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Gerards P.O.V

"So i'll take you home later on?"
"Oh uh Yeah ok then"

I dont want him to go home, I want him to stay here with me. In my bed
Like he said Gerard, You both have phones
Yes but i cant suck him off threw a fucking phone can I? NO!!!

"Are you Ok Beautiful?"
"Yeah, Im just gonna miss you when i go home"

"Im gonna miss you too, Heaps"
"I know"

I kissed him. His tounge danced with mine

"C'mon Honey. Help me eat this pizza"

Frank picked up a piece took a bite and then put it in my mouth.
he kissed the sauce off my lips then sat on my lap

i put my hands around his waist.

"I need you" i wispered in his ear
"You can have me"

"What do you mean Gee"

"Frank, I- well I-"
"What are you trying to say Beautiful?"


There dosnt that feel better?
Yea.. It does... Untill he says NO
He wont

"I want to go out with you to Gee"
"REALLY!!!" I squaked
"I mean really?"

"I wouldnt say it if i didnt mean it Gerard"
"Oh this is so perfect"
"yes it is, Yes it is"

He took my face in his hands and passioniatly kissed me. His tounge was rolling around just in time.
Our lips moved at perfect pace. And to top it all off now HE... WAS.... MINE!!!!!
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