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What is the 400 year war??????

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What is the 400 year war??????

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As promised, another chapter. I really wonder wither anyone reads this. IS ANYONE OUT THERE??? HEEELLLOOO???

Still Rachel's P.O.V

Gerard sighed.
"See Frank. I told you Lilli-anna hadn't eaten her" he said exasperatedly.
"You really thought I'd hurt her?" asked Liili, she sounded hurt.
", well...but, it's a small room, all enclosed. You haven't fed since she got here" he mumbled. Looking at everywhere else except her.
"I'll feed when you do" she said stubbornly. I half expected Lilli to stamp her foot.
"Besides, I'm fine" she said kurtly, stepping around them and stalking off to another carriage. Gerard hurried after her trying to reason with her without pissing her off more.
"I'm causing so many fucking problems, aren't I?" I said. Even though it was a question, it came out as more of a statement.
"What?! NO!" I leaned back slightly from his explosive outburst.
"Sorry" he added, sheepishly. I nodded silently, taring at the train floor. How skanky is this place???

"Rach?" he said softly. I could feel the tears welling up. I quickly wiped them away. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to him, wrapping his strong arms around me. Holding me tightly to him. Frank rubbed soothing circles on my back.
"Shhh baby, it's okay. You're not causing problems Rae-rae. I swear" He cooed. i felt his cool lips press against my neck gently. It felt sooooo good.
"Rae-Rae?" I question, giving a watery giggle.
"Thought you called me kitten?" I gently teased.
"Yeah" he blushed. "Do you, eh, mind?" I just shook my head and he grinned showing two perfect rows of straight white teeth. Then he looked at me seriously.
"Please, please...don;t be sad or worried? Kay? We all know what the consequencies would be and we accepted that" I nodded...and I did honestly try not to feel quilty for all the trouble I'd caused.

"We should move" I said quietly. Frank just nodded, then entwined his fingers with mine and we left to find Lilli and Gerard.

When we reached them they were arguing. Their words coming out so fast that it just sounded like hissing. Frank's head was bobbing back and forth between them. It was as though he was watching tennis.
"Fine!" snapped Lilli. She stood up and quickly stormed off, being sure to slam the carriage door behind her. I flinched from the noise.

Gerard was sitting down, arms folded over his chest, feet up on the seat in-front, eyes dark and stormy. His uusual pale ivory skin was flushed red slightly with anger. His lips were pressed together in a hard line. There was something oddly beautiful about his anger. Gerard growled angrily under his breath. he glared up at us before looking back down.
"What?!" he snapped. I shook my head even though I don;t think he could see me.
"Nothing" Frank grinned.

Gerard bit his lip, he looked worried. His face was returning back to ivory and his eyes softened. They turned into a dark gold colour. And he was drumming his fingers against his arm.
"Go find her if you're so worried" sighed Frank.
"No" he huffed stubbornly like a little kid.
"Fiiiiine...I will" Frank gave my hand a squeeze, kissed my cheek and was gone as soon as I blinked.

"Move" i said, tapping him on the arm. He huffed before moving over.
"So Gerard...what the hell is the 400 year war???"

I know, it's tiny. I'm sorry! Please review anyways. Love ya biatches! Espec Gee. She's awesome. Read 'Blood Princess' by her. It's fucking amazing!!!

xoxo Sam
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