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Dear Diary1

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Dear Dairy,
So far the days been getting better, but then they got worst when they stopped calling. I guess I'm obsessed with them! I can't freaking help it, their hot sexy men and I love them. I told someone about them and guess what they did tell me it was wrong to be dating older guys fuck. That's stupid, I almost broke my hand because of what that idiot had to say. What I do is my business not theirs, and what I do with my feelings and my body again my damn business. It pisses me off that people butt in to my life. What you don't got your own damn life gosh.
Matt what a dumb ass sometimes but I love that about him, he can be so much like a kid and be an adult just when he needs to. And he trusts me so much to let me go out with others guys but not older than me like 16 or something. He doesn't live here so it makes it even harder, he makes it much harder when he doesn't call me. I know he needs his sleep, and hes got test coming up but one text message or call wouldn't kill him. The love I feel for Matt, isn't gone but is lost.
Kaleo what a cutie pie, he looks like this little kid you wanna pick up and hug forever. Hes so smart and can be so cute. Him and Matt are like brothers their so close they want to "share" me. well that's what I use, I don't remember the term they use for it. Hes finishing up school in the mainland like Matt, but Matt's on the Big Island. Their gonna move here in fall, that's when I should be back in school hopefully. The love I feel for Kaleo, isn't gone but is lost.....
This was for Punk1210 aka Val. She told me to write
more so I did. This will be more my daily life kinda
thing. Where I tell how it is being with two guys.
And maybe one boytoy. I will start to tell everything
in the next chap. I hope. ^^ well PEACE OUT TO MY
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