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Part 3

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To Save Your Life: Note III

Page 11: Allies are Closer than we Think

The skeleton shinigami, apparently their king, spoke in a language you did not understand. He occasionally paused and Traizo replied in the same language. You tried to say something but were ignored completely, which was very frustrating. The trial progressed and you could tell even if you didn't understand their language, that things were not going well for Traizo.

It came to a point when you were left in a cage tied up. You had tried to resist but you were outnumbered and overpowered by the shinigami. A man was placed in the cage as well, held by a shinigami guard. He didn't look like a very nice person. In fact not just his appearance, but the way he acted and spoke were clear hints that he was a criminal.

"Hear me human," the shinigami king addressed the man. "If you kill this girl I will return you to your world. If you fail to do so you will die."

"Then let me go so I can kill the little brat, reaper creature!" It didn't take you too long to figure out what this was about.

"Shinigami guards, you will release him after a minute has passed. That should be more than enough as it should only take forty seconds. Make your choice shinigami Traizo, yourself or the girl. You could come out of this alive. If you choose to sacrifice her then your punishment will be considered over." The shinigami king knew what Traizo's choice would be. He knew that Traizo would die to save you.

"Traizo don't write it, you'll die if you do!" You called out to him.

Traizo shook his head sadly. "I have to; if I don't you'll be the one to die."

Suddenly something hit you on the head. "Ow! A Death Note?”

"Oops, looks like I dropped it.” There was a shinigami girl outside the cage, she was the one who had dropped her Death Note. "Since she has my Death Note I guess I’ll have to take her with me.” Using a bony key she opened the cage, untied you and you were out before the shinigami guards could release the killer. Everyone was very shocked.

"How dare you interfere? It is not your place!” The shinigami king was obviously furious.

The shinigami girl wasn’t frightened at all; she merely stuck her tongue out at him in response. "Well too bad daddy, what are you going to do? Sentence me to death?”

"You’re the princess?” You looking at the shinigami girl, then her Death Note, it was golden rather then black. But why would the shinigami princess go against her father to help you?

The princess was wearing a black cloak similar to that of the king, but what caught your attention was that the right side of her face was a skeleton while the left looked human. Judging by her hands her entire body must be like that, half human looking and half skeleton. On her left half she had golden hair and a human looking dark eye. Her right eye was nothing but the emptiness of the skull. "(Name) let’s make a deal. If you help me with something, I’ll set your shinigami free.”

The princess had helped you and she could save Traizo. For that she wanted something in exchange. "What do I have to do?”

"I will not allow this!” The king was very angry about his daughter’s actions. He held what appeared to be a Death Note ready to use it. It was black just like the other Death Notes, then why was the princess’ Death Note different?

"You can’t kill Traizo, not while I’m protecting this girl. If you try to kill her or any of the people who will help me, then I’ll die as well. I may not be in love with a human, but I’m different and that will be enough!” What did the princess mean?

"You’re being foolish Persephone,” the king had given up. "Do as you please, but nothing useful will come out of it. It is already too late. Guards you may return that human man to his world or dispose of him how you see fit, and free the shinigami Traizo. Traizo, I will let you live freely in this world but you may not go to the human world with my daughter and the human girl. After Persephone returns, then you will be exiled to the human world.” You didn't understand what that was about. It was one of those things that you simply couldn't figure out unless you knew the full story behind the king's words.

The princess, Persephone, looked towards Traizo with a sad expression. "I’ll take good care of your friend so don’t worry. Stay safe until then.”

"Thank you,” Traizo was truly grateful.

That was how you left with the shinigami princess and returned to the human world. You realized that you had landed in Japan. "Princess Persephone, please tell me more about what I need to do to help Traizo.”

"You don’t need to be so formal. I may be known as princess Persephone the second but you can call me Persy.” Her wings were also different like the two halves of her body. One of them was a ragged bat wing on the right and on the left an angelic wing with white feathers. "About our deal, I’ll also need some help from the detective Lawliet. I need to locate a certain human. I’m not in love with a human as in couple love, but that person is someone I care about in a family sort of way. I’ll give you both the details when we can sit down to discuss this. Right now, there are a few things that need to be arranged such as you coming to Japan, it’ll be easier if you’re here. Don't worry about Traizo, he'll be fine, daddy never goes back on his word.”

That was a relief. "L had the papers ready so that I could come to Japan as an exchange student, but he cancelled that plan because of the risk of the second Kira,” you explained.

"No problem, I’ll arrange everything. I’m no ordinary shinigami and it’s not just because I’m a princess,” Persy was very confident in that she could arrange things. It made you wonder about what plans she had in mind and just how different she was from a normal shinigami. "First of all let's go find Law-er Detective L. This person I need to find, I've been searching for a long time but found nothing. At least my time looking at the Earth wasn't completely wasted. I know all about L and Kira. This is a great opportunity," and it was, in more ways than one.

You could tell by the look in her face and her tone, that Persy had a secret agenda. This was about more than finding someone, but somehow you knew that her secret plans were not something that you should worry about. She may have her own intentions, but you had a feeling that whatever Persy had in mind would not have a negative effect on you. "I assume you'll want to make yourself visible to L when we find him?"

"Yes, you can give him the note later for safekeeping if you wish, but keep the ownership. Only some rules apply to me and others don't. You'll still need to own that Death Note so I can follow you. For this to work out I need to make sure you're safe, L too of course. The two of you are vital for this plan so it would be easier if you were in the same place. It's also good to keep this between the three of us," Persy explained. "We arrived."

"This is a hotel." It was an obvious fact but given the situation, one that was worth stating in search of a better explanation. You were expecting a detective agency, police station or something like that.

"It is also L's secret headquarters at the moment. Give me a page, I'll go get L. Wait here and keep your guard up, I'll be right back." You gave Persy a page from the golden Death Note making sure no one was looking at the time. She hid it and flew off passing through the ceiling.

A few minutes passed and Persy was back but L wasn't with her. "Where is L?"

"He’s waiting, we needs to discuss this away from the crew so I had him leave. They found it odd but that doesn't matter." Obviously Persy had a plan for that too.

You were led to what appeared to be a normal room. That one had no cameras or microphones installed, since this had to be a complete secret. "Hi," you paused, all that had happened and all you did was greet L just like that.

"Hello," L seemed unexpectedly calm.

"Okay, I'm sure you both want the details so I won't keep you waiting any longer," Persy spoke. "L, I want you to help me find a certain human, in exchange for your detective services I will give you Light and Misa's Death Notes. Once you obtain them, the Kira case will be solved. If the notes are not proof enough, since the law can be pretty stubborn when it comes to things that defy their precious logic, then you won't have to worry about the Death Notes while you figure out what to do. For the moment being, I will take their Death Notes and keep them in the Shinigami World, since mine is here, I'll be able to return."

"You can actually do that?" You asked in surprise.

"Normally, a shinigami cannot steal a Death Note but that's okay for me," it still made no sense to you; there was still a hidden secret about Persy. "What I mean to say is that because I'm not entirely a shinigami some rules don't apply to me. You see I'm half human."

Page 12: Helping Us Find the Way

"How interesting," L commented with his thumb in his mouth.

You looked at L, he had presented a reaction to what Persy just said about being half human, but remained so calm. "How is that even possible?"

"I'll let you know when and if I find out. I'll be honest since we're all on the same side here. I can extend my life like a shinigami but like a human I can be relatively easily injured, though I'm still a lot stronger than humans, but a bad injury could kill me, unlike a shinigami. I need to follow half of the shinigami rules, I can't explain how I know which ones apply, but I somehow know. Like other shinigami, I need to keep an eye on my Death Note, but while other shinigami are not able to steal back their Death Notes or other's Death Notes, I can do it, but I can also chose not to. Other shinigami are not allowed to come to Earth without a reason but they can break the rules, like Traizo did coming to see you even before he gave you a Death Note. For me it is not only impossible to come to Earth without following my Death Note and specifically mine, but also, it is impossible for me to throw anything down to Earth. It's like there's magic preventing it. It all balances out in the end, a half-shinigami has strengths and weaknesses. Right now my ability to steal Death Notes will be of good use. Of course, I have no interested in stealing back my own Death Note because then I would have to go back to the shinigami world." Persy paused and allowed the two of you to take in all the information.

You still couldn't understand how the entire half shinigami, half human thing worked, but it seemed that not even Persephone herself knew, maybe she intended to figure it out during her stay on Earth.

"Well then L, is it a deal? The Death Notes for your services as a detective. I'll order Ryuk and Rem, Light and Misa's shinigami to return to the shinigami world and keep out of this for the moment being. After I give you the Death Notes when your mission is complete, if they drop more notes into the human world or even kill you, that's none of my business. I can only protect you while you're working on the case," Persy explained.

"You have a deal," L accepted without a second's hesitation. That's all he needed. He had solved the case but he needed to recover the proof. Besides, there was really no point in saying no to the shinigami princess; that could only end up badly. Plus L was curious about the mystery she wanted him to solve.

"Good, and for you (Name), I want you to help L solve this case. I want you to stay by his side at all times. I need to keep an eye on you both so don't go too far from each other. Go back home and arrange your trip to Japan as soon as possible; after that, stay together at all times. But don't worry; even if I will be near by all the time, I'll let you have some breathing space and privacy. In exchange I will return to the shinigami world after this is over and father will let Traizo go. Of course this means I’ll take my Death Note back. It’s important that you don’t give it up or you may lose your memories of the shinigami. Instead keep ownership of it, even if it’s hidden in a safe place and after this is over, I’ll take it myself. Refuse and I will arrange Traizo’s death and you already know how that would work." Persy didn't give you much of a choice but you had already agreed.

"Ill do it, I have no experience as a detective but I’ll do my best." One thing was solving video game puzzles and playing Clue with your friends when you were little, but solving a real case was something you had never done before.

"That's not a problem, just give L a hand. Even if all you do is bring him sweets to eat that's fine." Persy was certainly insistent on you being with L. Not that you minded being around him, but you wondered if that was really just to protect the two of you. She had said she wanted the two of you together but didn't say you couldn't go back home until the trip to Japan as an exchange student was arranged, which shouldn't take too long anyway, but still. Also, Persy promised to give you some space, which contradicted constantly wanting to keep an eye on you and L constantly. There was definitely something going on and you had a feeling that you would soon find out what Persy's real plans were, yet you didn't feel like her intentions were bad. There was definitely an important piece to the puzzle missing. Something that would make everything else fall into place and make sense.

"Can you give me more details about the case?" L asked.

"There's not much to tell really. I'm looking for my mother, she's a human and I can guess that she looks like my human half but that's just about all I know. I never actually met her," Persy revealed.

"How old are you?" You realized where L was going with that question. Even if Persy looked young, she could be old, maybe older than a human lifetime.

"I don't keep track of that. I just make sure to extend my life often enough," Persy replied.

"That makes it more challenging if I don't know your birth date or an approximate date," L mused.

"You're the world's greatest detective, figure it out," Persy replied.

"I said it would be challenging, not that I couldn’t do it," L clarified.

xoxox xox xoxox

Naturally your parents were protective of you since they had already lost a daughter, but after much reassurance, you finally got them to believe that you would be alright and that this opportunity was too good to miss out on. A couple of days later, you were in Japan, supposedly as an exchange student, but in reality you would be working with the world's greatest detective and a half human half shinigami princess. Your life had certainly turned exciting.

The following morning Persy flew around as if pacing in mid air, while discussing the mission with you and L. She had insisted that only the three of you work on the case, so the investigation team was dissolved, at least for the moment being. Chief Yagami and the others returned to headquarters, trusting in L's words when he assured them that Kira would not make a move. True that Light wasn't happy about this and he didn't want to accept it, but he could no nothing more than wait, wait and plan his next move. He still kept hopes of picking up where he left off. It didn't look like that unusual shinigami girl was truly on L's side, but rather she wanted something from him. As soon as his mission was accomplished, Light expected things to go back to they way they were.

The princess stopped in mid air and cheered. "Let the investigation begin!" It looked like she had a plan all worked out in her head and she was happy to get it started.

"I've been doing some research," L started, but the shinigami didn't let him finish.

"That's great but the customer's always right so let's follow my lead instead," Persy insisted.

"What is your lead?" L asked. He had asked her to give him all the information she had to help the investigation, but she didn't mention anything about having a possible lead on the case.

"Disney World!" Both you and L stared at Persephone.

"Disney World?" You asked. "Do you really think your mother is there?"

"Maybe she is, or maybe it's a relative of hers, or maybe just a clue, but my instinct tells me to go to Disney World," Persephone explained.

"Maybe you just want to visit it. Is this truly related to the investigation?" L asked. He just couldn't figure out the connection between Persy and Disney World and was 85% sure that there was none.

"We'll have to go and find out. Taking the shinigami world shortcut is out of the question, but that's no problem since you have a private jet, right?" Persy smiled mischievously, she was plotting something.

"If you want to go, then I won't try to stop you, but I prefer to continue working on the case and finish it as soon as possible," L replied.

"Why? It's not like Kira can do anything right now," Persy whined, she really wanted to go to Disney World and it seemed that it was important to her that L went as well.

"He can come up with a plan and analyze every detail. We can't let him do that," L insisted. He then turned his attention away from the frustrated shinigami and to you. "Do you want to go with her?"

A trip to Disney World did sound rather pleasant, but you didn't want to 'abandon' L, plus even if Traizo was free within the shinigami world, he was trapped in that world, so he wasn't truly free. "I'll stay and help you."

Persephone shook her head. The atmosphere at the 'base' was not the best to put her true plans into action. She had to get the two of you to go to a more cheerful place. "We're going to Disney World and you're both coming."

"Why?" L asked. They had a small staring contest that ended with L realizing he wasn't going to get a straight answer from Persy. He was starting to wonder if she really was looking for her mother and if she even was truly half human. Maybe getting away with breaking the rules was simply because of her status as a princess. That was a mystery he was curious to solve. "Very well, let's go."

Page 13: Chasing A New Mistery

If L was going to solve this whole mystery, he had to figure out what Persy was trying to do. If he knew what her motivation, was then figuring out her actions would be a lot easier. What did she want? To distract him? To get him away from Japan? For what purpose? Was this about Kira after all? L needed to figure it out, though his instinct and experience told him Persy wasn't on Kira's side.

"I would like a moment to speak with Watari in private." When L said this, he glanced at you at the end as if asking you to keep Persy busy until he returned. "Persy, why don't you help (Name) pack?" To the outside world both of you had fake names, but in private there was no use in hiding your true identities, since Persy could see them anyway.

"Didn't I help her unpack when she arrived here at Japan? Fine I'll help as long as you're both going on the trip," Persy agreed.

After L had gone to speak to Watari, you and Persy returned to your room to pack. "Persy, why is it that you want to go to Disney World so much? It's not really part of the investigation is it? Do you just want to go for fun?"

"Why do you say such things? Don't tell me you don't want to go." Persy had expected a little resistance from L but not from you.

"I want to go, but this isn't the best time. We have a case to solve and Traizo is waiting. I just want to know why you want to go," you explained.

"Because..." Persy paused trying to come up with a logical sounding answer, for a second you could almost see pain reflected in her human looking eye. "Because I hear that humans work better if they are well rested. Lawliet hardly sleeps so this will be good for him and since you're not used to doing detective work in your everyday life, a little vacation before getting started will be good for you too."

"Then there really are no clues in Disney World." Just as you thought, maybe you wouldn't make such a bad detective after all.

"Don't worry about that, just try to help Lawliet relax and I'll take care of the rest," Persy assured.

"It's not that simple." You insisted.

"Go on this vacation and the case will be solved in two weeks. Fourteen days is all I ask for. If L can't solve it by then I'll have daddy let Traizo go somehow, I'll make a deal with him. Right now it's not that Traizo lacks the ability to leave, but rather he knows there's a death sentence waiting for him if he tries. I can make a deal with my father, then it'll be over faster even if L doesn't find mother." Persy spoke in an almost desperate tone.

Was Persy really that desperate to go on vacation? Something as simple as a vacation couldn't be her purpose. There had to be more to it. There had to be a reason why she was so desperate to take you and L on a vacation. It was odd that she changed her mind so quickly, contradicted herself sometimes and acted suspicious, yet didn't feel malicious. What in the world was going on?

"Why?" You asked.

"Just trust me. This will end in a good way for you, L and Traizo. In the end everyone will be happy."

"It's a deal, two weeks." You still couldn't figure her out. Persy helped you finish packing and both of you returned to the main room of the 'investigation base' where L was waiting.

"Ready to go?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm ready!" Life certainly was full of surprises. A little earlier you thought you would be solving a mystery and now it turns out you were going on vacation.

"I'll carry that for you. Let's go then, the taxi is waiting."

"Thanks," you followed L outside; he put your luggage in the trunk and opened the taxi door for you.

"Persy?" He looked towards the shinigami. "Will you come with us or do you prefer to fly?"

"I'm riding with you two on the taxi and the jet, but you go in first." L wondered why Persy insisted on that but he had a feeling that it wasn't anything too bad.

Still he was curious. "Ladies first."

"I want to be next to the window." The excuse worked excellently for Persy, since it was pretty logical.

L still thought there was more to it than that, but nothing really important so he got in and sat next to you. No use in catching anyone's attention in a limousine. L would be extra careful now that he had to make sure you were safe too.

"Can you give me some room here?" Persy asked. L scooted close to you and the shinigami princess sat down with her wings out pushing L against you and you against the door.

"Can you make your wings disappear? We'll fit better if you do." As L spoke you looked at the driver. You wondered why he hasn't said anything about L talking to someone he shouldn't be able to see. Maybe he assumed he was crazy and ignored him.

"Sorry, I don't feel like it. If you need more room we can always change the way we sit," What was up with Persy? It's not like she needed to use her wings if she was sitting in the taxi. Besides, you were pretty sure that even though being visible also meant appearing solid, she could still make it so her wings could pass through and no one else would notice. Although having a shinigami wing stabbed through him even if he couldn't actually feel it, would look uncomfortable for L and that might be enough to make it somehow feel uncomfortable, if one by a trick of the mind. "(Name) why don't you sit on L's lap so there's more room. L you'll have to sit normally to make this work."

"Can't you just go sit in front with Watari?" L asked. You should have guessed this couldn't be a regular taxi.

"I would like to see you too if that's alright," Watari added.

"Oh sure, I saved a page just in case," Persy agreed.

You had given your Death Note to L, though you still kept the ownership of it. He had said he put in a safe. You weren't sure where the safe was located but it didn't really matter as long as it wasn't stolen. You were pretty sure Persy knew, since she stayed with L who had the Death Note while you went home to arrange everything. Yet the princess followed the two of you instead of making sure her Death Note wasn't moved. It looked as if she cared more about her hidden purpose than even her one and only Death Note, without which she could not extend her life. Maybe she prepared herself for this by extending her life before. She did say she had been watching the Earth and appeared to know a lot of things, so she could have known you and Traizo were being taken to the shinigami world. Her rescue that time was not a coincidence.

Persy touched Watari's ear with the page and her reflection appeared visible to him in the taxi's rearview mirror. "Just as L said..."

"Scary?" Persy asked.

"Not really," Watari replied.

"I guess the great L's assistant and father figure wouldn't be easily frightened." The shinigami princess had certainly done her research while watching Earth before.

"Watari is your father?" Maybe L had been adopted by Watari or something similar since Persy did say 'father figure'. You didn't know much else about L except for that and his name.

"For how long have you been watching?" L asked.

"Long enough, I started a few years ago. You were already working by then, but you went to visit your home in the past. You also have other identities as a detective. I'm pretty well informed and that's why I know you're a good choice for this. You're very special." You had a feeling that Persy was making a reference to whatever secret plans she might have, rather then the case L was supposed to solve.

"You're in love with L!" You blurted out before you could stop yourself. Maybe being squished between L and the door was affecting you.

L's eyes widened and Watari slammed on the breaks. There was a red light ahead, which he almost missed it due to the surprise. The taxi was in complete silence. L sat there sandwiched between Persy's feathery left wing and you, his eyes open wide, completely speechless. The light changed to green and Watari continued driving quietly.

An uncomfortable silence had taken over the taxi until without warning Persy burst out laughing, which caused you and L to stare at her. It took the shinigami princess a moment to calm down and regain the ability to speak between laughs. "Are you jealous?"

"I'm not jealous!" You immediately denied it. You didn't like being made fun of, but somehow her laugher didn't sound mocking, it sounded happy, almost relieved.

"I'm not in love with L, I'm didn't come to Earth because I'm in love with a human. The only human I care for is my mother. I assure you, I'm not in love with Lawliet." Persy made that point clear and sounded truthful. "Although I do happen you think he's a nice guy. Wouldn't you agree?"

Now she was putting you in an awkward position. "Yes, I guess he's nice"

"He's also handsome, smart and talented, right?" Persy asked.

You decided that it was time to change the subject, L was sitting right there for crying out loud. If little miss shinigami princess wanted girl talk, she would have to wait. "Why are you asking me all of this?"

Persy was direct as ever. "Because I think you and L make a very cute couple." The blood rushed to your face at the comment. It didn't help that L was sitting very close to you.

"Please don't say that," L calmly requested, while staring at his feet, his empty shoes were on the floor as he sat in his peculiar way even in the taxi. "You're making (Name) feel uncomfortable, so please don't say things like that."

"Aw did I embarrass you?" Persy sounded amused. "You know what I think? I think you two like each other but are too shy no admit it."

You wondered if Persy was planning to spend he entire trip teasing you and L. You thought about what she hoped to accomplish with that or if she was just trying to lighten the mood and entertain herself. Meanwhile, L placed his thumb on his mouth which indicated that he was analyzing things.

Page 14: With a Frigthening View

"I have a theory," L announced. Both you and Persy looked at him expecting him to say what his theory was. "I still need to think about it but I'm 70% sure."

"Enlighten us oh great detective, where do you think mom is?" Persy incorrectly assumed that his theory was related to the original case she had asked him to solve.

"I don't know, but I think I know why you want us to go on vacation," L replied.

"You could have just asked if you wanted to know. It's because you need a break to be refreshed and ready for the case. You can also get to know (Name) so that it will be easier for you two to work together," Persy explained though L knew that wasn't the reason.

You decided that this was as good a time as any to inform L of your two week deal with the princess. "It sounds odd that you would want us to take time to get ready like this if we only have two weeks to finish the job." This new piece of information caught L's attention. "I made a deal with her. She said that the job would be over in two weeks even if the case wasn't solved. Even then she would fitful her part of the deal."

"Why would such terms be accepted?" L looked at Persy who appeared a bit uncomfortable with where the conversation was going. "Now I'm 97% sure about my theory."

Persy sighted. "Then confirm it, tell me what you think is going on?"

L paused, he looked at you then at Persy. "I'll tell you when I'm 100% sure."

Persy regained a little confidence. "You really are shy," what did she mean by that? What was going on?

Suddenly you felt like the only one who didn't know what was going on. Persy was the one plotting so she knew. It appeared that L had it all figured out and Watari's knowing look reflected in the car's mirror made you think that he knew as well. Yet the answer still eluded you, but you would find out soon.

After making it to the airport and taking off on a private jet, Persy once again tried to lighten the mood. "Let's play some party games!" She was holding an empty plastic Pepsi bottle. "This stuff is good! We don't have anything like this in the shinigami world. Anyway, I've seen humans play this game and it looks fun. It will be a mix between spin the bottle and truth or dare!"

L saw this as an opportunity to get a few truths out of Persy, if she picked true and if not, he would dare her to speak. "Alright, I'll play."

Since L accepted, you decided to play too. "I'm in."

"Alright!" The three of you sat in a circle and Persy spun the bottle. It stopped, pointing at L. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth." It's not like she didn't already have all the information she needed about L. Persy knew his name and she knew his life story from watching the Earth. There probably wasn't a significant truth she didn't already know.

"Aw, you're no fun! Okay truth, is it true that you think (Name) is cute?" Persy smiled mischievously. Was she playing matchmaker for some reason? But why? Was it all just for her own amusement?

L remained calm. If he was going to confirm his theory he had to observe Persy's reaction to his answer. "Yes," Persy looked happy. He was now 99% sure about his theory and he stayed truthful. His answer made you smile, even if he wasn't looking at you when he said it.

"Okay it's your turn L," Persy announced.

L spun the bottle. It looked like it would stop on Persy but instead pointed at the empty space in your incomplete circle. A few feet away past the empty space Watari sat, typing on a laptop. "Should I spin again?"

"Nah, Watari can play," Persy replied.

"I thought I was too old for those games," Watari said.

L shrugged. "Truth or dare, Watari?"

"Dare," Watari had a pretty good idea about what L's dare would be.

"I dare you to bring us lots of cheese cake," just as expected.

"Consider it done." After Watari returned with the cheese cake, it was his turn to spin. The bottle stopped on Persy. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare," Persy replied.

"I dare you to tell us what your real plan is." It looked like Watari had come up with the same idea as L concerning Persy's dare.

"The same thing I do every night, try to take over the world!" The three humans stared and blinked then you laughed. "Honestly Watari, if I intended to tell the truth I would have picked truth."

"It seems that didn't work," Watari commented.

"Nope but everyone will be happy in the end, so you don't need to worry about what my plan is. Okay, I answered the last dare so it's my turn again, here goes." She spun the bottle and it stopped on L. "Wow I must be really lucky. Too bad (Name), it seems the bottle doesn't like you today, but I wouldn't want you to feel left out," you weren't sure about the mischievous look in Persy's eyes. "L, truth or dare and don't be a coward."

"Is that your way of saying you want me to chose dare?" L asked.

Persy replied with another question. "Does that mean you are choosing dare?"

After a moment of thought, L decided that there was really not much that could possibly go wrong. "Dare."

"I dare you to kiss (Name)!" After Persy announced her dare, L became 100% sure that his theory was correct, but he wouldn't reveal it yet. His only problem was that he didn't know what to do about that dare, except stare at his feet and give occasional glances to Watari with a look that seemed to say 'help me'.

You switched from looking between Persy and L as your face became redder. What did she hope to accomplish with this? L looked like he was about to say something, but before he could produce any sounds, the jet started shaking violently.

"Everyone back to your seats, and put on your seatbelts!" Watari urged. "It looks like we hit some pretty bad turbulence." He rushed to the pilot's cabin to assist the pilot.

Out of all of you, it looked like Persy was the most frightened, or maybe that was annoyance she felt. It didn't make sense because she could fly. She could simply go through the jet and fly outside safely. "Persy what's going on?"

"He's here, he came for me," Persy spoke bitterly.

"L come over here," L rushed to the pilot's cabin, you didn't like the worried tone in Watari's voice.

"Who is here? Your father?" If the shinigami king came that would mean trouble.

Persy shook her head. "No, not my father. Forel, another shinigami. He must have figured out why I'm here and he's not happy about it. He's my fiancé but I don't love him. It was arranged by my father and I absolutely refuse to marry him."

"Is he out to kill us?" You asked.

"Maybe; I'll try to get him to leave. Your life span is there, Forel must have sabotaged the jet but not with his Death Note so you can still survive this." Persy flew and went through the jet's ceiling.

"Wait!" It was too late, Persy was gone. You certainly hoped Watari and L managed to stabilize the jet, but if the damage Forel caused was too serious that might not be possible. "L! Watari!" You rushed to the pilot's cabin, stumbling and holding on to whatever you could get your hands on for support, as he jet shook violently.

L and Watari were pointlessly trying to get the controls to respond. Another man was in a corner not moving. "The pilot? Is he..."

"He had a heart attack. We'll have to jump," L and Watari rushed to get the parachutes ready.

"Jump? But aren't we above the ocean? I can't swim; actually, no one can swim such a big distance until we reach land." For a moment you started to think that it was hopeless, that even if it wasn't written in a Death Note, you would still die. Your life flashed before your eyes in a spilt second before L brought you back to reality.

L placed his hands on your shoulder shaking you gently to get you out of your daze. "(Name) look at me, listen, we're going to make it out alive, understand?" You nodded. "Put on your parachute and don't worry. I'll stay close, I won't let you get hurt."

"We have to jump now!" Watari opened the door. The wind was overwhelming, but you knew that jumping was your only chance for survival.

"Go ahead Watari we're right behind you," L helped you put on the parachute. Watari nodded and jumped out of the jet. L took your hand and led you to the door. He quickly explained how to open the parachute, there was no time to lose.

Before you could jump, a shinigami flew through the opposite side of the jet and out the door with you. You screamed at the top of your lugs as the invisible shinigami held you by the parachute. "Keep quiet girl, you can't die yet, not until you've made yourself useful." He spoke, though at this point you couldn't hear him.

You accidentally activated the parachute in your panic and it opened, getting tangled up on the shinigami. He went through the parachute which was now too tangled to wok properly. You heard Persy calling your name, she was flying right below. You felt Forel grab the parachute again and start gaining altitude. You struggled until you managed to get the parachute off and Persy caught you.

"Are you okay?" L came floating down with his parachute.

"Just peachy," Persy replied.

"We are not peachy!" You had to disagree.

"Relax and hold on to this. I stole a page of his Death Note," Persy gave you the page and Forel appeared visible. This shinigami was different from the ones you had seen before. He appeared to be made of metallic bones with feathers and spikes covering his entire body.

"Persephone, why do you protect them? You'll die!" Forel yelled in a ghostly voice.

"Shut up, I'm not in love with them. You should know that all too well. My heart still belongs to the same one I've been in love with for years and it's not you. You can't change that, especially not by force." Persy yelled.

Page 15: From the Goal Don't Stray

As you flew with Persy, you looked down, regardless of how often you had heard people say you shouldn't look down from a high place. There was something in the ocean. A ship? Watari was landing on the ship at that moment.

Forel narrowed his red eyes. "You will do what is expected of you Persephone."

"I will do as I please. If you hurt Traizo, (Name), Lawliet, Watari and their friends in any way, I'll arrange my death and you will be blamed."

"Princess you can't be serious!" The twin shinigami from the trial were back, but even if they, and the other shinigami, appeared visible while in the shinigami world, now that they were on Earth they were invisible to you since you had not touched their Death Notes.

Persy appeared to be looking at something, yet there was nothing there, so your guess was that an invisible shinigami was there. "There's more?"

"Yes, but they're leaving now." Persy glared at them. "Let it be known that I will keep my word. If I take my life Forel is to be blamed."

"We can't take this risk," one of the twins spoke.

The other agreed. "Sir Forel, we most leave!"

"Alright Persephone, I'll go and I won't lay a finger on Traizo or the humans you want to protect. Don't do anything foolish. I really don't understand where you're going with this. I know what your true purpose is, but that won't change anything so it's useless." Forel returned to the shinigami world with the twins and once again everything was silent.

You could see the jet sinking into the ocean after making a huge splash. "You have some explaining to do."

"I know," Persy flew down to the ship where L had landed as well.

"Flying is useful." L really wished he could have done more, but there was nothing else that he could have possibly done given the situation. "I'm sorry."

"Why?" You had safely landed on the ship also.

"I said I would help you, but I couldn't do much," L looked disappointed, as if he thought he failed you.

"It's okay, there wasn't anything that could have been done. We're alright now." You said it more to reassure your self then anyone else. L, although disappointed, seemed somewhat calm. "Persy, are you going to tell us the full story this time?"

"Yeah, just give me a moment. I need a moment to myself, I'll be below deck." Persy went through the floor of the ship.

"Persy gave me this page, it's from Forel's Death Note," you gave the page to L..

"I'll keep this in a safe place. I'm going to talk to Persy now," L went below deck via the stairs.

You took a deep breath and looked at the place where the jet had fallen into the ocean not too far from there. The deck's floor was wet from the splash caused by the jet. You carefully made your way to the captain's area. The door was open, you just wondered if the crew of the ship knew about the shinigami. "Watari? you're driving?"

"Yes, the ship was set to move automatically following the jet before, but of course it wasn't empty. There are two others here whom L contacted regarding the Kira case and if for whatever reason he couldn't finish solving the case, either one of them would take over. Because of Persephone, everything changed. He needed extra help investigating because of the lack of clues and it had to be done fast, so as to not give Kira too much time to plan. The Kira case has not truly ended yet even if it was solved." Watari explained.

"Where are they? Below deck?" You asked curious about those others who L trusted.

"Yes, L's wishes were that they were not seen by the shinigami. They will stay hidden, don't tell Persy about them," Watari said.

"Got it, no problem, I won't even mention anything. What a day..." To be in a plane crash and survive, it was something you never thought you would experience. "Whatever this mystery is, I think L has it figured out, about Persy's plans I mean."

"Yes and you must have also noticed you're a key part of it," Watari agreed.

"That's true, even if I'm not completely sure about what my role is. I should go talk to Persy too."

Watari nodded. "Maybe that would be best. I'm sure L would agree that, since you are so involved in this, you have a right to know. He has never failed to solve a case..."

"I know, I can count on him, right? Thanks, I'll go then." After heading below the deck of the small ship, as you approached the room where Persy and L were talking, you heard their conversation. You stopped in front of the door wondering if you should go in or just listen.

"You're in love with Traizo," you heard L say. Is that what this was about? "If you kill (Name) you wouldn't be able to keep it secret from him. You're afraid he will find out and hate you for it. To solve this, you're trying to get her to like someone else. Then Traizo would have no choice but to accept that he can't be with her. You intend to make him change his mind about wanting to come to Earth and somehow change his sentence to be exiled so that you both can stay in the shinigami world." The three of you had talked about the trial before so L was informed about the events that happened while you were in the shinigami world and how you met Persy.

"I said that everyone would be happy in the end," Persy reminded. You stayed quietly listening at the door. "Traizo will be happy if (Name) is happy. He would be heartbroken at first, but if she's happy with you, I know that after a while he'll be happy for her. I'll do my best to make him feel better until he gives me a chance and realizes that she is better off with another human. It works well for everyone, you and (Name) will be together and Traizo and me will be together too, everyone's happy."

"There was no case to solve? You just wanted to play matchmaker? Are you even half human?" L asked.

"Yes, I am and there was a case to be solved. I really do want to know more about my mother, but over the years of watching the Earth and not being able to find her, I lost hope. I have no real clues and there are too many people in this world. Now you know, all you have to do is win her heart," Persy would not give up simply because her plan had been discovered.

"It doesn't work that way. I can't just make her like me. It's wrong to play with people's emotions like that and besides..." There was a certain sadness to L's words.

"I know and I'm not asking you to do that. I really do think the two of you would be good together. Just give her a chance and you might get to like her. If you don't like her, that's fine, I'll find another guy. I'm sure I can find her prince charming if I just keep searching. I want her to be truly happy, because it's the only way that Traizo can be happy." Tears started flowing from Persy's human eye. She was really hurting; all of this must have been heartbreaking for her. A forced engagement, her beloved being in love with someone else and on top of that, family problems. "Why won't you try? She's a nice girl and if you just get to know her, you'll like her."

"You didn't let me finish. What makes you think I stand a chance?" L's words surprised both you and Persy. "What makes you think that she will like me? Relationships don't work out for me. They just don't work."

Persy was surprised. "You need to give your self some credit. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in love with Traizo, but I think you're great and I'm sure she thinks so too."

L shook his head. "We're going back, Forel wants to use her to force Traizo to save her and die by doing so. Even after those threats you made to protect us, she'll have to come along. It's too dangerous to let her go back home and this is not a situation to be taking vacations."

"Alright I understand, it's dangerous," Persy didn't argue any further. "I really didn't think he would go this far. Forel never breaks the rules; father must have given him special permission to come to Earth. However, I do believe that this will all have a happy ending somehow. My hope is all I have and I intend to hold on to it. When this is over, let's all go on vacation together."

End of Note III

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