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Chapter Eight - When Patrick's Not Home..

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Brendon was waiting in the living room, I could hear the tv faintly.

“Are you sure you'll be okay?” Patrick asked for the tenth time in the past two minutes. I roll my eyes at him.

“You can trust Brendon.” I say and give him a sad smile. My voice is almost back to normal and with the medication it's fine. I'll miss Patrick, he's going to be gone for a week, maybe two.

“I know. But are you going to be okay?” He asked, he lightly helps me take off my pajama tee and then helps me put a different tee on.

“I'll be fine.” I say and his eyes sparkle as they meet mine.

“If you say so. I'll check up on you when I can.” He says, then leans in and kisses my lips softly. He pulls away before I get a chance to wrap my arms around him and then lightly tugs off my pajama shorts. I let him and then he hands me clean underwear and politely turns around for me to change mine. I pull them on then tap his back and he turns back around.

“Thank you for helping me.” I smile sweetly, he gives me a big smile in return.

“It's no problem.” He says, and passes me some baggy old jeans I used to wear sometimes that he found in my old room. I start to pull them on and my face cringes in pain, my back's just as bad today. He frowns then takes my hands away from them and pulls them on for me. He helps me stand up and I wrap my arms around his neck and he automatically wraps his around my waist.

“I'm gonna miss you.” I say sadly.

“I'll miss you too. I'll be back as soon as I can be,” He says then sighs. I go onto my tippy toes and kiss him. He kisses back. He runs a hand through my hair then pulls away. I don't wanna let go but he takes his arms from around me so I do. He then puts one arm back around my waist to help me walk. He grabs his suitcase with the other hand and we head out and to the hall by the front door.

“Bye I guess.” I frown and he frowns back.

“I can stay if you want?” He offers.

“I don't want you to let anyone down, I'll be fine.” I say and give him a weak smile. I kiss him once more then he walks out of the front door, I watch him get in the taxi and I feel a tear fall down my cheek. He gives me a sad look then the taxi drives off. I stare where the taxi was and let tears fall.

“Are you okay Kaila?” Brendon asks, walking over and slowly closing the door. I nod, he looks into my eyes and gives me a worried look. “What's wrong sweety?” He asks, walking over to me and softly wrapping his arms around me in a friendly way.

“I miss Patrick.” I say honestly, hugging him back.

“He only just left.” He says laughing softly. “He'll be back soon hon, don't stress about it.” He adds. I sniff my nose. “C'mon, you better sit down.” He says, then helps me walk into the living room.

“Thanks Brendon.” I say as I sit back softly on the comfy sofa.

“I didn't do anything.” He smiles and shrugs. His smile's so big and, Brendontastic you can't help but smile back.

“You're taking care of me.” I point out and he shrugs again.

We spend most of the day watching tv or talking about random things. I had my physiotherapy session, too. Which was painful but it went okay. Brendon managed to talk me into eating a proper meal for dinner, and then some cereal for supper. And then helped me up to the bedroom and has left me in here to get changed. I finished changing, it took a while without Patrick's help and it hurt to do but I managed.

“Finished!” I call and Brendon comes in. “Where are you sleeping?” I ask him, sitting on the edge of me and Patrick's double bed.

“Spare room.” He replies, the smile still on his face.

“Sleep here if you want, I don't mind the spare room.” I say, smiling back.

“This bed's better for you, it's more comfy.” He states.

“Sleep here too, then?” I offer.

“I'm not to sure Patrick would be pleased with that.” He laughs.

“It's not like you're touching me or anything. Besides it'll be easier for me to call you if I need help through the night.” I say. If I'm honest I don't want to sleep here alone in case I get the nightmare again, this will be my first night in a while without Patrick and I don't wanna risk waking up shaking and completely alone when my back's this bad.

“If you insist.” He says, then walks over to me. “Are you tired?” He asks.

“Yeah, to be honest.” I say. He lightly helps me to my feet, then pulls back the covers and steps out of the way for me to climb into bed. I do then he pulls the covers over me. “Come to bed too?” I ask and he nods obediently.

“I'll go change.” He says then walks out, and comes quickly dressed in black pajamas. He turns the light off and gets into the other side of the bed. It's a tiny bit awkward but I feel safe knowing I'm not alone. I feel him move around a bit and then I snuggle myself into the blankets. I shut my eyes.

I open my eyes, the morning light leaking in through the window. I look to my side, Brendon's still there, sleeping softly. I realize I didn't have the nightmare last night. I smile to myself and then lightly get out of bed. My back is suddenly in agony and I groan.

“Are you okay?” Brendon asks and I sit down on the bed. I hear him sit up.

“My fucking back.” I mutter.

“Where were you going?” He asks, walking around to my side of the bed,

“To get dressed.” I say, meeting his eyes.

“I'll go get your pain killers?” He offers.

“Thanks.” I reply and he walks off. Not long later he comes back and I take two.

“Do you wanna wait for them to kick in?” He asks, standing in front of me.

“It takes hours.” I frown. “Help me get changed?” I ask shyly.

“If you're okay with that?” He asks and I nod.

“Go get me a tee, jeans and clean underwear from the spare room, please.” I say and he nods then walks out. He comes back and puts them on the bed next to me. I lift my arms a bit and he lightly pulls my bed tee off, I feel his eyes nervously inspecting my body. But it doesn't creep me out. He picks up the other tee and pulls it over my arms gently.

“Shall I take your bottoms off too?” He asks and I nod. He lightly tugs at my pajama trousers and they come off.

“Turn around.” I say quietly and he does. I change my underwear without standing up. “I'm done.” I say and he turns back around, his eyes going to my bottom half, then my eyes.

“Want help with the jeans?” He asks, his face is bright red, and I can't help but notice a small bulge growing in his pajama pants.

“Yes please.” I say and he takes a step closer, picking up the jeans then kneeling to pull them up my legs. I stand up carefully for him to finish pulling my jeans up then I do them up myself. “Thank you so much.” I say and give him a big friendly smile.

“It's okay.” He says, getting to his feet. “Wanna go to the living room?” He asks and I nod. He wraps an arm around my waist and helps me get to the living room. He lightly sits me down. “I'mma go get dressed.” He says then walks upstairs. I think about just now. Him helping me change didn't feel awkward at all, I'm surprised, I would of thought it would have been extremely awkward.

He helps me dress every morning for another few mornings. I've not had the nightmare once. Patrick's rung me once a day to see how I am and I can honestly say I am getting a bit better each day. He won't find out when he'll be home for a week but they're trying their best to get a chance to pass through LA.

It's almost bed time and I'm finishing off the cereal Brendon made me. He's been taking good care of me, feeding me enough, giving me the right dosage of pain killers. My throats completely better now. My back only hurts after physiotherapy now, and aches a tiny bit during the day. It still hurts in the morning but not as much as it used to, I still let Brendon help me dress though. Him helping me has become routine.

I let out a big yawn.

“Time for bed?” Brendon asks, taking the bowl off me and carrying it into the kitchen.

“I'm only a tiny bit tired.” I say as he comes back. Suddenly the lights and the tv go off.

“Power cut.” He says, I feel him sit on the sofa beside me.

“That sucks.” I say sadly. I can't see anything.

“Has Patrick got any candles?” Brendon asks and I shake my head, then remember he can't see me.

“Nope.” I say.

“Oh.” He says, there's an awkward silence, then I feel his hand over mine. A shock shoots up my arm.

“Are you scared of the dark?” I ask quietly,

“No.” He replies, then laughs. “Are you?”

“Nope.” I laugh, then move a little closer to him. There's another silence, but this one isn't as awkward. I feel him move a bit closer to me and I feel his leg touch mine. Another shock runs through my body.

I'm not gonna lie, the contact feels good. And I've been so lonely since Patrick left. Besides, maybe Brendon might let me go further than Patrick does. I turn, then get ready to lean in and kiss him, but then his lips press against mine. I kiss back with as much force and we make out, I wrap my arms around his neck from the side and his arms around my waist.

I feel a pang of guilt in my stomach, but I push it away. I stop the kiss and then crawl into a straddle position over him. I continue the kiss and he pulls away for a second.

“Are you sure about this? What about Patrick?” He asks, sounding concerned.

“I'm sure I want this.” I whisper, then press my lips to his again. I put all the compassion I've been holding in into the kiss and Brendon kisses back with the same amount of force. I run a hand through his scruffy hair, it's so soft. He tightens his grip around my waist, pulling me closer to him. He's so good at this.

We kiss for a bit longer. The bulge in his jeans must be getting painful. I smile into the kiss and run a finger down his spine, he shudders and lets out a moan. I pull from the kiss softly and then straighten my back as I pull his tee off over his head. I still can't see him. I feel him pull off my top too, and then undo my bra and drop both to the floor. I undo his jeans, then roll off him and pull them off. I drop them to the floor. He undoes my jeans and then pulls them off for me, I lay back on the sofa as he drops them to the floor. He takes off my underwear then I let him climb on top of me.

He still has his underwear on as he continues the kiss and I pull his body down closer to mine and rub a hand gently down his back. He shudders again and lets out another moan. I slowly run my fingers down his sides until they get to his underwear, then I loosely take them off, dropping them to the floor.

I open my eyes and it's morning. I feel the soft sofa beneath me instead of the bed, and there's a blanket on top of me. I see the back off the sofa in front of me. I slowly turn over, my back pulsing in pain. Brendon is sleeping on the floor, in just his underwear and his tee, and a pillow beneath his head.

Then I notice something vital. I'm naked. My heart thuds against by chest, last night really happened. I had sex with Brendon. Oh shit. I can't remember using any contraception. But that's the least of my worries right now. I cheated on Patrick. My vision mists up and my heart's thudding is starting to ache. I sit up quietly, keeping the blanket over my naked body.

My back's in so much pain but I ignore it, Brendon's fast asleep so I leave the blanket behind and grab my clothes, covering myself up and walking upstairs. Ignoring the agony my back is causing I let tears fall down my face and sob as I dress. I'm a terrible girlfriend. What was I thinking? Patrick trusted Brendon to take care of me, and I did this. What if I'm pregnant?

When dressed I go back downstairs. Brendon's still asleep. Not to wake him I just put the blanket over him then go into the kitchen and take two pain killers. The thought to over dose crosses my mind, but I know finding me dead will be worse for Patrick than finding I slept with Brendon. I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I feel so filthy, I look in the mirror. I'm all sweaty and my hair is messed up. I lock the bathroom door and put the shower on.

I strip my clothes again and drop them to the bathroom floor, then go into the shower and let the crying out. I wash my hair then scrub the rest of me. I still feel dirty. After a good wash I get out and get re-dressed. I still don't feel right. But I don't feel bad, exactly. I mean even though I'm dieing of guilt and crying I kinda feel warm inside, happy. This is wrong.

“Are you okay?” Brendon calls from the other side of the bathroom door.

“I'm fine!” I call back, rubbing my hair with the towel.

“You sure?” He asks.

“Yupp. Be out inna minute.” I call.

“Take as long as you want hon.” He calls then I guess he walks away. He always calls people hon, so it never really bothered me. I wrap the towel around my hair then unlock the door and leave. Brendon's cooking breakfast. I walk into the kitchen and lean against the wall.

“Morning.” I say.

“Hey Kaila.” He replies, stopping his cooking to turn and meet my eyes. His hair's still ruffled up but he's fully dressed. “I feel so bad about what happened last night.” He says and frowns at me. Me heart drops.

“You didn't enjoy it?” I ask, actually feeling kinda offended.

“No, not that. It was.. amazing. It's just Patrick trusted me and everything ya'know.” He says, turning back to the food.

“I know what you mean.” I say, putting on a weak smile and walking over to his smile. “But he trusted me too, and I was the one to start it so don't worry.” I say then kiss his cheek as a friendly gesture.

“It's not your fault sweety.” He says, a smile on his face. “Want something to eat?” He offers.

“Go for it.” I shrug. He dishes the food up and then we both carry it into the living room. Neither of us put the tv on and we eat in a comfortable silence. Once we've both finished Brendon brings the plates into the kitchen then comes back and sits beside me.

“So you're okay with last night, then?” He asks me.

“I feel really guilty, but I have to admit, it was good.” I say shyly, blushing.

“You do realize we didn't use a condom?” He asks. I nod. “Are you on the pill?” I shake my head.

“Think I should take a morning after pill or something?” I say, looking up to meet his eyes.

“I don't know, I believe that if there is anything growing inside your womb it's alive already. But if you wanna take something, it's your body, I s'pose.” He shrugs, he looks really serious.

“Okay. No morning after pill.” I say. “If you're not completely okay with the chance I might be killing, I won't risk it.”

“If that's what you want.” He smiles.

Not long later my physiotherapist turns up and we get on with the session. Once he's gone Brendon cooks me dinner then we eat together and watch tv. When it starts to get late I notice my back isn't aching.

“I think my back's almost better!” I grin and he grins back, just then my phone rings. It's Patrick. Brendon gives me a small smile as I answer it, then he leaves, he always gives me privacy when I'm on the phone to Patrick. “Hey 'Trick!” I say.

“Kaila!” He replies, I can hear the smile in his voice. “How's your back?” He asks.

“Much better thanks!” I laugh.

“That's so good to hear! I can stop worrying about you now.” He says then we both laugh.

“Where are you tonight?” I ask him casually.

“Berlin, I think.” He replies. “I still don't know when I'm back. Pete said he'll try and help me find out when we can have a break tomorrow.”

“I can't wait to see you again.” I say and sigh.

“Not long.” He says sadly. “Anyway, I'm late for sound check. Talk tomorrow? Bye bye, love you.” He says.

“Sure, and bye bye. Love you too.” I say, then hang up.

He's so sweet. How could I do anything to possibly hurt him? I let out a sigh, Brendon hears the silence and comes back in.

“TOMORROW WE SHALL CELEBRATE!” He says loudly and I laugh at the outburst.

“Celebrate what?” I ask.

“You're back!” He grins. “Patrick's not here and we haven't thrown a single party, it's not right.” He frowns.

“Okay, but I don't wanna trash the place.” I say in a serious voice.

“Alrighty, just me and you? Lots of drinking and loud music?” He offers and I nod, a big smile on my face. I haven't drunk in so long. “I'll get supplies tomorrow.” He says and my body lets out a big yawn. “Bed time now.” He says and I nod and follow him up to bed. He stays in the room and changes into his pajamas the same time I change into mine.

“What's wrong?” I ask him when I notice the thoughtful look on his face.

“Wouldn't sleeping in the same bed be kinda, uh, awkward after last night?” He asks and I laugh and shake my head. “If you say so.” He smiles then goes and puts the light off and we both climb into bed. It's not awkward at all and I'm so tired I fall asleep almost instantly.
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