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Fantasy 17

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Fantasy 17: Fashion Problems (Dissidia)

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More Fantasies

Fantasy 17: Fashion Problems (Dissidia)

Sephiroth was getting annoyed. He wanted to be a part of the action as much as anyone else, but was tired of having the other villains complain about his clothes. As if they should talk, maybe their definition of evil was to dress terribly, going overboard with armor and colors or wearing only a few shreds of fabric.

Sephiroth wasn't sure if this sacrifice was worth it just to gain some peace and quiet. He was debating on if he should just eliminate Chaos' minions himself to spare the world of their horrid outfits, but decided that he didn't care about the world enough to do such a heroic deed. In the end he decided to stay in the villains' side of the battle field, even if he showed little interest in the others' schemes.

Sephiroth's choice came with sacrifices, the most painful one being to actually put up with wearing his modified outfit. The other sacrifice was merely monetary, fabric, beads and the services of a tailor required gil after all. Yuna, she had said her name was, Sephiroth met her at the store and she offered to help.

Sephiroth found that the modifications made to his clothes were just enough to make the other villains shut up about his outfit. If Cloud dared to laugh, Sephiroth would kill him, this time for sure, so he better keep up the emo act.

Time passed and events unfolded, until later, fed up with the silly outfit, Sephiroth threw off the bead bling and modified coat, resolving to wear only his pants and shoes. Since showing skin was just as generally accepted as an overload of armor or a mess of colors, no one bothered Sephiroth about his new choice of attire. Perhaps he should have done this from the start instead of sacrificing his coat.

End of Fantasy 17

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