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Way to perfect for me.

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What happens when Darren Shan Meets a new Half-Vampire. They are way to perfect for each other. Pg-13 because of future chapters...

Category: Cirque du Freak - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Darren Shan,Evra Von - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2010-03-14 - Updated: 2010-03-14 - 578 words

Her brown eyes were shining radiantly into mine for the second time today. I smiled at her and she shyly smiled at me back. I've never really been good when it came to girls, but I thought I should give talking to her a shot. Evra nudged my shoulder and smiled. "Just talk to her Darren,"he said as I looked at him with a shocked expression on my face. "Evra, what makes you think I want to talk to Kristina?"I asked in a dazed way. "Because dude you've been looking at her every time she was in range of you," he said then smirked, I knew he was right. It was bothering me for a while, and who knew maybe she would be less shy around me once we would get to talking. I walked over to the girl sitting alone and said Hello casually. She looked towards me and smiled, before I knew it we were telling stories about each other to one another. "Here,"I said as I gave Kristina my sweater, even though she was a half- Vampire she looked as if she had not drank blood in a while so she was weaker, therefore cold because it was rather chilly tonight. "Darren, umm.. do you like anyone here at the Cirque?"Kristina asked shying away from me a bit at the question. She also blushed slightly, how her blush was beautiful.. "Well actually I do,"I said then seen her face drop. "Oh, well I should go it is getting late,"She said as she started to get up and seemed like getting ready to start crying deeply. "Wait!"I said as I gently grabbed her arm. "Kristina, that person I like, wait no Love is you," I then smiled and pulled her towards me as she smiled. I then gently put my lips on hers, making it a sweet simple kiss.Her face turned a deeper red, but she seemed to be enjoying the kiss because she went in for another one. After you actually get to know who she really is she can really loosen up. She was perfect, and I was shocked that I could get somebody that perfect to like me. “You love me?”Kristina asked in a really surprised voice. “Yes, and only you,”I said as I wrapped my arms around her, I never wanted to let her go and wished that I could spend forever with her. “Darren, I love you too,”She said as she kissed me again, this time with more passion. I could never get enough of those perfect lips, I could not wait for more in the future. I grabbed her hand and led her to her tent, I then kissed her sweetly once more and headed back when she said: “Darren, would you like to do something tomorrow, like a date?” Her face was red again, oh how it made me go crazy! “I would love that, “I said as I smiled at her, “Oh, and keep that jacket it is yours now darling,”I said trying to be romantic then walked off. Being the happiest man alive.
A/N: Would you like more? Would you like to see the date? Send me a private Message and tell me. I love criticism so Bash it all you want. I don’t care. With love, Kristina. Sorry for the weird %201 thing I sadly don't know how to get rid of that?
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