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Nobody for Me

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Post Kingdom Hearts; all the nobodies should have become nothing, yet they still exist in a world of their own. Some seek the truth, others seek something more. (Reader+Axel)

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Nobody for Me

Chapter 1: A Granted Wish

"They say that when two people are meant to be together, their hearts resonate with such intensity, that the other's heart can hear that call. They say it's possible to hear it even from far away, and even if neither knows it's happening. If they are meant to be, then without hesitation the heart answers to that call."

"Ever heard of silent reading Larxene?" Axel was not in the mood to listen to those silly novels Larxene had taken to reading lately. Actually he was never in the mood, yet there she was sitting in front of Castle Oblivion reading aloud, even if she was only reading for herself.

"Go away Axel, I'll read however I like." Larxene would have continued reading, if not because Axel snatched the book away.

Axel flipped through the pages with little interest while Larxene tried to recover her book. "What strange things you read."

Finally Larxene took the book back. "What am I supposed to be doing then? Trying to figure it out why when it all ended we were here in our castle? We should have faded into nothing, but here we are."

"I don't care anymore, I exist, who cares why. I may be nobody but I am." Yet deep down that wasn't enough for Axel and he wondered why. "I'm going for a walk," he did not wait for a reply and simply left.

Larxene went back to reading her novel but felt she couldn't concentrate. "Why did we come here? Why have we changed?" She wondered, because even if none would admit it, all of them knew that something was different.

xoxox xox xoxox

It was an average Saturday, and for one reason or another you were alone at home. It seemed that everyone was busy today which left you with a lot of free time that weekend. Your day started when you woke up to a dream. An unknown red haired man wearing black had appeared in your dream. You didn't remember it clearly but it was a good dream, that much you knew, too bad that man wasn't real.

You had not slept as much as you wished and were surprised to find yourself getting out of bed on a day when you could sleep in to your heart's content. For a moment you looked back at the bed, considering the possibility of lying down again, and then you saw her.

Right there on your bed, there was a girl identical to you. She was sleeping soundly as you should have been. You stared at her in surprise, if your twin had been sleeping with you, why didn't you feel her next to you when you got up? You didn't know what this was about but looking at her, wearing your pajamas was like looking at a mirror, from a slightly different angle.

Maybe your look alike would have some answers. The first step was to wake her up. You reached to shake her shoulder and realized you could not. Your hand went right through her as if you were a ghost. You gasped aloud and jumped back, also taking note of the fact that you were wearing black clothes similar to what the man in your dream was wearing.

"What's going on?" You felt yourself becoming dizzy, but holding on to anything to steady yourself was impossible. It was as if you did not exist in that world, and your mirror image continued to sleep oblivious to what was happening near by. You were vanishing out of existence fast, your senses were fading, and no one could stop it.

xoxox xox xoxox

"Who is she?" You weren't sure what happened but you heard voices near by. You had a feeling that the girl was asking about you.

"How should I know?" The male voice sounded closer and as the feeling in your body started to return and your senses awoke again, you realized that someone was holding you.

"I saw something fall from the sky, was it her?" The female voice asked.

"Yes," the male holding you replied.

"Well who is she?" The girl pressed for details.

"I told you I don't know. I can't know who every person who falls from the sky is." His voice sounded familiar, he sounded like the man in your dream, but the dream as a whole was still a blur.

"I thought maybe you called her here somehow," the girl was just as confused as the guy, but not as confused as you.

You slowly opened your eyes and found yourself staring into the face of the red haired man from your dream. Past him you saw a star filled night. "Where am I?" It was day time, you were sure of it; at least it was supposed to be.

"Her first question had to be one I can't answer." The red haired man helped you to your feet and you caught a glimpse of a heart shaped moon, a city of sky scrapers in the distance and a strange castle not too far away.

"Who are you?" Maybe the man from your dream and the blonde girl were lost too. They were dressed like you also.

"Axel, got it memorized?" At least he could answer your second question.

"Axel," you felt the need to repeat the name as you stared at him in puzzlement wondering how you got there, but if he didn't know where you were, he probably couldn't tell you a lot. You then looked towards the blonde girl.

"Larxene," she replied to your unspoken question.

"I'm (name)," you introduced yourself.

"Are you one of us?" Larxene asked curiously.

Well you were dressed like those two, so who was to say you weren't one of them? Then again you weren't sure what their group was about. "A lost person?" If you were lost and they were lost, then you were in fact one of them.

"No, a nobody." You could tell by Larxene's tone that this was one of those hard to explain things that got complicated.

"What else would she be? If she's here she must be one of us," Axel reasoned. "Your name sounds very strange though."

"What, you've never heard it before?" Honestly, you didn't think your name was all that unusual.

"Add an x and mix the letters around, then you'll have the name of a nobody." You blinked at Axel but tried to think about what he said, even if it made little sense.

"The name of a nobody? Is that what your group is called?" You still gave it some thought, several possibilities appearing in your mind.

"We're Organization XI or we used to be." What they were and where they were now, Axel just didn't know. Castle Oblivion as well as their city was there, the eternal night sky was the same along with its heart shaped moon, but that was not the same place, it wasn't just an in-between, it felt like their own world.

Whatever was happening, you were still confused, you wanted answers and you had a feeling that they wanted answers too. At the same time you felt a peaceful and calm emptiness that was slowly being filled, it was a feeling you could not describe. "How about (xname)?" You had mixed the letters of your name and added an x to create a new name.

"That fits, let's go, I'll show you to the castle." Axel began to lead the way and Larxene produced a sound similar to a giggle.

Axel raised an eyebrow, "Larxene, don't tell me you're going to start acting weird too just like the others." It seemed that they had quite a bit of problems of their own, without girls falling from the sky.

Larxene shook her head. "Of course not!" Yet she couldn't deny that something within her was changing. "I was just thinking, since it's obvious you want to give her the tour of the castle alone, I'm going to head back first and let everyone know we have a new guest."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Larxene did not answer Axel's question and simply ran off to towards the castle.

Chapter 2: Into the Land of Fairy Tales

"They've all been acting strange, Larxene most of all, but at least she's not insane... yet." You started to walk towards the castle with Axel.

"Tell me more about this place, whatever you know about it I mean..." Even if Axel didn't know where they were, he might know something.

"This world has a city where Organization XI's headquarters used to be," Because in all truth Axel knew the organization was no more, it had all ended thanks to the Keyblade Master. "The moon called Kingdom Hearts is always visible since it's always night time. The city is full of nobodies and heartless..."

"Slow down, what's this about nobodies and heartless?" You asked as the two of you entered the castle.

"We're nobodies; I think you're like us... But the nobodies in the city are different, they don't look like humans. The heartless… you'd best see all this with your own eyes. I'll take you to the city later." You nodded, he was right, there were things better understood by seeing them personally.

The inside of the castle was very white with rose decorations and flowery patterns carved in the white marble. It was so white in fact, you felt as if you were immersed in light. You could see the bright lights from outside, making the area around it look like day, even if the night was eternal, but inside it felt much brighter. The place was equipped with everything a house would have, such as a large kitchen with quite a few refrigerators one of which was being raided.

"Lexaeus, try not to finish everything by yourself," Axel teased him.

The man called Lexaeus looked away from the refrigerator. "Mind your own business Axel! Hey, who's the girl?"

"(xname) our newest guest in this world," Axel explained.

"Oh right, Larxene told me to leave you two alone." That made you wonder about what exactly Larxene said.

"Did she?" Axel decided it's time to end this part of the tour and head on to the next location.

You followed him up some stairs getting a tour of each floor. Axel mentioned there are also some basements but Vexen is experimenting down there and it is also the home of Marlixia's indoor garden. "Axel, what about those doors?" You pointed at the doors marked by hearts with keyholes.

"Castle Oblivion has doors to other worlds." The castle was getting more and more complicated.

"Is my world past one of those doors?" You asked, you were supposed to be searching for a way back home, yet you felt as if you belonged here.

"Maybe... but if you are a nobody then your world is here. You're different aren't you?" Axel sounded almost disappointed at that.

"I don't know," you answered truthfully.

After the tour was done you were given a room, there were plenty so that was no problem. Each person had their own floor in the castle, and your room was in Axel's floor.

"Want to go to the city now?" Axel asked.

"Sure," you might as well explore. But as you made your way out, on the first floor you found someone else.

"So this is the girl from the sky, want to know what you really are?"

"Stay away from her Vexen." Clearly Axel did not get along with this man, Vexen.

"I just want to answer her questions. If my theory is correct this girl may have a heart after all," Vexen gave you some cards. "Go and explore the worlds linked to Castle Oblivion, and if you find out what you are, let us know."

"What are you plotting Vexen?" Axel asked in a threatening voice.

"I want to know too," another joins us on the first floor. "My name is Marluxia, I can't explain it, but I know there's something different about you, and about your past."

"It doesn't matter what she was before, (xname) is one of us now." Axel stayed close to you, warning the others to step back with his glare.

It was strange that they were arguing about you while you were standing right there. "Axel, why don't we check out these other worlds?"

"If it's a trap you two are dead," with that said, Axel and you once again ventured into the upper floors of Castle Oblivion.

xoxox xox xoxox

"A door to another world... I might find my way back home, maybe you too." You smiled at Axel trying to lighten the mood.

"Just because I don't know where the world of the nobodies ended up, and why the castle is here, doesn't mean I'm looking for any place. I'm a nobody, nobodies don't have homes, if that's the case then you..." he stopped, he knew you didn't like where this was going.

"I don't know what you're talking about but I do have a home," you pressed a card against the door and the door opened.

The world at the other side of the door was bright and colorful. "I'm late! I'm late!" A white rabbit holding a watch hoped around near by. "I'm late!"

"This is just like Alice in Wonderland," you mused.

"This is Wonderland," Axel confirmed it.

"Wonderland is real? It's another world?" Maybe you were still sleeping back home, that would explain a lot. If that was it then there's nothing to worry about, you would simply enjoy the dream. But it felt so real. "There's only one thing left to do... follow the rabbit!"

The rabbit led the two of you to a picnic. There was a brown hare, a man with a large hat, a blond girl in a blue dress and white apron, and a purple striped cat with a big grin. "I'm late! I'm late!"

"Don't worry about it, you're still on time," the girl you identified as Alice greeted the rabbit. "You brought some friends?" She looked towards you and Axel. "Come join us."

"Let's go Axel! You're Alice right?" You sat around the picnic with them, Axel sitting next to you.

"Yes, how do you know my name?" Alice seemed a bit surprised, and who wouldn't if someone they had never met knew their name.

"I heard about it," it wasn't a complete lie, really.

xoxox xox xoxox

The picnic was fun, but it provided no clues. At least Axel relaxed a little more. "I'm not sure why the doors open so easily for you, I couldn't do it even with the cards. You must have something special." Axel looked at you curiously; you blushed slightly seeing how close he was leaning.

"You think so?" The two of you had returned to Castle Oblivion and now you opened the next door. This time it was different, an odd glow enveloped the two of you and you both disappeared.

When you reappeared you're wearing different clothes, not exactly elegant and you were inside a large house. "What happened now? Axel? Where are you?"

"Who are you talking to, Cinderella?" You looked at the older lady strangely; did she just call you Cinderella? "Don't just stand there, go help your sister with her dress," the older woman waved you away and left the room.

"I met Alice before, but now I am Cinderella?" You headed upstairs maybe if you played along things would work out. To your surprise you found Larxene. "Larxene?"

"(xname)! I thought something was strange. The rooms of Castle Oblivion connect to other worlds, well, illusions of other worlds; but it's never happened this way. Did you use a card to come here?" Larxene is now in a dress, as if she's getting ready for a ball.

"Yes," you showed her the card and it turned out she has one just like it.

"I borrowed it when Vexen wasn't paying attention... This explains what happened, with two cards used at once the illusion must have overloaded and when the second illusion replaced the first it made us characters," Larxene's logic made as much sense as anything else in that place so you decided to go with it.

"So where's Axel?"

"Who knows, if he came here with you maybe he was casted as your prince. In that case I guess you should go to the ball," Larxene walked over to the closet and opened it revealing several elegant dresses.

"Don't I need a fairy godmother and glass slippers?" That was how you remembered the fairy tale.

"Well sure if you want to wait for them, but I'll be going to the ball soon, I'm already here so I might as well enjoy it. Maybe I'll find a handsome illusion to dance with." Even if this is all pretend, it looked like Larxene was enjoying it.

"Who needs glass slippers, they probably break easily anyway," you decided not to wait after all.

Chapter 3: A Growing Heart

"Cinderella! Cinderella! Your fairy godmother is here..." The elderly fairy looked at you in surprised. "Well it looks like you're ready for the ball..."

You and Larxene laughed. You had chosen a dress in your favorite color and Larxene helped get your hair done. "We still need transportation."

"Consider it done!" With a wave of her wand a pumpkin and some mice, a carriage pulled by stallions was made.

You and Larxene got into the carriage that took you to the ball. You looked out the window. "From day to night to day to night again," the rapid changes felt odd, but it was an adventure. "Larxene, Axel told me he tried to open the doors before but he couldn't do it."

"Even with the cards it's impossible for him because he doesn't understand. Maybe I'm the first to realize the truth." You had a feeling that Larxene is about to reveal something important.

"What do you mean?" You listened closely.

"We nobodies are beings without a heart, one by one we fell in battle, some taken out by the Keyblade Master, others by fellow members of Organization XI. It was thought we would fade to nothing, but when it all ended, when the battle was finally over we were there, in that world you fell to. We have Castle Oblivion and it's illusions to keep us busy but there will have to be more eventually. I think this is what the Keyblade Master and the King wanted, a world of our own, and somehow we're starting to grow hearts. I know that is why I can use the door to the illusions. The beings of the city should eventually grow hearts as well. Maybe I'm just lonely being the first to realize this, but I'm not solving it by reading those silly novels I took out of the illusion of Belle and Beast's castle. You're different aren't you? You were created recently and retained the memories of your somebody."

Larxene's words somehow make sense to you. You don't know why but you suddenly understood. It's as if this little piece of knowledge was created along with you, and you didn't unlock it until now. "You're right, I didn't understand it before, but it's true. I was created from a human from a world called Earth. I don't know why, but suddenly I can understand my reality. (name) was what that girl was called, I am truly (xname). She's in her world, she was sleeping when I left her, she probably got up by now. I remember my dream, or her dream, I remember it..."

xoxox xox xoxox

Start Dream

You were in the arms of a young man, you recognized him as Axel. "So this is what's going on. I didn't realize his heart was so strong..." Three others entered the dream. The one who spoke was carrying a large key. "Sorry about this, you must be confused; the one before you is an illusion, only a projection."

You realized that the Axel in the dream did appear to be different, he was there but at the same time he wasn't. "Who are you?"

"I'm Sora the Keyblade Master, and they are my friends Riku and Kairi," the boy with the large key introduced them.

"It's amazing what a long way they came," the girl spoke. "Axel doesn't realize it, but his new heart is calling out to someone. Your heart answered to that even if you are so far apart."

"His heart, is calling to my heart?" You could feel it was true, but how would it work out if you two were as far as they said. "Where is the real Axel?"

"In another world," the silver haired boy replied this time. "I don't think it's possible to take you there, even Sora can only communicate with you in dreams."

"Yes," Sora continued, "I felt this strong wish and came to check it out. I can't take you to him, and he can't come here..."

The image of Axel began to fade. "I want to see him! I don't know why but I feel there's something about him. It's strange to say since I don't really know him, but there's something..."

Sora, Kairi and Riku looked at you then at each other and nod. "If his heart is really calling out that strongly, even if he doesn't realize it, and your heart is answering to that call, then maybe there is something I can do. I can make another you, in a similar way that Axel was made. It might interfere with the balance of the worlds if this keeps up so maybe it's for the best. A little part of you would be taken out, your original will fill that up no problem; but that part will have to grow little by little and form her own identity. I will make it so that the memories of your somebody stay with you until you make your own, these are borrowed memories, but that way your heart won't start out empty. Is this what you want?"

"Yes," you showed no doubts.

End Dream

xoxox xox xoxox

"I was made from (name) and have her memories, borrowed memories until I make my own. I am (xname) and my true memories started today, memories of a heart shaped moon, Castle Oblivion, Wonderland, Cinderella's world, yes, my memories start today."

Larxene nods, "are you are a copy? No, you have a heart of your own so you're not just a copy. Then you're one of us."

"That's right and I'm not going back." You were sure of it and with that realization you started to let go of the memories of your somebody; but you didn't feel as if you were nobody, you had a heart of your own after all. Axel didn't realize it, but you came into this world to grant his wish.

xoxox xox xoxox

At the ball Axel was in fact casted as the prince. A prince that caused chaos because he was bored, set things on fire and gave the royal guards a headache. "Axel!"

Things finally calmed down when you got Axel to play along and dance with you. Larxene seemed entertained dancing with another guest at the ball, until the clock stroke midnight.

"The carriage that brought us here must be a pumpkin again, but the dress is fine, the fairy didn't give me this." For that you were glad, because midnight came too soon.

"That's good, but let's get out of here anyway, it's too crowded." You agreed with Axel and followed him out. "I think things will be more fun with you around."

"These illusion worlds... I'm sure the King and Keyblade Master put them here for everyone to learn from them," you thought aloud.

"What do you mean?" Axel asked.

"I remember now how I came into existence. I'm slowly forgetting my borrowed memories but I'm making new ones, and I remember what they told my heart. Axel, everyone is starting to grow hearts of their own, me too, I'm not (name) anymore, I'm (xname) now, and that's somebody!"

"To be somebody... I never worried too much about it but it might be good if that can happen."

"It is happening," you were sure of it, you could feel it.

"Then you won't be searching for your world again?" Axel looked pleased with that.

"Your world is my world too," you smiled.

xoxox xox xoxox

When you and Axel returned, everyone was waiting out the door. This was the start of your adventure, now you just had to help them all see their growing hearts and help Axel realize that it was his wish that guided you there.

"Don't bother us we're off tot he city." You noticed how Axel placed his arm around your waist so naturally as if he didn't even realize, or more so as if it just felt right.

An avalanche of questions fell upon you. "Relax people, it's just a growing heart that's all," that only made them more confused. You felt a little guilty about this, but you had no choice if you wanted to get away. "Larxene knows!"

As if on cue, Larxene exited the illusion world along with Zexion. You and Axel escaped leaving Larxene to deal with the questions, too bad she was too busy arguing with Zexion, who she had actually been dancing with thinking he was an illusion of that world.


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