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Guilty As Told By Izzy Masterson

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Izzy from TDI and Gwen from TDI are showing the boys of the world what happens when you cross them

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Izzy Masterson saw herself cornered as a group of boys had her cornered and she smiled as they smiled back with gasoline and matches.
Boy #1: You'll never plague our dreams and nightmares again Masterson.
Izzy(Chuckling) Just because you're burning me doesn't mean I can't haunt you again, I've been bidding my time waiting for someone to kill me so I can be Princess Explosivo in dreams and nightmares.
The boys lit their sticks as boy #1 David Kennedy waved his hand to stop them from attacking.
David: What are you talking about Princess Explosivo in dreams and nightmares?
Izzy: Well put it to you this way crazies, if you kill me I'll be immortal in dream and nightmare world and you little crazies won't be safe.
David: You say you can live forever in dreams and nightmares and we're the crazies?
Izzy: You are if that fire touches me.
David: Oh please this is the most pathetic display of begging ever, just burn her guys I don't see the harm in it.
The boys made to burn Izzy but she raised her arms making the fire turn into a monster as David gulped and Izzy smiled pridefully.
Izzy: So which crazies coming quietly and which one's going to be Izzy Masterson bait?
David: Guys we can beat her remember your imaginations and she's gone.
All the boys closed their eyes as the fire monster became flames again and it rested on their sticks.
David(Smiling) Now come get what you deserve Masterson.
Izzy grinned walking up to David as the boys poured gasoline on her and before she could object David burned her cackling triumphantly.
David: Princes Explosivo just made her last explosion now let's watch while she struggles in pain.
Izzy was in flames as the boys laughed at her and she screamed for help but nobody even moved to help her.
David: Never plague our dreams or nightmares again Masterson, there's no way you can hurt us now.
Izzy(Screaming) That's what you think you just signed your death warrant and your lives will be mine one day.
David: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm shivering in my sneakers, what are you going to do turn the fire against us and control it?
Izzy screamed her skin becoming black as the boys continued to laugh at her seeing the skin peel from her bones and a skeleton and a necklace was all that remained of Izzy Masterson.
David: You guys go I'll bury the bitch and make sure she never plagues our dreams again I promise, and the necklace is going to be buried with her.
The boys walked off as David could have sworn he saw the skeleton smile and wink at him not knowing ten years from now Izzy would be back to get her revenge.
David(Digging a hole) Looks like the stronger people won, I always knew boys were stronger than girls.
David threw Izzy's skeleton into the grave with the necklace and a glove he kept from the team of boys with steel talons on it.
David: Burn in hell Masterson and I know I'll never see you or your orange hair again you stupid crazy bitch.
Ten years later we see those boys who acted so grown up at five grow into fifteen year olds and David the leader of the pack had a sister he picked on constantly.
David(Throwing his dirty clothes at his sister) Mom said to wash my clothes you little witchy girl, and be careful or the boogieman might catch you tonight.
David's Little Sister: Nuhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh mama says the boogieman's not real.
David(Shurugging) Whatever I met them and happen to now their real.
David's little sister Karen eeped in fear running off with David's clothes trailing behind her.
Karen: The boogieman is not real he's just trying to scare me again, I hate him and I wish I could scare him all the time like he does to me.
That was what Izzy needed to hear to come back as she cackled and the necklace glowed red reconstructing her bones which were charcoal black and her now white skin as if it was never burned.
Izzy's POV: I've been away for far too long, this little girl will make sure I'm never gone again.
Izzy's green eyes snapped open as she grabbed the glove David stupidly left behind and her necklace.
Izzy(Stretching) Anymore wishes munchkin, because unlike a genie I'm giving you unlimited wishes so I can live forever.
Karen: Here mama I have the rest of the clothes, I wish David could feel the pain of being the littlest.
Izzy(In dreamworld) Ask and ye shall receive little helper.
Izzy's necklace glowed red again as David started to feel tired and so did Karen.
David's mom(Picking Karen up) Come on little one time for a nap and maybe in your dreams you can be the oldest.
Karen(Glumly) I doubt it.
David's mother: Keep making wishes who knows they might come true.
Karen: I wish David's friends met their doom, I wish I had a pony, I wish I had a BFF, I wish David could be bossed around for once, I wish I could have special powers against David, and I wish that girl from Total Drama Island that scared John one of David's friends were back for a second round.
Izzy(From dreamworld) And in walks Gwen Parker thanks little girl and I think you and I are going to be the best of friends.
Karen was tucked in as David covered himself up and drifted off as Karen did the same David not knowing just how much trouble he was in.
Karen(Falling down a dark hole) CCCCCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL I can hear my echo down here.
Izzy walked up to Gwen's grave and her necklace did the rest resurrecting Gwen as her wardrobe from TDI magically fit itself on her as well as a purple pair of skull panties and a bra way to small for her breasts.
Izzy: Gwen David Montgomery is all yours leave the rest to me and my imagination.
Gwen: Thanks for bringing me back Izzy and David has no idea what just hit him.
Gwen walked off with a magic staff as Karen fell into the graveyard Izzy was in and David followed suit.
Karen(Running up to Izzy) I saw you before you were the girl that asked me to bring you back.
Izzy: Yep and you did a bang up job, now I want you to keep wishing, it's what gives me strong muscles to beat the tar out of your brother.
David(Running up to Karen) Karen don't she's not safe.
Karen: Neither are you but I still live with you, looks like I found my new BFF Izzy Gabriel Masterson the XVI and nobody will take her from me.
David: Look Karen I beat this girl before she's the boogieman, the boogieman I told you I met it's her.
Izzy(Walking up to David) Go ahead munchkin make a wish, I'm like an unlimited birthday cake candle I can make any wish come true.
Karen: I believe I wished him younger, that he could be scared like me, that I could boss him around for once, that I had special powers against him, and that girl from TDI back to haunt David.
Izzy(Her necklace glowing red) Your wish is my command now shrink leader of the boys that burned me, I'll be your sitter now and if you thought I was crazy before just wait till you see what ten years can do to me.
David shrank as Karen giggled her shadow covering him as a power went into her and she was given a necklace like Izzy's.
Izzy: This like mine will make all your wishes come true, now that I'm back in action I can make as many wishes as I want and never be hurt again, I wish I were immortal and muscular.
Izzy grew muscles everywhere as she cackled and Karen walked up to David giggling at him.
Karen: I wish Izzy were your nightmare monster all over again, as well as your babysitter ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaa.
Karen's necklace glowed purple and the light from hers and Izzy's fused as Izzy cackled.
Izzy(Grabbing David) Leaving the necklace behind was stupid you crazie, but leaving the glove behind well that was just plain signing your death warrant, lucky for you I'm feeling generous.
David(Shrieking) You are?
Izzy(Nodding) Yep see I'm going to torture you tonight my friend, your friends are what I'm going after first.
David was easily thrown against the gravestone that was Heather's as Izzy grinned not wanting to bring the evilest girl in the world back just yet.
Izzy(Flexing her claws) Sorry kid but this isn't your turn, yours will be tonight when I kidnap you ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaa.
David jumped up in his own bed in a cold sweat as he saw himself small and three and Karen skipped up giggling.
Karen(Looking at her necklace) Just imagine the damage I could do with this wishing necklace little brother, by the way good luck with Izzy tonight becuase she has something special planned for you tonight.
David gulped as Karen skipped off with a sneer on her face as she raised the necklace.
Karen: I wish David would become Izzy's daughter tonight, and that Izzy named him June and raised him the same way she was raised.
The necklace glowed as red as Izzy's did and Izzy cackled packing a sleepaway bag for her new daughter given to her by Karen.
Izzy: David I think you and I will be the best of friends just like my mom and I.
Izzy's green eyes went wild with craziness as she packed a pair of small green underwear a green dress cut short, a cut off the belly green shirt, and green shoes.
Izzy(Throwing green wristbands into the bag) There now let's pack for bedtime munchkinhead.
Izzy packed a pink nightgown with a Care Bear in the center biting off the head of a fox and it said How Cute Are We Now?, slippers, and a Care Bear stuffed animal.
Izzy: Grumpy always was my favorite Care Bear.
Izzy walked off cackling as she found the others and they were first on her hit list.
Izzy(Tisking one of the boys) Man Study Hall is the worst but it's worse when you have me as a teacher.
Izzy closed her eyes transferring her soul to the boys dreamworld.
Study Hall Teacher: This- class- is- for- studying- and- not- sleeping- homework- may- be- done- here- also.
The boy's eyes dropped on a doodle he made as it became Izzy and it cackled materializing into Izzy.
Izzy(Walking down the aisle) Today class we're going to be talking about a pressing matter plaguing America's youth, and that plague is murder.
Boy: What the hell are you doing back?
Everybody's desk except the boys locked as did the door as Izzy sneered.
Izzy: I'm here to warn you that you guys are in for a fun day, you guys are going to die one by one until David is the only one left.
Boy: But David led us why does he get saved?
Izzy: Because Karen his little sister saved him by wishing he was my daughter, and she has a nifty necklace like mine to make wishes and become stronger in the process.
Boy: So why come to me first?
Izzy(Turning the boy's head to face her) Because you tricked me into being your friend Joey, now I'm going to make an entirely new picture for you.
Izzy drew a glove on her left hand on the portrait the boy made of her and it appeared on her hand as Joey gulped and Izzy giggled pulling his face to hers.
Izzy: you have asthma right, here let me show you how to breathe.
Izzy's chest became a vacuum as she kissed Joey sucking the air out of him and her breasts became bigger with each breath she took from Joey.
Izzy: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW looks like you failed this test wheezy, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Izzy walked out as Joey had an asthma attack and his soul shot into her body.
Izzy: Man I'm going to have a great day with these kids.
John Anderson was saved from Izzy as he was in his room after school drawing a picture of Gwen and on his room walls we see all kinds of pictures of a toddler version of Gwen.
John: Can't sleep Gwen's after me, can't sleep Gwen's after me, can't sleep Gwen's after me.
John drew blue hair with black streaks to complete Gwen and signed his name in blood by pricking his finger with a needle as Gwen cackled knowing Toddler Gwen would soon be him.
Gwen's POV: Get some rest John you know you want to, nothing would feel as good as a nice long sleep.
John(Ripping off another piece of paper) Shut up stupid head I'm trying to stay awake here.
Gwen's POV: You're going to be punished either way you burned Izzy and buried me alive.
John: I had to you were both going after me in my dreams.
Gwen's POV: Yea but I started that Izzy joined in after your friend John conjured her up in a séance.
John: Still I'm not going to sleep because you told me if I did you'd be back for me.
Gwen's POV(Cackling) And I will you can't stay awake forever John, once you fall behind and do fall asleep it's going to be a long one allowing me to take you as my little goth princess.
John drew the outline of toddler Gwen hoping it'd keep him occupied at least for another hour or so.
Gwen's POV: Drawing won't help it's just going to make you more tired, because there's nothing active about drawing.
John tried shutting Gwen out as he drew a black witches robe on toddler Gwen's body and her arms were covered in permanent tattoos.
Gwen's POV: I still have those actually, my mom flipped when she saw me with them at three and that was when she saw that I was out of her control.
John drew Gwen's blue hair with black streaks, white skin, blue eyes, black Mary Janes she switched to boots at four Black fishnet stockings black skirt black shirt skull berrets, and glittery purple fingernails and toenails as Gwen's POV cackled.
Gwen's POV: You can't forget me John I was the girl that got away, and this time I'm your mommy if you ever close those heavy eyes and sleep.
John drew a cemetery around toddler Gwen with her on a gravestone and his name was on it as Toddler Gwen was made to wink by John.
John(Yawning) I guess Gwen's finally going to get me.
John fell asleep as Gwen's laughter echoed into his room and the pictures John drew of Gwen and Toddler Gwen came to life.
Gwen(Stretching) See now was that so hard?, I mean this could have been over with if you asked mommy to stay home and you fell asleep earlier.
John(Slowly backing away) Look I fell asleep and brought you back, I pulled through with my end of the deal so just let me go.
Gwen(Smirking) I guess I could if you promise to tell stories of me to those little kids at the camp where you work.
John(Gulping) But that would bring you back into reality too.
Gwen: If I find the right boy then yes I'll come back, but look at it this way you won't just have nightmares of me anymore you'll also see me in reality too.
John(Shaking his head) No I won't do it Gwen, you were bad in reality and I won't allow you to come back.
Gwen approached John with a backpack and he gulped as Gwen grinned.
Gwen: John this is what we call a proposition now either you become my daughter or my resurrection your choice and either way I win.
John made to run and fell at his bedroom door finding tentacles guarding the stairs to the front door of his house.
Gwen: I wouldn't tick them off if I were you, their scary when ticked off.
John not listening to Gwen ran at the tentacles as they grabbed him and he was lifted high in the air.
Gwen Raising her arms) They'll squish you to death I warned you not to make them mad.
John grew short of breath as Gwen threw her arms down and John was thrown onto the floor with Gwen standing over him.
Gwen: So do we have a deal or are you becoming my munchkined goth?
John: I guess I don't have a choice seeing I don't want you in reality I'll become your munchkined goth.
Gwen(Unzipping her bag) Fine I'm sure there are other boys that would love to help conjure me up.
John: If they knew how dangerous you were they wouldn't.
Gwen: Yea but they don't know how dangerous I am, and they never will.
John: Keep me alive and see what I do.
Gwen(Pinching John's cheeks) Nothing that's what because you're going to be my daughter as planned.
John gulped as he saw fishnet tights, a black skirt, a black shirt, black boots, dark purple underwear, and skull berrets.
Gwen: Well I think everything's here but you as my itty bitty gothic girl.
John: Look can we maybe discuss this?
Gwen(Shaking her head) Nope you said you'd become my munchkined goth and I've already prepared your room, the bath, your wardrobe, and the blood.
John(Gulping) The blood what blood?
Gwen: Mine you silly Billy you need a Parkers blood to be a Parker I mean duh.
John made to run as Gwen grew into a witches robe. a witches hat, and held a wand making the room they were in never ending.
Gwen: Well kid looks like this is the end of the road for you, now just stay still if you know what's good for you.
John snapped his eyes open being back in reality as the pictures he drew fluttered from his desk and Gwen's cackle echoed around his room the toddler Gwen pictures winking and giggling at him.
John's mom(Knocking on his door) Sweetie are you feeling all right I heard you screaming from the kitchen dear.
John(Wiping cold sweat from his forehead) I'm fine just a bad dream is all mom.
John's mom(Walking in) John you're pale and sweating you have no business going to school today, you're staying home and relaxing doctors orders.
John(Grabbing his backpack) Absolutely not mom I need to go to school or I'll fall asleep and have nightmares again, and this time I'm not waking up.
John's mom(Grabbing his backpack) You are not going to school young man and I meant it, now I'm locking you in and I'll be back around three to start dinner.
John: You just signed my death warrant I hope you can deal with that on your conscience.
John's mom(Ruffling his hair) Take a nice hot bath and get yourself some food and whatever else you want to make this sick day fun, but no and I repeat no school I made sure of that.
John: Mom I'm begging you let me go to school today, I need it more than I need a sick day.
John's mom(Walking down the stairs) You have my answer now have fun, and no calling my work unless it's an emergency.
John: How about I'm close to death is that enough of an emergency?
John's mom(Kissing him) Stop overexagerating John I'm sure you're just scared of the bad dream you had.
John: Exactly so stay home and call in to work so you can take care of me.
John's mom was gone and a combination lock met him as Gwen's cackle echoed louder across the house.
John: You won't get to me Gwen, I'm not going to sleep I just have to occupy myself with drawing you and you're hellish daughter.
Gwen's POV: Come on little one just get some sleep I have a whole party planned for you.
John: No now I have a hot bath to take mommy's orders and I'm not talking about you.
Gwen cackled louder in her nightmare world preparing to make John fall asleep in the bath so she could take him forever.
John(Running bath water) I'm not afraid of you Gwen I created you in pictures and I can forget you just as quick.
Gwen's POV: Sure you can and that's why you're petrified to fall asleep munchkin.
John(Taking his clothes off) I'm not afraid to fall asleep I'm afraid of what you'll do once I am asleep.
Gwen's POV: See you're scared of me and that's what brings me into your dreams your fear.
John ignored Gwen's voice stepping into the tub as she sneered raising her arms and green smoke erupted from them around her nightmare world as purple smoke erupted from her body and went into reality.
Gwen's POV: That smoke should cause some damage in the sleep department munchkin, you'll learn to use it as you get older like mama.
John's eyes drooped as he laid in the tub and he fell asleep as Gwen's hand her nails all black raised from the tub water her cackle gurgling under the water.
Gwen's POV: Let's make this quick cutey pie we have a lot to catch up on.
John twitched and Gwen's hand disappeared as his eyes slowly opened and then closed again.
Gwen's POV: Sleep sweetheart you need it, I mean Lord knows you don't get enough of it.
Gwen's hand reached up again and we see her black nails reaching for John's foot her gurgling cackle louder as John had no time to scream before he was pulled under the water.
Gwen's POV: Gotcha John and now you're all mine and I think a bath sounds great, let's get you cleaned up and dressed for a day of nightmare giving sweetie.
John gurgled under the water as Gwen tightened her grip pulling him away from the surface.
Gwen's POV: No more of that life princess, mama has a new life planned for you.
John tried his best to swim but he was pulled further into the black water that grew darker as he sank deeper into it.
Gwen's POV: This is fun huh munchkin?, just wait till I get you home and in yet another bath with bubbles.
John was pulled around the tub Gwen cackling grabbing his other foot and John knew he was doomed to live in Gwen's nightmare world until she found two boys one to become her and the other to become her daughter in reality.
Gwen's POV: I'd love to see you fight me now John, now enjoy the dark water while I pull you across the tub to get back to my nightmare world where a bubble bath is waiting for you.
John flailed his arm's hoping they'd hit Gwen as she giggled continuing to pull him away from reality.
Gwen's POV: Fight all you want John sweetie I'm not going to let you win this time, I want a daughter and it's high time I started spoiling myself and getting what I want.
John felt himself being led across the long tub and saw a bright light as he screamed no but Gwen giggled pulling him out of it.
Gwen: And that's our game thank you all for playing, now for those bubbles I promised.
Gwen poured a whole bottle of bubble bath into the tub and ran the water watching the bubbles rise and cover John's body.
Gwen: Awwwwwwwww aint that cute John?, you're like a cute little marshmallow fit for a ginormous Smore.
John(Spitting water) Ewwwwwwww get me out of here.
Gwen: Ah, ah, ah, Speedy there's no rush to get out, you have to become my daughter before I get you out.
John saw Mini Gwen's clothes and gulped as Gwen placed the fishnet tights on top of all the clothes.
Gwen: The fishnets were my favorite things to wear as a kid and they'll be yours too, even if they do ride up like a saddle you'll abandon them at thirteen and start wearing panties and bra's.
John saw himself shrink as Gwen giggled watching him shrink and she grew 10 FT. tall in his eyes.
Gwen: That's more like it munchkin, now hold still we need to get you clean and then we can try on your new and only wardrobe until you turn thirteen and abandon all this for more show offy clothes.
John eeped as Gwen giggled grabbing a washcloth and putting soap on it scrubbing his dirty stomach first.
Gwen(Tisking John) What a dirty little piglet you are, but soon you'll be clean and mama will make sure you never get this dirty again.
John hair grew into blue with black streaks as Gwen grinned handing him a mirror.
Gwen: Check you out hair just like mama now let's make sure the rest of that mini body is like mama's too.
John moaned as Gwen raised her hands and his hand and feet were smaller and black nail polish was on his finger and toenails.
Gwen: Taduhhhhhhhhh now that we have you painting your nails like mama, let's get those lonely lips blue like mama's.
John saw Gwen grab blue lipstick and she spread it on his lips smacking her lips as John did the same and Gwen cackled.
Gwen: There now we have a little bundle of joy only a mama like me can love, now arms out and let's get out of the tubby then we can dress you in the clothes you inherited for the rest of your natural tike and pre teen life.
John(Weak) It's- not- fair- you- made- sure- I- never- stood- a- chance- against- you.
Gwen: Well duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you beat me once and I got even by taking your life.
John moaned as Gwen giggled seeing him grow smaller and his eyes grow from green to black and he raised his arms to be picked up by Gwen.
Gwen(Picking him up) Now let's get you dried off and dressed, then you'll see how cute you look as a girl instead of a boy.
Little Gwen(Sneering) Let's get me dressed mama, this boy has no idea who he's messing with.
Gwen(Kissing Little Gwen) All right Jitterbug all right there's no rush, the boy can't fight you with mama's blood coursing through you.
Little Gwen allowed Gwen to dry her off with a towel and blowdry her hair glad that John couldn't fight her anymore.
Gwen(putting Little Gwen's hair up in ponytails) Perfect now let's get you changed for a day of playing and fun munchkin.
Little Gwen laid down wiggling her toes giggling as purple underwear was placed on her and Gwen saw John's butt shrink like the rest of his body.
Gwen(Picking up the fishnets) Tights next you irresistable goth you, then the skirt, shirt, boots, and the berrets.
Little Gwen allowed Gwen to put the tights on her as her waist grew smaller like the rest of her body.
Gwen: Perfect now you're going to love those just like I did, those tights make the undies look that much cuter to boys.
Little Gwen(Shaking her butt) They make my behind hurt mama.
Gwen: Their riding up and you'll get used to them at least I did, mama's mommy made her get used to them.
Little Gwen(Pouting) Can't I just wear undies?
Gwen: Not until your thirteen ad your chest is bigger, then you can wear bras and panties if you want.
Little Gwen(Sadly sighing) I guess I could get used to them mama.
Gwen(Hugging Little Gwen) I knew you could I always did, now let's get the skirt on next sweetie pie.
Little Gwen laid down again as the skirt was placed on her legs and she stood up letting Gwen pull the skirt which was black up to her waist.
Gwen: Taduh now it's the shirt so arms up munchkin of mine.
Little Gwen raised her arms up as Gwen placed a shirt that was black and blue like Little Gwen and her hair on Little Gwen as she giggled looking down at it.
Gwen(Patting her lap) Feet up munchkin it's boot time and they stink really bad which in turn will make your feet stink too.
Little Gwen giggled as the boots were placed over her feet and laced up tight as Gwen tied them and Little Gwen stood up enjoying the loud clonking sound the boots made as she walked.
Gwen(Taking the elastics from Little Gwen's hair) Now for those skull berrets and then you will be a true Parker girl.
Gwen placed the berrets into the ponytails and Little Gwen giggled liking her makeup on her.
Little Gwen(Flexing her fingers and smacking her lips) Mama do I get to wear this makeup all the time?
Gwen(Grinning) You bet sweetie you wouldn't be a girl without makeup.
Little Gwen jumped up and down excitedly as John's soul shot into her stomach and Gwen ruffled her hair giggling at her daughter.
Gwen: And there's plenty more where that came from.
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