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Chapter 3 Dash's Wish And Jack Jack's Curse

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Dash makes an evil wish that will turn this ff around full force

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After Brooke's bath Helen and Violet put Monster's VS. Aliens on and Violet and Helen were surprised at how Brooke took to Ginormica and Violet grinned knowing a way to torture Dash even more.
Violet: Brother needs a challenge tomorrow and you like the big lady using cars for roller skates so here's what we do, we make Brooke Lillian Parr Ginormous like the lady and Brother can deal with that.
Hellen, Violet, and Brooke grinned at this as the movie ended and Brooke was laid down as Helen and Violet a big day of little brother/daughter making both fall asleep.
Violet(Whispering) Goodnight Infantica man is Dash going to have a ball with you and all your powers.
The next morning Violet and Helen were up before Brooke as Violet stabbed a needle into Brooke with rosy pink fluid in it and cackled as Brooke became ginormous and so did her crib, playpen, and toys.
Violet: Old McViolet had a sissy E I E I O and then that sissy became huge E I E I O with a growl growl here and a slamming brother there here a growl there a slam everywhere a growl and slam, Old McViolet had a sissy E I E I O.
Helen was in the kitchen cooking pancakes as Dash shuffled into the kitchen and Violet had a mischievous grin on her face.
Dash: All right I hate to ask and trust me after what you did to Jack Jack I really do but what's with the evil grin?
Violet: You'll see Dashy boy, let's just say I upped the ante on your babysitting gig today and mom and I have the whole day to prom dress shop.
Dash: What- have- you- done- Violet.
Violet: We shall see Dashy we shall see.
Bob: That girl's growing all the time Helen, she's almost as big as her crib.
Dash(Smirking) She is not she's a mini version of Violet.
Bob: Well the mini version of Violet just ripped her PJ's, luckily her supersuit is stretchy and won't rip.
Dash(Laughing) Very funny dad I'm sure she's 6 ft 10 and becoming Ginormica as we speak.
Bob(Snapping his fingers) Ginormica that's her name, the woman from Monsters VS. Aliens that's what Brooke reminds me of.
Violet: Ohhhhhh dad you and your imagination I can't believe it sometimes.
Bob shrugged as Brooke crawled down the stairs ginormous.
Violet: Maybe it wasn't his imagination, I mean sheesh look how big she is.
Bob: I hate to say I told you so but I did.
Violet: Soooooooooooooo I'm sure dad has to get to work today, mom and I have daughter mother bonding time, and well you have brother to ginormous sister bonding time.
Brooke giggled jumping and clapping as it sounded like thunder and lightning to Dash as the three people smiled and left Brooke giggling like a giant and Dash looking nervously up at her huge physique.
Dash: All right last night was off to a bad start but why don't we start fresh so I'll just do the chores and you occupy yourself by watching cartoons.
Brooke shook her head no her huge pigtails swinging back and forth hitting Dash and they felt like a whip to him as she giggled stretching across the doorframe.
Dash: What are you doing Brooke Lillian Parr?
Brooke now bigger than Dash became a slingshot and Dash was launched across the kitchen into the living room as she giggled and ran after him her feet booming on the floor.
Dash: All right I get it last night is still stuck in your mind but come on Brooke you weren't exactly a little angel last night.
Brooke nodded as Dash eeped when she reached down picking him up and giggling kissing him.
Dash: EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW you drooled on me.
Brooke giggled as she threw Dash on the floor and ran across the living room and made siren noises.
Dash(Holding his ears) Shut up you shrimp!
Brooke stopped the siren noises and curled her lip as Dash knew he said the wrong thing to her.
Dash(Patting Brooke's leg) There there Brooke I didn't mean to call you a shrimp, I'm just scared to death of you.
Brooke moaned and continued crying as Dash ran off to hide hoping he wouldn't be found.
Brooke giggled wiping her eyes and turning Monsters VS. Aliens on then sat and watched it as Dash crept from the linen closet and into the living room to find Brooke sleeping.
Dash(Whispering) Thank God she's sleeping now to get chores done and then I'm leaving the tallest tike here while I go to play Batman Arkham Asylum at Joeys house.
Dash cleaned the whole house leaving the vaccuming for last on purpose and slipped out gently closing the door to Brooke's loud snoring.
A couple hours later Helen and Violet came home to find Brooke in the front yard giggling and waving and they knew Dash was in a lot of trouble.
Violet: At least she's not ginormous anymore, now let's start finding Dash mom, I'll check at Joeys and you check at Gregs, I'll have dad check at John's on his way home.
Helen: Come on tike let's get you some lunch, Mcdonald's is good as soon as we find your brother who's grounded for a century.
Violet came out of Joey's house with an angry looking Dash as Helen pointed to the backseat and he saw Brooke was small again.
Dash: Sure she's small with ladies around but big when there's boys around, I hate babysitting her.
Helen: You best get used to her because she's now all yours ripe for babysitting, and she's only a giant with you because you're mean to her.
Dash: I am not I'm an angel to her.
Brooke shook her head no and played back a dictaphone with Dash calling her a shrimp.
Helen: Yea real nice Dash telling her to shut up and calling her a shrimp you must be a saint.
Dash: Well she was doing that stupid siren thing for five seconds that felt like five minutes because her voice is so loud when she's huge and I can't help that.
Violet: You could try a little harder to give her attention, I mean come on Dash where is your compassion?
Dash: It's left in the same place my kid fun is, somewhere deep inside me and I can't find it anymore.
Helen: Oh please Dash the only reason your the way you are is because we were to soft on you as a child, I mean you're like cake dough now and we need to mold you into a babysitting cake.
Dash: That makes no sense mom, I'm not a cake I have muscle tissue, bones, skin, and organs a cake doesn't have that.
Helen: All the good one's do like strawberry cheesecake for example, the muscle tissue is the golden graham cracker pie crust.
Violet(Licking her lips) The bones is the cheesecake in the middle.
Helen: The skin is cherries on top.
Violet: And the orgnas is the whipped cream ohhhhhhhh my mouth waters just thinking about it.
Helen(Licking her lips) Mine too we'll pick some up on the way home, I'm sure Brooke'll like it too.
Violet: Brooke get ready to have your taste buds wowed, Cheesecake is better than any candy you can have.
Brooke giggled pulling the candy baggie Violet gave her on the first day out and offering some to Violet as Violet took some gummi slugs and handed it back to Brooke.
Brooke nudged Dash with her candy baggie as he took a sour patch watermelon and then Brooke threw a gummi worm in her mouth slurping it like Violet showed her.
Dash: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww sick Brooke, you treat those things like their real worms.
Violet(Ruffling Brooke's hair) That's kind of the idea huh sis?
Brooke nodded slurping another one and giggling as Helen stopped at the drive thru and Violet held her finger to her lips to silence Brooke.
Helen: Hi there I'll have two Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese Meals, a chicken nugget happy meal, and one Chicken selects 6 count meal and Cokes for all of them please.
Dash: Brooke doesn't need Coke she needs a muzzle and a very small cage.
Viole(Punching Dash's arm) And you need a smaller muzzle and the smallest cage they can find.
Helen: Dash you deserved it I mean it's not like Brooke can defend herself from you.
Dash: Yea but she didn't have to punch me that really hurt.
Violet: Next time leave the tike out of your angry thoughts Dash.
Dash: Maybe if you didn't leave her with me all the time and gave her powers up the wazoo I wouldn't be so mad at her.
Violet: She needs her powers to defend herself from you Dash.
Dash: Oh please the worst I can do is beat her in a foot race, or in her case a footie race man I kill myself.
Brooke stretched her arm around Dash's neck like a noose as Violet grinned and Helen did the same.
Violet: Dash I'd apologize if I were you before she gains dad's super strength and Ginormica's super tallness.
Dash choked sorry Brooke as she let go of his neck and giggled as he rubbed it.
Dash: That was a low blow Brooke you caught me off guard, next time I'll be more prepared.
Violet: Oh please it's like a man to not admit when they lose.
Dash: And it's like a girl to catch a man off guard, I would have been ready if maybe she said goo or ga before throwing her arms around my neck in a death grip.
Violet(Kissing Brooke) Right and he understands goo and ga doesn't he cutey pie?
Brooke shook her head no her pigtails swinging with her as Dash angrily glared out the window.
Violet: On the other hand she understood the word kill I think it's time I taught her the ABC's mom.
Helen: Good Idea Vie I mean if they have Your Baby Can Read our Brooke can do whatever she wants.
Violet: Great our Brooke will be the smartest preschooler when it comes time for her to go.
Dash: Yea and just imagine what the other kids are going to think seeing a girl who can bend like a rubber band, make a force field, turn invisible, run faster than the speed of light, beat up the class bully without flinching, come out of fights without a scratch, scrape, bloody nose, or any other mark, can shoot lightning from her fingertips, and grow as big as the school itself, yea she'll be a real hit with the kids.
Violet: Hey you were a pre schoolar once too, and so was I, mom, dad, and Brooke will be one too.
Dash: Yea but we didn't have all the powers she has, Vie she's a walking, talking, ticking, time bomb in the real world.
Brooke giggled growing massive muscles and opening her car seat to sit on Violet's lap.
Violet: See she knows when to use her powers and when not to, she wanted out of her car seat and she got out.
Dash(Making faces at Brooke) You little devil you'll be eaten alive in pre school.
Brooke became huge as she broke through the roof of the van and grabbed Dash in a death grip embrace.
Violet: Well mom dad always wanted a sun roof.
Helen: Good point and Dash does have it coming, he's so mean to Brooke.
Brooke put Dash in her mouth and used him as a pacifier as he screamed in her mouth mumbling help to Helen and Violet.
Violet: Brooke you continue doing what you're doing he deserves all he's getting.
Brooke giggled as Dash squirmed trying to free himself from her mouth.
Violet: Dash apologies are more than enough for little ones, just tell her you're sorry and get it over with.
Dash screamed sorry as Brooke put him down and grinned as Violet shook her head laughing at Dash.
Violet: Covered in baby drool man that is so classic.
Dash: I wish you never made Jack Jack Brooke, I wish you could be the smallest and Jack Jack and I have to suffer taking care of you.
Violet(Grinning) Couldn't have wished it better myself but if you can't handle Brooke you'd never be able to handle me.
Dash: Wanna make a bet?
Violet: All right ten bucks says Jack Jack get's to be my sitter before you.
Helen liked where this was going as Dash smiled thinking he was rid of the evil little sister having no idea that he just gained a new one.
Violet:And we're home, Jack Jack sissy won and is now becoming all the things you were once, only I will never stop using my powers just because Dash hates them and so will you.
Dash: Great now I don't have Brooke and Jack Jack get's stuck with Violet what could be better?
Helen: Ask Violet she might know.
Violet: I hear twins in your future Dash, you wanted Brooke's powers you'll have them and so will I, leaving Jack Jack to babysit us.
Dash(Gulping) Twins?
Violet(Nodding) Yea I mean you hate Brooke because you've never been Brooke.
Dash: No I hate her because she has more powers than me.
Violet: And now she won't you will and Jack Jack can deal with us Parr sisters.
Helen: We'd have to make him older of course.
Violet: Of course and like Dash, he'd be a pushover if he was like Dash.
Dash: So I'd have to be a baby?
Violet: No duhhhhhhhhhhhh we're both babies now Dashy, sisters and we'll show Jack Jack all the love you and him showed me when you two were kids being sat by me.
Dash followed Violet upstairs as she laid Brooke down and changed her from girl's clothes to Dash's clothes as Violet giggled changing Dash into Brooke's old clothes.
Violet: Now shrink my pretty, there's no way you can fight being little me now and I'm going to join you as a baby.
Violet saw Jack Jack grow back as she giggled changing herself into babies clothes as Helen helped and Jack Jack looked up confused.
Helen: Jack Jack welcome back kiddo, your dad and I are going out tonight so the Parr sisters are your responsibility sweetie.
Jack Jack looked up at two giggling babies as Violet and Dash both had black hair put up in ponytails and Jack Jack gulped seeing the evil in their eyes.
Jack Jack: Uhh mommy where's Violet and Dash can't they babysit the Parr sisters?
Helen: No they are the Parr sisters silly goose, now I have to get ready and you three have bonding to do.
Helen left as Dash now Brooke used her Ginormica power and giggled winking down at Jack Jack as he screamed in terror and Violet giggled mimicking him as her scream was louder thanks to her super scream.
Jack Jack(Plugging his ears) Simon says stop Violet.
Violet screamed louder and to Jack Jack it sounded like a girl in a horror movie as Brooke screamed too her's more of a booming than a shrill like Violet's.
Jack Jack: I said Simon says stop Violet see now you lost the game.
Violet giggled screaming her loudest as Jack Jack moaned holding his ears closed as Brooke giggled deeply and grabbed Jack Jack and held him close to Violet's mouth as she screamed her loudest in Jack Jack's ears beaming down at him.
Jack Jack: All right enough screaming you two, now let's find something else to do.
Violet screamed loud again giggling as Jack Jack screamed in pain his ears throbbing.
Violet quickly closed her mouth grinning poking Jack Jack's eye and giggling madly.
Brooke stretched across Jack Jack as Violet followed suit and the both slobbered on him cackling.
Jack Jack: Enough you two I'm not going to be bullied by youm all night.
Violet giggled growing large muscles and forcing Jack Jack onto her old bed and tied him up using her supersuit which meant she only had a diaper on at this point.
Jack Jack: Violet Analise Parr get your supersuit on this instant and untie me.
Violet shook her head no as Brooke back to her regular size wrapped herself around Jack Jack tying herself into a knot.
Brooke(Giggling) Taduhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Violet crawled up Jack Jack until she found his ears and screamed her ludest making Jack Jack wince.
Helen(Grabbing her purse) Well I'm off now you three play nice and Jack Jack if they get hurt I'm holding you responsible for that.
Jack Jack(Struggling) Uhhhhhhh mommy a little help here.
Helen: Now where's the fun in that?
Jack Jack: I can't watch what their doing if I'm tied to the bed mommy.
Helen: That's their plan Jack Jack, now if there's anything broken it comes out of your allowance.
Jack Jack: But that's not fair I can't watch them thanks to Violet and her supersuit.
Helen: That's not my problem now maybe you'd like to keep a better eye on your sisters and less on what isn't fair.
Jack Jack: Well Brooke tied herself in a knot across my stomach and Violet the super screamer is next to my ear probably waiting for the right time to strike.
Helen: Good I see them man you are good at this babysitting gig, all right princess's have fun with your brother make him wish he never had to babysit you again.
Violet and Brooke grinned as Brooke tightened around Jack Jack's stomach and Violet cleared her throat about to scream Jack Jack to death.
Helen(Grinning) That is soooooooooooo cute angel's when mama's home and devils when she's gone I wish I had my camera.
Jack Jack(Squirming) What do you say we play a new game called untying brother from the bed?
Brooke and Violet giggled shaking their heads no as Violet grabbed a baggie of candy and Brooke went through her supersuits pockets until she found her stash and they cackled slurping gummi worms.
Violet(Giggling) Ere Other Ou Eat Orms Too Hey Ummy For Our Ummy Other.
Brooke nodded shoving worms in Jack Jack's mouth and bouncing like a rubber ball on his stomach.
Brooke(Giggling) Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing ou try ister it's fun boing, boing, boing, boing.
Violet(Turning into a ball) Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing his is fun ister, we like alls ouncing.
Jack Jack: All right munchkins freeze, I'm the babysitter and I demand that you untie me.
Brooke and Violet(Giggling) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Jack(Moaning) This is going to be a long, hard, torture filled, night.
Brooke turned the TV on and The Backyardigans were on as Violet and her sat on Jack Jack their eyes hypnotized by the cartoon.
Brooke: Lease and Hank you Other, ou say lease and ank you ood anners.
Violet nodded giggling as Jack Jack saw where this was going and looked Brooke in the eyes.
Jack Jack: Brooke sweet little sister please untie me.
Brooke unclung herself from Jack Jack and untied him as Violet giggled using Dash's running ability and ran off also becoming invisible.
What happens later on in the night read part 4 Jack Jack's meltdown and reply to part 3
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