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Snakes, Spaghetti and Snapshots, Oh My!

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Sandiramon attacks, and Naruto goes on a date with Rika

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Chapter 11: Snakes, Spaghetti and Snapshots, Oh My!

Last Time on Naruto’s Digital Destiny…

“So it’s confirmed then, Zhuqiaomon really does want to destroy earth,” Henry said to himself as the Tamers met up in Guilmon’s shed after the battle, there had been a short ruckus with Takato’s friends from school, Kazu and Kenta, along with Jeri, after the battle, but it was nothing to be concerned about. (AN Takato’s little drama with Kazu and Kenta not believing him about Guilmon and Jeri meeting the bread snarfing doofus more or less happened as per canon before the month of training, I just didn’t feel like writing it out.)

“Guess so,” Terriermon answered as the others frowned, thinking about the enormous task ahead of them. “Hey wait a sec, what did you mean about Calumon being the Light of Digivolution, I mean that’s impossible isn’t it?” He asked Naruto and Strabimon, he knew of the Light of Digivolution, it was the Digital World’s most prized artifact, a Ruby Red Crystal in the shape of a Triangular Pyramid, it was what allowed the less battle inclined Digimon to evolve as they grew older and acted as a catalyst for those who went to higher levels so it wasn’t as draining, but last he heard it wasn’t even sentient, never mind a Digimon that’s about as dangerous as a loaf of bread!

And so, Takato, Guilmon, Terriermon and Henry learned the truth about Calumon, and why he must never fall into Zhuqiaomon’s claws (they’d already told Rika and Renamon), When Naruto and Strabimon finished they all looked at the young Digimon who was peacefully asleep on one of Guilmon’s comfier and cleaner pillows, all of them swearing to themselves that they would do whatever was necessary to protect him from the power hungry Sovereign, Zhuqiaomon.

Now, The Story Continues…

Thursday, it has been 5 days since Mihiramon showed his ugly mug and was promptly destroyed by WarGrowlmon, the Tamers had all gone back to their normal everyday lives and most of the Digimon were taking great advantage of that fact to finally relax after, in Terriermon’s words, a ‘month long torture session’, Terriermon was currently Calumon’s babysitter and they were playing games and watching movies in the Wong family flat, all the adults work full time, Impmon had decided to join them and Guilmon was having fun chasing the squirrels that lived around his shed, as for Strabimon and Renamon, well …

“Howling Blaster,” Lobomon whispered as he lined up his shot at the annoying Halsemon that had just destroyed half of the gauntlet by barreling through it with a Tempest Wing not 5 seconds after the prick had bio-emerged. As the light bullet shot out of Lobomon’s gauntlet and struck Halsemon directly in the underside of his throat, Halsemon was deleted.

As Halsemon broke down into particles of data Lobomon turned to check the damage to the Gauntlet, “Aww Maaan!” he whined as he saw just how extensive the damage was, at least half of the zones were totaled and three others weren’t far off, though surprisingly enough the last zone was perfectly fine, “this is gonna take forever to fix!” he continued as he de-volved and hung his head before he became aware of a pair of 3 fingered hands crossing over his chest, long arms that were covered in long purple gauntlets.

“Hmm don’t worry Strabimon, I’m sure you could get it fixed in no time,” Renamon whispered sultrily into his ear as she nibbled on it and pressed herself up against his back, “of course, it will have to wait until after I’m finished with you,” she said as she dragged him back down into the grass to get back to what they had been doing before the annoying armor showed up, not that Strabimon was complaining in the slightest.

As Strabimon nibbled and suckled Renamon’s left nipple he thanked Goldramon that Naruto and Rika, along with the other tamers, were back to doing normal school hours, he and Renamon had been ready for this since a week into the month of training, they just hadn’t had a chance to till now, now however, they were going to make the most of it!


“What the … Strabimon!” Naruto yelled when he saw the amount of damage to the Gauntlet later that afternoon after he got out of school.

“Oh damn, eheh, I planned on getting that fixed before you got out but I got a little … sidetracked,” Strabimon replied sheepishly as he sat up from under a blanket he had found and scratched the back of his head, though it wasn’t until Naruto heard a low moan of protest at his movement and saw a yellow furred arm with 3 fingers reach up and grab Strabimon around the chest that Naruto knew what happened, and when he saw the two neatly folded purple cloth gauntlets on the ground next to them along with Strabimon’s pants he knew who it happened with, though to be fair he knew that there was no way Strabimon would cheat on Renamon.

Naruto just shook his head at the sight, he knew he would walk in on something like this at some point, “(sigh) alright, just make sure that you take her home before curfew, and I want this mess fixed by tomorrow at the latest ok?”

“Yeah yeah, sure, oh, do you think you could distract Rika for me?” Strabimon asked, when Naruto raised an eyebrow at his reluctance for Rika to find out about her partner’s current state Strabimon quickly continued, “I don’t know about you but Rika’s been getting scarier and scarier lately, I’m pretty sure that you’d have to be either a mega or completely insane to piss her off.”

“Hah, yeah she is getting good with the Demon Slayer, not to mention her growing repertoire of fire-style jutsu,” Naruto leaned his head to the side as he considered Strabimon’s request, it was a known fact among the tamers that Rika didn’t like being lied to, and she liked being left out of the loop even less, especially when it came to Renamon, then again this was Strabimon, the ‘mon who had stuck with him through thick and thin for the past 5 ½ years…

“(sigh) Alright, I’ll distract her, I do have something that I’ve been meaning to ask her about anyway. Though I doubt you’re gonna get off the hook that easily pal, those two might as well be twins, they share everything remember?” Naruto reminded him, he knew that Rika was probably gonna hit Strabimon for sleeping with her partner, and he was eager for the front row seats.


As Naruto watched Rika chase Strabimon around her backyard with Demon Slayer aflame in one hand and shouting obscenities at him loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear he found that he was thankful that he had thought to erect a sound barrier jutsu just as they had arrived, if only to keep the secret of real digimon from being revealed to anyone within earshot. When he realized that Renamon had no intention of stopping Rika as she was having far too much fun watching the show he sighed to himself as he thought, ‘if you want the job done right, do it yourself.’

Naruto used wind shunshin to teleport in front of Rika and grab the wrist of the hand that was holding DS (AN: Demon Slayer’s a prick to write so I’ll shorten it to just that from now on) before saying, “come on Rika, calm down a little will ya? Sure, Strabimon slept with Renamon, but I’m pretty sure you know that he didn’t do anything that she didn’t want to do, hell, I’m pretty sure that Renamon was just as eager as he was.”

Rika scowled at him for a moment before releasing the flaming sword jutsu and slumping as she sighed in annoyance, “I know that whiskers, but as Renamon’s partner I am allowed to punish him for doing it anyway, I’m certain that was in the contract somewhere,” she replied jokingly with a slight smirk.

“Well as Strabimon’s partner I’m allowed to request payment for such a right, so whatcha say to going to the movies with me tomorrow?” Naruto replied half jokingly and half hopingly, “I hear that James Cameron’s Avatar is blowing the box office to pieces right now.” (AN: yes I know that the timeframe from Digimon Tamers Canon is late 1990’s, and I really don’t give a damn, for me it’s present day, well maybe a couple of months ago at this point)

Rika hmmm’d to herself as she sheathed DS, she had heard that Avatar was the best movie made in years from various people in her school, though she didn’t put much stock in their opinions, but Renamon had snuck into the cinemas a week ago to watch it as she had been curious and she hadn’t stopped singing praises about it till yesterday, so she was pretty sure that it was gonna be a damn good movie, though that wasn’t what her main concern was.

It was being in a dark cinema with Naruto.


Like on a DATE.

Surprisingly enough, though nervous about such a concept, she found that she wasn’t opposed to it at all, hell if anything she was eager, she knew by now that she had a serious crush on him and she was pretty sure that the feeling was mutual, but that did not mean that she was gonna make things easy, not by a long shot. Rika had found that she enjoyed teasing him almost as much as he enjoyed doing it to her and she was going to make sure that her first official date would be one that she enjoyed remembering.

“Well I don’t know, I'm not sure if I should,” Rika replied pseudo-seriously, enjoying the expressions crossing his face as she made him squirm for a bit, “I think that the only way I could agree is if you took me out to dinner beforehand and paid for everything,” she said with a slight smirk on her face as she turned slightly to make sure he wouldn’t see it.
Naruto sighed almost explosively as she realised she had just been teasing him, he had already planned on the old dinner and a movie routine anyway, though he was a little bit worried about what kind of restaurant she would want for the dinner part. “And where would milady wish to dine?” he asked charmingly in the way of the old English lords.

“Not a fast food place, but not too fancy either, personally I can’t stand the 5 star places that charge you 500 ryo ($5) for a glass of water, so something like a 3 star place would do nicely (basically a family restaurant), though I do hope you won’t take me to one where families with young children frequent, really wouldn’t like a screaming baby to ruin our night,” Rika answered, she was liking this idea more and more.

“I shall do all within my ability to make sure that tomorrow will be a night to remember fondly,” Naruto replied before he grabbed Strabimon’s ear and started to drag his partner towards the gate, not really caring about his numerous complaints, “I’ll pick you up at six, ok?”

“Six it is, see you then whiskers,” Rika said, she knew that Naruto was gonna pull out all the stops to make sure she had a wonderful time, she had never seen him do a half assed job of anything, so she knew that she was gonna enjoy it.

“It’s a date,” they both said at the same time before sharing an embarrassed grin as Naruto pushed Strabimon out the gate before he walked out.
When they were out of each other’s eyesight both of them allowed their giddiness to take control of their facial muscles and they both wore a silly grin for the next hour.

“So what’s your plan for tomorrow night, if I may be so bold as to ask?” Strabimon asked Naruto later that night as they went through the various lightning style Jutsu and manipulation scrolls in Naruto’s inheritance scroll, searching for techniques he hadn’t yet trained in that were actually useful, you wouldn’t believe the number of techniques that were either useless or complete overkill that Naruto inherited. At this point Naruto was about high chunin when it came to lightning chakra manipulation along with a decent repertoire of jutsu, though neither of which were anywhere near the level he had on Wind Chakra.

“Pick her up in decent, but not too fancy, clothes,” Naruto said absently as he read through a lightning chakra manipulation exercise he hadn’t done yet, “take her to Viva Italia for dinner (AN: It’s an Italian restaurant that I go to every now and then, great food and value for money too), finish eating by 7:30, head over to the cinema where I will have left a transformed shadow clone to save a spot for us, movie starts at 7:55 and takes 3 hours so we’ll probably be out at 11ish, take her home ...”

“And clean her tonsils out at the front door,” Strabimon finished before he was whapped, “Ow, hey, that’s rude ya know!”

“Just because I’m hoping something along those lines happens does not give you permission to jinx it,” Naruto growled as he glared at him before he turned back to the scroll he was reading before Strabimon opened his fat gob.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to bring along the Uzumaki special? (AN: you’ll see)” Strabimon replied jokingly.

“Hey,” Naruto said to him confidently as he leaned back in the sofa, “It’s me, what could happen?”

Strabimon thought for a second before he paled, “I’d better contact the national guard then,”



“Um, Grandma?” Rika called as she walked into the kitchen that night, more than a little nervous, she really hoped that her Grandma wouldn’t say no.

“What is it dear? Seiko asked as she watched over the Sukiyaki (Basically sautéed strips of beef with vegies and some kinda sauce) that she was cooking for dinner that night, it would only be her and Rika for the next week as Rumiko had gone to Sendai for a photo shoot, such photo shoots were a necessary evil as far as the Nonaka family was concerned, though none of them liked them.

“Well, uh, Naruto asked me out on a date for tomorrow night, I guess I just wanted to make sure it was ok with you?” Rika replied nervously, ‘gah, this is embarrassing,’ Rika thought to herself.
Seiko smirked before she turned to look at Rika as she answered, “I was wondering how long it was going to take him to ask you, Naruto cleared the plan with me a couple of days ago, so long as you two are careful I really don’t have a problem with it, I know you two can take care of yourselves so I’m not as worried as I would have been otherwise about you being out so late,” Seiko walked over to Rika and drew her into a hug, “I just want you to have fun Rika, it’s time for you to truly live your life, and as much as I might wish otherwise, you’re not a child anymore, not really,” Seiko pulled back and looked into her eyes, “It seems the fate of the women in our family to mature far too quickly, I’d much rather that you had stayed an innocent child a while longer, but I know enough from raising your mother to know that you’re already more mature then most women twice your age. No matter what, know that I am proud of you Rika, so very proud of the young woman you are and of the person you are becoming.”

Rika hugged her as tight as she could while she whispered, “Thanks Grandma.” (AN: wow, I honestly think that’s the sappiest thing I’ve ever written, I was actually crying lol)

Seiko drew back before she said something she just had to ask, “So, have you decided what you’re going to wear yet?”

Rika paled before she replied, “I have no idea, I can’t wear my casual clothes but it can’t be anything too fancy either, and I absolutely refuse to wear a dress, so there’s nothing in my closet that’s appropriate.”

Seiko chuckled to herself, “don’t worry Rika, I got you something to wear when I went shopping yesterday, I’m sure that both you and Naruto will like it, but there’s something else I want you to wear as well,” she trailed of as she fiddled with the rose gold pendant and thin chain around her neck before she reached back to unclasp it.

Rika’s eyes widened, she had never, in all the years she had been alive, seen her Grandma take off that necklace unless it needed cleaning or repairs, the chain was very fine and made of rose gold, as was the pendant which was shaped like a small heart with the kanji for luck on the front. Rika’s hands shook slightly as she held them out to accept it.

“As you know, this necklace belonged to my great grandmother and it has brought luck in every female generation of our family ever since, the only reason I never gave it to Rumiko is because I knew she would lose it,” Seiko said as she laid the pendant in her granddaughter’s hands, “just as I know that you will not. I trust you Rika, and I love you, never question that.”

Rika stared at the necklace in her hands with tears leaking out of her eyes, her Grandma had never let it out of her sight for as long as Rika could remember, the only thing that she cherished more than this necklace was her and her mother. Rika sniffed as she forced herself to take the clasps around her neck and link them together before she hugged her grandmother again, even tighter than before.

They stayed like that for nearly 10 minutes before Rika and Seiko smelled something funny as their eyes snapped open.

“The Food!” they both cried as Seiko rushed over and turned off the oven, hoping to it wasn’t too badly burned, thankfully, it wasn’t


(The Next Day, 4:05pm)

As Naruto wondered around the shopping district in Shinjuku he wondered to himself if he should get Rika some kind of present for their date later that night, or if he should just stick with flowers...

‘Well, I know for a fact that she doesn’t like flowers anywhere near as much as most girls her age,’ Naruto thought to himself as he glanced at a florist while he walked past it, ‘she’s not interested in most technological things, other than her iPod, and she’s happy with the model of iPod that she has now anyway,’ he thought as he glanced at an electronics store, ‘jewellery and scented soaps, candles and oils are likewise out, jewellery would just add pressure and she’d probably smack me one if I got her the scented stuff, gah, what the hell am I gonna get her?’

Strabimon chuckled to himself as he watched Naruto run around like a chicken with its head cut off from his vantage point on the rooftop of a nearby 2 story building, really, he was so nervous about this date that Strabimon wouldn’t be surprised if he screwed things up by trying too hard.

As Naruto ran along the street in the hopes of finding an appropriate gift that Rika would like, he was so preoccupied that he never noticed the fog billowing out of a nearby subway entrance until it was almost too late...

“Venom Axe!” at the pronouncement of an attack Naruto leapt to the side, and not a second too soon as a huge purple bladed spear/axe hybrid flew through the spot he had just occupied and
made a 3 car shish kebab, thankfully made of empty cars, before the weapon burst into data.

When Naruto and Strabimon turned to see the offender before they both groaned in annoyance.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the turtles’ little project and his pet dog,” Sandiramon taunted as he slithered out of the subway entrance, thankfully digital fields usually set off the danger senses that most people obey, but are barely aware of, so there was no-one but Naruto and Strabimon, who had jumped down when the snake had taunted them, inside the field to see the white cobra deva in all his glory.

“Damn it Sandiramon, we don’t have time for the likes of you!” Naruto yelled at the snake, damn it, if he was late Rika was gonna kill him, and he still hadn’t gotten her a gift yet.

“Make time,” Sandiramon replied before he continued in a sadistic tone of voice, “I’m going to enjoy showing your corpse to Lord Zhuqiaomon, I have no doubt that I’d get a substantial reward for completing such a task, and that’s not including the bounty my Lord has recently put out for your head flesh-bag!”

“I guess he wasn’t too pleased when he found out that Mihiramon was destroyed huh?” Strabimon taunted in reply.

“Admittedly, he wasn’t pleased in the slightest, though not for the reasons you’re thinking pup,” Sandiramon admitted before he explained, never losing the sadistic edge, that as far as they knew, the mon had had ever since he was hatched, “Lord Zhuqiaomon doesn’t fear the fact that you destroyed one of his devas, not by a long shot, Mihiramon had gotten lazy, comfortable with the position he was in and he refused to take anything seriously, I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw that retched cat train. The rest of my brethren are far stronger than that lazy waste of talent, believe me, they will not be so easy to defeat, and nor will I!”

The moment the last word passed Sandiramon’s lips the snake attacked, striking forward with his mouth wide open, intending to sink his fangs into his newest prey...


“Strabimon digivolve too ... Lobomon!”

Sandiramon suddenly found his advance stopped by both Naruto and Lobomon, both of them holding him back using a sword to block one of his fangs, both of them grunting from the exertion of keeping Sandiramon from advancing in his attack.

Sandiramon chuckled sadistically, alerting Naruto and Lobomon that he was up to something, both of them abandoned the stalemate and leapt out of the way as the snake spat up another Venom Axe, this time leaving an 8 foot trench in the pavement.

“Treasure Lance,” Sandiramon enunciated before he spat up yet another axe, though unlike the others he held this one by having the end of his tail wrapped around it.

Naruto and Lobomon were forced to dodge continuously in order to avoid the blasted snake slicing and dicing them, to be fair, he only needed Naruto’s head and a sample of Strabimon/Lobomon’s data to claim the bounty on the pair of them.

“Damn it,” Lobomon grumbled as he dodged yet another swing by the sadistic deva, “we’re getting nowhere like this.”

“We’re wasting time too,” Naruto added, “Rika will kill me if I show up so much as one minute late.”

Lobomon tried to think of a strategy, but he was too busy dodging the blasted axe to be able to devote much attention to anything but that right now, so it was up to Naruto to come up with a quick fix before they both wound up dead, thankfully, he had already come up with one.

Sandiramon suddenly stuck with a lightning fast horizontal slash and finally connected with not just one, but both of them, slicing them in half, Sandiramon had a brief moment of satisfaction before he watched as all four pieces erupted into white smoke.

‘Looks like part a with the shadow clone/replacement combo worked, let’s hope parts b and c do just as well,’ Naruto thought to himself as he went through 3 hand signs before pointing his left hand down and had the fingers arranged as if he was cupping something while his right hand was used as a brace as it gripped his left forearm.

Sandiramon became aware of a high pitched chirping sound before Naruto dashed through the shadow clone smoke at top speed; he was running towards part of Sandiramon’s midsection that was on the ground with his left hand behind him holding what appeared to be a ball of lightning.

“CHIDORI!” Naruto roared as he plunged his electrified hand into Sandiramon’s body and gave him a course of electric shock treatment he’d likely never forget.

Sandiramon roared in pain as he felt thousands of volts of electricity run up and down his body, electric attacks were a known weakness of both snakes and digimon, so you can only imagine how effective it would be against a snake digimon.

When the electricity had run its course and Sandiramon’s body smoked from the damage Lobomon jumped into the air saying, “Open wide!” as he threw a baseball sized orb down Sandiramon’s throat, “here ya go, one Uzumaki Special on the house.”

Both Naruto and Lobomon smirked as Sandiramon reflexively swallowed the ball.

The Uzumaki Special is a weapon Naruto designed for fighting enemies many times larger than yourself, or for when you are greatly outnumbered, though admittedly there are few circumstances in which it can safely be used. The Uzumaki Special is basically a rubber ball covered in various seals for various effects, though all of them have a trigger seal for activation (the part of the exploding tag which allows them to be activated remotely), this particular Uzumaki special had wind element seals littering its surface which were arranged to make the ball spin rapidly while affecting the air and matter around it to spin with it, basically Lobomon had given him one that would turn the air in Sandiramon’s stomach into a mini hurricane which would rip and tear his insides to pieces.

Too bad for them that Sandiramon’s stomach acid destroyed the ball before Naruto had a chance to activate it, even worse was Sandiramon’s unique ability to take all the energy in anything
he eats, and those wind seals had a lot of chakra in them.

After Naruto tried and failed to activate the seal covered ball, both Naruto and Lobomon
watched in annoyance as most of Sandiramon’s wounds healed without a trace, they could tell he wasn’t at full power, but they could also tell that as things were, they didn’t stand a chance, there was no way that Sandiramon would allow himself to be hit with another Chidori, and not even KendoGarurumon had the raw power to take him out.

“Kukukuku Kyahahahaha!” (AN: Personally I think that Sandiramon having a laugh like Orochimaru’s is very appropriate) Sandiramon laughed at their expressions, he knew that look in their eyes, this fight was hopeless and they knew it, “A noble effort, truly you have come closer to destroying me than anyone bar Lord Zhuqiaomon himself! You should take some comfort in that while I kill you,” Sandiramon narrowed his eyes as he considered the fact that he really did prefer for his prey to at least have some fear in their eyes as he killed them, maybe, ah yes, “and don’t worry about your little girlfriends, I’ll be sure to take very good care of them.”

That really was the worst thing that Sandiramon could have ever said...

When Sandiramon’s words penetrated Naruto and Lobomon’s brains they both exploded with power, Naruto from reflexively opening the first inner chakra gate, and Lobomon glowing red as Calumon floated in a tree behind them, the little guy having followed Naruto in order to watch and laugh as he acted silly by dashing from store to store in a panic. When Naruto noticed the glow his brother was giving off he recalled Takato’s explanation on the blue card and grabbed a random card from his card holder along with his D-ark, the card flashed an almost blinding blue as soon as he touched it as it transformed into a blue card, Naruto sent a smirk in Sandiramon’s direction before he slashed the card through his D-ark as he cried out, “Matrix digivolution activate!”


“Lobomon Matrix Digivolve too ...”

A copy of the Light of Digivolution spun just in front of Lobomon before it zoomed forward and slid into his chest plate, sending a pulse of power over his frame...

Lobomon cried out before a spectral copy of KendoGarurumon flew from his body and into the air before it split into 4 comets made of light, three of which turned and rocketed toward him...

The three comets of light slammed into his chest and arms, his chest and left forearm becoming what they look like when he’s KendoGarurumon while his right arm now has a clawed wrist plate...

The final comet flashes like a star before it transforms into a sword constructed from the wings and tail of KendoGarurumon, the sword falls to Lobomon’s new form and sticks, blade first, into the ground in front of him...

The newly formed Digimon pulls the sword from the earth; he swings it through the air a few times to test weight and balance before he points his left arm forward and activates the hidden weapon, sending a beam of light and several missiles into the distance..

The newly digivolved digimon announces his new name to the world...

“... Beowulfmon!”

Sandiramon narrowed his eyes as he tried to determine his foe’s new power level, and whether or not he would be able to still classify his enemy as prey, or if it had changed to predator.

Beowulfmon and Naruto glared at Sandiramon, the snake had crossed a line he should not have crossed when he threatened Renamon and Rika, he would die.

“Prepare yourself, snake,” Beowulfmon called out angrily as he pointed the BeoSabre at Sandiramon, “for today is the last day that you will poison digimon kind with your presence.”

“I was willing to let you leave alive Sandiramon,” Naruto added as he drew his sword and used Chidori Current to electrify the blade, “but no-one threatens Rika or Renamon.”

“Today,” they said simultaneously, “You Die!”

Having agreed, telepathically, to a plan of attack, they both ran towards their enemy at speeds too fast for Sandiramon to counter, let alone react to.

Naruto went for the tail, and the venom axe that was still in its coils, with a single swipe of his electrified sword Naruto sliced the end of Sandiramon’s tail from his body, forcing him to drop the axe, and leaving him defenceless for Beowulfmon’s attack.

“Beo Sabre!” Beowulfmon yelled as he ran along Sandiramon’s back from the end of his, now severed, tail, to his head, leave large double slice gashes with his sword every few feet, when he reached Sandiramon’s hood he pointed his left arm down at Sandiramon’s Loyalty Sigel (AN: all of the Devas have a Kanji somewhere on their body, that’s what I’m calling it, if you look at Sandiramon’s picture his Kanji is on the back of his hood) and opened, then fired the weapon within with a cry of “Cleansing Light!”, forcing Sandiramon’s battered body into the ground and creating a large dust cloud.

Naruto and Beowulfmon backed off a bit, sure that that would have defeated their foe, only to see an empty snake skin when the dust cleared. (AN: I know that’s Manda’s trick from Naruto, but frankly I didn’t feel like making a deva battle that easy, besides, I was always peeved that Sandiramon only has Venom Axe as an attack and no other abilities)

Naruto and Beowulfmon stood back to back as they tried to identify where their opponent would come from, they knew he had gone underground; it was just a matter of where he’d appear, and when.

‘We need to get him out of the ground then into the air, there, he’ll be helpless,’ Beowulfmon sent to his partner.

‘Oh, is that all, I thought it would be something hard,’ Naruto sent back sarcastically, ‘how in the seven planes of the digital world are we gonna do that?’

Beowulfmon thought before a second before he started to explain his plan for doing that, ‘Do you think you would be able to ...’


“Shadow Clone Jutsu,” Naruto yelled as he summoned 5 clones and spread them out a little, though not too much, both of them had seen the pavement crack and buckle in a few places, Sandiramon might be a vicious prick, but he was also highly cunning, he didn’t use this attack method earlier as he didn’t consider them to be a threat, but now he had witness them perform an attack that would have been lethal to him had it connected, so he was playing things sneaky now.

“What will it take to kill this guy, I’m starting to think he’s part cat for fuck’s sake,” one of the Narutos yelled loudly and clearly, none of them were all that surprised when Sandiramon burst through the pavement behind the Naruto with his mouth wide open.

Sandiramon bit down on the Naruto in front of him, intent on swallowing him whole when the clone burst into of smoke, leaving a slightly confused snake deva behind.

The 5 remaining Narutos used wind shunshin to teleport underneath Sandiramon’s head and slammed all ten of their hands, each and every one of them wielding a Rasengan, into the underside of Sandiramon’s jaw.

Sandiramon was painfully forced out of the ground and 20 feet into the air, a perfect target.
Beowulfmon held his BeoSabre above his head, pointing upwards when the blade became suffused with radiant energy which shot into the air above Beowulfmon and formed into a massive wolf which was glaring hungrily at the snake deva as it sailed through the air.

Beowulfmon rushed forward with a cry of “Frozen Hunter”, the energy that had constructed the wolf turning into a blade of light energy which sliced Sandiramon in half, from snout to tip as Beowulfmon appeared on the far side of the, now definitively dead, snake deva, a belief that was proven to be fact when he burst into data.

Beowulfmon sighed before he allowed his power levels to drop, de-digivolving back to rookie form.

Naruto allowed his first inner gate to close before he walked up to Strabimon as the fog cleared, “We’d better get out of here, I certainly don’t want to be blamed for all the damage that snake did,” he said, getting Strabimon’s attention as both panted lightly from the rough battle.

“That card shop over there, no-one will look at me too weirdly there, I need to recover for a bit before I can go invisible,” Naruto nodded at his choice before grabbing his upper arm to stabilise him a bit, though to an outsider it would look like he was dragging Strabimon into the store.

Naruto and Strabimon looked over the various packs and cards for sale with little interest while they caught their breath, until Strabimon saw something that caught his attention and called Naruto over to see it.

Naruto had one look at what it was, then he decided that he had found the perfect gift for Rika, speaking of which, Naruto looked at his watch before he paled, it was already 5:30!


“Where is he?” Rika muttered to herself as she leaned against the front gate of her home, it was 6:05pm, and Naruto hadn’t shown his face yet, “if he’s stood me up I am going to be very upset.”

Just as Rika glanced at her watch she noticed a chakra signature approaching, and sure enough when she looked in the direction it was coming from she saw decent sized dust cloud racing toward her, with Naruto at the front of it, she also noticed that if he didn’t slow down a little he was either going to crash into her, or the gate behind her.

Naturally, she decided to step aside.


Rika shook her head as she walked up to the twitching form lying on the ground, Naruto always did like to make an entrance.

When the world finally stopped spinning Naruto glanced up from his position on the ground to see a very angry Rika Nonaka glaring down at him.

“You’re late,” Rika snapped as Naruto sheepishly struggled to his feet.

Naruto nervously dusted off his clothes (army boots, long black cargo pants, a sleeveless white shirt and an open, long sleeve, leather jacket with a tribal design on the back of a wolf howling at the full moon btw) as he explained that he had been busy taking out a sadistic Deva until 5:30 and that he’d had to rush to get everything right for them in a mere 30 minutes. When Rika said that he was forgiven, though she still angry, he finally looked up at her instead of down at his boots only to have his breath taken away.

Not only did Rika have a very nice outfit (similar boots, though slightly more feminine then the ones he was wearing, dark blue and very tight, though not constrictive, jeans, and a black spaghetti strap top with white ghost-like flames down the sides of the jeans, over Rika’s heart in a yin-yang design and a design that looked like a flaming kitsune, sitting and staring out of the shirt as a larger version of the yin-yang on her heart floated behind it like a full moon) and she was also wearing a rose gold necklace he remembered seeing around her grandma’s neck from time to time, but she also had her hair down, something that, to his knowledge, she hadn’t done in public without protest ever since her parents’ divorce.

“You look beautiful,” Naruto said in a slightly breathless voice, he actually had to shake himself slightly to get his mind back on track as Rika blushed a little, though the satisfied smile she showed let him know that she was glad he approved. clears throat “If milady would like join me for a night on the town,” Naruto said in a courtly voice as he bowed and held out his hand for her to take, which she did without a moment’s hesitation.

“I would love to.” She replied.


As Naruto and Rika walked the short distance to Viva Italia, talking about various subjects they had in common, card use and combinations, jutsu modifications, Rika’s progress in tai- and kenjutsu, etc. Naruto noticed that they had seemingly picked up a stray again; it looked like Bob the Reporter had some kind of death wish because he was following them again. This would make the 5th time that they had been together that he had tried to tail them, including the first time when Naruto had humiliated him in the middle of a fast food restaurant, apparently the guy was a real glutton for punishment because, if anything, Naruto and Rika’s punishments had become progressively more severe every time they caught him, hell the last time they had caught him they had left him stripped to his boxers (pale pink with hearts on it) and tied up in the middle of a primary school playground when they knew for a fact that those kids were gonna be having a water balloon fight in mere minutes, man those kids hadn’t hesitated in the slightest with pelting him with every balloon they didn’t use on each other, judging by the squeals he had made several had gotten him in the balls!

“Our personal stalker is back again, 7 o’clock,” Naruto informed Rika in an undertone before they both broke out into devilish grins, what they did to that man might not be particularly nice, but they’d be damned if it wasn’t satisfying. After they spent a few minutes deciding what to do with him they ducked into an alleyway before hiding in the shadows, certain that he would follow, which he did. Naruto used a knife chop to knock him out before passing the unconscious reporter off to a pair of shadow clones they had prepared earlier (Rika knew how to use it but could only make 5 at a time whereas Naruto can do 100), they would do the deed themselves but they had a restaurant reservation to keep...

When Naruto and Rika settled into one of the tables just to the side of the stage Rika noticed that not only were the chairs they were sitting in comfier then they looked, but there was also a small instrumental band (no singer) up on the stage playing low romantic music, but there were also very few other patrons that night, just a few adult and slightly older teenaged couples scattered around the room, when Rika sent a questioning look at Naruto he laughed softly.

“There’s something of a tradition on Friday nights at this place, basically it’s the night for romance, under ordinary circumstances there’s usually at least 1 family here during main meal times, but on Friday the staff require that every person/group to place to book in a advance,” he explained in a soft tone of voice, “and while they are under obligation to serve everyone that does so, unless you’re booking a table for two they’ll just throw up every single piece of red tape they can find, until the person gives up and tries a different restaurant, it’s never been written down in any book but I’m pretty sure that it has been the tradition ever since the place opened, rumour has it the original owner was an incurable romantic.”

“And how did you find out about the tradition?” Rika asked him, making sure to match his soft tone of voice because she didn’t really want to find out what happened to the people who disturbed the peace on the Romance Nights.

“I was actually originally planning to take you out tomorrow night and tried to book a table when the girl who did the books that day suggested tonight instead, it didn’t take much for her to give the reason behind her suggestion,” he answered as he picked up the menu and skimmed through it quickly, Rika copying him as he did so, she was enjoying this night more and more, and it had barely started yet.


Bob the Reporter woke from his unscheduled nap to find himself hanging upside down, once more in nothing but his boxers, from the flag pole outside of the Shinjuku University, he also noticed that there was a lot of people in their early 20s below him, and that not one of them was even bothering to help him, rather they were all pointing and laughing. It took over half an hour for the janitor to stop laughing enough to gently let him down.

When Bob finally got back on the ground he swore that he would get that photo of the Nonaka brat and her bastard of a boyfriend if it was the last thing he ever did!


At 7:30ish Naruto and Rika finished their dessert (a couple of slices of cheesecake, strawberry for Rika, chocolate for Naruto, though they shared, as they did with the main course when Naruto had Spaghetti Bolognaise while Rika had Chicken Cacciatore) they left the restaurant behind, good timing too as it was starting to fill a bit, and headed for the cinemas.

“Well whiskers, I have to say that despite the hiccup of arriving late, which I can’t really blame you for, you’re doing an alright job,” Rika complemented, before she decided that she had to annoy him, just a little, “So how much of the plan for tonight did you come up with on your own, or did you get Strabimon to help you out?”

“I’ll have you know that Strabimon had no part whatsoever in my plans for tonight, Red,” Naruto replied with a smirk, though, like Rika, neither of them with really that bothered with their respective nicknames anymore, so long as it was the other saying them, if it were anyone else they’d be ticked, “I came up with everything all by my lonesome.”

“Huh, that’s strange, cause I honestly thought you couldn’t plan anything beyond going up to something and hitting it, I guess wonders never cease,” Rika replied in a mock-wondering tone, “I always thought that Strabimon was the brains of the operation, with you being the brawn, after all, both me and him, and practically everyone else constantly beat you at anything involving strategy.”

“Funny,” Naruto remarked.

“I thought so,” she replied with a smirk before they arrived.

“Hey Boss!” a kid with brown hair who was 3rd in line called out, grabbing Naruto’s attention, mainly from the fact that the kid was using his voice, Naruto steered Rika over to the kid who gave them two tickets and two sets of 3D glasses before he surrendered his place in the line to them and walked out of the cinema, bursting into smoke as soon as he came to an alleyway.

Rika, having felt the chakra signatures of the kid and her date to be identical knew as soon as she focused on him what he was, a shadow clone, that Naruto had no doubt, sent in advance to get a good spot for them, clever.

5 minutes before the theatre was due to open Naruto asked what she would want from the candy bar, a large frozen coke and a packet of skittles, which he got along with some caramel popcorn, another frozen coke, and some mints for himself, he didn’t want his breath to stink later on after all...

There were times when the movie reminded them of the past several months, When Neytiri taught Jake how to be a real Na’vi they smirked at each other, remembering the times when Naruto taught Rika what he knew of chakra, though they would admit that learning chakra was a hell of a lot harder then what Neytiri taught Jake. When Jake told Neytiri that he had already chosen the woman he wanted, but that she must also choose him Rika’s hand sought out and intertwined with Naruto’s, Naruto giving a gentle squeeze in return. When the Na’vi tribe’s Home tree was destroyed Rika gripped his hand tight, she had become so lost in the movie that she could almost feel the pain of the Na’vi. She was gripped by the grief that permeated the cinema when Grace died doing what she thought was right, protect the Na’vi. During the battle between the Na’vi and the humans Rika was so wrapped in the action and suspense that she barely noticed that her hand was holding Naruto’s tightly, but she did feel, in her subconscious, that his was a calming presence, as, really, it always had been...


“That was awesome,” Rika said as they left the theatre before she shivered in the chilly night air, cursing herself for forgetting to bring a jacket. When Naruto noticed her form quake he did the gentlemanly thing to do and took off his jacket before sliding it over her shoulders from behind, when Rika noticed the warmth she sent a thankful smile to Naruto before snuggling into his side as they walked back to her place, Naruto’s arm going over her shoulder.

They were about halfway back to Rika’s place before she yawned, the hormones running throughout her body during the date having finally worn her out, Naruto noticed of course and knelt down in front of her, inviting her to be carried the rest of the way, an offer that Rika didn’t argue about in the slightest as she wrapped her arms over his shoulders and her legs around his waist, Rika snuggled into his back as he carried her and barely noticed when she fell asleep, it had been a very nice night, and she was exhausted.

“Rika, Rikaaa,” Naruto called to her softly as he bounced her a little.

“Five more minutes,” she mumbled, still half asleep, “’m comfy here.”

Naruto chuckled before he said, “well either you get off my back and go to your own bed, or I’ll take you home to mine,” when Rika lifted her head to glare at him sleepily as he waggled his eyebrows.

Rika gave a soft slap to the back of Naruto’s head for the joke, in no real condition to say anything witty, as she hopped down off of his back, Rika went to her front gate before she turned back to look at Naruto before saying, “I had a wonderful time tonight Naruto.”

“We’ll have to do it again sometime, though I think I’ll do something different each time, what do you say?” Naruto asked while he went, ‘please say yes, please say yes,’ in his mind.

“I would like that,” Rika replied as she turned back to the gate.

“Oh, I forgot” Naruto said quickly, getting Rika’s attention, before fishing in one of his many pockets, “I got these for you earlier today, I hope you like ‘em.”

When Naruto handed them over Rika saw that they were digimon cards, and not just any cards, a holographic set of Renamon’s evolutionary line, all the way from Relemon (baby), to Sakuyamon (mega), even though she was more of a player than a collector she knew how much even one mint condition holographic card (which these were, hell Naruto had taken the opportunity to laminate them), a set of seven and all of the same evolutionary line must have cost at least 50,000 ryo ($500), but that wasn’t what stood out the most to her, it was the amount of thought that would have been put into such a gift, add that on to the euphoric high she was experiencing from such a good date and it was really no surprise what her next actions were.

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips, Naruto was too shocked to react in the short amount of time that her lips were locked with his, but before she had a real chance to pull back in disappointment at his unresponsiveness he pushed his lips back against hers, this time Rika got what she wanted as they had their first real kiss, the first real kiss that either of them had ever had actually, true their lips remained closed and neither of them had all that much skill, but it was a skill that they were ready and willing to develop together.

Unfortunately neither of them was aware of anything around them, or they’d have noticed the person watching them from a nearby alcove.


As Naruto went about his morning routine he hummed happily with a goofy grin on his face, Strabimon had a good idea of what had happened so he didn’t bother asking why he was so pleased with himself, instead he logged onto the internet to see if there was anything interesting that had wound up in the papers or the news, though one particular headline caught his eye, he clicked on the hyperlink only to find something that was going to make all their lives unbearable for the immediate future.

“Uh Naruto, I think you should come see this,” Strabimon called out apprehensively, Naruto shrugged and wandered over, not even noticing his partner’s tone, he was too happy, though when he saw the computer screen his mental faculties came to a screeching halt, it was him and Rika, in a picture, together, kissing, on the front page of a gossip tabloid, so naturally he said the first thing that came to mind.

“Rika’s gonna kill me.”


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