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maddie's Super Nightmares

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Violet has found a little girl to help her in nightmare world

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Violet Parr skipped down the halls of her school handing invitations out for a sleepover as girl's waited in suspense.
Violet(Handing them out) One for you, one for you, one for you, oh and one for you, one for you, and one for you that's all sorry uninvited ladies.
The uninvited girls shuffled away slowly as Violet looked at the invited girls.
Violet: All right ladies be there at 6:00 we'll party until the wee hours of the next day.
The girl's cheered as at another part of the hall boys crowded together ready to crash Violet's party but only one was definitely not wanting to do it.
Boy #1(Shivering) I heard she was a witch and well you met her family on TV, Elastagirl, Mr. Incredible, Dash, Jack Jack any one of them could catch us.
Boy #2(Smiling) Oh please that witch rumor is just a story, and the Incredibles aren't so incredible around normies like us.
Boy #1: I don't know Jeremy this sounds kind of scary.
Jeremy Walsh looked at his brother John as he stared back and Jeremy knew the way to reel John the innocent fish in.
Jeremy: You'll be a part of the cool crowd John just like Melissa and me, you just need to sneak in, get a picture of her underwear and bra, and walk out easy as pie.
John(Grumbling) Easy for you to say you're not walking into a witch's house.
Jeremy(Looking down at John) You say something?
John(Repositioning his backpack) Yea I said count me in, just don't leave me out of the Drive In trips anymore.
Jeremy(Smiling) Buddy if you do this I'll take you wherever you want.
John got a frightened look on his face but knew if he wanted trips to the Drive In he would need to do it.
Jeremy: Meet me at 5:00 I'll have the nightgown, makeup artist, hair artist, and new identity for you then.
John: Yea, yea, yea you're lucky I feel left out of all your fun so I'm easy to manipulate.
Jeremy smirked as John walked off knowing he just set a ginormus mouse trap and John was the mouse going into it.
Jeremy: If you make it out alive I'll still leave you out nerd, it's so easy to manipulate him.
That night John met Jeremy right on time as his sister Melissa was ready to do his makeup and her friend Caroline was ready to do his hair.
John: Let's make this quick I just want to get in and get out, I'll snap your stupid pictures and then I'm off to the Drive In.
Jeremy(Handing John a nightgown and matching slippers) These complete the ensemble, now get out there and get my pictures little bro.
Melissa: Yea little bro get out there and snap his pictures.
John hated being called little bro by Melissa because he was four years older than her but he did what was asked and skipped to Violet's house.
Jeremy(Looking at Melissa) How long do you give him before Violet get's her witchy paws on him?
Melissa(Laughing) Five minutes tops bro, five minutes tops.
Jeremy and Melissa laughed glad to be rid of their tattling brother knowing Violet had plans for the first boy who crashed this party of hers.
John shook the whole way up the steps to Violet's house and rang the bell as Violet answered it and John smiled dimples and all.
John(Voice shaking) Hi I'm Emily Monroe and I got an invite to the party today.
Violet(Reaching her palm out) Sorry Em but no invite no entry, hand it over and let me inspect it.
John's hand shook as Violet grabbed the invite and smiled down at John.
Violet: This checks out Emily so come on in and join the party.
John walked inside to find the girl's giggling over posters of The Jonas Brothers and he just wanted to quickly get what he needed and get out.
Violet: Join us Emily we were just having a very intellectual conversation on which Jonas Brother is hotter.
John: Actually I was just wondering where your bathroom was, I need to touch up my makeup and fix my hair.
Violet pointed upstairs as John dashed up there and Violet followed him an evil glint in her eyes.
John's POV: Darn where is her room there are about a million here, how do I know which one is hers?
John looked down the hall and saw doors with three names on them Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack and he walked through the door marked Violet.
John's POV: Phase one complete now phase 2 get those pictures, then get your tail out of there.
John pulled a camera from his nightgown pocket and found a pair of underwear and a bra resting on the floor.
John(Whispering) So that's what a bra looks like, I guess snapping pictures couldn't be too hard now could it.
John took pictures of Violet's underwear and bra as he smiled and made to skip off as Violet grinned down at him.
Violet: This is a big house Emily, here why not let me show you where the bathroom is.
John: Thanks you're so kind Violet, I must be going too my mom called and she's real iffy about me spending the night here tonight.
Violet: Awwwwwwwwwwww fiddlesticks I was so looking forward to getting to know you.
John: Well you know mom knows best, so I really should be going but thanks for the invitation and all.
Violet(Grabbing John) The jigs up Emily, so who are you working for and the pictures you took are going to whom?
John(Gulping) I am Emily Monroe I really am, why don't you believe me?
Violet(Removing John's wig) Hah I knew you were faking, now start talking or suffer my wrath.
John(Looking at the floor) My brother Jeremy hired me to take the pictures, he said it was an easy job.
Violet placed her finger under John's chin and forced his head up until he was eye to eye with her.
Violet: Let me guess Jeremy the ex boyfriend of mine never mentioned what happens to party crashers under my watch.
John shook his head no as Violet grinned knowing the perfect way to get back at Jeremy and make John happy too.
Violet: I take it the attention in the house is always on Jeremy and Melissa and you hate it right?
John(Crying) Yea and my mom says it's nothing but I know they look out for each other.
Violet(Soothing John) SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what if I told you there was a way to make you young again.
John(Sniffling) Would I have to live with Jeremy and Melissa?
Violet: Nope you'll live here with me, I'll how you all the attention Jeremy and Melissa never showed you.
John: How do I do that?
Violet: Trust me John I can make it happen, all's you have to do is get even with them when you become three.
John(Drying his eyes) Count me in they were so mean to me now it's time for them to pay for what they did.
Violet(Holding her hand out) Excellent and this sleepover it was just a gag, the people I invited were robots and now your going to share the sleepover fun with me.
John was happy to hear this having no idea just what Jeremy, Melissa, and Violet had planned for him.
Violet(Walking John to an empty room) You sit here and I'll be back with your new costume.
John: What new costume?
Violet: Your supersuit of course cutie, every Parr family member has one.
John(Excited) You don't mean?
Violet: Yep you're joining the Parr flock now you sit tight I'll be back in two shakes of a puppy's tail.
John smiled sitting on a cot as Violet went back to her room to find a box her mom gave her when she turned 13.
Violet(Cackling) Three year old Violet anyone?, I'm graduating high school and now I found purpose a little munchkin to call my own.
Violet also grabbed a Grape Soda can with her face on it John not knowing he was gaining all of her powers and all, plus some new one's Violet saw as essential.
Violet(Skipping up to John) Back munchkin now get that nightgown off and let's measure you for your new supersuit sweetie.
John obediently took the nightgown off as Violet grabbed a clothes tape measure and twisted it around him.
Violet: You're perfect John now let's start making you a Parr, here you look parched drink this.
John chugged his soda as Violet grinned folding her clothes as a three year old out on the bed as John noticed them.
John: So who's the girl clothes for?
Violet: A friend of mine just drink up sweetie and let me handle the rest.
John drank the rest of the grape soda and suddenly he felt sick to his stomach like someone was fighting to come out.
John: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I don't feel so well.
Violet(Grinning) You do look a little pale, here I have just the thing you just lay down and rest your pretty little head.
John laid down on the cot as Violet skipped off getting a stuffed elephant straight from the dryer as she snuggled it.
Violet: Elle you're about to be repositioned as me as a three year olds favorite stuffed animal.
Violet also grabbed the thermometer and some cold and flu medicine as she then climbed the stairs to dress John and tuck him in with Elle the elephant by his side.
Violet(Grabbing the thermometer) Open wide sweetie and keep the thermometer under your tongue.
John did as he was told as Violet thrusts the thermometer under John's tongue and smiled down at him.
Violet: It could be the flu, a cold, or a million other things, but it could also be the fact that me as a three year old is inside you.
John's eyes grew fearful as Violet ruffled his hair and the thermometer beeped as she pulled it out.
Violet: Cool as a cucumber so I guess it's a cold, or my three year old soul overtaking you.
John: But if your three year old soul is inside of me then that would make me you.
Violet(Kissing his cheek) Well at least we know you've got mommy's brain, now hold still while I get you dressed for bed.
John jumped from the bed as Violet grinned standing in front of the door as he eeped fearfully.
Violet: You know a bath couldn't hurt either, I mean you're filthy and mommy knows some great ways to get rid of those impossible stains.
John was quickly lifted from the ground by Violet as she led him to a tub filled with hot water, My Little Ponies, Disney Princess Barbies, and tons of bubbles.
Violet: Welcome to Phase one the girly tub, this should make the three year old in me come out.
John screamed as he was tossed into the tub and Violet grinned down at him thrusting My Little Ponies into his little hands.
Violet: Well go on name them I always did when I was little, that was my favorite part of having My Little Ponies.
John(Throwing the My Little Pony into the suds) No I won't name it and no I won't enjoy this bath, the boy in me will fight your little girl.
Violet(Shaking her head) Just horrible manners sweetie, mommy will have to teach you those at a young age I think.
John squirmed as Violet's hands came down and thrusted Ariel The Little Mermaid into his hands.
Violet: Her on the other hand already has a name, It's Ariel and she's the little mermaid.
John: I hate you and I hate this life, just make me a teenaged boy again and please leave me alone.
Violet: I'm afraid I can't do that John, see you snuck into my party looking to expose me and I can't have that happen.
John: Then make me a black cat, a pair of new clothes, a puppy anything but your daughter.
Violet: Sorry but the transformation has already begun and I could stop it but you know stopping it would just be against my code of honor.
John moaned weakly as little toes and fingers showed themselves and he grabbed the My Little Pony he threw into the suds staring at it.
John: I'll name you Cloud because you're white just like a cloud.
Violet: It's already beginning to take effect so munchkin start naming the others and I'll start making the list of names for your ponies.
Violet produced a paper and a pen and put White pony on one side of the paper and her nickname Cloud next to it.
John: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- can't- fight- being- little- girl- anymore.
Violet(Handing him another Pony) Well name it sweetie I mean they all need names if you're going to play with them in the bath.
John(Inspecting the pony) HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I think we should call this one Sunset because she's red with orange hair.
Violet: You're a natural at pony name calling munchkin, so I'll document it.
Violet recorded Sunset's description and name right under Cloud's.
Violet: See John fighting is useless because you're going to be a three year old soon enough so don't fight it.
John screamed in pain as his stomach became flatter, thinner and pale colored.
Violet(Handing John a yellow Pony) Name this one next sweetie it should be easy seeing it's a bright color.
John(Screaming joyfully) I NAME THIS ONE SUNSHINE.
Violet: Couldn't have named it better myself sweetie.
John tried fighting as his hair became black, long, and covered one of his eyes.
Violet: Ponytails will come after your bath, now let's get that hair washed and your other ponies named shall we?
John: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo make it stop I can't fight you as a three year old.
Violet(Counting on her fingers) Indestructible, lightning, elasticity, super strength, super speed, invisibility, and forcefield I think that covers it.
John screamed as the powers Violet mentioned were given to him and she smirked triumphantly down at him.
Violet: Superpowers check, next we continue naming the ponies.
John was handed a purple pony as John inspected it and his three year old girl mind worked overtime trying to find a name for it?
Violet: What about Plum?
John: Nuh uh everything is named Plum these days mama, Hmmmmmmmmmmm what should her name be?
Violet: What about grape?
John: Nope that name is overrated by all thing's purple.
Violet: Good point Hmmmmmmmmmmm this is a hard one to name.
John(Snapping his fingers) I got it what about Violet like your name mama?
Violet(Grinning) I knew you'd come up with it sooner or later sweetie.
John moaned in pain as three year old Violet giggled beneath his stomach and Violet cackled knowing John was about to lose.
Violet(Washing John's hair) John I think you and my daughter are finding a common bond, soon she's going to take control of you.
John screamed in pain as Violet's cackle erupted through the bathroom and John saw freckles forming on his chest and stomach.
Violet: My mom always told me that freckles were just God's way of making me perfect and I'm not one to argue with God.
John was handed the last pony as he stared for a long time at it because it was multicolored and out came Violet at three's brain.
John(Screaming happily) I WANT TO NAME THIS ONE RAINBOW.
Violet: And that's it now all's there is for my little girl to do is fight through the boy holding you.
John felt A twinge in his body as all of a sudden Violet at three emerged from inside of him cackling and grabbing the Disney Princess' Barbies.
Violet's daughter who's name was Madison giggled grabbing Mulan and Ariel and making them swim next to each other.
Madison: His brother and sister were meanies too when do we go after them?
Violet: Soon Maddie real, real, real,real,real soon.
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