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Bob Bryar and the High School musical adventure

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Bob stood infront of the mirror in the tour bus.

"Living in my own world.
Couldn't understand that anything can happen If you take a chance" He began siging to himself hopeing nobody would hear him.

"Dude? Is that your man signing High School Musical?" Frank asked Ray.
"No! he fucking hates that movie"
"Are you sure.. It sounds like it"
"No Frank, he hates it"
"Okay" Frank and Ray argued

as the band minus Bob sat down at the table they heard something they never hoped to hear.
The screaching of shoes.

"What the fuck?" Mikey wispered

"Coach said to me Fake right, Break left..... Dont be afraid to shoot the outside Jay, Just keep your head in the game"

"Now Im worried!!!" Gerard called pulling his black hoodie over his eyes.

"Okay.. Play together, tour together. Bandmates" Ray said.
"Lets go look" He said grabbing Mikeys hand

Mikey grabed Gees hand who grabbed Franks hand who grabbed the table.

"YOU CANT MAKE ME SEE!" Frank screeched
"Come on Baby" Gerard called kissing Franks cheek.

Mikey pulled back the curtain to the bunks to find Bob dancing with a Basketball. Watching Highschool Musical.
Copying 'Troy Bolton' and his 'Wild Cats' Dance moves to 'Get 'ya head in the game'

"What the fuck!" Ray wispered cupping his hand over his mouth.
the other three boys stood with their eyes wide open.

"Why am I feeling so wrong?
My heads in the game, But my hearts in the song
He makes this feel alright" Bob sung again

Ray was at a complete loss of what to do.

His husband stood infront of him not only watching hsm but singing every word and dancing every step.
"B-Bob?" Ray asked being scared.

Bob stoped dancing and turned around slowly.
When he saw his band and Bert at this point he pushed the T.V off the stand. and threw the D.V.D Player out the window.

"I-Its not what it looks like" Bob stuttered trying to cover his ass.
"Then what is it?" Frank asked as white as a ghost.
"Uhh... For.... Uhh....NOTHING!"

The boys left the room. Left Bob standing there and went out to the table again.

"Ray?" Frank asked.
"Yeah Iero?"
"I told ya so!"
"I told you he was singing that crap this morning" Frank said getting up and dancing around

"Frank was right. Ray was wrong. Frank was right. Ray was -"
"Frank! nows not the time" Gerard said cutting Frank off.

"Sorry" Frank wispered sitting down on the floor.

Bob emerged looking very embarrased.

"I am so sorry guys"
"Bob... We can give you the help you need"
"I-I think I'd like that"
"Okay. Fistly go get all the Highschool musical stuff you have" Ray said

Ray, Bert, Mikey, Frank and Gerard watched Bob go back to the bunk area and return with a huge box.

"Wow.. Thats alot of shit" Bert wispered.

The boys looked threw the box.
Tops, Wildcats flags, Actor dolls, all three movies, a hat like Ryans, a wig like Chads and all three soundtracks.
Then Ray pulled out a basketball...
Signed by The cast

"Bob.. How long has this shit been going on?"
"A while" He answered.

"Okay... were gonna burn this" Mikey said pulling the box off the bus.
Gerard handed the petrol to Bob.

"Come on.. You can do this" Ray said holding onto Bobs hand.
Bob closed his eyes and doused the box in petrol.

Mikey lit a match and flicked it at the box.

Once the fire started Bob had tears falling from his eyes.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!" he screamed falling to his knees.

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