will make sure the impersonator is captured." Somehow, Remedy had her own special way to steer the conversation away from where you wanted it to go.

"No, just forget I mentioned him. Tell me about the crystals instead." Remedy's stubborn side had began to show, though she still appeared to have only the best intentions to protect you.

"Yes, there are crystals, each one guarded by a powerful being called a Totema, those crystals protect Ivalice, but more importantly, you protect Ivalice. The country needs you; guide it to prosperity, princess." Once again Remedy was guiding the conversation away from the starting subject, but you wouldn't allow it.

"What happens if the crystals are damaged, assuming someone got past those Totemas," you asked.

"Then Ivalice would rely on you," Remedy truthfully answered.

"On me?" You couldn't sense a single hint of doubt or lies in that last reply, it was true. "Am I that powerful, enough to support this world?"

"That and more, princess; that, and so much more. Tell me now, what is it that you want? Tell me what your wish is, I will make sure it is granted," Remedy spoke sweetly, but you had your suspicions, though you knew you would feel better if you saw Mewt again.

What will you do to find Mewt?

Sneak out of the palace and search for Mewt yourself. Go to "Wish 4: Rescue Mission".

Go to Remedy, demand to know where the real Mewt is, and make sure she doesn't trick you. Go to "Wish 5: The Power of Wishes".

To be Continued

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