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Lie To Me

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Never Told A Lie. I Never Lie. I Always Tell The Truth. I'm Not A Liar. Believe Me, Right? (Ferard)

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Have you ever lied so much you just could not stop? Everyone lies but people do know when to stop or at least they try to. I remember the first time I lied it felt good from then on I lied to everyone I knew, I just didn't know how bad it would get. I do not see the problem with lying the bright side is no one ever gets hurt, well at least sometimes. If you were in my mind you would understand were I was coming from. I cannot stop lying no matter how hard I try. It just seems like more lies come out of my mouth I just cannot be stop.

It is like a killer once you kill you cannot stop, I mean think about it for a minute. Lying is like my brand of drug I get that high off lying, better then doing drugs I guess at least I am not killing my life slowly. I spend my days lock up in a small room just thinking about my past, my parents put me in here hoping to get their son back like that’s going to happen. I have been lying for years I am not stopping that easy. I never really tried telling the truth why would I. Telling the truth is no fun lying more fun, try and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Everyone lies but no one lies like me every word I say is a lie, but I lie so good people really think I am telling the truth, I even start to believe I am telling the truth. I do not think I will ever start telling the truth why would I, I am having fun lying. If everyone lied the world would be a better place. At least no one would get hurt from the truth; we all believe lies so point in our time and sometimes we never let those lies go. I bet people lie once a day if not more.

No one knows how it feels to be me unless you are a liar then I guess you would. Maybe I am telling the truth maybe I want to get better but would believe me. No one will ever know if I am telling the truth or not I do not think I will ever know if I am. Lying is the biggest part in my life I just cannot let that goes. I love lying like a drug addict loves their drugs.

If I started telling the truth, would you believe me? I do not think you would no one believes a liar, how could you. I remember my first lie I lied to my parents about stealing money from them, the sad part they believe me. I was shock at first but once I told the lie I got this great feeling a feeling I did not won’t it to go away. From then on, I started telling lies after lies until they caught up with me. I told my girlfriend I loved her just to make her happy but somehow, she knew I was lying, I do not know how. I try to tell her I meant it even though I did not; she said I don’t like liars.

I never really thought of myself as I liar before but once I told lies I guess that what I was, I hate being called a liar I cannot explain why. Maybe cause people know why I lie but I try to tell my lies as if I am telling the truth so people would believe it works sometimes.

I cannot tell the truth even if I tried not that I would want too, I think about how my life would be if I were not a liar. I sometimes wish I could have that life, but I love my life the way it is. I guess lying for so long; you forget what the truth really is. However, I am not going to start telling the truth anytime soon if even at all.

Why should I tell the truth? Just to make others happy knowing I told the truth, what about me do I not get to be happy? If telling the truth makes me unhappy then I am not going to tell the truth that is unfair to me. I matter the most it is my life I will live how I want to.

No one cares if I tell the truth my parents might but I do not care about them, my own parents put me in here as if I was a killer so I needed help. All I do is lie I don’t kill people for crying out loud, I hate my parents for putting me in here, but what if I’m lying? Cannot believe everything I say remember that, maybe I do like it here who knows only I do.

I am trap in a small room just looking at the wall I might lose my mind before it is over with, I think about how I can escape from here to thinking about my past. I do not think I want to escape from here it’s so much fun here why leave. I am not crazy as some people think I just lie nothing wrong with lying is there. Just remember I do not lie I tell the truth I would never lie to you.

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