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Jon always did like watching Spencer eat. One shot. Fluff. Fluff. Fluff.

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A/N: I wrote this a long time ago and I just found it in my story file on my flash drive. I thought I'd share it. Note: Will not happen, never has, never thought it would, just a stupid story that happened to come into my head when I was eating Ramen. All I did was add names and descriptions. Haha. Anyway, tell me how you like it. Yes, it's FLUFF.

It was true. Jon had an unhealthy habit of watching Spencer eat. No matter what it was. It could be snacking, like doughnuts or crackers, or it could be a meal, like chicken or corn. His favorite thing to watch Spencer eat was noodles. Any type of noodles, as long as they were the long spaghetti cut noodles. Normally it was Ramen noodles. Spencer loved Ramen noodles.

So there Jon was, staring at Spencer as Spencer stared at the screen of whatever was playing. It looked like it was some type of action movie but Jon had tuned it out so he didn’t know. What was it about Spencer eating that entranced Jon? Well, to put it bluntly, it turned him on. The noodles were the worst.

The way Spencer turned his head and curled his tongue around the noodle that was too long to fit on the fork just made Jon want to pounce on the poor boy. Of course, Spencer was oblivious to what he was doing to Jon. He was just eating and watching his movie.

Small sucking noise issued from Spencer’s mouth as he sucked in the noodles that were wrapped around the fork. Jon tried to ignore the tightness in his jeans. Spencer licked the fork clean of the broth that was on it. Jon ignored and pushed back certain images going through his mind. Spencer twirled around a mass of noodles on the fork and bit into it. Jon stifled a moan.

The noise of the fork scraping across the bottom of the ceramic bowl for the last bit of small noodles sounded. Jon’s trance broke as he heard the scraping.

“Damn…” Spencer’s voice was soft.

“Why are you damning the noodles?” Jon asked.

“I’m still hungry,” Spencer said as he stood up. Oh no. More noodles? Jon couldn’t take another bowl, not with what was already happening in his jeans. Jon stood up and followed Spencer into the kitchen.

Spencer was busy with getting a second package of Ramen out of the cabinet. When he turned around Jon was there. He jumped.

“Jez, ya know it’s not good to sneak--” Jon didn’t give him time to finish. He pushed Spencer up against the countertop and spread Spencer’s legs. Jon pressed his body against Spencer’s and caught his mouth in a passionate kiss. Spencer was surprised and confused, very confused. When they broke away, the confusion was evident on his face.

“What the hell, Jon?”

“You’re too innocent for your own good, you know that, right?” Jon asked.

“What are you talking about?” Spencer asked.

“Have you ever watched yourself eat?”

“Um, no. I don’t eat in front of a mirror or anything,” Spencer said, rolling his eyes some.

“You should try it sometime and see if it doesn’t do anything to your crotch.” Jon pressed his hips against Spencer to prove his point. It elicited a small murmur from Spencer.

Needless to say, the countertop isn’t a very sanitary place anymore. Nor is the kitchen table. Or the couch. Or… pretty much anywhere in their apartment.

Gasp. This story is retarded. I feel stupid for writing it. I just reread it. Maybe I shouldn't post it... I might delete it. What do you guys think about it?
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