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In Need of a Night Light

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Light has a late night phobia attack. Will L help him?

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In Need of a Night Light

[b]By – Johnny Penn

Fandom – Death Note

Pairings if any – n/a

Rating – PG

Disclaimer – I do not own Death Note or am I making any money off of this. This is merely for fun. [/b]

- - -
Light hated the dark. He simply detested it. While he was locked up in the ubber-maximum cell of L’s – the lights had always been on. True, it had taken him a while to get used to that, but in the end, it was better than being completely encased in darkness which had been Misa’s hell. Light tried his hardest to hold back the shiver that almost rocked the bed. How Misa had been able to live through fifty days of that…he’d never ask because he simply didn’t want to know.

Things had changed after a week in the hospital wing of L’s building, he was now chained to the Detective for an inordinate amount of time and if he didn’t get a bit of light in the room somehow – he knew he would go crazy. He also knew that he couldn’t just blurt out this weakness; L would think he was crazy. It had nothing to do with Kira - who probably liked the dark – Light just hated the darkness with a passion. It was simple.

Okay, not that simple.

“Light…what’s wrong?” the softly whispered words were hard to hear. Light blinked and turned towards L who had been sleeping.

“Nothing, why do you ask?” deflect.

“Oh, I’m hypersensitive to those around me, something is bothering you,” L returned knowingly. He sat up and looked down at Light who shifted somewhat on his side of the bed.

“If you need something, all you have to do is ask,” L said. Light tried not to roll his eyes. Sure, he needed to be with his family – he needed to be in his own room with the computer screen glowing comfortably on the far wall – he needed a bloody night light.

“I’m fine,” he lied.

“No you are not,” and the lamp was flicked on. The soft glow made Light relax a bit with a sigh. The darkness had receded and the small pool of light made things less scary.

“Light, I’m afraid of things, as well,” L said. Light gave him a dirty look in return.

“Who said I was scared?”

“I’m scared that he world is going to run out of sugar,” L blinked. Light blinked. He couldn’t believe that those words came right out of L’s mouth, was he serious or was he playing around with Light?

“Okay….and you are telling me that, because…?”

“I understand why you are afraid of the dark,” L cocked his head.

“What gave you that idea?” Light muttered, not at all happy to be found out but he was going to deny it as best he could.

“Well, it wasn’t that hard, you always stay in lit areas, and if it is dark you just cannot relax,” L explained.

“And that gave you the idea that I am afraid of the dark?” Light asked.

L nodded; “That and the fact that you liked it when I turned the lamp on,”

“Oh…” and didn’t that just sound stupid.

“Don’t tell anyone,” he muttered.

“I won’t,” L smiled gently, Light was sure that older man was laughing at him. L lay back down on the bed and pulled the covers above his head. Soon he was snoring like a herd of elephants, but Light could deal with that, the lamp had been left on and he had no compunction to turn it off.

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