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Dash's New Sibling

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Violet has made a concoction that is making Jack Jack's life and hers easier and Dash's life much harder

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Dash and Violet were in cahoots once again over the same thing who had to babysit Jack Jack and who got the night off.
Violet(Shoving Dash) I'm older shrimp so I should get the night off, I mean have you ever watched two people before it's painstaking.
Dash: Well I'm discovering girls so I should get the night off to go to the movies with Lindsay Becket
Violet(Walking off) There's only one way to deal with this and that's involving the parents.
Dash ran at Violet knowing she had Bob and Helen in her back pocket as a ball was thrown at Dash and he was stuck in his sister's force field.
Violet: The best thing is I don't have to be around to keep it going anymore, looks like somebody's learned a few new tricks hey Dash?
Dash: Hey that's not fair you made a force field around me.
Violet(Giggling) Maybe Mom and Dad will let me keep you I mean I always wanted a hamster, and I got something more a little brother in a ball.
Violet cackled walking into the kitchen as she saw Helen spraying perfume on herself, Bob looking through the newspaper, and Jack Jack rolling his cars off the table giggling.
Violet(Showing her dimples) Mommmmmmmmmmmm did I tell you how pretty you smell tonight and that dress can you say knockout?
Helen(Smiling) All right suck up what do you want and what's it going to cost me?, and I'll give you anything seeing you got straight A's once again.
Violet: About that a new boy in town named John invited me out to dinner tonight and I really want to go but I know I can't.
Bob was suddenly interested in the conversation as he threw his newspaper down looking like he wanted to mangle John.
Violet: See I can't go tonight because you guys stuck me with babysitting Jack Jack, and frankly I think Dash is old enough to babysit I mean I was his age when I started.
Helen(Thinking) Yea but you were also more mature than him Vie, I mean I don't want to come home with the house burned down.
Bob: And besides we haven't met this John and I would love to meet him before you start getting to comfy dating.
Violet: Dad we've talked about this remember?, I'm not a seven year old girl anymore I'm 14 and I'll be 15 next week I need to start thinking boyfriend.
Bob: Fine but if he hurts you like Greg did I'm going to John's house with a five iron.
Violet: Dad don't be so hostel John is nothing like Greg he's cute, funny, smart, and a poet he's all I want rolled into one.
Helen: Your dad and I have been talking last night Vie and I think you've proven yourself to us, now remember what we talked about earlier this year?
Violet: The birds and the bees talk?
Helen: Well no but that would be a good talk to remember, I'm talking about the way you wanted to torture Dash by making Jack Jack a sweet baby girl.
Violet smiled as Helen and Bob did the same and Jack Jack looked up at his name.
Violet(Picking Jack Jack up) So if I turn him into a baby girl and my little sister will I get to go out tonight?
Helen(Grinning) I don't see why not sweetie, it'd give Brooke as you wanted to call her and Dash time to bond.
Violet(Kissing Jack Jack's cheek) That's right little bro big BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM Dash is going to hate you if you're anything like me as a baby.
Jack Jack: Sissy how are you going to make me an icky girl?
Violet(Rubbing Jack Jack's hair) With a little needle and some medicine that will be taken once and only once.
Helen and Bob saw Dash in the force field ball as Violet beamed and they beamed at her.
Violet: Ever since the fight with Syndrome I've been practicing, now it's at the point where I don't have to physically be here for it to work.
Helen(Laughing) Well you always wanted a hamster and I say to remember to feed it and give it plenty of water.
Violet: Jack Jack you come with sissy and she'll make you over literally, I already had E make you a new supersuit.
Dash(Pushing on the ball) Uhh little help here people?
Violet pushed the ball and Dash went rolling into the basement as she giggled and closed her eyes breaking the force field when Dash reached the floor.
Violet: Rule numero uno Jack Jack use your powers to your advantage whenever you can.
Jack Jack giggled as Dash stormed upstairs with water, dirt, and cuts all over him.
Violet: Hmmmmmmmmmm is that a new look Dash, I think it does something really good for you.
Dash: Hah hah Vie just remember that I always get the last laugh you don't.
Violet: Yea I'll be sure to make a mental note of that Dash, now excuse me but I have a little brother smaller than you to bond with like super glue and pretty much anything else.
Jack Jack: Uhhhhhhhhhhh huhhhhhhhhh sissy and I have a secret and you're never going to find out you big meanie.
Dash(Shaking himself off on Jack Jack) Yea well I could care less what secrets you idiots have.
Violet: You will once our little secret gets out, now come along Jack Jack I still have to measure, weigh, and make you look presentable for tonight.
Dash: If you're taking him on your date with you good luck, he doesn't exactly know how to sit still.
Violet: Wrong answer Dash but keep trying you may come up with our secret yet.
Violet and Jack Jack smirked as she sat Jack Jack on her bed and pulled out a purple jumper, purple booties, purple tights, a diaper, a stuffed elephant, and a small, red, Incredible supersuit.
Violet: Right now stay completely still sissy has to measure you for your clothes and shoes.
Jack Jack sat still as Violet pulled a tape measure that a tailor uses around Jack Jack and then measured his feet making the notes on a clipboard.
Violet(Getting eye to eye with Jack Jack) And guess who's the perfect size to be baby me give up?, you of course you little munchkin.
Jack Jack(Clapping) Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeeee let's do the transforming now sissy.
Violet(Pulling four needles out) Indestructable, lightning, force field, and invisibility anyone?
Jack Jack(Raising his hand) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ohh ohh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh over here pick me sissy, I do this in Kindergarten to get teachers attention.
Violet: All right little guy arm out and hold still, this may hurt a little but pain is beauty remember that.
Jack Jack put his arm out closing his eyes tight as Violet stabbed him with the needles and Jack Jack felt a surge of cold, hot, warm, and happiness flow through his body.
Violet: All right on your back little bro, mommy and daddy have also generously inherited their powers to you too, man is Dash in for a fun night.
Jack Jack and Violet laughed evilly as she also had another idea to throw into the mix.
Violet: After my date we're having a slumber party just you and me but you'll be a sister by then, and you're old room will be transformed into a playroom/ bedroom for my sis.
Jack Jack laid on his back as Violet removed his clothes and brought the diaper out first strapping it over his butt and legs.
Violet(Placing the Elephant in Jack Jack's hands) This is Krenger the Elephant, Krenger seemed like a good fighting name and that's what this elephant does to bad dreams.
Jack Jack clutched Krenger as he felt his butt and legs becoming smaller and Violet stretched the tights out and slid them up to Jack Jack's waist.
Violet: You'll learn to live with these, they ride up but like I said you learn to live with them until you become five and start wearing just undies with no tights.
Jack Jack's waist shrunk as he saw another needle and knew it was girl DNA that Violet was itching to use.
Violet: Next is the undershirt and jumper so arms up sweetie and that should make your tummy smaller as well as your legs and shoulders.
Jack Jack like a puppet lifted his arms up as Violet slid a white undershirt over him and his chest shrank as the purple jumper came on next and his legs, tummy, and shoulders became as small as the rest of him.
Violet: Now for the booties and the supersuit, then you're going to get pricked one more time and that will make you my baby sis.
Violet stretched the booties out and forced them over Jack Jack's feet making them baby size as the suit then fell over him boots included and that made his whole body become baby size.
Violet: Perfecto now let's stick you one last time and then I'll introduce you to Sour Patch Watermelons, Sour Patch Kids, Sour Patch Fruits, Bunch A Crunch, Twizzlers, Peanut Butter Twix, Peanut Butter M&M's, Gummy Sharks, Gummy Slugs, and of course sissy's personal fave Chocolate Covered Cherries.
Jack Jack felt a tiny pinch on his butt as Violet stuck him with the needle and he also had thoughts of stuffed animals, tea parties, and cuddly kittens.
Violet: Now I can see your hair's longer and we'll just place one side of it over one eye as the other reveals your prettyful blue eye.
Like magic Jack Jack's blonde hair grew longer and one of his eyes were covered as Violet giggled seeing she had power over him.
Violet: Your hair will turn from blonde to black, and then I'll introduce you to the greatest CD ever I Wish I Were A Carpenter.
Jack Jack cooed a girly coo as Violet pulled a huge sack of candy out and split it between her and her newly acquired sister.
Violet(Taking a Sour Patch Watermelon bag out) These are probably the most addicting candies you'll ever eat Brooke Lillian Parr.
Jack Jack looked up at his new name and Violet tossed one into his mouth as he made a sour face and she giggled.
Violet: Yea their a little sour but you know things can't always be sweet, some things like candy is meant to be sour.
Brook held a watermelon in her pudgy fist and ate it making the face again as Violet kissed her.
Violet: Come on munchkin let's share our secret with Dash and inform him that he's the sitter tonight.
Violet couldn't wait to see the look on Dash's face when he saw what she did to Jack Jack or how he had to watch the cranky, tantrum throwing extraordinaire herself.
Violet: Dash get ready to meet your doom, Brooke Analise Parr and once you meet her things are going to get interesting.
Brooke giggled as Violet giggled back popping a peanut butter M&M into Brooke's mouth.
Violet: Mom and Dad I present to you back by popular demand Violet Analise Parr, or should I say Brooke Analise Parr.
Helen(Pinching Brookes cheeks) Just like yours Vie Pinchable and cute.
Bob: He even looks like you Vie how did you do it?
Violet(Kissing Brooke) A little love, attention, affection, and lastly I kept all my old clothes so he could wear hand me downs.
Dash walked up and saw his new little sister but had no idea who she was.
Violet: All right I bite what was your and Jack jack's secret?
Violet: Well for one I made him Brooke Analise Parr the 1st, and second you've pulled babysitting duty.
Dash(Laughing) Yea like you have any idea how to make a boy a girl.
Violet: This I do now have fun with the tantrum extraordinaire me, I have a date and I don't intend on being late.
Dash: But- but- but- I don't want to babysit tonight I have a date too.
Helen: Bring Brooke with you or no date at all, I can't even count all the dates Violet sacrificed for you, or the dates she brought you two on.
Dash: But I can't drag her on the date with me, she's a tantrum artist or so I'm told.
Violet(Kissing Brooke's forehead) Bye sweetie and give him hell he would do the same for me whenever mommy and daddy left.
Violet walked off as Brooke curled her lip and started screaming as Dash held his ears.
Dash: Wait munchkin do you want to watch Spongebob or maybe you'd like Max and Ruby Jack Jack always did
Brooke screamed louder and tears formed on her eyes as Dash wished he hadn't started a fight with a girl who could make a boy turn into a cranky girl.
What happens next read part 2 Babysitting Woes and reply to part 1
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