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A Stranger's Love.

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Lila is hurt and broken inside. How could a stranger come to her aid?

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“How could you do this to me! After everything I gave up for you! My family won’t even fucking speak to me because I stayed with you!” Lila cried as she watched her boyfriend, soon to be ex, stare at her with a bored look on his face.

“What do you want me to say Lila? Sorry?” he mocked as she looked at him completely hurt. He didn’t even care how much he had torn her inside. All her happy memories now forced into in incinerator to be torched. Nothing would be the same. She shook her head as she glared at him.

“I gave up everything for you, I LOVED you and this is how you repay me? By fucking some whore at work?” she retorted as he returned the glare.

“Whatever Lila. You knew I was no good from the start. This isn’t working for me.” he answered honestly and she gasped and tried not to break down.

“Seriously? You’re seriously ending this?” she asked carefully as he shook his head.

“Lila? Don’t make yourself seem desperate and just leave with some dignity. I’m sorry.” he shrugged as she took a deep breath and grabbed her bag.

“You are such an asshole.” she hissed as she walked away before looking back at him.

“I hope you have a nice fucking life. You’ll never find someone who will love you as much as I did. And you just threw it away…” she whispered before walking out and slamming the door to his apartment as she walked down the stairs and broke down when she reached the street that connected to the long dark desert of Arizona. Lila sobbed quietly to herself as she couldn’t believe Jack had done that to her. He was her best friend and she loved him more than anything. And what did she get in return for being faithful? Coming home to surprise her boyfriend only finding him on top of another girl while she screams his name. She cringed at the flashback and sighed as she walked down the lonely dark road. She never realized how far home seemed at night time. No light to guide her except the moon and stars as they sprinkled the black sky. She got little comfort out of the shooting star that passed by.

Her feet hurt in her stilettos and her dress barely reached her knees. She looked around out of sheer paranoia, praying to God she made it home without being raped or murdered as she didn’t intend on coming home tonight. The wind brought in a cool breeze making her shiver as she wrapped her arms around herself with no jacket. She must’ve seemed so desperate as she was alone, cold, and slightly scared on a very lonely road. She jumped when a strike of lighting struck over by the mountains, another dry storm she thought. But as another strike hit in the distance, she knew a storm was coming at least by tomorrow. She focused on that while her main goal was to get home. All she wanted at this point was to get into her pajamas and have her moment where she could cry herself to sleep. She spoke to soon as she began to cry again from impatience and distraught emotions of being cheated on. She didn’t know how to handle it.

She tensed as she saw headlights and hoped it wasn’t someone to bug her. She just wanted to get home.
She shivered from the next blast of wind when the car slowed beside her. She closed her eyes.

“Hey are you okay?” a soft voice asked as she didn’t want to look at him. She slowly turned her head and spotted a boy no more than 23 with a smooth face and from what she could see from the dim blue light in the car he had brown hair and brown eyes. His teeth shining in the light of the car as he gave off a concerned expression. She studied his looks but nodded.

I’m f-fine.” she stuttered.

“Do you need a ride?” he asked softly and she hesitated.

“I think I’m good.” she replied cautiously.

“Are you sure? I know this city like the back of my hand. The main road isn’t very close. It’s okay.” he replied.

“I don’t take rides from strangers.” she admitted and he seemed to nod.

“Neither would I, but it’s very dark…and cold. Surely you don’t want to walk all this way.” he said motioning a hand down the road. She sighed inside as she knew he was right. Her feet were starting to kill her. But still she remained cautious.

“Come on just get in. I promise I’m not a serial killer or rapist.” he smiled softly and she half smiled back. She didn’t want to seem difficult, but the one person she truly cared about just cheated on her. Who could she trust?

“I would never forgive myself if something were to happen to you. Please.” he motioned to the car and she looked at him and down the road. The call of a coyote made her eyes widen as she nodded and walked closer to the car. He opened the door for her and she got inside in and tensed slightly. The car was warmer than it was outside and she wrapped her arms around herself involuntarily. He watched her for a second before pushing on the gas and going faster then he was on the desert road as soft music came from the radio. Lila kept her eyes focused on the sky as she watched the thunderstorm across the way. His hand rested on the steering wheel as he looked at her. He knew she had been crying. Her cheeks were stained and blotchy from the tears, her make up slightly messed up, but he didn’t mind. She was gorgeous and he wondered why a girl like her was alone in a place like this.

“So may I ask why a pretty girl like you is walking alone…in the desert?” he asked softly as she sniffled. Lila didn’t feel like talking, but after all he was giving her a ride.

“Because my boy- EX boyfriend is an asshole.” she retorted and he frowned as she brushed her bangs out of her eyes.

“Did he hurt you?” he whispered carefully as she saw his face and shook her head.

“Just emotionally.” she replied and he nodded.

“I’m sorry it’s none of my business.” he put in and she looked at him and half smiled. He was cute in his own way. His eyes focused on the road.

“He cheated.” she put in to break the ice after a moment of silence as he looked back at her shortly before frowning.

“I’m so sorry.” he said quietly as he saw another tear come down her eye. He wanted to reach out and wipe it away.

“I should’ve seen in coming. Everyone warned me about him too, and I was just to stubborn to listen. I guess it finally came back to bite me in the ass.” she said softly as he shook his head.

“At some point, we’re all guilty of it. We’re blinded by the dream of something good, not the real visual.” he replied and she thought to herself, No shit. But she had to agree.

“Yeah.” she said nodding and frowning as he half smiled at to her as some means of comfort for the distraught and clearly hurt girl in his car. He turned up the heater as she noticed she was shivering from the air and the cold tears that fell.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to just drag into my problems. You’re just giving me a ride. Thank you by the way.” she smiled softly through her wet eyes as she was afraid she was boring him. He looked at her and shook his head.

“I don’t mind honestly. And sometimes, you need a good shoulder to cry on.” he said nodding while she sniffled and nodded back.

“I’m Lila by the way. Lila De Marco.” she said softly.

“Chris. Chris Blose.” he responded as she smiled softly.

“Nice to meet you.”

“You too.” he said quietly as she spoke in the same tone.

“Do you maybe want to explain the whole story? I mean only if you want to vent.” he said carefully knowing she had so much to say but didn’t know who to tell. Lila looked at him and she studied his eyes and saw concern, not just a way to get into her personal life. He cared. She nodded and as he motioned for her to go, she did.

She spilled her heart out to him and she couldn’t stop. It was like a vacuum just sucking out all of her emotions and she couldn’t believe he was actually listening to her. He didn’t stop her once, he didn’t tell her to be quiet now, he nodded with her, and would put a hand on hers to show some comfort. She didn’t know what it was, but it felt relieving to spill herself to someone who she didn’t know. It was like the judgment was not there. He was listening, not judging. He agreed, not argued. Lila emptied herself to him and he listened the whole time.

By the time Lila had finished, she was crying again to herself. She never revealed so much to a person. Her persona was not weak, nor foolish, she was just caught up in a web for one moment in her life. Chris no longer being able to stand her cries, pulled over to the road and stopped the car as she looked at him confused. He undid his and her seat belt before opening his arms and pulling her into a hug. She gasped but when his warm arms wrapped around her she didn’t object as he pulled her closer. She rested her head on his shoulder as her sobs no longer able to be controlled, had released themselves. He rubbed her shoulders and arms as she cried on him. He cooed to her as she sniffled every other second. After a minute, she was able to stop. She wiped her eyes as a weight was lifted off her shoulders and she pulled back and looked at him.

“Thank you.” she whispered as he smiled.

“Anytime.” he replied. She sniffled once more before looking into his eyes and without any reason she leaned closer as he didn’t object. He leaned in as well and soon their lips had touched as his warm lips comforted her cold ones as his hands went to her waist gently while she opened her eyes as she pulled back and gasped. What had she done?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t-” she was cut off as he pulled back into a kiss. He smiled softly as his hands cupped her cheek while she nestled into him. Lila lost herself in his scent and warm lips as she tried to configure what was she doing here. She just met him no more than 10 minutes ago, and here she was kissing him. Lila knew it was wrong, and what kind of impression he must’ve thought about her but she couldn’t pull away from him. He was gentle, warm, and smelled so good. He pulled back and looked at her. She was beautiful in his eyes. Her black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and smooth pink lips as she tried to read him. He felt guilty for kissing her, but he wanted to have her so bad. He had a feeling in his stomach he never felt before.

“Lila.” he said softly.

“What?” she whispered as he rested his forehead on hers.

“Let me make you feel better…” he asked her as she looked up at him. He watched her carefully waiting for her objection but it never came.

“Come home with me.” he whispered as she quietly whimpered and he shook his head.

“I won’t hurt you. I would never hurt you.” he whispered as he touched her cheek sending vibrations down her spine and tingling her sensitive nerves. She thought for a moment deciding the pros and cons about the situation but she couldn’t find any.

“Please don’t.” she said to him as he shook his head once more and kissed her.

“Never.” he replied as she nodded.

“Okay.” she whispered and he nodded back and started the car back up as he pulled back onto the road and drove home. Lila never taking her eyes of off him as he drove away from the long lasting desert.

He stopped at a adobe made house. It was large and about 15 minutes past her home. It was slightly isolated from the rest of the homes, but the house itself gave off an inviting presence. Chris helped her out as her feet were very sore from walking. She could feel blisters forming as she winced from the pressure on his feet. He locked the car and unlocked the door as he motioned for her to come in. She smiled softly before walking into the well designed house and he switched on the lights to the living room.

“Do you need anything?” he asked softly. A new heart. she thought to herself as she shook her head. He nodded and took her hand softly as he led her upstairs while she overlooked the wholesome home. She noticed a particular room on the way where she spotted lots of trophies, one had a motor bike on it, but she shook the thought away and didn’t question him. He reached the bedroom where she stood frozen in the middle of it as he grabbed some sweats and a shirt as he walked over to her.

“I figured you could use these.” he smiled as she took them and nodded.

“Thank you.” she replied and smiled back while he watched her for a minute as she twiddled with the shirt much too big for her. He stepped closer and smiled as he ran his hands down her hair and arms as she looked at him. He brought his lips to hers as she gasped but didn’t pull away as he wrapped his arms around her waist. He gently grabbed the clothes from her and tossed it to the ground as she leaned into him. Chris pulled at her dress and found the zipper before sliding it down her breasts, stomach, and legs while he watched bewildered as the dress fell to the floor. He looked down at her in approval and she just looked at him while he continued. He ran his hands down her bare stomach and waist as Lila blushed before him. She shouldn’t have let him do that, but in her mind she was screaming for him to go on.

Chris moved his lips down her jaw and neck as she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He sucked softly on the flesh before guiding her to the bed. He laid her down gently unto the soft mattress and ran his hand through her hair.

“You’re beautiful Lila.” he whispered as he kissed her cheek and she smiled to herself. Whether it sounded crazy, she believed him. He smiled as he kissed down her chest and down her stomach before teasing her belly button as she giggled to herself. He removed his shirt and tossed it to the side as his abs and chest were exposed. His muscles showing no doubt of take shit from people. She couldn’t resist as she reached up and felt the smooth semi soft skin as he bit his lip. Lila watched him with wonder as she thought of what could happen here. She could push him off and walk out of here knowing what took place was wrong. But part of her wanted to stay. She wanted him to touch her and kiss her like he did before. He was gentle in his ways and he smiled down at her as he kissed her breasts. He pulled the straps down to her bra and unhooked it from behind her. He pulled the material down her arms and tossed it the floor as she gasped as her breasts were right in his view as he stared.

“You want me to stop?” he asked carefully as he touched the sides of her flesh while she moaned slightly.

“I don’t know.” she admitted and he looked at her right in the eyes.

“I can. But I promise I’ll make you feel good, forget what happened earlier. Just focus on me.” he whispered as he kissed her chest and she nodded giving into him. He smiled as he took a breast in his mouth and suckled the tender flesh softly as he kneaded the other one, feeling her nipple harden beneath his touch as he swirled his tongue around the nub. She moaned softly from his warm mouth as he continued his assault on her other breast. He squeezed them softly before kissing down her stomach and sliding a hand down the front of her panties and feeling her length. She gasped as he could feel her moisture seeping through as his fingers touched inside her as he moaned. He kissed down her legs and inside her thighs before pulling her panties down. He spread her legs open a little more as he looked up at her.

“Just relax.” he cooed feeling her stiff position and slipped his tongue inside her as she whimpered from his warm tongue. His finger rubbed her button while she moaned louder and encouraged him to go on; he obliged. He smiled as his tongue found her button and circled it smoothly while switching positions while his finger slipped inside her as she clenched him and twisted the bedspread in her hands as he worked on her. He thrusted his finger in and out as he rubbed her flesh as she released the bed spread and grabbed his short brown hair. She involuntarily bucked her hips up as he continued.

His free hand grabbed her thigh as he worked faster, her breathing increased as he brought her to a heavy climax as she cried out and tensed as it sent electric shocks to her nerves as she moaned. He licked up her juices adoringly while he moaned as he tasted her. She was sweet. He stood back and leaned over her face.

“How did that feel?” he asked softly as she recovered and looked into his brown eyes.

“Amazing.” she whispered as he nodded and kissed her softly. He spread her open even more as he grabbed his length in his hand as he looked at her questioningly. She nodded and braced herself as he guided himself inside her folds slowly. She winced as he stretched her slightly and made his way in deeper as he bit his lip from her tightness. When he was fully in, he pulled out and pushed back in as she gasped. His movements were slow but gradually picking up as she wrapped her legs around him allowing him to go deeper. She felt every inch of him as he kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him as he pumped in and out.

“Lila.” he whispered.

“Chris.” she moaned. He went deeper inside her, feeling her walls as he increased his speed. He pulled her face to his as she looked at him. He began thrust harder as she closed her eyes. She could feel herself get close again as he smiled and felt himself getting closer as well. He grabbed her hips as he rocked her and she smiled as her stomach tightened and she couldn’t hold back.

“I’m going to!-” she trailed off as she came hard against him while he groaned and released himself as well. She gripped his shoulders as he panted above her. They stayed like that for several moments until Chris kissed her jaw and pulled out slowly before falling to her side. Lila rested against the pillow and Chris caught his breath as she looked at him. His eyes were glazed with tiredness while Lila still thought he was gorgeous. He took away that one moment of pain from her and she was forever grateful. Nothing else matter at this precise moment in time. She sighed as she look as she stared at him and he brushed her hair. She felt her heart become heavy as she came to the realization.

“Chris.” she whispered.

“What honey?” he whispered back softly. She bit her lip as her eyes leaked out a couple tears.

“I don’t want to be alone.” she whimpered. He frowned and pulled her on top of him as he wiped away her tears.

“You’re not alone. I’m here.” he whispered back and kissed her hair as she sniffled and closed her eyes as she listened to his heart beat. He whispered things into her ear no one else had told her. She smiled as she closed her eyes to his voice.

Through the unfortunate circumstances, it was amazing to Lila how love could come from simply a stranger…
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