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The Keyblade is said to have saved the world.... ...and destroy it.

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By Pata Hikari

The cold blackness of space suddenly was filled with light. As a world, a small peaceful one that was truely minor in the grand scheme of the universe, was consumed by the all prevailing light. The light faded... and space was black once more.


Disney Castle was in a panic. The animal like citzens were scrambling about, rushing to prepare themselves for the assault that was sure to come. Because they had invited it.

"Riku...." King Mickey said, glancing at his friend, "I think that's enough."

Riku paused, glancing at the massive sphere of darkness that he had formed, "You sure?"

"If this won't attract him..." Mickey said quietly, "Nothing will."

As if on queue, a beam of light penetrated the sphere of blackness, transforming it all into light. Mickey and Riku covered their eyes, moving away their arms as the white faded. Standing before them was a boy they once called their friend.

"Sora." Riku said calmly.

"Riku." Sora nodded, his voice emotionless. "Still of the darkness, I see." His eyes... Riku noticed, they were no longer the calm blue of the seas. Now they were a pale gray... with a while glow comming out of his pupils, not a trace of blackness.

"And I see that you've taken the light to a new extreme." Riku replied, somehow managing to keep his voice even.

"I knew," Sora said, ignoring Riku's comment, "The moment I senced the darkness on this world... that it had to be you." He smiled as if in rememberance, "Only you would be so bold as to use the darkness to attract me here! As some kind of bait!" Sora laughed a mirthless laugh.

"Actually, Sora," Mickey spoke up, "It was my idea." He walked towards Sora, the Mouse King as fearless as a lion, "Because we neded to get you here, on a world where we're prepared for you... to stop you."

"Stop... me!?" Sora's face turned to anger, "I am the Keyblade Master! I save the worlds!"

"You also destroy them!" Riku shouted.

"They had darkness in them!" Sora growled, "Darkness... how can you be so casual about it, Riku. The darkness took them, Donald... Goofy... Kairi...."

"Xehenort took them, not the darkness." Mickey answered, "Light... darkness... they are neutral. It all comes down to how you use them."

"Lies...lies given by the darknesss!" Sora sobbed, tears streaming down his face, "I would have thought that you, of all people, King Mickey, would not fall victim to them." His eyes hardened, as emotion faded. "But I can see you have been taken... by the very darkness you once claimed to hate." With that, Sora summoned his Keyblade. It had once been called Oathkeeper... but now it was something else. All color had faded from it, leaving nothing but blinding white.

Mickey responded by calling forth his own Keyblade, it's golden gleam enhanced by the whiteness of Soras. While Riku drew the Soul Eater. The three stood silently for a moment.

Without a sound, Sora began the offence. He vanished in a burst of light, repappearing in front of Riku. Riku blocked the strike with Soul Eater, the two weapons grinding against eachother. Mickey leapt at Sora, slamming down his Keyblade. But Sora teleported away before a blow could be struck. He reappeared standing on the wall. Sora then shot down like a comet, glowing with a golden force. Mickey and Riku leapt at their former friend their weapons clashing against his.

"Give up..." Sora whisppered, "I will purge this place of darkness... can't you see how wonderful that will be?"

Neither Mickey nor Riku replied, "Now!" Mickey shouted.

Intantly hundreds of peopled appeared, the magic concealing them vanishing. All at once they fired magic of all kinds. The spells numbered in the thousands. Firaga, Bio, Flare, Meteo, even Holy. All struck Sora. The sheer ammount of magic cast would make this area of the world uninhabitable for years.

Yet it was not enough to kill the Keyblade Master.

Sora floated about the crater. His body shattered and gone. He took a shuddering breath, no blood came out of his wounds. The sheer power of the attack had seared them shut. "Hahahahahah" Sora laughed, "Don't you see? Light is eternal!" White strands began forming around him, rebuilding his body.

Then Mickey struck, driving his Keyblade straight through Sora. The boy gasped as he felt his heart shut, blocking him off from the light.

"However, Sora, you are not." Riku answered.

"You... you..." He held up what was once Oathkeeper with his one remaining hand, "I'll... I'll take you down... Riku. I swear it..." But before he could even move, the Keyblade fell apart, turning to dust. "No..." Sora whispered. As his body fell, slamming against the ground.

"I'm afraid... this is one promise you won't be keeping, my friend." Riku said, a tear running down his cheek.

The End
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