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Chapter 2 Making A Killing

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Violet and Maddie are working as mother and daughter to show revenge to certain people

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Violet waited for Maddie to fall asleep and knew once she did the world as eveybody knew it belonged to Maddie Chirsty Anne Parr.
Maddie(Yawning) I'm- tired- mama- I'm- going- to- bed.
Violet(Handing Maddie Elle) Take this and go get comfy, I'll tuck you in and make you all comfy cozy in a sec sweetie.
Maddie trudged up the stairs and pulled her blankets back and settled into them as she snuggled Elle who was fresh out of the drier and closed her eyes settling into her dreamland.
Violet(Smiling evilly) Ohh goodie she's sleeping, now let's get her to go to the dreams of people who deserve to suffer.
A black smoke surrounded Maddie's room as it was sucked into Maddie and Violet grinned knowing Jeremy and Melissa would have to fall asleep sometime.
Violet: Look out sibs your younger brother is going to get even with you in the form of my little girl.
Meanwhile Rain pounded onto the street outside of the Ward house and Melissa was settling into bed not knowing it would be the last time she would be seen alive.
Mrs. Ward: Goodnight Melissa, I would sure like to know what happened to your brother but I'm sure he'll be found.
Melissa(Whispering) Don't count on it.
Mrs. Ward tucked Melissa in and shut off the lights as shadows surrounded her walls and tree branches were screeching at her windows or so she thought.
Melissa(Shivering) Their just tree branches, their just tree branches, their just tree branches, their just tree branches.
The shadows closed in as Melissa screamed and they engulfed her silencing her screams and a little girl's laughter was heard in the background.
Maddie(Giggling) This is far from my dreamland but it'll do.
Melissa: Who in Pete's Sake are you?
Maddie: I'm Maddie Christie Anne Parr and I'm your monster.
Melissa: My monster?
Maddie(Walking up to Melissa) Uhh huhhhhhhhhhhh, see you were mean to me when I was your brother and now I'm getting even.
Melissa(Smirking) What are you like five how the hell can you do anything to hurt me?
Maddie(Jaw dropping) You said a swear and it's not nice to swear Melissa.
Melissa: What are you going to do spank me?
Maddie(Growing a witches robe) Nope I'm just going to make sure you stay in this world forever, I'll make you pay for the bad things you did to your brother.
Meliisa: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh a witch what's your next trick hexing me ohhhhhhhhhh real scary.
Maddie(Cackling) I'll get you my pretty and your older brother too.
Melissa belly laughed at this as Maddie shot purple sparks from her fingers and Melissa was pushed by an imagianary gust of wind onto a brick wall.
Maddie(Smiling) Your first mistake was taking my powers for granted, your second was torturing your poor brother, and your third was joining forces with your older brother.
Melissa(Struggling) it was all Jeremy's idea to get John to sneak into the sleepover, he told me that if I didn't help him I'd be cut from all the fun he had.
Maddie(Shaking her head) And you went along with it, don't you think John would've liked to have fun too?
Meliisa: He should have asked us, I mean all's he did was show people that he was a freak.
Maddie blew into her fingers and as if she was inflatable she took on air and became ginormus as Melissa gulped at Maddie's size.
Maddie(Pinning Melissa to the wall) He- shouldn't- have- to- ask- to- spend- time- with- you- he- was- your- brother.
Melissa: But he was also a rat fink, a canary, a tattler, and every other word to describe a tattler.
Maddie swished her black cape as she became John cackling and Melissa cried harder seeing her older brother in front of her.
Maddie(As John) I'm bigger, stronger, and I outgrew you Melissa, I also outgrew Jeremy but Violet hasn't she's going to kill him tonight.
Melissa: John you're stronger than her, you can fight and still be with Jeremy, Mom, Dad, Bolt, Rhino, Mittens, and I remember the fun we had?
Maddie(Crying) Yea you and Jeremy killed them when you saw I was having fun.
Melissa: Oh right my bad and we're still very sorry about that.
Maddie: The three things I loved and you go and kill them.
Melissa: But I wasn't the only one Jeremy helped, he snapped Rhino's neck.
Maddie: And you snapped Bolt's hind legs and then you stabbed him to death, the same with Mittens.
Melissa: Yea but what about mom and dad they still love you.
Maddie(As John) They know they were the one's who told Violet to give me a new life.
Melissa: But what about Jeremy and I we were always your friends.
Maddie(Growing bigger with rage) You never showed it, you were always a two person team leaving me out.
Melissa: But I never had anybody to go to before Jeremy, you had dad to go to.
Maddie: So did you he was both of ours.
Melissa: Yea and you'd rat on me for getting an F, dating a boy older than me, and for pouring Chum and tomato juice on you at lunch.
Maddie: They would have found out whether I told them or not, your report card was sent home with you, the boy was always around, and the stunt you pulled again a note was sent home.
Melissa: All right I admit I latched onto Jeremy for like half a second, but I can always unlatch from him if you let me live.
Maddie: Half a second try your whole life, there was never anything left for me and him to do thanks to you.
Melissa: I couldn't help it John you don't know what it's like to be the youngest in the family.
Maddie: yea I do you made sure I felt that way so I should be thanking you for ignoring me.
Melissa: Jeremy did it too, why don't you haunt him?
Maddie: He'll get what's coming to him in due time, right now is your time.
Melissa: But I love you John, I always have and I know I never showed it but I do.
Maddie chuckled deep and low like John would and Melissa knew her doom was on the way.
Maddie(Picking Melissa up) I heard you wanted to have large muscles Melissa, Jeremy told me everything and I have a gift for you.
Melissa saw John disappear from Maddie as she came back in a nurse's outfit grinning at Melissa.
Maddie(Raising her fingers) Now hold still these neddles will make you strong forever, or they might kill you who knows what they hold in them.
Melissa kicked Maddie as she hit the brick wall and Melissa ran up striking the back of Maddie's head with a loose brick.
Melissa: Had enough you stupid little tike whore or would you like more?
Maddie leg swept Melissa as Melissa was on the ground and Maddie stood over her with the needles.
Maddie: Thai Kwan Doe blackbelt, I believe your brother was that right?
Melissa tried her hardest to push Maddie off of her and Maddie giggled placing her small but hurtful black boots on Melissa's stomach.
Maddie: Now as I said let's try out these needles to see what's in them shall we?
Melissa made to run but all's Maddie did was huff and puff like the Big Bad Wolf and the alley they were in became a dead end where junkies went to get high.
Maddie(Spreading out her fingers) This place looks perfect to try out a new drug, but since I'm three and can't do it I'll let John try it.
Melissa sighed relief as John came back and she didn't notice the needles sticking from his fingers as she smiled at him.
Melissa: Nice Job older bro, now let's get out of here and fast before the little girl decides to come back.
John: What makes you think I want to save you?
Melissa: Because I'm your sister and you should love me.
John(Laughing) Is that what mom and dad tell you?
Melissa: Look John I admit I did some pretty bad things, but you weren't a saint I've been hit with dad's belt so many times it's starting to leave welts.
John: I could care less about what dad does to you, in fact I hope he's raped you and you feel dirty whenever you're around him.
Melissa: Look John buddy, old pal, friend of mine I'm sorry for all the things i've done to you, now can we go?
John(Pinning Melissa to the alley wall) You hurt me and I'm getting even with all the boy's and girls who hurt me I promise.
Melissa: But you can't kill me John, hurting me would make you as bad if not worse than Violet.
John(Advancing on Melissa) I don't care Melissa you hurt me now I hurt you in return.
Melissa started bawling as John grinned an evil grin and overtook her shadow as he raised his hands and like a magic puppet Melissa did the same as a cross was put behind her.
John(Smiling) Let's get high little sis, then you'll be on that cross with track marks on your arms.
Before Melissa could respond John violently stabbed her arms as she let out a night piercing scream and she flew onto the cross as John's needles sank deeper into her arms.
John: See those muscles bulging on you, their getting nutrients from the steroids I'm feeding you, now lay back and take it like a girl.
Melissa screamed louder as the needles sank fully into her arms and John injected a blue liquid into Melissa's arms cackling.
John: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a rush huh?
The needles were shoved from Melissa's arms as she was still bawling and John laughed at her.
John: Now you have to live with those marks forever, think of them as a memento of what you did to me.
Melissa(Bawling) But- you- need- to- love- me- we're- family.
John: Spare me sis mom and dad also told you and Jeremy to stop hurting me but you never listened.
Melissa fell from the cross rubbing her track marks and sniffling as John smiled again walking off and was gone.
Melissa(Screaming after him) yea you always were a pussy when it came down to it, you can't even finish what you started.
Before Melissa knew what was going on she was magically pulled back to the cross as Violet and John both stepped from the shadows cackling.
Violet(Shaking her head) You are so mean to him, but it ends tonight trust me.
Melissa(Thrashing) W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What's going on why can't I get off this cross.
John: You know Jesus died on a cross for our sins, so tonight you'll die on a cross for yours.
Violet cackled walking up and shoving more needles into Melissa's track marks as this time she screamed painfully and black veins were growing up and down her arms and muscles.
Violet: Ashes to ashes.
John:Dust to dust.
Violet(grinning) Now let's put this reality demon to rest.
John slashed the air as long scratches appeared on Melissa as she screamed and blood streamed from the cross onto the alley and John slashed the air again.
Melissa: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww John you know I don't deserve this.
Cuts formed on Melissa's arms as the black veins bounded her to the cross and John laughed evilly at Melissa.
Violet: Looks like somebody has learned the emotion of begging, John what do you think should we let her live?
John(Shaking his head no) She hurt me too much and now she's going to get the same hurt as me.
Violet: I agree I mean killing his dog and cat were bad.
John(slashing the air) But leaving the corpses there for me to see and scar me for life was much worse.
Melissa had cuts appear on her stomach as she screamed louder wishing somebody would wake her up.
John(Stroking Melissa's hair) Aww the poor little baby can't take a little cut?
Melissa: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww a little cut there all over me.
John: And you'll die with them on you, just think of what mom's going to say when I don't some home and you and Jeremy are dead.
Violet: Soon John only Melissa and Jeremy will be remembered, but not to worry my little Maddie and I will never forget you.
John beamed at this as he slashed the air again and Violet cackled as Melissa's head bobbed and she was moaning.
John: Time to give Maddie some time to play.
John turned into Maddie as she had swords for hands this time and she cackled as she drew her arm back and beheaded Melissa.
Violet: Good girl now let's get you home while mama has a little fun herself, a boy needs to be taught a lesson and he'll learn it thanks to mama.
Maddie was transported back to her room and Violet tucked her in and kissed her forehead.
Violet: Night Mad mommy will see you tomorrow, but right now I have a date with an older brother.
Maddie turned into John again as he followed Violet to his brother's room.
John: I'm coming after all he hurt me more than he hurt you.
Violet: Good point and then you have to promise to let Maddie take over you.
John: Deal I just want to see his face after you kill him, I want to see him beg for his life.
Violet: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh there will be no begging, Nightmare On Elm Street 4 was a favorite of yours right?
John: Yea so what.
Violet: Well remember Joey's death on the waterbed, when Freddy honed in on the girl in the poster?
John: Yea.
Violet: Well that's how he will die seeing a girl and then being slashed to death by that girl.
John: In that case I'll stay here, I thought you were going to make him beg for mercy.
Violet: Good because Maddie needs to take over you and she needs her beauty sleep.
John laid back in Maddie's bed as she giggled coming out and leaving John behind forever as Violet kissed her forehead.
Violet: Get some sleep Princess you've earned it, now mommy will see you tomorrow.
Maddie closed her eyes as Violet grinned and became a purple mass of smoke transporting herself to Jeremy's room.
Maddie: Well John you did good, now you'll live inside of me forever.
A white light shot into Maddie as she grinned knowing it was John's soul and Melissa's went to Violet.
Maddie(Yawning) Ohhh man killing sure makes a little girl sleepy.
Maddie fell asleep with visions of Melissa's head flying off over and over again as she smiled at them.
Jeremy was in his room watching TV in surround sound, if he had been listening he may have been able to save Melissa from her fate.
Jeremy(Yawning) Ohhh man I'm sleepy maybe I should just rest my eyes, I mean after all I did get rid of my little brother and all.
Jeremy closed his eyes as Violet cackled silently and the purple smoke slid under Jeremy's waterbed matress.
Jeremy turned on the matress as Violet like Freddy honed in on a girl topless hanging over Jeremy's bed.
Jeremy: Ahh this is the life, no brother to tattle on me, little sister's in bed, and me well I have surround sound and movies up the ass.
Jeremy closed his eyes falling asleep as Violet became the girl in the poster swimming in the waterbed.
Jeremy: Whoaaaaaaaaaa you're the girl from the poster, the one I have over my bed.
Violet pushed up on the waterbed matress as Jeremy pushed back and Violet giggled her lips turning purple as Jeremy slowly leaned in and kissed her and she kissed him back.
Jeremy: This is the cooles bed ever, I just wish the girl could come out of it.
As instructed Violet rose to the top of the matress tapping next to her as John joined her and she giggled with her lips puckered.
Jeremy(Kissing Violet) I wish we could be together forever girl, you're so much prettier out of the poster.
Violet wrapped her arms around Jeremy as he allowed himself to be pulled closer and Violet's body surrounded Jeremy.
Jeremy: Ohhh I never want this dream to end, this is the best dream ever.
Violet giggled as she removed her panties leaving no clothes on her as Jeremy slowly took his shirt, shorts, socks, and boxers off and Violet saw her plan wroking.
Jeremy: Well what are we waiting for girly, let's get it on before I wake up and you're gone.
Violet positioned herself on top of Jeremy as Jeremy ordered Violet on what to do and like that she was vanished.
Jeremy: Great another fucking wet dream, I wish for once I could have a real girl laying next to me.
Violet rose from the matress again but Jeremy didn't notice until he was pulled under the water.
Violet(Cackling) How's this for a wet dream bub, ask and ye shall recieve.
Jeremy screamed as Violet grabbed him and bounded him to the bed with tongues lashing out of her mouth.
Violet(Grinning) What's the matter Jeremy ex girlfriend got your tongue?
Jeremy: You better let me go right now bitch, my sister will hear you and call the police then wake me up.
Violet turned Jeremy's TV on and he saw Melissa beheaded and John smiling back at him.]
John: At this point I think Violet's got you where she wants you, now I can reveal what happened to poor Melissa and her cat and dog killing ways.
Violet(Sitting on top of Jeremy) This is my favorite part Jeremy, just look at her moaning like a pussy.
John showed Jeremy Melissa bound on the cross by black veins and Maddie taking her sword hands and slicing her head off.
John: Beheaded in true 1600's style, man you should have seen her cry.
Violet(Turning the TV off) That's enough of that, time for you to get what you've been craving for, a girl laying next to you.
Violet cut one of the tongues off of Jeremy and he saw the portal to hell in the water of the waterbed.
Violet(Slashing Jeremy) Next time maybe you should treat your brother better asshole.
the tongues binding Jeremy released him and he fell in the water with Violet holding him under.
Violet(Slashing Jeremy over and over) Now there's nobody left to remember John, just deceased you and Melissa.
Violet cackled becoming a purple smoke cloud again and going back to her house.
What happens when Maddie finds more kids to kill read part 3 Nightmare Town USA and reply to part 2
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