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Franks P.O.V

I knew Gee wouldnt mind if i got there a few hours earlier. Atleast i hope he didnt

I drove down his street and up his driveway i had never been so happy to get out of my car.
I could hear The Misfits blasting from there house

I walked up the cobble stone walk way and knocked on the door 3 times

Please dont let it be M.r winks who opens the door... PLEASE

I was realieved to see Mikeys glasses emerge from behind the door.
His browney hair was slicked foward.. As normal and he was wearing.... Just boxes.

"Hey Mikey. Gee here?" i said yelling over the music
"Yeah hes in his room, I think Me and Bert scared him off"

I looked at Mr Winks to see him in boxes and thats when i got what he ment.

"ohhhhhh. I get you" i laughed.
"Come in"

So i did as Mikey said.

"hes in his room"
"Ok thanks Mikey"

I walked down the hall and the music got louder and louder. I opened the door and im amazed i didnt get blasted away.
I saw him. Laying on his stomach with his head under his pillow.

I stood over him for a few seconds and i take it he didnt realize i was there.




Still nothing

Fine i'll solve this problem

I walked back to the door and shut it.
Then i went back to Gerard. I was so amazed he hadnt moved yet.

I straddled his back, Leaned foward and took the pillow off his head.
My hands wandered up his back and my lips found his cheek.

"Hello my gorgeous" i wispered in his ear
his head turned around and when he saw me his face lit up
Next thing i knew he threw me on my back and was above me kissing my neck

He pinned me so my hands were above my head. Our hands were locked together and he was rubbing his package along my leg
His tounge pushed past my lips and my breathing was getting louder and louder.

Gerard quickly pulled away then bent down the other side of his bed and picked something up
"FUCK OFF MIKEY!!!" He yelled as he heaved a boot at Mikey.

It made a loud thud as it hit Mikey or as it hit the wall

"Sorry Honey" It was the first thing i had heard him say to me all day
"Its all right"

He twirled His hand. I think it was meaning for me to turn over
so i did.

He took hold of my jeans and ripped them down. as well as my boxes
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