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Understanding And Aruguements

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Harry learns a bit more about his family and Dumbledore gets into an arguement with Remus and Tonks!! R&R please!!

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Chapter 2 - Understanding and Arguements

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"What is so funny that you are laughing so hard?" asked a curious Harry.

"Well it is probably because Dumbledore and Voldie have angered a very powerful, influential and financially powerful wizard." Replied a happy Rowena.

"Do you mean me?" asked Harry.

"Of course I do, who else would I refer to? Your cousin, the whale of a boy?" replied Rowena.

"Now Harry what questions would you have us answer." Asked a bemused Merlin.

"Well for starters, Lord Grindelwald, why was my mother considered a muggle born, when you were actually her father?" asked a calm Harry.

"Firstly don't call me Lord Grindelwald, grandfather or John is fine Harry, secondly after I began to tell Dumbledore about how the wizarding world could change for the better, I began to suspect that he had something to do with tampering with one of my experiments, to create a sword. I sent my wife, Hannah Grindelwald, you grandmother, and Lily, your mother, into hiding, because I was afraid that Dumbledore might harm them also because Hannah knew all about my experiments, and she could have been captured by any one to find out the results and type of experiments that I was conducting. Plus they weren't totally legal with the ministry back then." Grinned Grindelwald

"And exactly what kind of experiments were you doing grandfather? Oh umm in addition to the fact that I am all of your heirs by birth, do I have to deal with any new powers, vaults, authority or land?" asked a yet again curious Harry.

"I was experimenting on new brooms, magical swords, wands and spells. Of course they weren't all legal due to a law of the ministry's saying that no experiments on spells are to be conducted without a ministry worker present. Stupid rule really, but anyway to your other question, yes you do get new powers and etc. Now in order, you have all of our duelling techniques, knowledge on any thing but mainly on spells and potions and such, umm now let me think, all of our vaults, all of our sitting positions on the Wizgamont, all of the political power to over throw the current Minister of Magic and a lot a lot of land, and Manors all over the world, oh and did I mention total and utter control of Hogwarts, and control of both all dark and light creatures, our seats on the international Wizgamont and national Wizgamont." Salazar said.

"Bloody fantastic! Wait, OMG, this means that I'm probably the most wealthiest and politically powerful wizard in the world!!" exclaimed Harry.

"Now Harry, calm down. We need to talk to you about your training and well other things, now you also will be needing a schedule to know what you have to do and a routine so that you will be fit and we can train you up to defeat, Voldie. Plus you also have to kick Dumblebee's ass sometime soon and preferably before school or before you want to duel Voldie. Also power isn't everything you know, you need to find happiness out of something other than wealth. Do you understand?" Said and excited Godric Gryffindor.

"Yes sir, I know and well I was just kind of shocked at the fact that I am so powerful." Replied a calm and understanding Harry.

"We will be letting you out of this enchanted place soon and you will fins eight magical trunks and they are for you to use for training, we will be present in only two, our own to you and the eighth which is like a council trunk that is where we make all the very big and drastic decisions, like when you are ready to duel Voldie. So see you soon, goodbye for now and good luck, Harry!" said a cheerful Rowena.

As Harry blacked out and out of the enchanted place and back onto his bed of Privet Drive, he realised that he never asked them about his parents and what he could do to somehow talk to them, or just how manipulative Dumbledore was. Well that will just have to wait for the morning, Harry thought as e fell into a full nights sleep, since the death of his godfather.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the great hall, the Order of Phoenix was assembled at a large round table. (like king Arthur and his knight if the round table)

"Dumbledore I want to know what is happening with my godson and why isn't he allowed to come to 12 Gimauld Palace for some of the summer!! Plus you aren't even allowing any one to write to him, you're keeping watch on him day and night, you aren't allowing him to get out of the house and you refuse to even let someone go into the house to make sure that he hasn't been injured or possibly killed!!" screamed a very very angry Remus Lupin that was boiling inside, at Albus Dumbledore.

"Remus my dear boy calm, down, the only reasons for all those precautions is that we want to keep Harry safe so that Voldermolt can't get to him and kill the only wizarding world's hope, no can we, plus he sends regular mails to the order informing us of his health and any needs, but so far he has stated none in any of his letters." Replied a relatively calm Dumbledore, on the inside and under the mask he was absolutely boiling, about to lunge out and kill black there and then. Thinking, how dare he provoke me in front of the entire Order! When Harry has defeated Tom I'll kill him then Remus Lupin, the mangy mutt, and then every one else that is important and supports them enough to give up their lives.

"No Dumbledore, I'm not going to calm down and be a good boy, and act as if everything is ok, I want to see my godson! Nobody will stop me, not you Dumbledore, not the ministry, not the Order, not even Merlin himself! I don't care any more, for god's sake the boy is going to die, if he doesn't get rid of Volide, I want him to be happy before that all happens." Shouted an extremely angry Remus.

Tonks tries to calm the angry Remus but to no avail. At the same time trying to level with her own brooming temper, at the same time realization is happening in her head, Harry is going to die if he doesn't kill Volide? No way in the wizarding world!

As Tonks was heating up with anger everyone was slowly backing away for him, then she let out a huge explosion of words, while her hair was flashing colours at a very fast speed.


Everyone had backed away from the trio, and was about 5 feet away, all waiting for the explosion that was expected to happen, in about 10 seconds and everyone was counting down slowly in their head, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. As everyone simultaneously reached 1, they weren't disappointed.

The very next second, Dumbledore exploded in words too, and using very very colourful language that was never thought to come out of the Headmaster's mouth ... .... ................

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