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Gerard's Diary

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It's the day before Gerard's birthday. So why is his boyfriend, Frank so sad? Frank's POV. Frerard

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Since no one actually seemed to like the other story, I'm putting this one up (not sure why, i just do random things like that) but i hope you like this


'8th April,

It's been a week since I saw your face. The face that I will see tomorrow. I wish you could be here. Could you just open the door and walk in? Tomorrow's your birthday - the day fo your funeral. To most people, it's 'just another day', but to me, it's another day without you. It's torture. I miss you. We should have been together forever. I remember the knock on the door. The police officer telling me to sit down. The one that told me you had been shot and killed in the palce we met, the park. You doed protecting a few young children whose parents had been stabbed, and their bodies thrown into the bushes. You were always brave, Gerard. And I'm not. It's hard to breathe without you. I keep expecting the door to open - you coming home from work. It's not going to happen, though, is it? You're never coming home! I love you! I'm dreading tomorrow. The singing, the crying, all for you. You. I promised you an open casket. That's why you're getting one. I miss you. Happy birthday for tomorrow.



I, yet again, close the diary. I stare for a while. I stare at the two words written on the front cover. The words in your handwriting. I was only writing letters to you in there since that was always your most precious thing that you owned. I stare for a while at those two words: Gerard's Diary.
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