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The Closed Book

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There's no such things as fairytales...

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Chapter One:Wrong Until you make it.
Present,Kari's Pov
There's no such tjings as fairytales,or perfect endings with your "prince charmimg."I've learned how to stand on my own two feet by myself with no help.I've learned what "tough love" and being "broken" means.....I always have.
It all started when I was four years old,I was raised by my mother and I have one older "brother." At four years old I had no clue what was going on,many have said that I was very lucky for them to have track it down in time.You see when I was four years old I was diagnosed with Escloradorma (a chronic disease).Even saying it makes me want to burst in tears,I know there's worst people out there with worse diseases.But it still hurts that it's eaten all the flesh of my back.

We've gone to all different doctors thru the years.Then lastly we went to the best hospital in the city.We entered the room,when I mean by 'we', I mean my mother and I.The nurse came out the whit door with a clipboard "Kari Toscani".She gave me a warm smile,like if she was telling me 'everything will be alright'.She signal us to follow her to the avalible room they had.I changed into the gown she handed me.Before I sat down my mother stood up and gave embraced me in a hug,she looked down in at me and said "Everything will be alright sweetie".But even tho I was only four I could tell by the sound of her voice,that she knew everything wasn't alright...
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