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Violet's Nightmarish Life

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Violet's ready to get even with Dash there goes the neighborhood

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Violet Parr was chasing Dash in his dreams again and he knew that this time the cat would finally get her mouse.
Violet's POV(Cackling) What's the matter Dash running out of gas so soon?, I could go all night if I wanted to.
A dark shadow towered over Dash as he saw his big sister grinning with her eyes burning into his.
Violet: Well Dash it looks like I have you all to myself, no mom, dad, John, or Jack Jack to save you now.
Dash held his hands to his head concentrating on getting the only person who could beat dream Violet into his dream.
Violet: It's hopeless Dash soon you'll be my little girl and there's nothing John, Mom, Dad, or Jack Jack can do about it.
Dash: Jack Jack will miss me and so will mom and dad haven't you figured that out?
A boy with black hair, white Nikes, A shirt that said Dreammasters Are The Only Way To Go, tan khaki shorts and hazel eyes fell into the dream.
Violet: I've thought of everything Dash and as a matter of fact I think John would love to be you.
Dash: But he can't be me he doesn't have my powers or my looks, there's no way you'll be able to pass John off as me.
Violet(Tickling Dash's chin) Silly Dash tricks are for kids, He's not going to be him anymore he's becoming you.
Dash: And that would leave me to become your little girl right?
Violet(Ruffling Dash's hair) You've got mommy's ability to be the smartest of the girl's race Dashy.
Dash ran off as John joined him and Violet raised her hands as their clohes magically flew to her folded up.
Violet( Cackling) Run run as fast as you can I'll always catch you because I'm the nightmare fan.
Dash reached a dead end as John continued to run and when Dash looked down he saw that his super suit was missing.
Violet: Did somebody forget to wear clothes in their nightmares again?
Dash: You caught me but you'll never catch John because he's the dreammaster.
Violet cackled as the wood floor John was running on became quicksand and she pulled out a needle.
Violet: See the problem with you Dash is you never look outside the box, you always see black and white.
Dash: You'll never catch the dreammaster because he'll just beat you again.
Violet stabbed Dash with the needle as a purple blood filled the needle and she smiled at Dash.
Violet: Super speed check, now let's see what we can do about your boy butchness shall we?
Violet pulled out a completely different pair of pajama's for Dash which were purple footies.
Violet: When I'm done with you we'll see how the dreammaster handles being the blonde, speedy, little brother to myself.
Dash made to run and fell to the ground panting as Violet waved the needle under Dash's nose cackling.
Violet: No super speed for you Dashy, but I'll tell you what I can do for you.
Dash(Gasping) What's- that- idiot- girl- making- me- your- little- sister?
Violet(Kissing his cheek) Try again Princess, if I make you a girl I'm making you a daughter not a sister you little munchkin.
Dash: You'll never get away with thise Vie, John can't act like me no matter how much he looks like me.
Violet: That's why he has me training him, now about that favor I have something for you.
Dash shuddered to think what Violet had for him as she stuck another needle with blue blood in his arm as he felt a strange sensation flowing through him.
Violet(Smiling at Dash) Forcefiled and Invisibility sound familiar to anyone?, soon your hair will grow longer and blacker.
Dash fell on his hands and knees as his hair became longer and blacker and one of his green eyes became blue as the other got hidden behind a mass of hair.
Violet: All right Dash now let's see how you handle being a little girl lost in the world with just her mommy to get her through it.
Dash's body shrank and he grew pigtails revealing his second blue eye as Violet walked off to find John smiling.
Violet: One Super down and another to make, then I'll go down for the night haunting my new Dash's dreams.
Violet found John stuck in the middle of the floor as she waved Dash's super suit in John's eyes.
Violet: Time for a makeover Mr. Dreammaster, and we're going to do it before you can blink so good luck beating me.
John focused all his energy on beating Violet as she opened her mouth laughing as she took all his energy.
Violet: You've heard of the big bad wolf right?, and how he huffed and he puffed and he blew the little pigs house in, well consider me the wolf and you a pig.
John(Struggling) I'll just wake up and warn people about you, then you'll be behind bars and I'm none the wiser.
Dash cooed in Violet's arms as she kissed him purple lipstick revealing itself on his cheek.
Violet(Throwing the suit at John) Go ahead wake up, but if you ever fall asleep again consider yourself super powered because you only escape me once.
John snapped his eyes opened as an evil laughter rang throughout his bedroom and he saw that he was the last of the kids on the block who beat Violet.
John(Smirking) Only escape once huh?, I escaped a million and one times and there's no way she can get to me in reality.
John's mother ran into the room with a look of fear on her face when she saw how much John was sweating.
John's mom: Your burning up sweetie no school for you today, I want you to get plenty of rest and fluids and I'll go to work so there's no one but you here.
John(Weak) Mom I can't stay here all day I have to go to school, see there's this girl in my dreams Violet Parr and she's looking to make me her little brother.
John's Mother(Kissing him) You have a very strange imagination John, Violet Parr has been dead for years she's worshipped as a hero in this town.
John: She needs me for something and I can't figure out what it is yet, she turned her little brother into her daughter so maybe she needs a new family.
John's mom(Grabbing her keys) You will not leave this house at all today young man, and just to be sure I put a combination lock on the door.
John: But what's the combination mom, you don't understand I'm doomed if I stay in this house.
John's mom: I'm not giving you the combination, now be a good boy and I'll be home around three to start dinner.
John tried once again to plead his case but his mother wasn't hearing it as she slammed the front door and he was all alone and vulnerable.
John(Muttering to himself) She won't get me I'll just have to stay awake all day, I'll need pep pills to do that and I believe mom keeps them in the medicine cabinet.
Meanwhile another little boy is sleeping in Study Hall as Violet saw him as the last person that was with John when she was banished into nightmare world.
Violet(Looking down at Dash) Look Vie mommy found the third little piggy, and this piggy's afraid of me without the second and first piggy to help him.
Jordan Monroe's head kept bobbing in and out of the teacher's drone about using the time wisely as Violet wiggled her fingers.
Violet: Time for a little change in scenery Jordan and this time it's just you and me.
Jordan found himself falling down a black hole as Violet's cackle rang out again and again down the hole as him and her fell into another classroom.
Violet(Smiling) All right class today we're studying History, and who better to teach it than the girl who is worshipped as a hero in her town.
Jordan(Rubbing his eyes) No you can't be real we beat you I saw you die.
Violet: The funny thing is you didn't kill me you just made me a resident of your dreams, and now you have to deal with me alone without the two piggies helping you.
Jordan(Shuddering) O-o-o-o-o-o-oh please what could you e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ever do to m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-me you don't even e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-exist.
Violet towered over Jordan the smile lingering on her face as she stood in front of Jordan's desk and he gulped.
Violet: See I don't exist to people who aren't afraid of me, you and your little friend are so that means I can do anything and you'd either die or live for an eternity.
Jordan: Look if your going to kill me then just do it, if not then quit playing with me and let me go.
Violet(Chuckling) Awwwwwwwwwwww isn't that cute he thinks I'm playing, but I'm not that's my newly acquired daughters job not mine.
Jordan: Newly acquired daughter?
Violet placed Dash onto the floor as he crawled up to Jordan giggiling his baby head off as Violet cackled at Jordan's screams of fear.
Violet: Jordan meet Violet Annalise Parr the II, Vie met Jordan your new teddy bear.
At the words teddy and bear Dash sank his finger's into Jordans tummy and he barely had time to laugh at Dash and Violet until his stomach became filled with fluff.
Violet: Two piggies down one to go, and this one will be my personal plaything, John will finally know what fear looks like.
Jordan screamed as he grew pink fur, purple bows, sandals, and a sundress as Dash held Jordan close snuggling with him.
Violet(Laughing triumphantly) Looks like she found a new friend, huh my sweet little invisibity, force fielding, princess?
Jordan grew glassy green eyes as Dash giggled and hugged Jordan close as Jordan's soul was swept from his body and into Violet's stomach with Dash's.
Violet: All right Johnny let's get you to turn into my plaything and then you'll have two fears, one sleeping and two your new big and little sisters.
John on the other hand was putting sleeping pill after sleeping pill into his mmouth as Violet tricked the labels and John thought they were pep pills.
John(Shaking the whole bottle into his mouth) Let's see her beat me now that I'm pepped and she's doomed to nightmare world forever.
John stumbled into the living room sleep taking him as Violet's laughter once again echoed through his house and he fell asleep.
Violet: Welcome back little piglet, too bad you couldn't save your friends.
John(Screaming) Nooooooooooooooo it's impossible for me to be asleep, I took a whole bottle of pep pills before I fell asleep.
Violet(Shaking John's bottle cackling) You mean these pep pills, Princess Violet's pep pills because if so they aren't pep pills their sleeping pills.
John ran at Violet as she easily pushed him down and placed one of her feet on his chest producing Dash's super suit.
Violet(Laughing) Hmmmmmmmmmmm why does this suit look so familiar?, Ohhhhhhhh now I know it was my scaredy cat of a brother's super suit.
John(Weak) Please let me go I won't hurt you Violet, please, please, please let me go I beg of you.
Violet(Ripping John's clothes off) I have your powers now and soon I'll have your soul too so what do you have to bargain with?
John saw his clothes disappear as Violet slinked up his body like a cat smiling.
Violet: Your the last John so I'll take my time with you, besides after all the pills you took it'd be a shame to let you wake up so soon after becoming Dash.
John(Screaming) Dashhhhhhhhhhh Jordannnnnnnnnnnn you can fight her powers fight back and we can beat her again, forever this time.
Violet(Pretending to brush a speck of dirt of jer chest) Beat me they can't beat me I own them now.
John made to sit up but Violet's boot just held him in place as she cackled into his face and slinked further up his body.
Violet: You know we could have been boyfriend and girlfriend if you never beat me, but now it's hopeless and more kids will fall by my hand.
John: Noooooooooo let me go please I promise I won't hurt you and I don't want to be your brother I heard about the dreams you gave him.
Violet(Smiling triumphantly) I wasn't even at the top of my game with him, you on the other hand get my best because it's your fault I'm stuck here.
John: Somebody else will beat you and then you'll need me to bring you back you stupid girl.
Violet stucker her other boot on John's chest and stood up tall as John winced in pain.
Violet: Your dream power is never dying you idiot boy, since I have your powers I'll never, ever, ever, ever die again so I really should be thanking you.
John: Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn please don't make me Dash I'm begging you please don't make me Dash
Violet laughed as John felt himself becoming weaker to Violets powers and she knew that soon he'd be Dash.
Violet: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let's see first you'll need a seven year old's body, then you'll need the clothes of Dashnel Robert Parr, and then your all mine.
John squeaked in fear as Violet laid across his chest feeling triumphant against John for the first time in her life.
Violet: Like I said first comes the seven year old body you cute little brother.
John's thirteen year old body shrank and grew smaller as Violet couldn't hold her laughter in as her hand brushed through John's hair.
Violet: No more black hair for you munckined scaredy cat, now you'll have blonde hair and let's see what else you need shall we?
John tossed and turned on the couch in reality as Violet's cackle reigned triumphant as his black hair became blond in dream and reality.
Violet: Next is your clothes Dashy now let's get them on you before you fight back and I'm gone forever, but then again that could never happen.
Violet drew white underwear, white socks, black pants, and a white T shirt as her smile grew wider.
Now hold still little bro not that you have a choice with me standing on you, and here comes the underwear, socks, pants, and T shirt munchkin.
Violet pulled the underwear, socks, pants, and T shirt on as John screamed feeling the Dash in him coming out and Violet cackled at him.
Violet: Feel the pain of the supers John and then you'll have the pain of nightmares that Dash had, except yours will be ten times worse having a little niece too.
John(Trying to squirm) You'll never scare me because you couldn't even do that when I was thirteen.
Violet:(Producing a needle) You forget that your Dash not John, and he's scared of everything including me now let's get you some super powers.
Violet happily stabbed John with the needle as John's feet moved fast and Violet saw that John was very quickly becoming her little borther.
Violet: Now for the super suit and then you get the miberty of seeing me every night and every day, even when you sleep I'll be there.
John screamed a little boys scream as Violet's boots made indents in his chest and she threw Dash's old super suit over him with a smile on her face.
Violet: And Veola we have a little brother fit for a nightmare fest and also fit for a supered borther.
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