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Somebody to love

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Patrick Stump is alone. He avoid talking to anyone at school and his brother is a pest.

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In a crowded algebra classroom, thre sits a lonely boy who's life is about to change.

Patrick Stump's Point of view

I scribble down my Algebra homework with a frown. It's like fifty problems. And I suck
at Algebra! A couple kids complain about it. She adds ten more problems. Along with the rest of the class, I groan. She threatens to add more, so we all shut up and begin working on the horrific algebraic division. I hate math. The bell rings and I rush to my next class.

This class is about the only one I enjoy. It's drama. There is about twenty kids in this class. There's even a few I don't mind very much. This guy Andy is pretty cool, but we don't talk much.
He smiles over at me and I smile back.
He walks over, "Hey Patrick, how's your day been?"
"Pretty good...", my voice is very quiet.
"That's good.", he smiles kindly.
"Why does it matter?"
"It just does."
Ms. Raines walks in, "Good afternoon kids! You all ready to rehearse?"
There's a chant of yes's.
"Alright, now I've picked the play we're doing...", She pauses, "It's going to be our own little twist of Alice in Wonderland."
We nod.
"Only, I think I may change the roll of Alice to a boy I'm not sure though."

After class I pick up my bag and it rips.
"Need some help?", Andy asks.
"I-I'm fine..."
"You ride a bus?"
I nod.
"You'll miss it, wanna just ride with me?"
"Great.", he smiles kindly.
We walk to his car.
I have my bag and the things that fell out in my arms.
I walk into someone and everthing falls out of my arms.
I groan.
The person frowns, "I'm so sorry!"
I look up at the person.
It's a guy with dark brown hair, eyeliner, and tight pants.
I almost moan just looking at him.
"I-i-it's fine..."
He smiles and helps me pick everything up, "I'm Pete."
"I-I-I'm P-P-Patrick...", I stammer.
He smiles, revealing perfectly white teeth.
I smile back, but my smile is more nervous.
He hands me my stuff, "Here ya go Patrick. I'll try not to knock into someone else..."
I hear myself giggle, "Y-yeah..."
"See you around.", he smiles and walks away.
I feel dizzy and like I'm flaoting.
Andy clears his throat, "So uh, you still want a ride or would you rather stalk that guy?"
I glare at him, "What are you talking about"
He chuckles, "Patrick, don't even try it. I saw the look in your eyes."
I blush.
"Plus you were stuttering like crazy."
"W-was not."
"Alright... so are you gay or just bi?"
I frown, "Can you just take me home?"
He nods, "Alright..."
We get into his car and i give him the directions to my house.
"So. Do you have a cell phone?", he asks.
"Cool me too do you text?"
"No, I dont' know how..."
"really? Wow. You should learn..."
He pulls into my driveway.
"Can I see your phone?"
I nod and hand it to him.
He adds his number, "There ya go..."
"Um. Thanks... and for the ride...Much better than a bus..."
"NO problem Patrick...", he smiles.

I go inside.
"What the hell took so long?", Kevin asks.
"I missed the bus, a friend dropped me off."
"Yeah. Bullshit I'm telling mom."
I sigh, "Whatever Kevin."
"what happened to your backpack?"
"It decided to fall apart..."
I sigh.
"Hey, Patrick?"
"You're a faggot."
I sigh and go upstairs.
I'm so sorry I happen to like boys far more than girls.
I start on my RIDICULOUS algebra homework.
I think about texting Andy, but put it off.
After I finish, mom is home.
She comes up to my room.
"Hey Patrick.. Did you really miss the bus?"
I nod, "Because my bag broke, and Andy drove me home..."
"He's this guy in my drama class."
"IS he just a friend or..."
"Yeah... just a friend. No one really taks to me, I'll die single."
"Don't talk like that..."
"It's true."
"Whatever. Dinner will be readt in about an hour..."
"I'm not hungry!", I complain.
"Too bad!", she walks out before I can argue any further.
My phone vibrates.
I have a text from Andy.

Hey there.

Didn't you give me your #?

Yeah. I sent myself a text in case you never texted so I stole your number. My bad...

Grr. I suck at textin so...

Nah so how are you?

My brother's an asswhole. I hate him. and my momz gonna make me eat dinner =/

Eating dinner is bad?

I just don't really like to eat, and I'm not hungry...

Don't like to eat?!? I LOVE FOOD

Yeah? well you aren't fat.

Are you implying that you are? If so, you're mistaken

Whatev I gotta go get fatter, bye.

Sigh bye Pat.

NEVER call me Pat it's Patrick.


I go downstairs and sigh I put a little salad on my plate.
Mom sighs, "YOu can eat more than that."
"I'm really not hungry."
"Whatever fatty!", Kevin smirks.
I frown.
"Kevin shut up!"
"Whatever mom, we both know its true. Patrick's fat."
I bite my lip and go upstairs.
I hear Kevin get smacked.
That makes me feel a little better. NOt much though.
I blink a tear out of my eye and sigh.

The next day, I walk into first block and see Pete. I feel myself blush. Oddly enough, he's sitting beside my assigned seat. I sit down, feeling his eyes on me.
"Hey there!", he says cheerfully.
"Hey... Since when were you in this class?"
"Today... Had to get a schedule change."
"Well that's cool... So, Good morning."
"Good morning Patrick...Stump, right?"
I blush and nod, "How'd you know that?"
"i'm just good like that."
I grin, "Ok then."
"I certainly hope your day got better after running into me..."
"Ha. No it got much worse. That was about the highlight of my terrible day..."
"Awe, I'm sorry Patrick... So, my last name is Wentz, since I know yours..."
"Cool...So, why are you in Creative Writting?"
"I love to write, clearly."
"Cool, me too. Clearly why we're both here."
He chuckles, "Yeah...what do you have next?"
"Seriously, what teacher?"
"Me too!"
We discover taht we have all the same classes. How odd.
He smiles, "At least I know I'll know someone there."
I feel a strange surge of happiness. Also odd.
At the bell, we walk to our next class.
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