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Melt his Heart

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Working as a maid in the Crystal Palace isn't too interesting, but the queen has so many odd things in the basement it feels like a treasure hunt. That life size statue of a man frozen in a crystal...

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Melt his Heart

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Future

Neo Queen Serenity was a kind and gentle ruler, but she could be serious when she needed to be. The land of Crystal Tokyo was a peaceful utopia where time moved forward slowly, but sometimes it was possible to catch a glimpse of the past. "Your highness?"

You had heard Sailor Mars say that Neo Serenity was a klutz and a crybaby when she was a teenager. Today the statement proved to be true when you found the queen crying loudly as if she had reverted to her past self. "Oh..." Neo Serenity saw you and composed herself as quickly as possible.

"Are you alright?" You examined the queen. It looked like she had emptied her closet, shelves and drawers completely.

"Yes, I just lost something." From the surrounding disarray, the queen picked up a picture album. "Ami, Rei, Lita and Mina are coming over today." She pointed at one of the pictures. The five inner planet guardians appeared as teenagers, each holding a small plushie of a different animal. Young Serena was holding a pink bunny that fit in the palm of her hand. "I wanted to show them that I still kept her," Neo Serenity pointed at the pink bunny plushie, "but I can't find her." The queen's eyes began to water, "it was a special day and we agreed to treasure our souvenirs."

The door opened before you could reply and the king stood there staring at the mess. "What happened?"

"Nothing, nothing!" The queen laughed casually and waved her hand.

"I came to tell you that Ami is here, but what happened?" The king insisted.

"Leave it to Ami to get here early, well let's not keep her waiting," Neo Queen Serenity linked arms with King Endymion and started to leave, then stopped at the door and turned to look at you. "Go ahead; I'll catch up in a minute."

The king nodded and glanced back to you looking apologetic. You nodded as if saying it was alright, though you weren't looking forward to cleaning the disaster zone that the royal chambers had become.

"Could you go on a special mission for me?" Neo Serenity asked.

"Of course, your highness," you replied.

"Oh good, good, in that case, please go to the basement and see if you can find my little pink rabbit plushie there. Just a second..." Neo Serenity dug through the mess until she found an official looking stationary and a pen. It was odd watching the queen on her knees, bent over writing on the floor since she needed a solid surface to write and it was hard to find the furniture under the mess. "Okay," she tossed the pen along with the rest of the random items and handed you the paper. "The deepest parts of the basement are locked because of some old treasures that are kept there but I trust you. Show this letter to the guards and they'll let you in."

"Right away, your highness!" You bowed and hurried towards the nearest elevator, your job just became a lot more interesting. Okay, so what you needed to do was still a semi-boring task, but you were curious about the locked basement levels of the palace and all the odd rumors about them. It was illogical to start the search at the very bottom, but your curiosity won, so that's where you went.

The elevator didn't go all the way down and you had to make your way down several hundred stairs but your curiosity was strong. The guards became less and less as you went down, each letting you pass with one glimpse at the letter from the queen. The air became thick and the temperature hot as you reached the final level. The last door was locked and there were no guards anywhere to be found. Then suddenly, the letter from the queen started glowing, revealing a hidden incantation that unlocked the door.

You entered with caution, it was dark and though you found a light switch on the wall, this room was poorly maintained and the light was very dim. You made your way deeper into the room, watching your step carefully, until you thought you saw someone from the corner of your eyes. "Hello?" There was no answer. "Is someone there?" You walked towards where you thought there was someone.

You found a statue, a very realistic life size statue of a man frozen inside a crystal. Of course, it had to be a statue, who else would be down there? Well, at least you could dispel the rumor about the basement being haunted. It was hot, stuffy and creepy, but not haunted, though you did feel a dark energy coming from some of the boxes stashed away. You doubted the missing pink bunny plushie would be down there, and with your curiosity satisfied enough, you decided it was time to leave and actually accomplish your mission, or at least try.

You took one step then turned back. You walked towards the man in the crystal; he looked so real, a shocked expression frozen in his handsome face. You wondered why the artist chose to make the statue look like this instead of calm and cheerful like the other statues in the palace. Maybe that's why this one ended up in the basement despite its vivid detail.

You reached out and touched the smooth, cool surface of the crystal and felt something, as if the crystal was reacting to you. You withdrew your hand, but the crystal had already started to glow. "Oh, oh..."

The crystal began to melt until it was completely gone and the man fell on the floor, in a state between consciousness and slumber. He was confused, disoriented, cold and exhausted despite sleeping for such a long time inside the crystal.

You gasped, the man was real? Then why was he inside that crystal? What if the queen imprisoned him because he was dangerous? But then, why did the crystal react to you? You shook your head; those questions will have to way. "Are you alright?"

The man looked up to you with a lost look in his blue eyes. He stared at you for a full minute before holding his head in pain, then running a hand through his blonde hair asking, "who are you?"

You introduced yourself and asked his name.

"I don't remember," so he had amnesia... "Where am I?"

"In the basement of the royal palace of Crystal Tokyo," he looked like he had no idea what you were talking about. "Maybe I should take you to see a doctor."

"I'm not injured," he stood up with some difficulty, and would have fallen again if not for your help.

"Maybe you're not injured but you definitely need medical help. You have amnesia and you're so cold it's like you died."

"I'm alive..."

"I know and if you want to stay alive you should see a doctor!"

He chuckled, "you're so stubborn," it was almost as if your stubbornness amused him.

You somehow managed to help the handsome mystery man up the stairs. The guards gave you odd looks. They didn't remember that man going down to the basement. "Don't mind us; we're just going to the infirmary."

At that point the man decided to be stubborn and stopped leaning on you. He walked past the guards as if he was in perfect health; then stumbled to the floor once he was out of the guards' line of vision.

"That's what you get for being stubborn," you teased.

"Shut up!"

You laughed, "temper, temper!"

He gave you an icy glared and stubbornly continued towards the elevator attempting to nurse his fragile ego.

You entered the elevator with him and pressed a button to go to the floor which housed the medical facilities.

Both of you made it to the clinic and the man collapsed into one of the beds, though he sat up as soon as he recovered enough to do so.

"This is such an honor! It's such a big honor!" You heard the doctor's voice. Dr. Naboi was new working at the palace, but you were used to his rambles about one day meeting Dr. Mizuno, also known as Sailor Mercury. Fate would have it, that the day when his dream came true happened to be today. "Your highness Neo Queen Serenity, thank you so much for telling her highness Mercury about me, and Sailor Mercury, thank you so much for coming to meet me, I really admire your work."

"Please, call me Ami," came Mercury's gentle voice.

"Oh my goodness, can I? It's such a great honor!" Dr. Naboi continued to fanboy.

The mystery man rubbed his temples, "if he doesn't shut up..."

It would be bad if the man you accidentally freed ended up picking a fight, so you quietly peeked into the adjacent office where Dr. Naboi, Ami Mizuno and Neo Queen Serenity were. You knocked softly on the partially opened door, "excuse me..."

"Oh you're back!" Neo Serenity recognized you. "I sent someone to get you when I remembered that Rini had the bunny all along. Oh well, I'm sure the guards must have seen you leave and told the other maid that you already left. Sorry about sending you on a wild goose chase."

"It's no problem at all," you held the letter from the queen. "Should I return this?"

"Oh yes," Neo Serenity took the letter and looked at it, "the incantation has been used; you must have searched really deep into the basement levels."

You nodded starting to feel uncomfortable. You were wondering if you should tell the queen about the man you found. "Um... there's a patient waiting... He has amnesia."

"Oh my, let's see what we can do for him," Ami went to see the patient, followed by Dr. Naboi who kept going on about what an honor it was to see Dr. Mizuno at work. The queen and you followed Ami, and while Dr. Naboi continued to float on cloud nice, both Neo Serenity and Dr. Mizuno looked shocked as soon as they laid eyes on the patient.

"Do I know you?" The mysterious man asked.

"Jedite..." Ami voiced.

"Jedite?" The man repeated, "Jedite... is that my name? Yes, Jedite..."

"Serena, why is he here?" Ami asked, and you started to worry.

Neo Serenity looked at you, "you freed him from the crystal, didn't you?"

You shifted uncomfortably, "it was an accident!"

"Wonderful!" The queen cheered.

Both you and Ami blinked in confusion, Jedite looked annoyed at the sudden outburst and Dr. Naboi knew nothing of the world around him, trapped in his own little dream.

"I'm so happy for both of you!" Neo Serenity wiped a tear from her eye, and sighed happily. "It was years ago that I found poor Jedite trapped in eternal sleep inside that crystal. Sure he was our enemy before, but I thought I could heal him. I tried very hard, but even after Beryl had died, her spell lived on and I couldn't free Jedite. The best I could do was use the Silver Crystal to cast a new spell over the crystal that imprisoned Jedite. When his true love touched the crystal, it would melt away and he would be free. I used to invite all the young maidens to see the crystal, telling him that touching it was good luck, but it never melted away. After a while people started to get creeped out saying it was a strange superstition and Endymion insisted that we put the crystal away. After that I guess I forgot about him... Sorry about that."

A long silence fell into the room, until Jedite finally spoke, "what are you talking about?"

"Never mind the past, you have a new life now, Jedite. You can live peacefully here in Crystal Tokyo with your true love!" Neo Serenity cheered.

"I don't even know her," Jedite was annoyed.

"You're destined to be together, that is to say, you're each others match. However, that doesn't mean it will happen if you don't make it happen. It just means you're really good for each other and would be happy if you're together, but you both have to try your best too," Neo Serenity explained.

Ami laughed nervously, "That's a lot to take in right after waking up. Jedite, try not to worry about the past, your memories will come back little by little. Queen Beryl was defeated a long time ago; she's the one who deceived you and trapped you in that crystal. You're free to live peacefully now."

"I don't remember that," aside from recognizing his name, Jedite didn't know anything else about who he was.

"Don't worry about it, you'll feel better soon, I'll restore your energy then (Name) can show you around." Neo Queen Serenity used the silver crystal on Jedite and he was healed.

"I'll show him around?" you echoed, "Hey wait, the queen knows my name?"

"Of course, I know the names of all the maids. Rei says I have a bad memory but I remember the important things like people's names," the queen smiled proudly. "We'll have one of the guest rooms prepare. Meanwhile you can take a tour of the kingdom. (Name), you have the week off, go take Jedite on a date." The queen ushered the two of you out of the infirmary and sighted happily, "isn't love wonderful?"

Ami sighted as well, but she just sounded worried, "I hope it works out."

Outside the infirmary, you and Jedite just stood there. "Well, that was unexpected," you finally broke the awkward silence. "Um... what are you going to do now?"

"I'll take a look around, by myself," Jedite replied.

"Okay, see ya," the two of you went your separate ways. You returned to your room and changed into more casual clothing. Even if you weren't going on a date you still had the day off.

As you made your way out of the palace, you came across Jedite again, who was talking to King Endymion. "Endymion... that does sound familiar, more so than that other name, Beryl."

"Originally, you were on our side," the king explained.

"(Name), there you are!" Neo Serenity practically bounced towards you. "Jedite almost left to tour Crystal Tokyo alone. Men, they're so impatient sometimes."

"It's alright; Jedite decided he doesn't need someone to show him around. So I was just heading out on my own too. Do I still get a vacation?" You asked.

Neo Serenity shook her head. "Unacceptable! If you don't get to know each other, then you'll never realize how perfect you are for each other. I don't mean to sound bossy but this is for your own good. I Neo Queen Serenity hereby order you to at least try to be friends with Jedite. Of course if the friendship turns into something more, that's fine too."

"Should we really meddle this much?" Endymion knew how Neo Serenity got when it came to matters of the heart. She wanted everyone to be happy with their true love, but sometimes she slowed the process when she was trying to speed it up.

"It's fine, and since Jedite originally worked for you, you should give him some advice too," Neo Serenity suggested.

Endymion took a deep breath, with a look in his eyes that seemed to say, 'please just bear with this'. "Jedite, would you agree to have (Name) accompany you while you explore Crystal Tokyo? She is from this city so I'm sure she will be helpful in getting to know the land."

"Very well, I'll go with (Name)," Jedite agreed.

Neo Serenity clasped her hands together, "wonderful!"

You and Jedite left the palace; the atmosphere was a bit awkward as you walked towards nowhere in particular. "Have you remembered anything?"

"Nothing about that Beryl, but I do remember working for Endymion with three others," Jedite stopped and looked around. "What do people do around here all day?"

You grinned cheerfully, "to the Crown Arcade!" and dashed away with Jedite in tow.

Though Jedite wasn't exactly Mr. Fun Guy, you had orders to try to be his friend, he had orders to hang out with you, and it wasn't bad at all. You both got used to each other's constant presence after a while, and came to enjoy it. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and even Mini Moon, thought that Neo Serenity was being too meddlesome trying to play matchmaker, but deep down you were thankful to her and though he would never admit it, maybe Jedite was too.

Chapter 2: Rest

"Jedite!" There was no reply, "Jedite!" You yelled louder, if that was even possible. "Jedite, Jedite, Jedite!"

He finally turned his head towards you, ever so lightly and in the most casual tone asked, "did you say something?"

You pouted, "oh no, I've just been yelling your name for the past two minutes because I like to hear it."

"I was thinking," more like spacing out, and it wasn't like him.

"About what?" His expression didn't look like it was a pleasant thought. You had in fact been trying to get his attention to ask if something was wrong.

"Nothing, just a feeling, shall we call this mission accomplished?" His question was met with your pout, "no?"

"I know the queen is obsessed with playing matchmaker for us since she's convinced we're each other's true love and all, but instead of accomplishing the missions you could try to have fun... you fail!"

"Fail? Jedite doesn't fail," he hugged you, one arm around your waist, the other hand going up your back and neck to the side of your face, and he kissed you.

Neo Queen Serenity was starting to worry that the true love that freed Jedite would not be enjoyed as it should. Thus she asked to borrow her husband's general to send him off on a mission. She made up a whole story about how it was ever so important for the entire kingdom that he occasionally took you on dates. Of course, the queen wanted to help as much as possible so it was all charged to a seemingly infinite royal credit card.

"Okay, you don't fail..." you couldn't deny that if Jedite's mission was to make you like him, victory was his, and at the same time yours. "But you were still spacing out before."

"Forget it," and he knew how to help you forget.

The moon was reflected in the calm lake, a lonely table sitting ashore, the wind threatening to blow away the only candle that lit your dinner a couple of hours ago. A romantic candlelight dinner by the lake, all arranged by the queen, but everyone else knew that the two of you told Neo Serenity that you were still just friends only so you could continue getting these nice escapades at the expense of the royal treasury.

xoxox xox xoxox

"(Name)! You were surprised to find the queen holding out a nurse outfit for you.

"Um... I'm supposed to be a maid..." Though lately you haven't been doing much except hanging around the palace lazily, watching Jedite train in the courtyard with Endymion, and going on dates with Jedite; cleaning just didn't fit in the agenda.

"Yes, yes, but when your true love is ill, you need to change your role and take care of him." Neo Serenity gave you the outfit.

"Jedite is sick?" You received the clothes, feeling silly about dressing as a nurse even if you were not a nurse, but your attention was elsewhere, specifically on Jedite's well being.

"Oh yes, after his training with my beloved, your beloved was to journey to the far we side of Crystal Tokyo for some routine general duties, but he collapsed just short of the royal gates. You should have seen how cute it was, my beloved carrying your beloved, that's true friendship despite Jedite being brain washed and frozen by Beryl for a while. But now he's back to his original self and..." Neo Serenity looked around, but there was no one there, you had already left. She sighted contently assuming you rushed to Jedite's side, and skipped off.

You didn't mean to leave the queen talking to herself, but you really didn't notice. Jedite had been acting a little odd and it worried you. You stormed into his room without knocking and found a strange black aura surrounding the sleeping Jedite. "Jedite!"

The aura was dispelled and Jedite woke up. "(Name)?" He looked at his surroundings, "why am I here?" His head really hurt.

"You passed out and King Endymion brought you here. Too bad I missed it, the queen said it was cute," you formed an image in your mind.

Jedite shook his head, as if he had also formed an image of the scene and didn't quite like it, "hopefully no one saw that."

"More importantly, there was a strange black aura around you when you were sleeping," it was an evil aura you were sure of it.

"An aura..." Jedite paused in deep thought, "well it's gone now."

"You do know what it can be, don't you?" You noticed he was hiding something.

"I have a clue," Jedite admitted, "the dark energy from the crystal I was trapped in must have stuck to me, even after Neo Serenity casted that spell on the crystal. Her spell worked, but it only pushed Beryl's magic aside, it didn't eliminate it."

"But then, the evil magic should have disappeared when the crystal melted, and if not when you were healed, right?" You feared it wasn't that simple, and deep down you knew it wasn't.

"It was released," Jedite got up, "but it was weak, it will dissolve on its own if we leave it alone."

"Not so fast, that weird left over evil magic was attacking you in your sleep, and it made you collapse in the first place." You pushed him back to bed, "stay there and I'll get Neo Serenity so she can fully heal you with the Silver Crystal."

"I don't need that," Jedite was being stubborn.

But you could be stubborn too, besides it was for his own good, "yes you do!"

It all evolved into a mini war, Jedite trying to get up, and you pushing him back, trying to get him to rest while you got help. It lasted until Jedite felt as if the two of you were being watched and glanced to the open door where the princess stood.

"Um..." Rini played with her pink hair and blushed. "you really need to lock the door..."

You felt your cheeks turn crimson, "I was trying to get him to rest, that's all."

"By laying on top of him?" Rini tilted her head with a mixture of puzzlement and mischief.

"I slipped?" You voiced.

"Right," Rini decided to accept the excuse and move on to the next topic. "Mom wanted to have you nurse Jedite back to health with the power of love, she still has no idea you're secretly more than friends so she took this opportunity to play matchmaker. I borrowed the Silver Crystal so I could get rid of the left over evil magic that's been floating around." Without further ado, Rini held up the Silver Crystal and the hidden aura appeared, though it quickly dissolved with the power of the crystal. "That's solved so I'll give you some privacy now!" Rini closed the door on her way out.

"Great, now we'll be accused of corrupting the princess..." you sighed, "but I'm glad you're healed, and you shouldn't hide stuff like that."

"I'm healed now so it doesn't matter..." Realizing that you were still laying on him, you started to get up, but Jedite pulled you to him again, "don't you think I need to rest a little more anyway?"

You grinned, "rest, right..."


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