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We are young and we don't count

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Gerard takes Franks virginity... His Arcade virginity.

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Gerard pulled into a carpark... there were so many cars around here.

"Yip" I answered throwing my seatbelt of eager to get inside.
"You really wanna see inside dont you?"
"Yip.. I really do"
"Well lets go then" he said putting his hand out for mine.

I took it because I liked the way it felt.. I felt loved.. not that he'd said he loves me or anything. But just for once in my life I feel wanted.
Its the best feeling in the world.

we walked in the doors and a whole lot of awsome things just sat in there... it was like all video games and... It was so fucking cool!

"WOW GERARD" I said running in and stradling a motorbike thing....

It tended to move when you did..

I ducked down really low like I was riding in a bike race...

"Brrrmmmmm!" I screamed at the screen.

I turned my head pretending people on other bikes were passing me. when guns caught my eyes.

"Woah!!" I ran over there picking up the pink one.
Shooting it... Well pretending to anyway...

"Gerard... Gerard watch out I'm gonna shoot you" I smile at him
"oh shit!" he smiled picking up another gun over by the bikes..

we played like we were soilders in the war... I was a German... Gerard was a Japan man.

"bang, bang bang!"

Hey! he didn't fall to the floor.

"Gerard! your ment to die!!!"
"oh... sorry"

he threw his arms in the air before falling to the ground on his knees gripping his heart.

"Oh god!" he said quietly

Once he was lieing on the ground he began having some sort of spazzim thing...

"Gerard... I'm sorry I killed you, You can get up now" I said...
He wasn't moving.

"Gerard?" I asked walking closer to him...

I got on my knees leaning over him.-

"Gerard... GERARD!!!" I started screaming.

I put my head on his chest to hear his heart... What if he wasn/t faking... oh god... hes had a heart attack... Its all my fault

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed getting up and running away.

God I think I'm having the heart attack... Oh my god!!!

"Frankie... Frankie where are you?"

I saw him walk around by the bikes where I was sitting.

"Not funny Gerard... you nearly gave me a fucking heart attack!" I said looking straight at him.
"oh... I'm sorry" he said giving me his hand to help me up.
"to be fair Frankie, you did kill me"
"well.. I really thought you were dead!" I said standing up.
"No, see. I'm alive and well.. I'm talking to you... see" he said hugging me.

That was odd but meh! I hugged him back.

I'm glad we were the only people in here.. other than the workers of course.

"now, lets play some games" Gerard said smiling at me.
"Ok... What are we gonna do first?" I asked looking around.
"What ever you want"

I took Gerards hand and went over by a large table looking thing.

"You wanna play ice hockey?"
"Thats what this is.. Ice Hockey"
"how do you play?"
"Like this" He said putting a quater in the black box thing.

"just hit the little circle thing ok Frankie?"
"Kay Gerard" I answered taking the little hand held hitter thing.

He softly hit the thing over to me.

"whats the point of this game Gerard?"
"See the slot thing under you on the table?"

I looked at it.

"I'm ment to try get it in there, your ment to try get it in mine"
"oh, ok then"

I hit it back with force... I was always good at aiming... Dunno why, but I was..
I saw Gerards smile light his face up.

We were hitting this stupid thing back and fowards for about 20 minutes.

"Fuck this!" I muttered to myself.

I picked up the whats it, walked round by Gerard and rammed it in his slot thingy.

"You cant do that.. Thats cheating"
"Face it Gerard... Nothing was gonna happen"
"... Your right"
"That was fun.. lets never do it again" I smiled at him.
"Ok, what do you wanna do next?"

I looked around some more...

"That" I said pointing to the basketball thing.

"ok Frankie"

a sudden rush of basketballs came flowing out of the thing.
I stood there just shooting them at the basket.

"I'm gonna get some pizza ok?"
"Ok Gerard" I answered not taking my eyes off the basket.
I played that for 5 minutes before going to sit with Gerard.

"so are you having fun?"
"Yes, thank you so much for bringing me here"
"Your Welcome Frankie... We'll have some lunch and get back into it"
"Kay" I smiled at Gerard...

A boy brought over two plates.

"Yeah Thanks" I said looking down.

"I thought we could try something new"
"What is it?" I asked picking it up
"Just cheese, And barberque sauce"
"Well it looks ok.. And it smells ok"

I took a bite.

"And it tastes excellent"
"well thats good then" he answered me before taking a bite
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