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Part 8

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To Save Your Life: Note VIII

Page 36: We Can Take a Break

Occasionally, reports of unusual occurrences would appear in the news, but not the famous ones, at least not yet. Only small news stations and newspapers showed that kind of stories, ghosts, zombies, that sort of thing, and they quickly faded into being disregarded as nothing but urban legends, but many were actually coming true.

Things were going according to plan in the Shinigami World. Some of the Shinigami that had joined Forel switched sides again when they realized that they were not winning as easily as they thought. King Hades had given them an opportunity to redeem themselves by fighting against Forel and what was left of his army. Things were going so well thanks to L's strategies that the base at Japan had become quiet one day.

Persy, Traizo and the other Shinigami were still busy in their world and, as if everyone had conspired to leave you and L alone given that L was handling his condition so well, Mello had ran off somewhere with Near and Watari.

Currently, L was doing some research, noticing your presence standing behind him; he answered your unspoken question. "After this war is over, Light will most likely strike again. He must be frustrated by the delays, but I'm sure he hasn't been wasting all this time. He must be looking for ways to use our world's new condition to his advantage."

"The magic?" You asked.

"It can be called that, but it's actually energy. Now that the queen has been put to rest and is no longer absorbing it, we can manipulate that energy. But because we haven't done it in so many years, and many people doubt it could be done, the process of adaptation will not be easy or fast.

"Then it's possible for us to use energy to cast spells?" You inquired.

"Yes, with some practice. Of course there are limits, for example I don't think it's possible to materialize a cheesecake out of nowhere."

You laughed. "That's too bad. I'm sure you would have liked that spell. There must be some cheesecake around here though, I'll see if I can find some for you."

"Thanks," L smiled. The entire vampire look worked for him somehow, though it wasn't something the queen did on purpose.

xoxox xox xoxox

When you got to the kitchen, an open book on the counter got your attention. On the book, there was a note with your name on it. "Dear (Name)," you read. "This is a very good cheesecake recipe and it's easy to make. All the ingredients and utensils can be found in this kitchen. Don't forget that foods, especially sweets, are the way to a man's heart. I'm sure L will love the cheesecake. Good Luck!" The note was signed by Mello, Near and Watari, though the handwriting belonged to Mello, save for the messages at the end. "PS: Near here, this was all Mello's idea. PS2: This is Watari, I thought you and L could use a break so I agreed with Mello's plan."

You folded the note and put it in your pocket. No need for L to read that. The picture of a delicious slice of cheese cake on the book motivated you to make it, almost as much as the note did, but you knew those homemade recipes never turn out exactly like in the books. Besides, you had a hungry vampire detective to feed and you were sure he didn't want to wait for the cheesecake to be prepared. But sadly, the refrigerator held no cheesecake. They had planned this well.

You heard footsteps approaching and knew right away it was L. "Did we run out of cheesecake?" He must have been wondering what took you so long.

You had raided the kitchen in hopes of finding some cheesecake hidden somewhere, but there was none. You did however, find a box full of chocolate bars, probably Mello's, and were currently eating one. "I couldn't find any cheesecake but I found some chocolate."

L accepted the chocolate you gave him and started eating it while looking at the open cooking book on the counter. "Have you ever made cheesecake?"

"I have a feeling I'm about to." The idea sounded good, you and L making cheesecake together.

"If we have the ingredients." L pointed out.

"I'm pretty sure we do." For the next few minutes, L read the ingredient list while you searched for them in the kitchen. Pretty soon all the necessary ingredients and cooking utensils occupied the space on the counter next to the book.

The two of you followed the recipe and talked while mixing the different ingredients together. It was a peaceful and enjoyable time that you would treasure. After a short time, your master piece was in the oven with L staring at it hungrily.

"It's not done yet." You reminded and L looked at you with that adorable expression, his thumb on his mouth and pleading eyes. "I can't make it go any faster. The cheesecake will be done when the over goes 'ding'." You decided it was best to entertain L before he got the half baked cheesecake out of the oven and tried to eat it. "Let's go wait in the living room, I'm sure we'll still hear the oven."

L nodded and followed you. He sat on the couch in his special way and focused on his laptop.

For a moment you sat next to L quietly, assuming he was doing research. Then you became curious and peeked at the screen. "Free Cell?" It wasn't just Free Cell, but Free Cell at it's highest level of difficulty and L was making it look like it was nothing.

"It's a fun game." That was L, just when you thought you could read him like a book, he did something unexpected. "Have you played Columns?" L switched to another game in which the screen was divided in two. "It's similar to Tetris but it has jewels instead of blocks. All you have to do is match three or more jewels of the same kind and they disappear. If you cause a chain reaction your score, and my screen, go up. The first one to have their screen filled up loses."

This one looked like a two player game. "Is that a challenge?"

"Does that mean you accept?" L pushed the laptop a little to the left on the coffee table so that it was between the two of you.

"Sure, I'm up for a game." Of course challenging L to a puzzle game might not be the wisest thing to do, but you couldn't refuse and even if he won, it would still be somehow fun. Besides, you got to sit very close to L to reach your keys, since both of you shared the keyboard.

As expected, L was really good at the game. So far the score was three to zero wins in favor of L. In the following game, you realized he slowed down and took the opportunity; that one ended as a draw. The game was restarted again and L was slowing down even more. That last time you beat him easily.

"You don't have to let me win." You looked at L. You had been focused on the screen and didn't notice how pale he looked. "L!"

L got up from the couch and walked a few uneasy steps. He seemed to be losing his balance, but you caught him before he fell and helped him sit down again, this time in a 'normal' way.

"L what's wrong?"

L didn't reply, he just held on to you, eyes closed, breathing deeply. Then you felt his lips on your neck. You felt him slowly open his mouth and lick a little; then he seemed to wake up from a trance and shoved you to the side, making you fall into a sitting position on the couch beside him.

That was weird, to say the least. "L..."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry (Name) I almost..." You noticed his fangs again, you had seen them before, but now you noticed them more. There was an unnatural glow in L's eyes.

"Blood..." You spoke softly. Is that what it was about?

"There is a medicine I've been taking for this." L held his head, his eyes were closed and his expression was pained. "I left it in my room, please bring it to me and some water."

"I'll be right back," without waiting for a reply, you rushed to get the medicine. You found a small glass jar on the nightstand with crystalline pills that contained a red liquid. That had to be it. You hurried to the kitchen and got a glass of water than returned to L.

L seemed to calm down after taking the medicine that was supposed to help him control certain aspects of being a vampire, but he still looked quite pale. "I'm sorry..."

"You didn't do anything wrong." You replied gently.

"I have to find a cure, if I don't... I'll die," L confessed.

"I won't let you die. Even if I have to give you my blood, I won't let you die," you offered.

"(Name) I can't, I don't want you to get hurt."

"It will all work out." Though you said that, you were genuinely worried about L. You hugged him and he retuned the gesture.

L tried not to feel tempted to bite you. It was hard, but somehow he managed to avoid it even holding you so close. Your eyes were closed as he gently stroked your hair and you wished to stay this way forever.

"Ding!" Stupid oven! Bad timing! The two of you slowly parted as you mentally cursed the oven. Couldn't it have waited a little longer? You sighed, that cheesecake better be good.

L eagerly led you to the kitchen. You had to stop him from pulling the tray out of the oven with his bare hands and getting burnt. The cheesecake didn't look anything like the cakes Watari bought, very much less like the cake on the picture of the cooking book. What a rip off, in more ways than one. Though you had to admit, it tasted really good despite its looks and you and L enjoyed it.

Page 37: We'll Find A Way to Victory

Reader's Point of View

Life feels like such a rip off right now. I felt as if I hardly did anything and suddenly the case was over. Okay, so maybe there wasn't all that much for me to do, but still. L's genius strategies led the shinigami royals to victory. Forel was defeated and imprisoned; the war ended and Light was out there causing trouble. That wouldn't really last too long.

As thanks for all the help, Hades captured Light as well, his power was taken away and he was imprisoned. He was sentenced to death, but before that happened, Misa went to save him, as expected. Hades, king of the shinigami, took away her shinigami powers and made Misa revert back to her human state.

As a result of this, the one year she had to live was also undone and she once again had about thirty more years to live, not too long but better than one year. Everyone thought that wasn't possible but it turns out it was. The king didn't' care about the 'stupid human' as he called her, so of course he wasn't affected by her complaints about Light.

After going through so much, everything else happened very fast. No one seemed too upset about the curse anymore, not even L. Actually not even Mello and he is usually more upset over things than anyone else from our group.

Now a new era has begun in my life as I received a permanent job with L. I fetch his cheesecake, give my opinion about the clues, share theories if I have them and at his request, try to find flaws on his theories even if they're always perfect. I do a lot of research and look for details that the police or clients might have missed, that happens a lot since most people are not used to taking supernatural conditions into consideration in serious police investigations.

Supernatural events are occurring more and more often. I've heard about how superstitious people were in the past and now I know it was all actually true, but even so many more things than what I imagined are happening, slowly at first then suddenly and abundantly. Ghosts, spells, witches, wizards, vampires, zombies, werewolves, you name it, it's happening.

Our latest case brings us back to the Yagami residence where they claim the ghost of Light has been seen. Sayu and Mrs. Yagami were in a terrible accident, according to Mr. Yagami, it was meant to be for him, but it was Sayu and her mother who were in the car that day, innocently heading out to buy groceries, while Mr. Yagami took the subway to work. They live in the United States now, were no one knows who they are, it is for their own safety.

"This is so unfair," it truly is. Sayu didn't ask to be Light's little sister and the Yagamis didn't ask for such a traitorous son. Who knows why he turned out that way and why his sister turned out to be so different.

"Are we really going to see Light here?" Amane Misa, she spent some time in jail and was later recruited to help. This isn't really an optional job for her, either she assists in the cases or goes to jail and kisses her fame goodbye. Everything was kept quiet, her artistic reputation was saved and her name was cleared, that was only done so that same fame could be used to get us into places where they would happily allow a singer and actress, but not the police. Places were they have something to hide, haunted places where the ghosts don't appear for people who are looking for them; it's a risky job, but better than sitting in a cell.

"Possibly..." I know L is in deep thought. Misa was brought along in this case as bait, hoping to lure Light out if L's presence didn't. We don't know for sure if this is Light's ghost or a random angry spirit. It could be someone who found the Yagamis and wants revenge because of their connection to Kira, we don't know that yet.

"I want to see him..." We all know that Misa, we all know. She's still in love with him, despite all he did. Just because he used to kill criminals, just because she thought he would be her hero who protects her, she refused to realize she was being used.

"Stupid..." Persy spends most of her time on Earth with us. Her father doesn't mind anymore. She'll return home after our human lives end, to him it's not such a long time. Persy gets upset when human lives are mentioned because she is reminded that her human friends will not live as long as she will. To her, our lives are as fast as the blink of an eye. "Don't you know he was using you?"

"I know that!" Misa yells, she pauses and speaks normally afterwards. "I know..."

"Then why?" Persy insists.

"Does it matter? The point is I was in love and wanted him for myself. It's that simple." Misa gave her all for Light, more than he deserved.

"I don't get it." Persy shook her head and took a seat on the couch next to Traizo, he was next to me and on my other side was L. Misa was sitting across from us with some empty space between her and Mello who was busily typing into a laptop as was L. Near was sitting on the floor building a model of the house with his blocks and tearing it apart, then building it again.

"Everything is set." Watari enters the room and places a small machine on the coffee table. A detector for ghosts and such creatures, to make sure none tried to sneak up on him while he set up some special cameras. We carry a lot more specialized equipment now.

"I guess I'm up." Misa stands up and starts walking towards the garage. The neighbors claimed to have seen a ghostly figure fade into it and the Yagamis have been having nightmares about Light. The neighbors know nothing about the Yagami family's past, now here as the Kamiya family, their last names remained Japanese so as to not sound out of place, since they are obviously Japanese, but it were changed for their protection.

We don't know if this ghost is Light or not, but we'll try to lure it out by having Misa cast a spell. Of course L makes sure she doesn't learn any advanced spells and only gives her access to spells that any of us can easily disable. He doesn't really trust her yet, I doubt he ever will.

We can clearly see Misa in the computers from images recorded by the cameras in the garage. Detection devises are there as well. A pale red aura appears around Misa as she chants, this would be invisible to most eyes, but we can see it with the equipment and get a visual of how much energy she is focusing and releasing.

Everything is quiet as we watch. The room starts to get cold, the lights flicker and strange noises are heard. Steps, scratches and suddenly a scream, I jumped but managed to stay seated. Persy however was spooked. "What?" She asks as we give her surprised looks, she is a shinigami, the princess; she has the least to fear if anything at all. "I've been watching too many human horror movies, that's all." She scoots closer to Traizo. Near has left his blocks and is watching along with all of us.

Misa had her eyes closed most of the time while focusing. As if feeling watched, her eyes snap open as a blurry white figure appears on the camera. Then she stops her chanting, frozen in shock and fear. "Misa don't stop." The tiny microphone Misa has on her ear should be able to deliver L's message clearly. This girl doesn't fear death; she once experienced being a shinigami and throwing her life away to do so. Then why is she suddenly paralyzed in fear with tears streaming down her face?

L reacts quickly and run to the garage, I chase after him chanting the spell Watari had explained. L is still a vampire. Until he is cured, he cannot use certain spells, spells that are meant to protect humans, spells that can drive away powerful ghosts and vampires alike. He certainly has the intellect to cast a very powerful spells but he can't or it might affect him too in his current state. He has to keep it low level, that's where I come in to back him up.

Misa's very soul is halfway out of her body by the time I manage to drive the spirit away from her. She's shaking and crying, unable to explain what happened. The shinigami cannot interfere too much they can't cast spells or weaken the supernatural beings, maybe because they are similar in a way. However, after the beings are weakened, only shinigami can put them to rest. Besides, Persy and Traizo keep us company and provide clues when ever they find them.

In case the ghost was not hiding in the house when we arrived and was planning to return later, we didn't seal the house. Now that we know it's here, it's time to trap it inside the house. Ghosts have a way of hiding themselves that not even the equipment can track until they show their presence. I'm sure that at this moment, Mello, Near and Watari are putting an energy field around the house so that nothing ghostly can cross it, in or out.

"What happened?" There's no answer to L from Misa, all she does is ramble incoherently.

"L, did the ghost do this to her?" Never have I seen Misa is such a state, and I've saw her very upset when Light's sentence was carried out.

"No, if the ghost had such a power we would have known. Misa allowed it to happen, the ghost wasn't powerful enough, the cause is with her." I'm not sure what L means and for once it looks like he isn't completely certain of what he's talking about either. If we can get Misa to calm down and tell us what happened, then maybe we can understand her connection with this ghost, that didn't really look like Light after all.

After a while Misa finally calmed down. Mello and Near took care of weakening the ghost and Traizo did his job. With wondering spirits popping up everywhere, shinigami are to put them to rest when ever they see them, though many times the ghosts hold on to this world so strongly that it cannot be done.

It is the human's duty and power to prepare the human souls to leave this world, if a wandering spirit wishes to remain that way, a shinigami has to let it be, they can take lives, not souls. But if we weaken them to a point where the ghost seeks rest, then the shinigami can act. Lost souls that are willing to leave are easier to deal with, but those are usually taken care of by other shinigami. The king is making it so that they stop being so lazy.

Page 38: Bringing Peace and Changing History

Reader's Point of View

The house is safe now, the ghost wasn't Light, just a ghost attracted to this house by the despair of a young lady, Sayu, she has been stressed adapting to life in a far away land. Ghosts have strange motivations, and sometimes those motivations can give clues about their lives. That ghost must have been some kind of criminal with most his victims being young women. I suddenly start to connect the pieces in my head and come up with a theory. L must be rubbing off on me after all.

"Misa..." She's curled up into a ball of self pity in Sayu's room. The Yagamis, now Kamiyas won't be returning until tomorrow and we will stay the night in the house just to make sure everything goes well.

Lately, L has been taking more ghost and supernatural related cases then regular police cases. Maybe because these, although not taken too seriously by some despite the Kira experience, can only be solved by those who understand and are willing to look beyond what used to be the realm of possibilities and into what it has become.

"It was him." Misa peeks out from under the covers. Persy, Misa and I are sharing this room tonight, since the house isn't too big.

To prevent Traizo from turning L into an undead creature, since death may not have the same effect while he is a vampire, unless Traizo kills him twice, we came up with a happy medium plan on what do to if there are not enough rooms in whatever haunted place we're staying at. Either we're all together, or guys and girls in separate rooms.

"If it wasn't Light, who was it then?" Persy asked, Shinigami have trouble identifying ghosts. When we realized the ghost that attacked Misa wasn't Light, we were surprised that she apparently knew him, now I think I know why, I just need to hear the final confirmation.

"It was the man that attacked me, he would have killed me and who knows what else, if he hadn't suddenly had a heart attack. A shinigami died to save me from that man and I saw his ghost. I was scared; I felt the same fear as that time. I was willing to give my life for Light, and I still am if that will bring him back, then why was I scared? He wasn't that strong a ghost, he was feeding on my fear and I knew that, but I couldn't stop." Even if she is a famous singer and actress now, Misa's past wasn't easy. "Why did that ghost appear? Shouldn't it be gone?"

"Sometimes it doesn't work; it's hard to explain even for a shinigami. Humans souls are quite strong, even after their bodies die." Persy and Misa, they can shift from arguing to getting along in seconds. "He simply couldn't accept death, he didn't pass on, he just floated about and his spirit was finally able to manifest itself as a ghost."

To think that this was how things were meant to be and that draining the energy from the Shinigami World to keep the queen alive was what kept the worlds from connecting as they are now; taking the path they were meant to take.

"Is he truly gone? Can you tell if he's gone this time?" Misa sits up and dries her eyes. This really scared her; it must have been a very traumatic experience. What started her Kira obsession perhaps, was connecting that close call to Kira. Although it was a shinigami who saved her, she must have imagined Kira could be doing something similar for other people.

"Yeah, when a human life ends we don't know if that human will cling to this world or not, until we see it happen or not happen. If it happens there's not much to be done until it accepts to leave or humans weaken it enough so that it wants to leave. But when a ghost is finally put to rest, shinigamis know if it worked. I'm sure Traizo took care of everything, he would have told us otherwise if not. Ghosts like that one, those who cling to this world for too long and those who have lived unusual lives, they don't really pass on, they become nothingness. He faded into nothing, as if he never existed," Persy explained.

Light was meant to have that fate, but he was only killed once, by human means, if he returns as a ghost he would have to be put to rest again, killed again in a sense, dissolved into nothingness.

Misa slowly nods. "I wish he had never existed, I could never get that face out of my memories." She took a deep breath and tried to keep her cool. "Let's talk about something else that's not so depressing. I could tell you about Light and-"

"The way his hair was so soft and his eyes shone likes stars?" Persy finished Misa's eternal speech, which we all had memorized by now. "You're what humans call a broken record Misa, a looping mp3 as it were in this era."

Misa pouts and glares at Persy. "At least I'm not in love with someone who is in love with another girl." Don't go there Misa, this is really no time to be disregarding death.

"You don't see me bending backwards for a man, I have my pride, value and self-esteem; you're pathetic, you were dumped!" Persy yelled back.

It was obvious Misa was referring to Traizo who still has a crush on me. Just yesterday those two were giggling and having girly-girl talk and now they look like they want to kill each other, which Persy can easily do. She isn't carrying her Death Note, which is technically mine, it's still locked up back in Japan, but the princess could just fly into the air and drop Misa from high up, just as easily causing her death, she almost did that once.

"At least I try! I didn't give up no matter what, because my love is true!" Obsession Misa, I believe the word you're looking for is obsession.

I'm not sure how, or when or why, but at some point the noisy arguments turned into giggles and a plan of lets get Traizo to notice Persy began. Well that's all fine and dandy, but sometimes I think those two are really sane.

xoxox xox xoxox

The night went by without anything out of the ordinary, unless you count an improvised slumber party with a shinigami as one of the guests and only three total attendees as being out of the ordinary, but in my life it truly isn't. The Kamiya family, formerly known as Yagami, returned to their home and life went on. The rest of us moved on to our vacation.

xoxox xox xoxox

For once, we had an airplane ride that went by smoothly. "It's just like I said!" Persy cheered as the private jet landed. "All us coming here together one day, it was delayed, not cancelled, our vacation!" I do remember when Persy said that, even if it feels so far away.

This will be a good vacation, all of us in Disney World, the shinigami are invisible to most people, at least until Persy's crazy plan comes into effect, we discussed that some time ago. It's nothing that would cause a panic or anything like that, we're here on vacation not to cause trouble.

Things are going smoothly so far, let's hope it continued this way. Traizo has only threatened to kill L four times today, that's a lot less than usual so things are going very well. The entire group is here and Chibi has joined us. L, Mello, Near, Watari, Persy, Traizo, Chibi and me.

Luckily we don't have to put up with huge lines, having the right connections pays off. We're sent to the hotel fairly quickly and the vacation officially begins, but we have two things to do first, get ready to put Persy's plan into effect, which should be too hard, and the more challenging task, to get L out of his room because he's such a big workaholic.

"We should just leave him there and go have fun," as expected, Traizo would be more than happy to leave L behind.

"You know we can't do that," I try to reason with Traizo, even if I know it's a lost cause, at least for now.

"But Watari is staying!" That doesn't really work as an excuse Traizo.

"Watari is old, resting is his idea of fun, but L is still young, he just needs t be reminded of that," Persy applies her own special logic.

"Misa can keep him company." I know very well what Traizo means by that, he would be happy to get L out of the way.

But in her own peculiar way, Misa always reassures me. "Ew!"

I can't help it but to laugh. "What's wrong with L?"

"A lot," Traizo replies before Misa can.

Even so, Misa adds her own little reply as well. "He's not Light."

"That's a compliment," I really think it is.

"Agreed!" I thought Persy would agree with me. She isn't too fond of Light either.

"Well I just don't like L." Misa crosses her arms impatiently and pouts.

"Fine, fine, maybe you'll meet someone here..." Persy knows Misa doesn't like being teased about liking another man.

"Never!" Misa loudly declares, loud enough the maid to drop the towels she was carrying as she walked by. To each their own I guess.

Page 39: In a World Full of Mystery

It's truly unbelievable how realistic Persy's human disguise is. We were having fun, Persy was amused blending in, and then there was that emergency call. Why do our vacations always get interrupted? So here we are, in a creepy castle instead of somewhere near Cinderella's castle.

Persy is trying her best to be adorable and Misa seems happy playing makeover, she really needs a distraction. Watari Mello and Near are exchanging theories, well mostly Mello and Near are exchanging theories and Watari is keeping the peace between them.

Traizo is determined to find the ghost that haunts this place before L does, which is quite convenient because that leaves me alone with L and it's about time I had a little talk with him, which is possible after sending Chibi to play with Mello, Near and Watari.

"What do you think (Name)?" L notions to something on the computer screen, something about the history of this place. "Based on this, I would say the ghost is not truly violent but people are frightened simply because it is a ghost." He has that thoughtful expression and his thumb on his mouth; he always does that when he's absorbed by a case.

I pout and sit next to him in a normal way, while he sits in his usual one, or should I say unusual. "I'm sure your theory is correct," whatever it might be, I'm not really paying attention.

"This is important." L mutters, what's that supposed to mean? "I was talking to Watari before," about the case no doubt, "not about the case," what? "I mean about you."

"Am I in the way?" Excuse me for not matching your genius, but I do know I make a pretty good detective and I'm not the only one who says it.

"Watari said that it was good that I'm dedicated to my work, but that I won't be happy unless I think more about what I want too." What's he getting at? "Because of this job I've never really had time for other things. But you're here, you've made yourself a part of my life and you're patient. Thank you."

I blink and stare at L. I'm glad my companionship is meaningful to him, but I can't help it but to wish for something more. "You're welcome," I push out the words wondering if I should be happy or disappointed or an ironic blend of both.

I lean back on my seat and rest my head and back, this couch is pretty soft. I see L smile and nod from the corner of my eyes, then return to his typing. I close my eyes and try to relax, even if my mind screams to smack L over the head and tell him I love him. I'm sure he has feelings for me; I know he does.

I feel him shift, and slowly come closer. My eyes are still closed and remain closed until I hear a soft warm whisper in my ear. "Be my girlfriend."

I open my eyes suddenly and look at L who is leaning closer than I thought. When I turn my head, he is a mere few inches away, with eyes that request an answer, even if he should already know. "Yes," I breathe, and no sooner had the syllable left my lips when L closes the distance between us in a kiss.

We completely missed the process of the ghost being put to rest, and Chibi cheering when it happened. We missed Traizo jumping in to save Persy because for a moment, her disguise was so good he forgot she was a shinigami and in no real danger what so ever. We missed Mello teasing Traizo about secretly starting to like Persy, which he denied with tell-tale embarrassment.

All of those things we did not witness, but were told about later. Our help was not needed anyway; this case was not as serious as they made it sound.

xoxox xox xoxox

I guess it was only a matter of time before Traizo realized that Persy's position is similar to his, liking someone who likes someone else. I appreciate Traizo and infinitely love him as a friend, but when it comes to couple love I'm in love with L, I wonder if Traizo has seen that, I wonder if he's allowing L to be with me for the sake of my happiness. I don't want to hurt him, I hope he takes it as well as possible.

Behind closed doors there was much cuddling, and kisses and the next day Misa and Persy would ask about it, while L received a similar interrogation from a curious Mello and Near. One thing is for sure; we certainly let out all the tension and bottled up emotions.

The cases continue, and we travel all over the world. The adventure goes on, but a it's little different this time, because L and I are truly together now.

The End

Disclaimer, I don't own Death Note, Free Cell, Columns, Tetris or Disney World.
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