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How would you like to suck my balls, Mr Garrison?

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Back in my day.

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27th February 2010.
TL, 10:00pm.

WARNING; Possibly depressing. Ha.

So today today! No drink, once again. Friend got caught. I laughed like LOL. Anyway. But it was good. Let's just say Iceland hates my friends and I. Long story that.

I feel so sick right now. Like fucking always.
So in the past days, I've been looking at my scars, when alot of people do that, they either get all depressed and the whatnot or they be all like "I got through that tough time and blah blah blah" and are all proud, wanna know what I felt? Nothing.
Not in the shitty emo way, but in the way like why should I? I did it to myself, I haven't got through it completely and I don't really care. I plan to get through my life my way, I'm not gunna let people tell me what's right to do and what's wrong. Suck my dick.

I'm going to see Solomon Kane tomorrow! Woo...
I honestly can't fucking wait til the summer. I'm gunna get a random train to somewhere, hopefully with someone, if not, fuck it and live in my friends house, and possible be dead by the time school stars again! ;D The excitment goes on, right?

For Lent I'm cutting down on the coffee. One flask or cup a day. It sucks so much ass. I usally have like five flasks a day god damn it. I slept in this morning til 9, yey! But I'm still awfully tired. I think the only reason I feel sick is because I don't have enough coffee. Like the way with Heroin addicts or whatever when they're trying to get off it, they get sick, I'm slightly convinced I'm like that with coffee. Coffee isn't addictive, literally but fuck it.

It was weird cuz it felt like I was coming down this morning. If you haven't feel what it feels like to come down, you don't want to. I've never took any major fucking drug but it still sucked.

And you wouldn't have any idea I'm 13.
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