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Asylum; For the Broken Hearted

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Okay I'm SOOOOOOOO sorry I've not wrote in ages Dx been busy, anyways I've been working on a new story, and I'ma post the prologue, and it'd be aweesomee if you guys told me your opinion? enjoy ^^


I was dragged into the Asylum, causing my breathing to become erratic.
‘Let me go! Don’t touch me!’ I screamed, grabbing the attention of everyone in the place. I struggled with all my might as they set me down onto the tilled floor. As soon as I felt the coolness of the tiles I curled into a ball, shaking as the footsteps of the men faded. I looked up, only to see all the nurses looking at me.
‘What’s wrong with this one then?’ I assumed The Matron barked.
‘She doesn’t like eating or being touched’ a younger nurse replied, before she gently walked forward, kneeling by me, but not too close.
‘Would you like me to take you to your room Miss uh-’
‘Daniels’ I cut in. ‘Helena Daniels’
‘Miss Daniels, shall I show you to your room?’ she asked, as I nodded, before shakily standing up. If you haven’t already guessed my name is Helena Daniels. I may only be 16 but I’ve had experiences in those years that could drive any therapist insane. I am now in the Asylum for the Broken Hearted, and I don’t know how I’m gonna get out.

The boys (two of them) will be introduced in the first chappie ^^, just tell me what you think like whether I should continue, or... bin it? idk lemme know
Love you guysss
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