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The butterflies in my tummy feel funny

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Gerard gives Frank his first gift he's ever recieved... And it's not a beating

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I heard the shower turn on.

"Wow hes such a cool run a away"
Gee, You dont know him yet, don't get your hopes up
I'm not getting my hopes up... I'm just facing the facts.
Ok then.. What ever you say.

Yay! Yo Gabba Gabba was on.
I turned the t.v up and sat on the sofa.

The shower went off.. And Yo Gabba Gabba was just finishing.

"Was I too long in the shower?"
"No. Didn't even notice you gone that long" I called back up the stairs.

"Oh,Ok then"

I should make him some lunch.

I went to the kitchen looking around for what I could make him.

I got a Banana, An Apple, I made him a bun with Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, sliced carrorts, Salt and pepper
I wrapped his bun up in food paper.

I took a packet of sour cream and chives crisps putting them in a brown paper bag. As well as the bun and fruit.
What else might he need?

I took an un open bottle of water from the fridge.

I went to my room taking my Black Flag bag .... I hadn't used it.
Once I had it empty I took it back to the kitchen

Putting the paper bag and bottle of water in my bag.

I took a pink piece of paper and a green pen.
I wrote Frankie a note.

'Have a good day at school, Learn lots' and drew a smiley face on it.
Once it was done I put it in his paper bag.

He emerged from the hall.

"I love the Misfits"
"Oh, My, God. Me too!"
"We have so much in common" he said quietly.

He wore a pink long sleve top under his Misfits one.
It made me proud. Knowing he just didnt care about what people thought about him.

His Grey skinny jeans that had huge rips in the knees where just amazing.

"Are you ok.. you looked far away"
"Oh yeah. No, I'm fine. Now I made your lunch and put it in my bag.. Just because-"
"You have a Black Flag bag!!! thats so cool"
"No, I don't" I said.

"What do you mean? Is it Mikeys? He wont mind me using it will he?"
"No he wont"
"Because its yours" I said trying to brighten his day up a bit

"No, Its not mine.. I've never had a band bag"
"Frankie.. I'm giving it to you"
"To me? Why would you do that?" He said almost as if he wasnt good enough for it.
"Because.. I never use it.. and you would"

He ran to me and throughing his arms around me.

"Thank you so. so. so much... I've never been given something before"
"Really.. Nothing?"
"Only a beating.." he said quietly.

"Well you wont get any of that at my house Frankie"
"Thank you Gerard"
"Do you want a ride to school?"
"No thank you.. I can walk"
"Are you sure.. I wont mind.. I've got nothing to do"
"No. honestly Gerard.. I'll be fine.. I should really get going now"
"Do you want me to walk you?"
"If you want"

"I'm not dressed but what does that matter.. And I do need the excersize"
"ha! well I guess we should go Gerard"
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