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A Day in the Park

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Elliot, Olivia, and twins - all in all the perfect day in the park. Fluff. One-Shot. EO.

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A/N: I hope you like thissss :)

DISCLAIMER: errr...i own nothing...YET MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! xD

Lying on a blanket in the park, Olivia watched life go by – families playing, birds flying, and lovers laughing. She heard a voice behind her and smiled, having recognized it immediately. He dropped down onto the blanket beside her, and she rolled over to face him.

(Olivia P.O.V.)

El's smile was so breathtaking, I nearly forgot how to breathe. Scooting closer, I laid my head down on his chest and snuggled up next to him.

Yeah, I know, a little bit of PDA, but who cares?

Our moment was interrupted by two children around the age of 5 jumping on top of us. We both laughed, and El began tickling them. The girl had brown hair and blue eyes, and the boy had the same - they were clearly twins. I just watched them, while being propped up on my elbows with a broad smile on my face.

The girl was finally able to escape the grasp of her father just long enough to yell a sentence to me, before she was once again swept into his clutches.

"Mommy, help us!"

(3rd Person Omniscient P.O.V.)

Olivia woke up to the sound of her alarm clock blaring. Instinctively she slammed the snooze button to quiet the horrendous noise. Sitting up and leaning against her headboard, she turned on her lamp. She stared off into space and recalled her dream, amazed at how vivid it was. It was almost like it was real…

Sighing, she shook her head wistfully, wishing so much that her dream was real.
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