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The Beast

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There's something on the MCR tour bus and it's hungry. What is it and how far will it go to sate it's hunger? *Rated PG-13 for language*

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Thunder clapped outside the tour bus and the rain fell heavy on the roof. This tour bus wasn’t just any tour bus; it was the bus of a band called My Chemical Romance. Sound asleep on this bus was all five members as well as Frank’s wife Jamia and Mikey’s wife Alicia. All were oblivious to the Beast of a thing that was lurking around the bus. The Beast was hungry or it never would have been moving at all. It moved silently to the fridge and made its way soundlessly inside where it found the remains of a two day old pizza which it quickly ate before scurrying back to where it belonged. It did this every night, devouring whatever it pleased then retreating. At first the food went unnoticed but as the nights wore on the Beast’s hunger became more and more extreme until it was hard not to notice the missing items.

“MICHEL JAMES WAY!” Frank yelled through the bus. The bass player poked his head out of his bunk and looked down the aisle, “What?” Mikey asked. “Don’t what me! You ate all my Skittles you-you…Skittle thief!” Frank said clutching the empty bag in his fist. Mikey climbed out of his bunk, “I did not! You must have eaten them all and forgotten.” he protested. “Jamia bought them for me yesterday! I didn’t even know until this morning and now they’re all gone!” he said and waved the bag in Mikey’s face. “Well it wasn’t me Frankie.” he said and walked back to his bunk. Frank looked around the bus fuming but finally gave it up and went to his bunk to pout.

The next day Bob noticed half of his Red Bulls missing and instantly went to Frank before he realized that if he’d drank six Red Bulls he’d be bouncing off the walls ten times more than he was now. So that’s how it went for the next couple of days as food and drink mysteriously disappeared and the Beast got hungrier and hungrier and that’s when it set it’s sights on what it really wanted to eat. The Beast craved something that had to be sweet, had to be soft and juicy. He craved the flesh of Frank Iero.

So that night it sat under a pile of clothes in the aisle of the bus and waited for the guitarist to make his nightly trip to the bathroom. Sure enough at 2:37 on the dot Frank crawled sleepily from his bunk and made his way to the bathroom. The light clicked on behind the closed door and a few moments later it clicked off and Frank walked out of the bathroom unaware that he was being hunted. That’s when the Beast pounced and sank it’s teeth into his ankle.

“AHH!” Frank yelled and tried to shake the Beast from his ankle. He continued to scream and shake his leg while the everyone slept in their bunks unaware of what was going on at the back of the bus. He shook his leg harder but it only sank it’s teeth into his leg deeper. It was Gerard who finally came to the rescue as his bunk was the closest to the back and he was a light sleeper. He walked to the back of the bus and found Frank struggling with the Beast. “DAMMIT!” Gerard said and began to beat the Beast with a mic stand. “OW!” Frank yelled as Gerard missed and hit his knee. “Sorry!” he said and continued to beat the Beast until it released its hold on Frankie’s ankle and lay unconscious on the floor. Gerard put the stand back where it belonged and gingerly picked up the Beast and walked back to the bunks and tossed it in the bunk that it belonged in.

After that was done he walked to the back of the bus and helped Frank bandage his leg up and both of them went to bed. The next morning Frank came limping to the front of the bus where everyone else was eating breakfast. “What happened to you Frankie?” Ray asked. Frank turned at him, his eyes and face set in a severely pissed off look, “I got bit last night! By that fucking beast that lives on your head!” he said pointing a finger at Ray’s large afro. “I don’t know why it likes me but it had better leave me the hell alone! It’s had it out for me ever since you’ve known me and I’m done with it!” Frank said and hobbled off. “Damn it can’t you behave?” Ray asked and shoved a piece of bacon in his hair which purred contently.

The original was posed of but was lost when it went offline and the handwritten copy has evaporated so this is the result. Not as good as I wanted to be. I wrote this because my hair is exactly like Ray Toro’s and I was always getting crap for my hair being alive so I thought it’s be funny for it to belong to Ray and attack poor Frankie.
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