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The Ship of Broken Dreams

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Oooh....a ship of broken dreams. Sounds like angst to me!

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2010-03-02 - Updated: 2010-03-03 - 181 words

The Ship of Broken Dreams

Come aboard the ship, the ship of broken dreams,
All you need is yourself and a couple little things,

A pocketfull of misery, bursting at the seams,
A suitcase filled to the brim with your worst bad dreams,

A pocketwatch that tells no time,
It only shows the hours that haven't gone by,

A confidence that runs and hides,
A smile that masks the pain inside,

Open eyes that do not see,
A silver lock that has no key,

Behind you drags a trail of chain,
Linked together by rage and pain,

So climb aboard, we'll take you in,
On the ship of broken dreams, we'll teach you how to swim

A/N: Oddly, I came up with this after a friend played around with the lyrics for Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance. She switched it so it was "And I see you lying next to me! On the ship of broken dreams!" Cracked me up a bit at the time, but then I started to form a poem around it, and voila!
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