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Is someone helping me?

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Frank, for once in his life, feels welcome...

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"let me help you" He said taking my guitars and walking through the door.
Was he stealing my guitars.

"Are you coming Frankie?" He called through the door.
"Yeah, Sorry"

I walked in the door. Analizing every single detail of Gerards home.

"So this is the living room, The kitchen, just help your self." He walked up some stairs
Opening a bedroom door.

"This is where you can stay. The bathrooms down the hall"
"Thank you"
"Thats my room there" He said pointing straight across the hall.

"If you need anything, or wanna talk about anything just come in and I'm sure I can help"
"Thank you Gerard, You didnt need to do all this, I swear"
"No, No its fine, seriously"

"Well thanks I apreciate this very much"
"Its fine, Well im going to let you settle in"

He walked out pulling the door shut.
The bed was made, I just needed to add my pillows on it.
I opened my back pack up after taking it off my back
Pulling out my pink pillows.

"There!"Ii said laying on the bed
"....Feels more to home then home ever did" I said looking all around the room.

"Uhh Frankie?"
"..Yes, Come in"

He apeared from the door.

"Have you eaten, I was going to get some noodles if you wanna come?"
"Uh. Yeah, that will be good"
"Just give me a few minutes to get my shoes"

I looked around the room a little more.

"Coming Frankie?"
"Yes, Sorry" I said walking out the bedroom door.

I followed him to a car parked in the drive.

Sorry this chapters short. Try make the next one longer :)
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