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The Rest Of His Life

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Life goes on...

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And then he saw her standing by the bed.

“Grandma.” He pleaded. “Help me.”
Elena tilted her head and smiled.
It was at that moment he realized he was seeing his grandma through Willow’s gift. Tearing his gaze away from her he looked down into Willow’s face. He gazed down into her open eyes. “Willow?”
She blinked several times. “Gee.” The word came out in raspy whisper.
“Oh God, Willow.” He pressed the call button for the nurse. “Willow, Sugar.” He leaned over and kissed her lips.
A moment later one of the nurses rushed into the room.
“She said my name.” Gerard yelled, “She’s awake.”
The nurse stepped closer to the bed. She knew patients sometimes opened their eyes while still in a coma and hoped this was not the case. “She said your name?”
Gerard nodded.
“Mrs Way?” The nurse leaned over her.
Willows eyes were trained on Gerard. “Baby?”
The nurse smiled at Gerard, “Keep talking to her. I’ll be right back.”
Gerard had tears rolling down his cheeks, “She’s fine.” Gerard said. “Oh God, Willow I was so afraid.”
Willow closed her eyes.
“Willow Sugar. Look at me.” He pleaded. “Willow.” He said her name louder.
Slowly she opened her eyes again. “I’m here.” She whispered. “I was lost but Elena led me back.” It was painful to speak, her throat was so dry.
“She was just here. I saw her.” Gerard lifted her hand to his lips. “Oh God, Willow I love you.”
She smiled, "Love you.”

Another doctor Gerard hadn’t seen before walked into the room. “Hello Mrs Way.” He smiled down at Willow. “How are you feeling?”
“Tired.” Willow whispered.
The doctor smiled, “You’ve been through quiet an ordeal. You had us all very worried.” He said while noting the machines that were displayng her vital signs.
Gerard noticed that Willow was staring at him. He knew by the look on her face something was wrong.
“Mr Way you have family out in the waiting room. Why don’t you go share the good news with them? I’m going to examine Willow.”
Gerard was suddenly afraid again but he felt Willow lightly squeeze his hand. “It’s okay.” She whispered sensing his fear.

In the waiting room Mikey, Alicia, and his parents looked up in surprise when Gerard suddenly burst in the room. “She’s awake.”
Mikey jumped to his feet, “She’s awake?”
Gerard nodded, “Yeah.” He was hugged by this mom and dad. When Mikey threw his arms around him Gerard whispered in his ear, “Grandma led her back.”
Mikey moved back to look into his eyes. “Did you see her?”
Gerard nodded.
Alicia was crying openly. “Gee, I’m so fuckin’ happy.” She said throwing her arms around him.
He hugged her tightly the stood back to look at his family.“I knew she’d come back to me.” He said wiping his eyes. “I fuckin’ knew it.”
Mikey smiled, “Yeah, you did.”
“So what’s going on now?’ Donna asked touching Gerard’s arm.
“The doctor is checking her out but she’s okay. She asked about the baby.”
Donna smiled, “So she’s talking.”
“Yeah.” Gerard answered excitedly adding, “I gotta get back in there.”
“Give her our love.” Don said clasping Gerard on the back.

The doctor was still examining Willow when Gerard walked back in the room. When he spotted Gerard he smiled. “We have a few tests we want to run but her blood pressure is good, there seems to be no loss of motor skills and her memory seems fine. I’ve explained to her what happened during the birth.”
Gerard moved to Willow’s side and took her hand. Maybe the doctor didn’t understand the look on Willow’s face but he did. He could tell she thought something was wrong.
The nurse noted something on Willows chart then smiled to them. “We’re going to schedule the tests. If you feel up to it I’m sure there is a visitor you’d like to see.”
Willow understood, “Baby.” She smiled before wetting her lips with the damp cloth the nurse had given her.
“I’ll call down to the nursery right away.” She moved towards the door giving Gerard a small pat on the shoulder before she and the doctor left the room.
Gerard sat down and took Willow’s hand, “Sugar what’s wrong?”
Willow slowly turned her head to gaze into his eyes.
He squeezed her hand. “You’re gonna be fine.” Suddnly fear gripped his heart. He’d seen how Willow was looking at the doctor. Had she heard something in his thoughts he wasn’t telling them?
“Gee I thought I was going to die.” She whispered slowly, “Doctor said I had seizures.” She was struggling to understand everything, “I think I did die.”
“Your heart stopped during the delivery.” The words were hard for him to say.
Willow closed her eyes.
He quickly got up and lowered the rail of her bed so he could sit beside her. “Grandma showed you what was going to happen so you would understood the danger. I think she did it so you could make your own choice.”
Willow forced her eyes open, “I made the only choice I could. I love you.” Her eyes closed again.
The nurse had walked back into the room and saw the concern on Gerard’s face. “It’s okay if she falls back asleep. Most coma patients don’t stay awake for very long at first.”
Gerard touched Willow’s face and she opened her eyes again.
“I called the nursery. Your daughter is out of the incubator and doing well. When you feel up to it they will bring her here for a visit.”
“Now please.” Willow said determined to stay awake. She wanted to see her baby.
“Would you like me to help you sit up a bit?” The nurse asked. When Willow nodded she pushed the controls on the bed raising Willow’s head so that she was in more of a sitting position. “Okay Dad. Try to keep her awake for a few minutes.”
It was the first time anyone had called him Dad and hearing the word brought a smile to his face. “Okay.”
Once the nurse was gone he spoke to Willow, “Sugar how do you feel?”
She looked over at him and her voice shook, “Scared.”
“Scared?” His heart started to race. “Why?”
Willow closed her eyes again.
“Willow what’s going on?” Gerard touched her cheek, “The doctor said you’re gonna be fine.”
Her eyes remained closed.
He had to know, “Did you hear him thinking something else?” He held his breath waiting for her answer.
Slowly she opened her eyes. “I’m scared because I didn’t hear him at all. I can’t hear anyone’s thoughts.”
It was then he understood her fear. “Everyone is silent?”
Willow nodded, “I don’t understand.”
He lifted her hand still tightly clasped in his. “Do you still feel this?”
Her smile was beautiful, “Yes.”
“Maybe you lost your ability to hear thoughts.” He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers, “But as long as we have this feeling what more do we need?”
Tears filled her eyes, “It’s just scary. It’s like waking up and a part of you is gone.”
“That was just a small part of you, Willow.”.
“It’s just so strange. So quiet.”
“God I was so scared.” Gerard admitted holding her hand tightly, “So scared I’d lost you.”
“I saw myself on the operating table.’’ Willow said closing her eyes. “And then…” She struggled to explain, “I remember your grandma calling to me from the darkness. She said you were waiting for me.”
Tears rolled down his cheeks, “Yeah I was waiting for you.”

Willow had fought to stay awake and finally a cart appeared carrying a most precious gift. The nurse wheeled it over by the bed and smiled. “Here’s that visitor.” She looked at Gerard, “Let me know if you need anything.” She said before turning to leave.
Gerard stood and went to his daughters side. He felt his heart melting as he gazed upon her for the first time. “She’s so beautiful.”
“You haven’t seen her before now?” Willow asked.
As he gently lifted the baby in his arms he answered, “No. I wanted us to be together when we met her.” As he truned he was startled to see Elena standing near the bed but out of Willow’s view.
Willow had tears in her eyes, “Oh Gee.” She cried. “What if…”
He shook his head still looking at his grandma. “I had faith.”
Carefully he sat on the edge of the bed then placed the baby in her mothers arms but kept his finger on the infants tiny hand. As Willow lovingly gazed into her daughers face Gerard turned his head and saw that Elena was still watching over them. He realized he was seeing her without Willow’s touch. He was seeing her through his daughters touch, a daughter that had inherited her mothers gift.
He smiled at Elena. “Thank you” he mouthed speaking from his heart.
Willow was too busy memorizing every feature of her daughters face to notice.
As Elena faded away Gerard closed his eyes and uttered a small prayer of thanks for the two most precious gifts he’d ever received. Silently he vowed he’d spend the rest of his life treasuring those gifts.

ATUHORS NOTE- So there you have it. Did some of you really think I was going to kill Willow off? Okay honest moment here – when I originally wrote the story in my head that’s how it ended, with Willow dying. However as I wrote the story and became more involved with my characters I just couldn’t do it. I’m a romance writer at heart! LOL

Hope you enjoyed the story and thank you so much for reading along. I really don’t think you all know how important you are to me. I’ve loved writing so much over the past few years. But now I feel a bit uncertain about things. The news of Bob’s departure has really upset me. I’m worried about the future of the band and well, to be honest, Bob is a pretty important part of the new story I’ve been working on. It is a story that has been in my head for years and I finally decided to write it. I don’t want to change it. I considered just not posting it but then it came to me – this is all make-believe anyway so in my world Bob is still in the band and oh yeah Brian is still their manager. LOL Hope this won’t bother anyone. Okay I’m just getting gabby so I’ll stop. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for reading my words. New story will start next week. Love you all bunches. Elena XOXO
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