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The Last House On The Right PART 1

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Rays POV.

Me and my family are going to the lake for vacation. We just got to the lake.

"My sister left last week." Said my MOM.

"You left her alone in the house unsupervised?" Said my dad. "Dan, She's 21, besides she stayed in the guest house." My mother said while unpacking.

" Would it be alright if I stayed in the guest house?" I asked.
My parents both looked at eachother." "Very well."

I walked to the boat house and looked around, this place wasn't the same with out my sister, I undressed and looked at my flat chest pancake

"Hey mom, would it be alright if I went to see my friend Paige?" Paige was my bitch.

"Very Well."

"Blah Blah Blah." Said Paige as we were behind the counter at the 711.
I wasn't really listening, I was dreaming about the crab behind the shelf.

" Do you need a bag?" Asked Paige to the person behind the shelf. Crab.

"No." he said waling over.
"Is that it?" Paige asked.

"Could I get a pack of cigarettes to?" Asked Crab.
"Can I get some ID?"

"Listen my names Justin and I can pay you back." Said Justin

"And how can you pay me back?" Paige asked.

" Well, I heard you guys talking, I got some supreme shit at my house, if you wanna come?"

"Sure. Come on Ray lets go." Said Paige.

We drove to the motel where Justin was staying.
" Okay we will just be a minute." Said Paige while she and Justin got out of the car.

I waited 10 min, then I go out of the car.

"We need more lemon pledge." Said some hispanic maide while walking up to me.
I ignored her and went inside to see Justin and Paige smoking weed on the bed.

"Want some?" Asked Paige while handing me a joint.
" No, you heard what I said in the store." I said.
"Come on." "You know you want it."
" Fine I said while taking a drag." I rememberd I was supposed to call my mom, so I called her.


Ray: Hey mom.
Mom: Hey Ray you were supposed to call an hour ago.
Ray: Oh yeah...
Mom: Well hurry up and come home a storm is coming
I looked at Paige.
Ray: Well I was thinking I could spend the night at Paiges?
Mom: Sigh
Then my phone started breaking up.
Ray: If you can hear me mom I'm spending the night at paiges, I'll be back in the morning.


We smoked weed for an hour when Mr. Buchanan came is " JUSTIN U SMOKING MY POT?"
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