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This is the best day ever

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With my phone in my hand I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower nozzle.
I went back into my bed room and got my Green skinny jeans, bright pink socks, my Misfits hoodie and Gees Black Flag top, I knew he wouldn't mind me using it
I mean we share every thing

I got into the steaming shower and started singing Thank You For The Venom
I Could hear my phone vibrating on the counter
Shit, shit, shit, shit I jumped out and quickly dried my hands and ear

"Baby?" I asked knowing it was Gee
"Yeah, Hey They dont have trainspotting"
"Oh um-"
"What else do you want?"
"Anything Hon I'm not fussed. Just as long as you come back"
"Kay then Babe"
"And dont forget-"
"The popcorn yeah Baby I know"
Alright then, I said with a smile

"I'll see you soon"
"Ok. I'll be missing you"
"I love you"
"I love you too" I smiled

Gee hung up and I got back in the shower to wash the shampoo out
I was out of the shower with a towel around my waist and my hair dripping wet
The hair dryer made a wizzing sound as it turned on. I waved it around my hair to dry it. My hair flew every where. It looked really random

I wonder what Gees doing, Probably driving home. Maybe hes thinking about me
His laugh keept playing over and over in my head. it gave me butterflies just thinking about him and his perfection
I continued to get dressed, My belt was on my jeans.

I picked up my eyeliner

"I'm in the bathroom"

Gees face appeared from around the door.
He was suddenly behind me with his arms over my shoulders so his hands were on my chest

"I got the movies" He said in a wisper

His hands progressed down my sides untill he got to my belt. He began to un-do it

"No what" he said in my ear
"No we're not gonna have sex, We're gonna go do couple stuff"
"So Sexual relations aren't couple stuff?"
"Not excatly baby" I said quietly
"We both know they are. your just trying to stop yourself from fucking me"
Gee said as he put his hands on my ass

"Yeah I am because honey thats all we've done the past year and I mean I love it but I just want to lax out with you"
"All right Babe, Thats cool with me"
"So did you get the popcorn?"
"It was the first thing I got"
"Cool, Well lets go to bed"

I took the bag of movies into my room.
Gee must have been doing the popcorn
ooooooo 300!!!!!!!

"Hey baby, can we watch 300 first?"
"Yea Frankie"
"Cool thank you"

I put it in the D.V.D player and I heard the popping sensation of popcorn
I jumped into bed to wait for Gee.
He walked in with a enormous bowl of popcorn and took a seat on my bed
I took a hand ful of popcorn

"Open wide"
"you sure?"

Gees mouth went go-go-gadget and opened
I threw pieces of popcorn at his mouth, None of which went in his mouth

"ok now push play"
"Alright then"

Gerard put his arm around me. I pulled the blankets over us and put my head on his shoulder
I felt Gees lips touch my head.

"I love you Honey"
"I love you too Gee"

His arm moved from around me and moved down to my leg where he began to grop me

"Honey no c'mon your doing so well"
"but, I need you, Now"
"how about later on?"
"Well.... Fine then"
"Thank you baby"
His lips touched my burning hot cheek
I put my head back on his shoulder and then his hand found mine

"stupid fucking phone"
"what?" I asked nervously
"I'm being texted"
"Oh, Well its not me if thats any help"
"yeah it is"

I turned back to the movie which was nearly over

"Uhh Honey I have to go Mikey needs me"
"Oh" I was so dissapointed I mean today was just ment to be us. but Mikey needed him so it was ok

We both got up and I walked Gerard to the Door. He stopped me in the door way.
"I'm gonna miss you baby"
"I'm gonna miss you too"

he smiled at me and every time I nearly think I'm gonna fall over

"I love you."
"I love you too Frank, Forever and I'm never gonna leave you"
"I know baby, I know"

Our Lips met again. His hands had grips on my hair.
His soft tounge pushed past our lips and went in my mouth and it was just simply the best feeling ever. Even better than his blow jobs

"I wont be long"
"ok hon" I was standing against a pole because I was still struck by his kisses
"Your so cute"
"I know, Go see Mikey"
"ok Mom, bye baby"
"I'll see you soon Hon"

I went back into my room and found the maids outfit I was gonna put on after the movie and fuck him. But oh well his brother needs him and I respect that.
The popcorn was still sitting on my bed so I moved it.
When it was on the bench I put on a pot of coffee.
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