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It's Business Time

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“So Gerard this Doctor guy, he adopts these random seven children because they’re going to save the world?”

Gerard snapped out of the silent reverie he was in, looking at Mike Richardson the founder of Darkhorse comics.

“Uh yeah he does and then they like develop their abilities as they grow older, like this one” he said pointing to the character he’d called number seven. “Like She doesn’t think she’s special but she has the amazing ability to play the violin so this crazy fucker gets at her and corrupts her and turns her against her family and makes her like this crazy possessed violinist who they convince to like destroy stuff” he said rambling as her nervously looked over the cup of coffee he was sipping.

He watched as Mike looked over the sketches critically before placing them down on his desk pinching the bridge of his nose tiredly. “Look Gerard I like what I’m seeing here so far, the sketches are amazing and I like the story you have going but I want to pair you with this artist I think he could really develop the comic art” he said smiling easily at him. “His name is Gabriel Bà, great artist. When his pencil hits that paper its like the Beatles singing” he said chuckling. “Look all I want you to do is meet with Gabriel and see what you think of his style. But trust me when I say he’d be an amazing addition to this comic” he said as they stood and shook hands. “I’ll call you when the meeting is set up” he said nodding as Gerard left the office.

“So he wants some other guy in on your project?” Jay asked as he helped Gerard load the dishwasher. “It’s your comic why do you need someone else on it?” he said frowning.
“Because the guy is a moron” he said as he creased his brow. “I’m going to meet with this guy anyway, I’ve worked to long and hard on this comic to just let it slide and just give up” he said as he slid a plate into place. “I mean even if this guy wants to bring in a completely different artist maybe it’s for the best?” he said closing the dishwasher looking at Jay as he sat back at the table.

“I think you shouldn’t let them push you around” he said nodding decisively. ‘Stand your ground and speak your mind” he said as he started on his homework as Ivy walked into the room giggling as she talked on the phone.

“Ok so I’ll see you at 7 tonight? Great ok can’t wait bye!” she said hanging up.
“Who was that?” Gerard asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Uh Ben, he’s my date for tonight” she said with a grin before walking out of the kitchen to get ready.
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